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Buxton Contact Case - Abduction, Nordics, Hybrid, UFO Sightings, Body Markings, Protection

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Release Date: 07/07/2010

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Carol lives with her husband Matt in Buxton, a small town in Derbyshire, England. Since an early age she has experienced strange occurrences. These occurrences suggest that she has experienced contact, which may or may not be ongoing. She may also have been protected from harm on numerous occasions. Her clearly UFO-related experiences began when, at 12 years old, she and her friend had a close encounter with a saucer-shaped craft and appear to have been taken aboard it. Later in her life she would go on to have other stunning UFO sightings, and experience something which suggests she may be involved with the ET hybrid breeding program.

This report covers Carol’s experiences in rough order of when they took place. It includes a full transcript of her hypnotic regression, and is interspersed with drawings she has done of her experiences.

The Investigation

I first met Carol and her husband Matt at the Lancashire Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Society (LAPIS) UFO Conference on Sunday 22nd May 2010. We had a brief chat about her experiences. It was here that I first heard about her stunning close encounter with a UFO, which led to recurring flashbacks and dreams. She also spoke of an incident involving a baby which appeared to be of both human and extraterrestrial origin. This was clearly quite emotional for her.

I informed her I would be happy to look into her experiences, and over the next two weeks discussed these in detail via E-Mail and phone. I was soon aware that this would prove to be one of the most stunning cases I have yet investigated.

On Saturday 5th June, I and Rob Tudge, the hypnotherapist who assists me with cases involving contact, drove up to Derbyshire to meet up with Carol and Matt at their home in Buxton. After an initial catch up, Rob regressed Carol back to her two most interesting experiences – the saucer UFO sighting and the incident with the baby. I feel everyone involved got a lot out of it. You can read the full transcript of this regression later in this report.

After the regression, Carol and Matt then took us out to the locations where various incidents had taken place for some photographs. Fortunately it was a bright sunny day, and it was an absolute pleasure exploring Buxton and the surrounding moorland. We then decided to stop at The Winking Man pub for a meal and discussion about UFOs. It was a truly fascinating day, and we were very thankful to Carol and Matt for their time.

Soon after our visit to Buxton, Carol filled in the Contactee Questionnaire I often utilise. The questionnaire covers many of the signs and feelings that are associated with contact. This led to further potentially related incidents being uncovered. We have remained in touch via E-Mail and through the BUFOG Contactee Support meetings, and Carol has already informed me of further incidents which have happened since.

The events that Carol, her friend and husband have experienced over the years are truly incredible, and thanks to Carol can now be revealed within this report.

An Unknown Protector

Even though most people do not remember anything at all from the first few years of their life, Carol remembers an incident which took place in August 1963 when she was only 18 months old. She was down the beach at Christ Church with her family – her parents Paul and Claire, sister Jane and grandmother Elizabeth. Her mum and grandmother had gone to buy ice creams, leaving her with her dad and sister. They were making sandcastles, and she was jealous because Paul had made a moat around her sister’s sandcastle which had filled with water. She had been told to stay away from the sea, but she decided to walk to the water’s edge with a bucket to get some water for herself.

Carol bent down, and a wave came in and took her off her feet and swept her away. She was spinning face down in the water, which felt like she was in a tunnel. She has no memories at all about how she was saved or who gave her back to her parents.

In 2003 she spoke with her parents about the incident. Her dad said he owed the person a debt of gratitude, and it played on his mind that he never got the chance to thank them. Her mum said she had showed up coughing and obviously soaking wet, but they did not see who had rescued her or taken her back to them.

It is possible that Carol managed to get out of the water and find her way back to her dad and sister, and due to the shock completely forgot this taking place. However she was only 18 months at the time, and it seems unlikely that she would have been able to do this without any assistance. Could it be that she was aided by an unknown protector? Taken on it’s own this incident is far from conclusive, however this would not be the only time when she has been apparently protected from harm. There would be further events later in her life, some of which were much harder to explain, as you will see later in this report.

Contactees often mention incidents such as this one, where they appear to be protected by the beings who they are in contact with, sometimes through psychic abilities they have gained as a result. This protection may be for the benefit of the individual or the benefit of the ETs, it is not currently known for sure either way.

Invisible Assailant

When she was 7 years old, Carol used to live with her family on Queens Road, Buxton. Carol’s bedroom used to be up in the attic of the house, which her dad had specially converted for her.

Aerial map of Queens Road:


One morning after she had woken up but still lying on the bed, Carol lent over to get a book off a low shelf. Suddenly she felt a heavy impact in the middle of her back, like someone had thumped her hard. There was nothing that was above the bed which could have fallen onto her, and she was terrified.

She stayed completely still for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few minutes. In the end she finally decided to move, and ran straight out of the room. She ran downstairs and told her mum, but she would not believe her and told her to go and get the bobbles for her hair!

This is an odd incident, and one which could appear hostile in intention. Contactees often report feeling the sensation of being touched, but it is possible this incident was nothing to do with ET contact. Perhaps when she leant down to get the book, it stretched a muscle which led to the feeling of being hit. Or perhaps there was a totally different paranormal explanation, such as ghostly activity.

Saucer UFO & Contact Incident

In 1974, when Carol was 12 years old and at secondary school, her and her friend Janet would have an experience which would impact greatly on their lives. On the day of the incident, Carol had gone round to Janet’s house. It was between 4pm and 6pm in the afternoon. While Janet’s mum made dinner, the girls decided to go out and post some envelopes for the blind around the local neighbourhood. Carol cannot remember whether this was something the school had arranged for them to do or whether this was organised by Janet’s mum.

It was a clear and dry day and the sun was shining brightly. They had been out for about 20-30 minutes. As they walked along Ecclesbourne Drive, Carol suddenly noticed a strange object hovering over the housing on their right further down the road. She pointed it out to Janet and asked if she could see it too, to which she replied that she could. The object was about four houses away from their position. It was almost Saturn-shaped, with a dome on top, a dome underneath and a rim protruding around the centre, although the lower dome was flattened off. It was about the size of a caravan. The object was a dull silver colour, like the textured side of tin foil, and had a completely smooth surface. Around the rim were numerous multi-coloured flashing lights. On the base were what appeared to be flattened circular shapes. Carol compares these to the shapes on the top of some types of electrical shavers. At first these markings were not very visible, but the object was due to get a lot closer to the girls than it was when they first sighted it.

Aerial map of Ecclesbourne Drive showing the location the girls were at when the incident began:


Drawing of the UFO:


Drawing of the markings on the base of the UFO:


Photograph in the direction the UFO was first sighted:


Carol was absolutely fascinated and awestruck by what she and Janet were looking at. However she was not frightened. She immediately felt certain that the object was an advanced craft of some kind – a genuine UFO! She knew that it was something many would find hard to believe if she were to talk about it.

The craft appeared to be about 40 feet high when they first spotted it. It was also moving in their direction but off to the side of the road over the housing. It approached slowly, and appeared almost clumsy in motion. Carol does not remember it making any sound at all. As it approached, it also began to descend. The girls were standing next to a bungalow, and as it reached this bungalow it was so low it was almost touching the roof. At this point it must have been less than 25 feet in the air. The craft encircled the girls, and came to rest about 20-30 feet away in front of them in the road behind where they were standing. It did not fully land; it appeared to be hovering about 12-18 inches off the road surface.

