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Buxton Contact Case - Abduction, Nordics, Hybrid, UFO Sightings, Body Markings, Protection

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Release Date: 07/07/2010

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Carol lives with her husband Matt in Buxton, a small town in Derbyshire, England. Since an early age she has experienced strange occurrences. These occurrences suggest that she has experienced contact, which may or may not be ongoing. She may also have been protected from harm on numerous occasions. Her clearly UFO-related experiences began when, at 12 years old, she and her friend had a close encounter with a saucer-shaped craft and appear to have been taken aboard it. Later in her life she would go on to have other stunning UFO sightings, and experience something which suggests she may be involved with the ET hybrid breeding program.

This report covers Carol’s experiences in rough order of when they took place. It includes a full transcript of her hypnotic regression, and is interspersed with drawings she has done of her experiences.

The Investigation

I first met Carol and her husband Matt at the Lancashire Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Society (LAPIS) UFO Conference on Sunday 22nd May 2010. We had a brief chat about her experiences. It was here that I first heard about her stunning close encounter with a UFO, which led to recurring flashbacks and dreams. She also spoke of an incident involving a baby which appeared to be of both human and extraterrestrial origin. This was clearly quite emotional for her.

I informed her I would be happy to look into her experiences, and over the next two weeks discussed these in detail via E-Mail and phone. I was soon aware that this would prove to be one of the most stunning cases I have yet investigated.

On Saturday 5th June, I and Rob Tudge, the hypnotherapist who assists me with cases involving contact, drove up to Derbyshire to meet up with Carol and Matt at their home in Buxton. After an initial catch up, Rob regressed Carol back to her two most interesting experiences – the saucer UFO sighting and the incident with the baby. I feel everyone involved got a lot out of it. You can read the full transcript of this regression later in this report.

After the regression, Carol and Matt then took us out to the locations where various incidents had taken place for some photographs. Fortunately it was a bright sunny day, and it was an absolute pleasure exploring Buxton and the surrounding moorland. We then decided to stop at The Winking Man pub for a meal and discussion about UFOs. It was a truly fascinating day, and we were very thankful to Carol and Matt for their time.

Soon after our visit to Buxton, Carol filled in the Contactee Questionnaire I often utilise. The questionnaire covers many of the signs and feelings that are associated with contact. This led to further potentially related incidents being uncovered. We have remained in touch via E-Mail and through the BUFOG Contactee Support meetings, and Carol has already informed me of further incidents which have happened since.

The events that Carol, her friend and husband have experienced over the years are truly incredible, and thanks to Carol can now be revealed within this report.

An Unknown Protector

Even though most people do not remember anything at all from the first few years of their life, Carol remembers an incident which took place in August 1963 when she was only 18 months old. She was down the beach at Christ Church with her family – her parents Paul and Claire, sister Jane and grandmother Elizabeth. Her mum and grandmother had gone to buy ice creams, leaving her with her dad and sister. They were making sandcastles, and she was jealous because Paul had made a moat around her sister’s sandcastle which had filled with water. She had been told to stay away from the sea, but she decided to walk to the water’s edge with a bucket to get some water for herself.

Carol bent down, and a wave came in and took her off her feet and swept her away. She was spinning face down in the water, which felt like she was in a tunnel. She has no memories at all about how she was saved or who gave her back to her parents.

In 2003 she spoke with her parents about the incident. Her dad said he owed the person a debt of gratitude, and it played on his mind that he never got the chance to thank them. Her mum said she had showed up coughing and obviously soaking wet, but they did not see who had rescued her or taken her back to them.

It is possible that Carol managed to get out of the water and find her way back to her dad and sister, and due to the shock completely forgot this taking place. However she was only 18 months at the time, and it seems unlikely that she would have been able to do this without any assistance. Could it be that she was aided by an unknown protector? Taken on it’s own this incident is far from conclusive, however this would not be the only time when she has been apparently protected from harm. There would be further events later in her life, some of which were much harder to explain, as you will see later in this report.

Contactees often mention incidents such as this one, where they appear to be protected by the beings who they are in contact with, sometimes through psychic abilities they have gained as a result. This protection may be for the benefit of the individual or the benefit of the ETs, it is not currently known for sure either way.

Invisible Assailant

When she was 7 years old, Carol used to live with her family on Queens Road, Buxton. Carol’s bedroom used to be up in the attic of the house, which her dad had specially converted for her.

Aerial map of Queens Road:

One morning after she had woken up but still lying on the bed, Carol lent over to get a book off a low shelf. Suddenly she felt a heavy impact in the middle of her back, like someone had thumped her hard. There was nothing that was above the bed which could have fallen onto her, and she was terrified.