Photograph of the bungalow over which the craft hovered:


Photograph of me standing at the spot where the craft ”landed” in the road:


Janet stood slightly behind Carol and to her side. Carol does not remember talking to her. The girls stared at the craft for an amount of time, Carol is not sure exactly how long because of the strangeness of the situation. Then suddenly without warning, a doorway started to open in the side of the lower half of the craft. Carol feels that the door must have come down to form a ramp to the ground. Inside the open doorway it was very dark.

Drawing of the craft with open doorway:


Carol is not sure of exactly what happened next. She certainly feels that a lot more took place, which she cannot currently fully remember. She believes that beings must have come out of the craft. She has vague recollections of this, and knows that “they weren’t green”. These recollections have haunted her for many years.

Her next clear memory was of the craft being back over the roof of the bungalow. It lifted straight upwards by about 10 feet, slightly swayed and then suddenly dramatically increased in speed and shot away. The girls began to walk back to Janet’s house, discussing what they had just witnessed. They agreed not to tell Janet’s mum as they felt she would not believe them. Later they talked more about the incident in Janet’s room. They were afraid that if they told anyone the government would take them away from their parents and lock them up, so they decided not to tell anyone about what had occurred.

Carol remembers a time when she and Janet were told off for being late back home from somewhere. She is not absolutely sure that this took place after the encounter with the craft, but feels that it probably was.

The incident became a secret between the girls. Carol found out later that Janet did not remember the craft coming down into the road at all; she only remembered it hovering over the housing. So it seems that, for whatever reason, she has less recall of what took place.

For a while they would still discuss what they had seen, but then Janet no longer wanted to talk about the incident at all. Many years later she admitted to Carol that it was because it went against everything they had been taught. She didn’t know how to handle it, so preferred just to forget it happened.

Carol is not sure when the flashbacks began. They come to her as dream-like memories, where she cannot be certain that they took place but she innately feels that they did. In these flashbacks, she sees herself standing to the right of Janet. They are in a place that appears larger than the size of the craft, and are leaning against something. To her right some distance away stands a dark haired boy. The boy is naked and looks like he is in a lulled confused state of mind. Neither she nor Janet speak to this boy.

Carol then walks past a clear cylinder filled with a pink liquid. Suspended in this liquid is a naked woman who looks like she is asleep. She has long dark hair, is just over 5 feet tall and looks to be in her 40s. Carol can see her hair moving around in the liquid.

Drawing of the woman in the cylinder:


She then meets a number of beings and is shown something, but she does not remember exactly what. At this point Janet is no longer with her. After an amount of time with these beings, it is then time for their meeting to come to an end. Carol doesn’t want them to leave her. They then assure her that they will see her again, but only when she dies.

Carol is not sure whether or not Janet has experienced flashbacks too. Janet no longer wishes to discuss the incident with her so she has not been able to ask her about this aspect. Carol no longer regularly stays in touch with Janet.

About ten years ago, Carol decided to be hypnotically regressed, to see if she could remember any further details about the incident. The hypnotherapist was named Mel Grant, and she was passed his details by BUFORA. He appeared to be experienced in regressing contactees, and asked her many questions prior to the regression. Under hypnosis she remembered the craft clearly, but could not remember anything which took place on board, she could only see the colour pink. When Rob regressed Carol, the link between the UFO sighting and the flashbacks was made clear, and additional details she was not aware of before were also uncovered.

In 2001, Carol’s parents were looking to move house, and had gone to see a property for sale on Ecclesbourne Drive. For an unknown reason, the man at the house told her dad that he had seen an alien. Her father mentioned this to her because he was aware of her previous sighting.

A number of years ago, Carol’s step father and his friend had been out drinking and were walking home along Ecclesbourne Drive when they too saw something. He told Carol whatever it was, it was so low in the air that it made them lie down to avoid hitting it. Sadly Carol informs me that he does not wish to speak further about this incident.

Early in 2010, Carol went to visit her ex-neighbour Ernie, who now lives in Sheffield. She decided to tell him about her close encounter with the UFO. He mentioned to her that he used to know someone who lived in the vicinity of the sighting, and who claimed to have seen UFOs in the area on multiple occasions. She hopes to get the contact details for this man and get in touch some point in the near future.

When Rob regressed her on 5th June 2010, Carol remembered further details including what the beings looked like (see regression transcript later).


Within a year after her UFO encounter, Carol went to the dentist. She was sitting in the dentist chair, and he swung around the hydraulic arm with the light on the end. Carol felt a sense of familiarity about it, and for an unknown reason it reminded her of something off a flying saucer. It is possible this experience triggered a memory of something which had occurred previously.

On another occasion years later when her and Matt went to the cinema, the lights down the edge of the aisles reminded her of something which would be aboard a flying saucer. It brought back a memory that she had seen something similar, which helped to strengthen her belief that she had been aboard the craft back when she was 12.

Unexplained Scar

Also within a year of the UFO incident, Carol discovered an unexplained scar on the ball of her right foot, which is still visible today. She only discovered it when she jumped down off the stage at school. She is certain that it wasn’t this action which actually caused the wound, and could not think of how it may have happened.

Recent photograph of the scar:


Obviously it is not possible to say whether or not this scar was in any way linked to her contact experience. Carol may have just accidentally cut her foot on something without being aware of it. Often wounds such as this will only hurt when pressure is applied to them, and may be completely painless until noticed. Usually markings caused through contact experiences only show up for a short time before vanishing completely, but this was obviously a deep cut as it is still visible today. However it still has the possibility of being related, which is why I have included it here.

The School Trip

On one school trip to France, Carol remembers an unusual incident taking place. She was sitting with a group of her friends on a long padded bench in the lounge of the hotel where they were staying, watching TV and talking. The next thing she remembers is waking up in the lounge surrounded by German school children. This was a very bizarre situation for her. She did not remember falling asleep, and could not understand why her friends would have left her there on her own. She went to find them, and found them back in their hotel rooms. When she asked them about what happened they told her that they'd tried to wake her up but she would not.

The whole incident felt very unusual to Carol. She says it felt very different to when you simply doze off and then wake back up a short while later. Perhaps she was just tired and while relaxing had dropped off. There is no way of knowing how hard her friends tried to wake her up. But considering how she felt about the incident, perhaps there is a more unusual explanation.

A Narrow Escape

In 1975 Carol was out in Buxton with her mum during stormy weather. They had been out visiting former neighbours, and were on their way back home. They were walking along the pavement by the roundabout that joins Fairfield Road with Spring Gardens.

Suddenly she felt her mum pull her backwards and sideways towards a shop doorway by the shoulders. She regained her balance and was about to ask her why she had done that, when she felt a force pulling her head back by a few inches. A moment later a slate fell off the roof right in front of her face and landed right where she was standing only seconds before.

Aerial map of the location where the incident took place:


Photograph of the incident location. The slate fell off the roof of one of the buildings seen on the right:


Carol is adamant that it was an actual physical force and not just intuition that something was about to happen. She has always felt that it was her granddad looking out for her. But could it have been the ETs? It certainly seems that someone or something was protecting her from harm.

Handbag Incident

In 1982 when she was 19, Carol went on a holiday to the Lake District with Janet. They set off in the early hours of the morning in Carol’s Mini Metro. It was a clear and sunny morning, and visibility was good.

When they arrived, they stopped at a car park to see if some nearby shops were open. They soon discovered they were not, so pulled out of the car park. Carol had pushed her large handbag between the head restraint and the door frame. It fell out and landed on the back seat of the car. She wound her window down, which is something she would very rarely do. She has no idea why she felt the need to do so at this time.

They set off along the road away from the car park. Suddenly something flew right past her head, causing her to duck and slam the brakes on. She looked around and noticed that her handbag was lying in the road about 15-20 feet behind the car! It had somehow jumped up off the back seat of its own accord and flown out past her head and out of the open window.

Carol got out of the car and walked back along the road to pick up the handbag. As she bent down to get it, she watched as a gold-coloured Allegro came screeching round a corner out of control further down on their side of the road. The driver managed to regain control of the vehicle. He got back onto the right side and drove past them.

The girls realised that if they hadn’t stopped the car to get the handbag, the other car would have crashed into them. They were both convinced that something had thrown out the handbag on purpose to stop this event from taking place and save their lives. At the time they put it down to either Carol’s granddad or Janet’s mother.

The Baby

In 1982-83, when Carol was 19-20 years old, she became very ill with glandular fever, hepatitis and jaundice. During this time she would spend long periods of time sleeping on the settee at her parent’s house near to the former Devonshire Hospital. People would come and go all day but she would rarely wake up as she was so unwell.

Carol has memories of something which took place around this time. She was very ill, so cannot be absolutely certain that it happened, but it feels very real to her. She remembers that one night; she was brought a baby at her parent’s home. She does not remember who brought her this baby; she just remembers being given it.

When she looked at the baby she could see it was female but realised it was not human. The baby looked advanced in development for its size. She had very pale skin, large coal black eyes, a small mouth and black hair. Carol describes her as looking “most peculiar, and yet beautiful”. Out of all the features, it was the eyes which were most abnormal. Carol felt instinctively that this baby was her own. She was surprised and filled with love for her, and then got the chance to bond with her for a while. She talked and played with the baby and she responded in the same way a human baby would and appeared to be happy. Carol does not remember her making any noises. She believes that this went on from between 30 minutes to a few hours.

Modified photograph which Carol found online which reminds her of how the baby looked:


She then remembers that after this time, the baby was taken away from her. Again she cannot remember who took it. This was very upsetting for her, but she feels that she was then comforted in some way. Once the baby was gone, she remembers feeling heartbroken but going off to sleep.

Carol still finds this particular incident hard to deal with, and it stirs up strong emotions when she thinks back to it. Years later she would share the details of this incident with her husband Matt, who was already aware of her UFO encounter.

When Rob regressed Carol on 5th June 2010, she recalled some of the details of this incident, which was very emotional for her (see regression transcript later).

This incident is fascinating, and suggests that Carol is part of the ongoing breeding program. This appears to be one of the agendas of the Greys. They seem to be mixing our DNA with their own to create hybrid children. The reason behind this is not fully known, though some contactees claim to have been informed. The fact that the baby showed traits of the Greys suggests that Carol has at some point been in contact with this species, although she has no memories of this.

Obviously some would say that this experience could have been a vivid dream brought on by Carol’s illness at the time, combined with a wish or need to be a mother. However if this were the case, surely she would have dreamt of a normal human baby, not one which showed clearly extraterrestrial traits? Many female contactees have reported similar experiences, where they have been shown babies which are not fully human, but which they recognise as their own. Some have also seen these hybrids at later stages of development as children, and even fully grown adults.

Perhaps linked with this experience, on a couple of occasions Carol has felt like she is pregnant even though she knew she should not be. In 1987, when she was 24 years old, Carol was 6 weeks overdue and was experiencing signs of pregnancy, but then all of a sudden these feelings went away. A similar experience occurred in 2005. This could be down to false pregnancy syndrome or medical conditions, but on the other hand these incidents could be further signs that she is part of the hybrid breeding program.

Electrical Disturbances

Carol has experienced electrical disturbance in her home and elsewhere on numerous occasions. These experiences have not just occurred in one property, but have apparently only taken place after her first UFO encounter.

About 6 times the TV or radio has come on of its own accord when she is near to it. Also on more than one occasion while watching TV, the channel has changed by itself when she has been thinking of changing it.

In May 1984 when she was 22, Carol went on holiday to Las Vegas she kept getting electrical shocks off metallic things which she touched, such as car doors and shopping trolleys. It was like strong static had built up inside her for some reason. This can of course occur naturally, but seemed to be especially prevalent at this particular time. Of course this could have been down to the high amount of electrical lighting in the area, but then again perhaps not.

Paranormal Activity

Carol has experienced poltergeist-like activity in her home for many years, although it is possible that these incidents are just down to accidents and do not have a supernatural explanation at all. On a number of occasions she has witnessed objects fall off shelves or surfaces of their own accord. Also objects regularly go missing, sometimes they turn up, other times they have vanished and never been found again.

Carol’s sister has also had a strange experience. She was at her parent’s house when they used to live in Leek, and was putting the children to bed. She tucked in Paul, who was 2 years old, and then went through to another room to put the baby to bed. Paul suddenly called out, asking who the man in his room was, and saying that he wouldn’t tell him. Then the airing cupboard doors flew open of their own accord, pushing over the safety gate at the top of the stairs. Also a baby drinking mug which had been on the chest of drawers was found downstairs. Individually these events could have a rational explanation but it was the fact that they all happened around the same time which was disturbing.

A Presence In The Room

In 1987 Carol had moved into her first place on her own. She was living in a flat in Buxton, directly above a pub known as The Horseshoe Inn on Fairfield Road. The building still exists but is no longer a pub.

Aerial map showing the location of the building which used to be The Horseshoe Inn:


On one evening she went out on a date. When she returned home, she sat up reading in her room. Her pet cat was also present, sitting on the bed. Suddenly there was a bright white flash of light and the light fitting came crashing down and stopped just before it hit the floor, hanging on the wire. It was a rise and fall fitting, so Carol assumed the elastic had broken on it. She put it on a chair to ensure it would not fall further and break, and then went to bed.

She was lying down, with the cat curled up on her thigh, and just about to drop off to sleep. Suddenly she felt the bed move, like someone had sat down on it. She thought it had just been her imagination, but then it moved a second time even more prominently. She was really upset and un-nerved by this, and ended up leaving the flat and sleeping at her sister’s house.

The Sphere & The Policeman

In 1988 when Carol was 25 a bizarre series of events took place, events which puzzle Carol to this day. On one evening, she and her friend Sharon had been out somewhere together, and then returned to her flat above The Horseshoe Inn. The cat was curled up in front of the fireplace.

The end of the living room is semi-circular in shape and had a large window. Carol had drawn the curtains earlier in the evening. Suddenly about 6 foot off the floor, the curtains pushed out as if there was a spherical shape coming forward from behind. The cat immediately noticed and ran out of the room. Carol assumed it was someone climbing in through the window. She ran into the kitchen and got a carving knife. When she came back in the room there was no longer any shape behind the curtains. She handed the knife to Sharon, and slowly walked up to the curtains. When she checked behind them there was nothing there at all. Both witnesses were convinced that it had been something unusual, not just a draught blowing the curtain.