She stayed completely still for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few minutes. In the end she finally decided to move, and ran straight out of the room. She ran downstairs and told her mum, but she would not believe her and told her to go and get the bobbles for her hair!

This is an odd incident, and one which could appear hostile in intention. Contactees often report feeling the sensation of being touched, but it is possible this incident was nothing to do with ET contact. Perhaps when she leant down to get the book, it stretched a muscle which led to the feeling of being hit. Or perhaps there was a totally different paranormal explanation, such as ghostly activity.

Saucer UFO & Contact Incident

In 1974, when Carol was 12 years old and at secondary school, her and her friend Janet would have an experience which would impact greatly on their lives. On the day of the incident, Carol had gone round to Janet’s house. It was between 4pm and 6pm in the afternoon. While Janet’s mum made dinner, the girls decided to go out and post some envelopes for the blind around the local neighbourhood. Carol cannot remember whether this was something the school had arranged for them to do or whether this was organised by Janet’s mum.

It was a clear and dry day and the sun was shining brightly. They had been out for about 20-30 minutes. As they walked along Ecclesbourne Drive, Carol suddenly noticed a strange object hovering over the housing on their right further down the road. She pointed it out to Janet and asked if she could see it too, to which she replied that she could. The object was about four houses away from their position. It was almost Saturn-shaped, with a dome on top, a dome underneath and a rim protruding around the centre, although the lower dome was flattened off. It was about the size of a caravan. The object was a dull silver colour, like the textured side of tin foil, and had a completely smooth surface. Around the rim were numerous multi-coloured flashing lights. On the base were what appeared to be flattened circular shapes. Carol compares these to the shapes on the top of some types of electrical shavers. At first these markings were not very visible, but the object was due to get a lot closer to the girls than it was when they first sighted it.

Aerial map of Ecclesbourne Drive showing the location the girls were at when the incident began:

Drawing of the UFO:

Drawing of the markings on the base of the UFO:

Photograph in the direction the UFO was first sighted:

Carol was absolutely fascinated and awestruck by what she and Janet were looking at. However she was not frightened. She immediately felt certain that the object was an advanced craft of some kind – a genuine UFO! She knew that it was something many would find hard to believe if she were to talk about it.

The craft appeared to be about 40 feet high when they first spotted it. It was also moving in their direction but off to the side of the road over the housing. It approached slowly, and appeared almost clumsy in motion. Carol does not remember it making any sound at all. As it approached, it also began to descend. The girls were standing next to a bungalow, and as it reached this bungalow it was so low it was almost touching the roof. At this point it must have been less than 25 feet in the air. The craft encircled the girls, and came to rest about 20-30 feet away in front of them in the road behind where they were standing. It did not fully land; it appeared to be hovering about 12-18 inches off the road surface.

Photograph of the bungalow over which the craft hovered:

Photograph of me standing at the spot where the craft ”landed” in the road:

Janet stood slightly behind Carol and to her side. Carol does not remember talking to her. The girls stared at the craft for an amount of time, Carol is not sure exactly how long because of the strangeness of the situation. Then suddenly without warning, a doorway started to open in the side of the lower half of the craft. Carol feels that the door must have come down to form a ramp to the ground. Inside the open doorway it was very dark.

Drawing of the craft with open doorway:

Carol is not sure of exactly what happened next. She certainly feels that a lot more took place, which she cannot currently fully remember. She believes that beings must have come out of the craft. She has vague recollections of this, and knows that “they weren’t green”. These recollections have haunted her for many years.

Her next clear memory was of the craft being back over the roof of the bungalow. It lifted straight upwards by about 10 feet, slightly swayed and then suddenly dramatically increased in speed and shot away. The girls began to walk back to Janet’s house, discussing what they had just witnessed. They agreed not to tell Janet’s mum as they felt she would not believe them. Later they talked more about the incident in Janet’s room. They were afraid that if they told anyone the government would take them away from their parents and lock them up, so they decided not to tell anyone about what had occurred.

Carol remembers a time when she and Janet were told off for being late back home from somewhere. She is not absolutely sure that this took place after the encounter with the craft, but feels that it probably was.

The incident became a secret between the girls. Carol found out later that Janet did not remember the craft coming down into the road at all; she only remembered it hovering over the housing. So it seems that, for whatever reason, she has less recall of what took place.

For a while they would still discuss what they had seen, but then Janet no longer wanted to talk about the incident at all. Many years later she admitted to Carol that it was because it went against everything they had been taught. She didn’t know how to handle it, so preferred just to forget it happened.

Carol is not sure when the flashbacks began. They come to her as dream-like memories, where she cannot be certain that they took place but she innately feels that they did. In these flashbacks, she sees herself standing to the right of Janet. They are in a place that appears larger than the size of the craft, and are leaning against something. To her right some distance away stands a dark haired boy. The boy is naked and looks like he is in a lulled confused state of mind. Neither she nor Janet speak to this boy.