Photograph of the building which used to be The Horseshoe Inn, indicating the window where the spherical shape appeared:


The girls remained at the flat and chatted about what had occurred. At 1.33am Carol walked into the bedroom and the radio switched itself on (See Electrical Disturbances section for more examples of this). This un-nerved Carol, and her and Sharon decided to walk back to Sharon’s place instead, as she felt uncomfortable remaining in the flat.

Once they arrived at Sharon’s house, Carol lay down in the front room to go to sleep and Sharon went to her room. But Carol then began to see shadows moving around the room. By this time she was very spooked out and could not get to sleep. After a while Sharon popped her head around the door, and told Carol that she could not sleep either. So the girls decided to get into the car and sleep there instead!

At about 2.30am, a policeman turned up and knocked on the window. They wound down the window and he asked “What are you girls doing?” Carol replied that they were just out. He then asked “Haven’t you got a home to go to?” Carol then told him that something had frightened them. He asked what, and she related to him the story of the shape coming through the curtain at her flat. The policeman asked “Would you like me to come and have a look behind the curtains?” Carol informed him that she had already checked and there was no-one there. Soon after, the policeman departed.

After a short while he returned to the car. He knocked on the window again. When Carol wound the window down, he said “I’m not surprised you were frightened”. Carol asked “What makes you say that?” and he replied “I know who you are”. Carol was a funeral director at the time, and she wondered if he had found this out, and assumed that she felt she had seen a ghost.

The odd aspect of this particular event was that Carol knew most of the policemen of Buxton as it is only a small town. But she had never seen this particular man before, nor recognised his car. Also she does not remember anything after speaking with him this second time. Till this day she has never seen the man again. Carol wonders if he really was a normal police officer or whether he was someone else entirely. There is even the possibility he was not even human, although considering the evidence this seems too great an assumption to make. Either way it was certainly a strange series of incidents.

Glowing UFO Sighting

One night in 1994/95, Carol and Janet were to experience their second UFO sighting. They had been out shopping in Hanley. They were driving back to Buxton along the A53. They were about 10 miles out of Buxton. As they started to drive up a slope in the road, they suddenly noticed a huge bright white glowing sphere in the sky. They were certain it wasn’t the moon (it actually appeared even bigger) and looked like it was at low altitude, at most 100 feet. It was off to the right of the car and appeared to be over a farm a bit further along the road. It was also moving slowly in their direction. Carol didn’t know what to make of the object, but Janet immediately assumed it was another sighting of an extraterrestrial craft and said out loud “Bloody hell not again!”

Drawing of the UFO based on witness description:


Aerial map indicating the stretch of road along which the sighting took place:


Photograph from the sighting location in the direction which the UFO was first seen:


For some reason, Carol felt that if she could get around the corner at the top of the hill everything would be alright. She has no idea what lead her to think this. They drove up the slope, and reached the corner. When they looked back they could no longer see the object, it appeared to have gone.

Photograph of the farm buildings just before the corner in the road:


After dropping off Janet, Carol returned home. When her husband Matt saw her he said it looked like she had seen a ghost. She told him about what she and Janet had seen. Matt suggested it may have been a helicopter coming from the nearby army training camp. However Carol was certain it had not just been a white light coming from an object, but that it was spherical in shape and had been self-illuminated.

Sightings of large glowing spheres have been reported many times before, and there are some other cases I have investigated where UFOs of this type have been witnessed. It certainly appeared to be a self illuminated sphere, rather than just a bright white light attached to an object. Its appearance combined with the fact that no noise was heard coming from it suggests that it was not a helicopter. It is hard to think of a mundane explanation which could explain what was seen. The object seemed much too large to be an internally lit balloon of some kind, such as an LED blimp. Also the location where it took place is quite remote with not many buildings around, so it is unlikely someone would have been out there and flying such an object. It is also unlikely to have been naturally occurring phenomena such as an earth light/ball lightning due to its size and appearance, although this cannot be fully ruled out.

The object did appear to be moving in the direction of the witnesses’ car. There is the possibility that it was there to observe either both Carol and Janet, or just one of them in particular. Due to their previous experiences this is something which should certainly be considered.

Flying Triangle Sighting

In 1996/97, Carol and her husband Matt were out in their car. They were on the A6 between Buxton and Taddington, and had stopped for a drink of coffee in a lay-by. It was a clear and still night, and was about 10pm.

Photograph of the A6 lay-by:


Photograph of myself and Rob at the lay-by:


Carol suddenly noticed three red lights in the night sky in a triangular formation. They were at quite low altitude, and over the top of some trees to the South East. Carol is used to seeing planes flying into Manchester, and these lights looked lower in the sky. They appeared to be at least a couple of miles away from their position and off to the right of their vehicle over some trees.

Drawing of how the UFO appeared at a distance:


Photograph from the sighting location, showing the patch of trees over which the UFO first appeared:


She pointed the lights out to Matt, and they got out of the car to get a better look. The lights were heading in their direction. As they got nearer, the couple realised that the lights were on the corners of a black coloured triangular-shaped craft. It looked to be quite thin in height, but was large in size, at least 100 feet from corner to corner. They could also now see a larger central light on the underside of the object. Carol remembers this light as also being red in colour, where as Matt remembers it being white. They had read about Flying Triangle UFO sightings, and assumed that it must be one of these.

Drawing of the craft viewed from underneath:


The craft continued towards their position at a slow speed, and flew almost overhead but off to the right a short way. When it was near they could hear a droning sound coming from it. They continued to watch as it flew away into the distance to the North West towards a nearby quarry.

Aerial map showing the location where the witnesses were parked and the path of the craft:


Photograph in the direction which the craft was heading:


It was a quiet night and Carol does not remember seeing any other cars on the road, so is unaware if anyone else saw the craft. Because of her previous UFO encounter, Carol checked to ensure that there was no missing time. She and Matt discussed what they had just witnessed. Matt thought that it was certainly unusual, but felt it was built by the military rather than aliens.

This is an absolutely stunning close encounter with what appears to be a genuine Flying Triangle craft. The craft was close enough to them that they could make out its shape and lighting configuration and it did not appear to be a conventional aircraft of any kind. It was much too large to have been a remote controlled model. Although it did not perform any clearly intelligent manoeuvres, its constant flight path and the noise coming from it suggests it was powered. The craft did not seem to interact with either of the witnesses, so there is a chance that they were just at the right place at the right time. But considering Carol’s previous experiences, it may have been there for observation purposes.

Some people believe that Flying Triangles are military-built rather than extraterrestrial. However due to the advanced characteristics and manoeuvring capabilities of these craft, the sometimes massive size of them, and the fact that they are sometimes seen over areas of high population, I believe that at least some of them are ET.

Identical Markings!

At some point prior to November 2002 (exact date unknown), Carol remembers an incident where both her and Matt awoke to find identical markings on them. She woke up and looking down at herself, she noticed a strange marking on her upper right side. It was a circular patch about 1cm across that looked more pronounced, almost blistered in appearance as the morning light hit it. Carol says it looked similar to a healed scar from a childhood injection, but of course she was certain that this is not what it was and this was the first time she had seen it. It was not raised off the skin, and was not painful in any way even when she touched it.

Soon afterwards she noticed that Matt too had a marking in the same area. When she checked closely, she saw that the marking on him was exactly the same, in both size, shape and appearance! Neither her nor Matt could explain the markings, and felt certain that they were not simply insect bites. Carol is aware that the markings lasted for quite a while, but does not remember when they disappeared.

At the time she did not attribute them to anything related to her other experiences, but now feels that they may be relevant. Were these markings a sign that both her and Matt had been abducted at some point and had an instrument used upon them? Neither Carol or Matt can remember anything unusual happening prior to their discovery. However it is very interesting that the markings were not only identical, but apparently appeared on the same night.

Unidentified Lump

A number of years ago (she is not sure of the exact year), Carol discovered a small solid lump on the outside of her left forearm. It felt like a small object underneath the skin. She would occasionally press on it and could feel it, but it would not move at all. Recently she looked for it again, and found that it was no longer there. Sadly she did not take any photographs of this lump, nor did she speak to her doctor about it.

Contactees have sometimes discovered metallic implants which show up as small lumps under the skin. It is far from definite that Carol had one of these present in her arm for an amount of time, but is an interesting possibility to consider.

Badly Dressed

Carol usually wears a nightie to bed. On a number of occasions she has woken up in the morning to find that it is on inside out or no longer on her. Of course there is the possibility that this was through her own error – perhaps she thought she’d put it on but hadn’t, or accidentally put it on inside out.

The reason this is mentioned is that is yet another sign that contact may have taken place. During most abduction experiences, the contactee is undressed so that the ETs can conduct examinations on them. Usually if they are clothed when they are taken they are dressed back up before being returned. However sometimes the ETs can get this wrong and put the clothing on the wrong way round or inside out. Some people question why such intelligent beings would make such a simple mistake, but perhaps they do not care whether clothing is on correctly, just that it is returned with the individual.


Occasionally just before she drops off to sleep, Carol feels rhythmic pulsing going through her body. When this occurs she does not panic and does not experience anything else unusual, so it may have nothing to do with her ET-related experiences. However contactees often report experiencing pulsing vibrations such as this, and some believe that it is a warning sign that contact is going to take place.

Hypnotic Regression

Rob Tudge, the hypnotherapist who conducted Carol’s regression on Saturday 5th June 2010, is experienced in regressing contactees and very knowledgeable on the subject. We decided prior to the regression that we would focus on two events – the saucer-shaped UFO incident when Carol was 12, and the incident with the baby which occurred 7-8 years later.

Below is the complete transcript of the regression, including a picture that Carol drew directly following it. Note that prior to the regression Rob asked Carol what colour she finds most calming, to which she replied pink. He references this colour towards the start of the regression process.