Carol then walks past a clear cylinder filled with a pink liquid. Suspended in this liquid is a naked woman who looks like she is asleep. She has long dark hair, is just over 5 feet tall and looks to be in her 40s. Carol can see her hair moving around in the liquid.

Drawing of the woman in the cylinder:

She then meets a number of beings and is shown something, but she does not remember exactly what. At this point Janet is no longer with her. After an amount of time with these beings, it is then time for their meeting to come to an end. Carol doesn’t want them to leave her. They then assure her that they will see her again, but only when she dies.

Carol is not sure whether or not Janet has experienced flashbacks too. Janet no longer wishes to discuss the incident with her so she has not been able to ask her about this aspect. Carol no longer regularly stays in touch with Janet.

About ten years ago, Carol decided to be hypnotically regressed, to see if she could remember any further details about the incident. The hypnotherapist was named Mel Grant, and she was passed his details by BUFORA. He appeared to be experienced in regressing contactees, and asked her many questions prior to the regression. Under hypnosis she remembered the craft clearly, but could not remember anything which took place on board, she could only see the colour pink. When Rob regressed Carol, the link between the UFO sighting and the flashbacks was made clear, and additional details she was not aware of before were also uncovered.

In 2001, Carol’s parents were looking to move house, and had gone to see a property for sale on Ecclesbourne Drive. For an unknown reason, the man at the house told her dad that he had seen an alien. Her father mentioned this to her because he was aware of her previous sighting.

A number of years ago, Carol’s step father and his friend had been out drinking and were walking home along Ecclesbourne Drive when they too saw something. He told Carol whatever it was, it was so low in the air that it made them lie down to avoid hitting it. Sadly Carol informs me that he does not wish to speak further about this incident.

Early in 2010, Carol went to visit her ex-neighbour Ernie, who now lives in Sheffield. She decided to tell him about her close encounter with the UFO. He mentioned to her that he used to know someone who lived in the vicinity of the sighting, and who claimed to have seen UFOs in the area on multiple occasions. She hopes to get the contact details for this man and get in touch some point in the near future.

When Rob regressed her on 5th June 2010, Carol remembered further details including what the beings looked like (see regression transcript later).


Within a year after her UFO encounter, Carol went to the dentist. She was sitting in the dentist chair, and he swung around the hydraulic arm with the light on the end. Carol felt a sense of familiarity about it, and for an unknown reason it reminded her of something off a flying saucer. It is possible this experience triggered a memory of something which had occurred previously.

On another occasion years later when her and Matt went to the cinema, the lights down the edge of the aisles reminded her of something which would be aboard a flying saucer. It brought back a memory that she had seen something similar, which helped to strengthen her belief that she had been aboard the craft back when she was 12.

Unexplained Scar

Also within a year of the UFO incident, Carol discovered an unexplained scar on the ball of her right foot, which is still visible today. She only discovered it when she jumped down off the stage at school. She is certain that it wasn’t this action which actually caused the wound, and could not think of how it may have happened.

Recent photograph of the scar:

Obviously it is not possible to say whether or not this scar was in any way linked to her contact experience. Carol may have just accidentally cut her foot on something without being aware of it. Often wounds such as this will only hurt when pressure is applied to them, and may be completely painless until noticed. Usually markings caused through contact experiences only show up for a short time before vanishing completely, but this was obviously a deep cut as it is still visible today. However it still has the possibility of being related, which is why I have included it here.

The School Trip

On one school trip to France, Carol remembers an unusual incident taking place. She was sitting with a group of her friends on a long padded bench in the lounge of the hotel where they were staying, watching TV and talking. The next thing she remembers is waking up in the lounge surrounded by German school children. This was a very bizarre situation for her. She did not remember falling asleep, and could not understand why her friends would have left her there on her own. She went to find them, and found them back in their hotel rooms. When she asked them about what happened they told her that they'd tried to wake her up but she would not.

The whole incident felt very unusual to Carol. She says it felt very different to when you simply doze off and then wake back up a short while later. Perhaps she was just tired and while relaxing had dropped off. There is no way of knowing how hard her friends tried to wake her up. But considering how she felt about the incident, perhaps there is a more unusual explanation.

A Narrow Escape

In 1975 Carol was out in Buxton with her mum during stormy weather. They had been out visiting former neighbours, and were on their way back home. They were walking along the pavement by the roundabout that joins Fairfield Road with Spring Gardens.

Suddenly she felt her mum pull her backwards and sideways towards a shop doorway by the shoulders. She regained her balance and was about to ask her why she had done that, when she felt a force pulling her head back by a few inches. A moment later a slate fell off the roof right in front of her face and landed right where she was standing only seconds before.