R: Just breathe, and breathe with your tummy if you can, breathe with your tummy, because we hold all our stress and tension in our chest, and if you are able to breathe with your tummy you get round that. Just breathe...that’s it. Nice and comfortable. And what I want you to do is imagine yourself at the top of 10 steps, you’re at the top of ten steps. And at the bottom of the steps you see a huge wooden door. You’re standing at the top of the ten steps, calm, comfortable, relaxed. And I want you to imagine a bubble of pink light around you. It’s above your head, and below your feet. If you stretched out your arms to the right and left you would be able to touch the inside of the bubble. And this bubble is there for your protection. And also imagine little tendrils, little roots growing out from your heels. They just grow out, they turn, go down into the structure below your feet, into the subsoil, right down into the rocks of the earth, and lock in the rocks of the earth. And those little tendrils, those little roots are there to ground you. So you’re standing at the top of ten steps, protected and grounded, calm, comfortable and relaxed. And I’ll ask you to take the first step down into peace and tranquillity. And step number two. And step number three. Calm, comfortable, relaxed, protected and grounded. And take another step down. And another step, down into peace and tranquillity. Half way down the steps now towards the huge wooden door. Step number six. And seven. And eight, almost there now. Nine. And ten. So you’re in front of this huge wooden door, you’re protected by a bubble of pink light, and grounded. Before you go through the door, I’m going to tell you what you’ll find on the other side. It’s just a simple room. Neutrally lit, with a door at the opposite end. That’s all it is. And when you’re ready, I’ll ask you to go through the door, close it behind you. Close it behind you and tell me when you’re in there. C: I’m in. R: Yeah. Excellent, thank you very much Carol. Very shortly I’m going to ask you to do some counting for me. I’m going to ask you to count backwards from 100 downward. And after counting each number I want you to say the words “deeper and deeper”. And each time you say the words “deeper and deeper” you get deeper and deeper relaxed, and deeper and deeper asleep. Before you say each number I want you to envisage that number in your minds eye. And you’ll notice something very interesting, because each number will become smaller and fainter than the number before it. And about the number 95 or 94 the number will become so small and so faint you’ll stop counting because you won’t be able to find it. So, start counting backwards from 100 out loud, saying the words “deeper and deeper”. C: 100, deeper and deeper. 99, deeper and deeper. 98, deeper and deeper. 97, deeper and deeper. 96, deeper and deeper. 95, dah...deeper and deeper, 95 deeper and deeper. 94, deeper and deeper, 93, deeper and deeper. 92, deeper and deeper. R: That’s great. C: 91... R: That’s wonderful. That’s fine. And now I’ll ask to put those numbers above your head. I’m going to count to three and snap my fingers, and as I snap my fingers you’re going to clear those numbers. And as you clear those numbers, so you clear your mind. One, two, three. Have those numbers cleared from memory? Have those numbers cleared from above your head? C: No. R: Still there? Ok let’s do it again. I’ll count to three, snap my fingers and as I snap my fingers so those numbers will clear from above you, and you’ll also clear your mind. One, two, three. Have they gone? C: Mmm. R: Thank you, ok. Very shortly I’m going to be talking to Carol’s subconscious mind, and I’ll be talking to her subconscious mind as if I’m speaking to another person. I don’t want you to think about my questions or consider your answers, but just give them as quickly as they come. I’ll count to three and snap my fingers, and when I snap my fingers your subconscious mind will present itself as a shape, a colour, a picture or a symbol. One, two, three. Tell me what you have. C: Triangle. R: Triangle, thank you. Triangle are you Carol’s subconscious mind, yes or no? C: Don’t think so. R: I’ll ask again. Triangle are you Carol’s subconscious mind, yes or no? C: Yes. R: Thank you subconscious mind, for appearing in that way. Subconscious mind, would it be appropriate to go back in safety and comfort to two incidents that we mentioned earlier? C: Yes. R: Thank you subconscious mind. Carol I want you to go back now in that room, in that neutral coloured room, right there. The triangle has now dissipated, we’re back facing the door at the far end of the room. C: Yeah. R: Good. Just breathe. Just breathe, and relax. We’re standing in front of that door, protected and grounded. And on the other side of that door is the incident that occurred when you were about 12 years old, Ecclesbourne Drive. You were with your friend Janet, that’s on the other side of the door. Just give yourself a moment, get your breath back. And I want you to be aware if at any time I am unhappy for any reason, or you are unhappy for any reason, just shout out the word “freeze” and in front of you things will freeze, they will just stay as they are, do you understand? C: Yeah, I do. R: So when you’re ready, open the door, and go through to the incident that occurred 1974, when you were about 12 years old in Buxton, in Ecclesbourne Drive, when you with your friend Janet. Open the door, go through and tell me what you see. C: There’s something, the domed object, I know it’s a flying saucer. R: You’re there already? C: Yeah. R: Where are you standing? C: On the footpath. R: You’re on the footpath. Is anybody with you? C: Janet. R: Janet’s with you, is she to your right or to your left? C: She’s in front of me. R: She’s in front of you. C: To the right. R: And tell me what you see. C: It’s a flying saucer, over the top of the house. R: There’s a flying saucer over the top of the house. What shape is it? C: It’s domed, and it’s got a dome underneath. R: Yes. Is there anything else on it? Besides the dome? C: A flange. R: Flange, ok. What else do you notice about it? C: I don’t know why it’s there. R: You don’t know why it’s there. What does Janet think about it? C: She’s silent. R: She’s silent? Is she looking at it? C: Yes. R: You’re looking at it? C: Yeah. R: Is there anybody else about? C: No. R: Ok. What happens next? C: It’s moving towards us. R: It’s moving towards you. C: Yeah. I want to have a good look at it. R: You want to have a good look at it. What happens next? C: It’s spinning. R: It’s spinning. Is it still coming towards you? C: No it’s stationary. R: Stationary now. How far away from you would you guess? C: It’s not far. R: It’s not far. Can you see any more details now it’s closer? C: There’s coloured lights. R: Coloured lights? C: Going round and round. R: Uh-huh. And how far off the ground is it, can you tell? C: About as high as two houses. R: Ok it’s about as high as two houses. C: Yeah. R: And what about Janet, what’s she doing? C: Nothing, we’re just looking. R: You’re just looking. You’re just looking at this flying saucer, it’s about the height of two houses, it’s got a dome on top... C: It’s going round. R: It’s going round? So it’s altering position? C: I’m looking at it. R: You’re looking at it. It’s moved, and you’re looking at it. C: It’s coming lower. R: It’s coming lower. Can you see more details? C: Yes, I can see all of it. R: You can see all of it? Tell me about all of it would you. C: It’s silver. R: Silver, ok. C: It’s only small. R: Uh-huh. C: It looks like it should be a lid on the roof. R: Ok. C: It’s going to hit the roof. R: It’s going to hit the roof you think? C: So close. R: Uh-huh. What colour would you say it is now it’s got a little closer. C: It’s still silver. R: It’s still silver, are the lights still exactly the same? C: No, no, the lights have stopped. R: The lights have stopped. C: There’s no lights left. R: No lights. And it’s come a little closer you say? C: Yeah, it’s over the bungalow. R: It’s over the bungalow now? How close is it to the top of the bungalow, can you tell me? C: Only a few inches. R: Only a few inches, so it has come down from the height of two houses to just over the bungalow? C: Yes it came down as it came round. R: Ok I understand. C: It’s moving. R: It’s moving. Which direction is it moving? C: It’s gone into the road. R: It’s gone into the road. So it fits in, are there buildings on both sides of the road? C: Yeah. R: And it fits in. C: It’s’s just sitting there. R: It’s just sitting there. In front of you? C: Yeah. R: Is Janet closer to it or are you? C: I’m closer. R: You’re closer. You said before it was spinning, is it still spinning? C: No. The door’s opened. R: The door’s opened. C: Funny how it opened. R: Do you see anything in the opening? C: It’s dark. R: What else do you see? C: Nothing, it’s just dark. R: It’d dark. C: They’re going to come out. R: Did you say they’re going to come out? C: Yeah. R: Uh-huh. How do you know that? C: It’s there and they’re going to come out. R: It’s there and they’re going to come out. Ok. What happens next? C: It’s dark. R: It’s dark? C: Mmm. R: Dark around you? C: Yeah. R: How did that happen? C: I don’t know. R: Ok. C: Must not go near the right. R: Mustn’t go near the? C: Near the right. R: Who told you that? C: I just know. R: You just know, you shouldn’t go near the... C: Near the right. R: I understand, ok. Where’s Janet? C: She’s with me. R: She’s with you. Tell me what you see around you. C: It’s huge. It’s white light from...behind. R: White light from behind? C: Yeah. R: Behind what? C: Behind the edges. R: Behind the edges there’s a white light? C: Mmm. R: And how far are the edges from you do you think? C: A long way, it’s a big room. R: It’s a big room? C: Mhmm. R: Tell me are the walls vertical, are they curved? C: They’re curved. R: They’re curved, right. Can you see what’s above you? C: No. R: How long have you been there, do you know? C: I’ve only just got here. R: You’ve only just got here, ok. Are you still looking round? C: I’m in R: You’re just looking round. It’s dark. C: Mmm. R: And there’s white light coming from beyond the edges... C: Not too dark. R: Oh you have got a good view. Do you see anything that’s familiar here? C: No. R: You don’t recognise this at all? C: No. R: How would you describe the inside of this wide space? C: Just different. R: It’s just different. How did you get here? C: Oh...I don’t know. R: You’re just inside this large space? C: Mmm. R: Could I ask can you see any walls, any doors? Any doors or any openings? C: No. I know the opening where we came in? R: Mhmm. C: It’s behind me. R: You know the opening where you came in is behind you. Did you walk? C: I think so. Yeah. R: How do you feel now you’re in this space? C: I’m alright. R: Good, excellent. So you recognise the opening where you came in, and you’re just here. C: Mmm. I know I came into it, I can’t see it at the moment. R: Ok you know you came in that way, but you can’t see it? C: Yeah. R: That’s fine. And what happens next? C: There’s a boy. R: A boy? C: Mmm. R: How old is the boy would you guess? How old is he? C: He’s older than us. R: Ok. C: Probably nearly a lad. R: Ok, and is he near from you, or away from you, or where is he? C: Just over there. R: Just over there, ok. And what’s he doing? C: Nothing. He’s naked. (chuckles) R: He’s naked. Is that a bit embarrassing for you? C: Mmm. R: Ok. Do you recognise the boy? C: No. R: Is his hair fair or dark? C: It’s dark. R: Is it. Ok. As he’s naked, what’s his expression? C: It’s like he’s asleep. R: It’s like he’s asleep. Well I forgot to ask you, is he standing up? C: Yeah. R: He’s standing up and you think he’s asleep? C: Yeah. R: And what about Janet, is she looking at the boy? C: Yeah, we’re both kind of giggling. R: You’re both giggling. C: I don’t know why ‘cause our clothes are with us. R: Ah-ha, ok. So you’re clothed and he’s naked. He appears to be asleep, and you’re giggling. C: Our clothes are with us, we’re not wearing them. R: Your clothes are with you but you’re not wearing them? C: Mmm. R: Where are they? Are you hiding your clothes, are they on the floor, can you tell me? C: They’re resting, on...I don’t know what it is, but it’s pink. R: So you’re wearing something else? C: No. R: What have you got on that’s pink then? C: Nothing. R: So what happens next? C: I’m going out of the room. R: You’re going out. How do you know you’re going out of the room, did somebody... C: We’re moving. R: Say that again please. C: We’re moving. R: You’re moving. Have you been asked to move? C: We’re led somewhere. There’s a woman. R: Yes, tell me about the woman. C: It’s not right that she’s naked. She’s in, she’s in a cylinder. R: There’s a naked woman in a... C: She’s floating. R: There’s a naked woman in a cylinder. C: Yeah. R: Where is the woman in relation to you? C: She’s just here. R: Ok. C: I’ve never seen anything like it. R: You’ve never seen anything like it? C: No. R: There’s a woman in a cylinder, she’s naked? C: Yeah. R: What’s happening to her? C: I don’t know. R: Is she asleep? C: I don’t know. She might be dead. R: She might be dyed? C: Dead. R: You get the impression she’s dead? C: She might be. Her hair’s moving. But she’s not. R: Hair moving, but she’s not. And how do you feel as you look at this woman? C: I don’t really know really. R: Ok. Who told you to move, from where you were? C: I don’t know. R: Would you look round and see if there’s anybody else with you? Is Janet still with you? C: Thought she was behind me, but I don’t know where. R: Is the boy with you? C: No. R: He’s staying where he was? C: Yeah. R: Are you passing the lady in the cylinder. C: Yeah I’m past her now. R: You’ve past her now. C: It’s dark. R: It’s just dark. Can you see anything at all? Are you still in that big room or have you moved, have you moved away... C: No it’s smaller. R: Say that again. C: It’s small. R: It’s small, ok. It’s a smaller area. Could I ask if it’s a smaller room or a passageway? C: I’m not sure. R: That’s fine. What detail do you see? C: Some. R: You see? C: It’s like a screen. R: It’s like a screen? C: Mmm. I don’t understand it. R: What sorry what? C: What’s on it. I don’t. R: Just have a good look and try to describe what’s on it. C: I don’t understand it, it’s all lights. R: It’s all lights. So there are lights on the screen, is that to your right, or left or ahead of you? C: It’s ahead of me. R: Just ahead of you. Are you walking towards that screen? C: No, I’m stood near it. R: You’re stood near it. Are there any sounds in this place at all? C: No. R: It’s quiet. These lights on the screen, are they familiar to you at all? C: No. R: In no way familiar. So there’s a screen covered in lights, would I be correct in thinking that? C: Mmm. R: Difficult to understand. Would that be correct? C: Mmm. R: What happens next? Do you stay in front of the screen or do you move again? C: There’s a man. R: A man? C: He’s looking at me. R: Tell me about the man. C: He’s kind. R: He’s kind? Is he a tall man? C: Yeah. R: Can you tell me the colour of his hair? C: Blond. R: Blond. Could you tell me the colour of his eyes? C: Blue. R: Blue. What is he wearing? C: Green. R: He’s wearing green. Could you describe his clothing to me? C: It’s like a jumpsuit. R: It’s like a jumpsuit, ok. Is the chap who you’re looking at in the jumpsuit, does he appear to be skinny? Or well built? Or muscular? C: He’s a nice man. R: He’s a nice man, ok. Tell me how you know he’s a nice man. C: I just know. R: You just know. Generally we judge people by the way they look at us, sometimes we feel if someone smiles at us we feel a little better about them. Is this gentleman smiling at you? C: No. R: But you just know he’s kind? C: He’s nice. (Smiles) R: He’s a nice chap. I can see you smiling, you feel... C: Special. R: Excellent, yes. He’s making you feel special, is that correct? C: I know so. R: If you were to look at Janet, what would you say Janet saw? C: I don’t think she’s with me. R: Oh ok. So you’re looking at this gentleman with blond hair, with blue eyes, and a green jumpsuit. C: Mhmm. R: And he’s making you feel special. C: Uh-huh. R: Can you tell me what happens next? C: There’s other people. R: Other people. Have they come into your space or have you had to move again? C: No they’ve come. R: They’ve come. When you say there are other people... C: They’re all beautiful. R: They’re all beautiful. C: Mmm. R: In what way would you describe all these other people’s beauty? C: Just beautiful. R: Are they similar to the man in the green jumpsuit? C: They’re blond, but they haven’t got beards. R: Ok. Are they talking with the man that you first saw? C: No. R: Why have they come, have they come to see you? C: Mmm. R: What do you think? You’ve told you’re quite special. C: They’re going to leave me now. R: They’re going to leave you. C: Mmm. I don’t want them to go. R: You don’t want them to go. C: No, I want to stay with them. R: You want to stay with them. For what reason do you want to stay with them? C: Feel safe. R: You feel safe. C: I like them, they’re all nice. R: They’re all nice. How many of them are there, would you say? C: About four. R: They’re all blond. They’re all very nice. C: Mhmm. R: You want to stay with them because they make you feel safe. Is that correct? C: Mhmm. R: They’ve told you that you have to go. C: Mhmm. R: Have they all got green jumpsuits? C: No. R: No. So what have they got on, if they’re not wearing green jumpsuits? C: It’s like powder blue glittery coloured suit. R: Ok. I wonder if there might be any emblems, or badges, or anything on any of these err jumpsuits? C: No. R: No. And what happens next? C: They give me a drink. R: They’ve given you a drink. C: Mmm. R: What’s the drink held in? And what does the drink taste of? C: Can’t remember. R: That’s ok, that’s fine. Did they hand you the drink? C: Mhmm. R: So you have your drink, and then what happens? C: It’s (inaudible) R: Say that again please. C: The bottom of it, it looks familiar. R: The bottom of it looks familiar? C: Mmm. R: What does it remind you of? C: Shaver. R: A shaver, ok. C: It’s all wheels. R: It’s all wheels. So the bottom of it looks familiar, it’s all wheels. C: They’re going. R: They’re going. C: It’s back above the bungalow. R: Ah-hah, ok. Has it gone from sight now? C: (Shakes head) R: It’s still there? Tell me what you’re thinking as you look at it. C: It’s gone up. R: It’s gone straight up. C: It’s still there. R: It’s still there. Higher than it was? C: Ah yeah. R: But you can still see it? C: Oh yeah! It’s swaying. R: It’s swaying. C: It’s gone. R: It’s gone. Just like that it’s gone? C: Mhmm. R: Is Janet with you? C: Yeah. She’s back where we were. R: She’s with you and you’re back where you were. But the sky is now clear? C: Uh-huh. R: What does Janet say to you? C: We’re laughing. R: You’re laughing? C: (Chuckles) R: You’re looking at each other? C: Nobody’s going to believe us. (Laughs) R: Well you know what happened. C: Uh-huh. R: You’re looking at each other, and you’re laughing. Then what do you two do then? C: We’ve got to go back. R: So you’re walking back? C: Mhmm. R: And discussing what happened? C: Mmm. R: And you’re still laughing and giggling? C: No. R: Not now? C: No. Not giggling. R: Not giggling. C: I think she’s frightened. R: You think she’s frightened. So she’s not giggling because she’s frightened. C: She says we can’t tell anyone. R: Ahh. I wonder why she would say that? C: It’s just that they’ll lock us up. R: Did Janet say they’d lock you up if you told. C: Mmm. They’d take us away from our families. R: Ok. Well that’s her opinion. You know what you experienced. You know how you felt. You know what happened. C: I don’t know what happened. R: Was there something more? Was there something more you felt? C: Mmm. R: Could you...could you give yourself permission to remember something else? Give yourself permission to remember. What else? C: I want to remember. R: You don’t want to remember. C: No I want to, but I can’t. R: You want to. Ok, that’s fine. That’s fine. You’ve done very very well. Are you still with Janet? C: Yeah we’re in the bedroom now. R: Is Janet frightened? Mmm not any more. C: Mmm not any more. R: Not any more, ok. C: It’s our secret. R: It’s your secret. Just keep talking with Janet. Just keep speaking. Slowly, very gently come out of the image of you speaking to Janet. It’s slowly fading, just go very slowly to blackness. Just fade away. I want you to just relax and breathe. Just relax and breathe for me, in the darkness, protected and grounded. Calm, comfortable and totally relaxed and at ease. I’ll just give you a moment or two, to clear your mind. That’s good, that’s it. If you remember we had permission from your subconscious mind to go back to an incident at your parents house. C: Mmm. R: 1982 or 1983. C: Mhmm. R: Could you go back to that time back at your parents house, 1982 or 1983? C: Mmm. R: Tell me what’s around you and what you see. Just tell me what you see and what’s around you. C: I’m on the settee. R: You’re on the settee. What time is it? C: It’s late. R: It’s late? C: Dark out. R: It’s dark out. Are you alone in the house? C: No. R: Who’s in the house with you? C: My mum and dad are upstairs. R: They’re upstairs? C: Yeah. R: Ok. So you’re downstairs by yourself, it’s dark outside and it’s late. What happens next? C: (Chuckles) Beautiful. R: Could you tell me what’s beautiful? C: My little girl. She’s gorgeous (Starts to cry) R: Tell me where you are. C: I’m on the floor. R: You’re on the floor? C: She’s beautiful. R: You’re looking at her? Tell me about your beautiful little girl. C: She’s just beautiful. R: She’s beautiful. C: She’s so tiny. R: She’s so tiny? Who bought her to you? C: I don’t care. R: You don’t care who bought her, she’s just here. Is she looking at you? C: Yes. R: What’s she doing? C: Oh she’s so responsive. R: She’s so responsive. C: She’s very and she’s so so clever. R: How old would you say she was? C: Oh she’s not old. R: She’s not old? C: But she’s clever. She’s so brilliant. R: She’s brilliant. C: Yes. (Chuckles) R: Does she know you? C: Yes. R: And you obviously know her... C: Oh. R: Your reaction. Is it just a knowing, or have you been told? C: No, I know. R: You just know. C: Yes. R: Did she put her arms out to you? C: Yes. R: She did that first? C: Cuddling. R: You’re cuddling. How does that feel cuddling that little girl? C: It’s everything. R: It’s everything. And is she cuddling you? C: Yes. She’s so beautiful. R: Does she have a name? C: No. R: Can she speak? C: No. R: What are you saying to her then? C: I’m just talking to her. R: You’re just talking to her. C: It’s silly talk. R: Silly talk. Of course. That’s what we do to babies when we cuddle and hold them. How is she reacting to you? C: (Chuckles) R: What features do you recognise of yours? C: She’s got my hair. R: She’s got your hair? C: She’s giggling.. R: And she’s giggling. Ok. Are you holding her close to you or are you holding her at arms length? C: She’s just sat playing. R: You’re just sat playing. C: (Chuckles) R: What game do you play? C: We’re playing alphabetical on her feet.. R: That’s a good game. Babies love that, love that game. Does she laugh? C: Yeah. R: Does she laugh out loud? Can she do that? C: She’s laughing but I can’t hear it. R: She’s laughing but you can’t hear it? C: No. R: Is she having an about laugh? C: Yes. R: Ok. C: (Laughs) R: That must be wonderful to see. Tell me about her eyes would you? C: They’re very big, huge. R: They’re huge eyes? C: Yeah, and so dark. R: What colour would you say her eyes are? C: They’re black. R: They’re black. Ok. Are they black in their entirety? C: Mhmm. R: Can she hear you speaking to her? C: She’s got to go. (Crying) R: She’s got to go. You’ve seen her, you’ve held her, and you’ve loved her and interacted with her. And now she’s got to go. C: (Crying). R: Will you see her again? C: No. R: Did somebody tell you? C: I just know. R: You just know. Have you asked to see her again? C: I want to see her. R: You want to see her. Of course you want to see her again...She’s gone? C: Yeah. R: Where are you now? C: I’m on the settee. R: As you sit there on the settee, who would you think had the little girl who you just saw and held and interacted with? C: Don’t know. It’s all like a dream. R: It’s like a dream. C: (Crying). R: That’s a good girl. Slowly and surely the light where you are fades, and slowly and surely fades to darkness. And then an illuminated light comes on behind you. Just enough to illuminate a door. And it’s the door to the neutral coloured room. Open the door and go into that entrance, go into that neutral coloured area, whenever you’re ready. Got a huge wooden door at the other end of the room. And while you’re in this neutral coloured room I’ll ask you to thank your subconcious mind from the bottom of your heart for what it’s shared with us here today. C: Don’t want to. R: Did you say you don’t want to? C: Mmm. R: Could I ask why you don’t want to? C: It doesn’t share too much. R: Did you say... C: Doesn’t share too much. R: Doesn’t share too much. It’s worked very hard for you today to give you what you can deal with today, and we thank, I thank your subconscious mind for that. Perhaps in future it will allow you a bit more. This is the place to thank your subconcious mind for what it has given us today. The information that we’ve been given, and that we can work with. We’re going across to that big wooden door, that huge wooden door. Go through it and stand at the bottom of the steps, and perhaps you’ll tell me when you’ve done that. C: Yeah. R: Ok. You’re through the big door, excellent ok. Ok, step ten to nine, and eight and seven, and bringing all those thoughts, and all those feelings back with you, six, five, four. Almost at the top now, three, two, one. And in your own time, come back to this room, revived, refreshed and wide awake please.

Regression Analysis

Everyone was very pleased with how the regression turned out, although Carol was upset that even more details did not become apparent from it, as you can see by what she said towards the end. However she still brought back many details about the two incidents which were covered in it.

She recalled in vivid detail the landing of the saucer-shaped craft, although she was already fully aware of this prior to the regression. The regression provided a clear link between the door opening in the craft, and her flashbacks of the darkened place. It seems logical that at least the initial room where she found herself was on board the craft, although she could still not remember who came out of the craft or actually being taken aboard it. Carol actually mentioned in the regression that the entrance to the craft lay behind her and Janet. The boy that they saw could well have been someone else who was taken prior to them, although this will never be known for certain unless he happens to read this report and gets in touch.

It is unknown what happened after this initial memory. It is possible that someone (perhaps one of the beings seen later) came and got them. Or perhaps Carol just started to explore the craft on her own. It is unknown if Janet was still with her at this point or not, but from what Carol said it seems like she may have been elsewhere.

The woman floating in the cylinder is a very interesting aspect, with many outstanding questions. Was she human, ET or even both? Alive or dead? What was she doing in the cylinder? Perhaps she was being cloned. Perhaps the cylinder was some sort of container to keep her in an unconscious state or to even keep her in stasis and stop her from ageing. Perhaps she was in the cylinder for medical reasons and it was healing or protecting her in some way.

Many contactees have reported seeing beings, both human and alien, inside clear cylinders. However usually these are babies rather than fully grown adults, and are believed to be linked to the hybrid breeding program. Some people have actually reported being placed inside a cylinder for an unknown purpose, for example Garry Wood from the famous A70 abduction case which took place in Scotland in August 1992 (For full details of this case see Malcolm Robinson’s superb book “UFO Case Files Of Scotland”).

Cylinders filled with pink fluid are less often discussed, but once again I do know of an example where this has been reported. The controversial witness Phil Schneider, who died under mysterious circumstances, reported on Dulce, a secret underground facility where he claimed Grey beings were being cloned in clear containers filled with pink liquid. The link below leads to a short reconstruction video showing these containers:

Many people find Phil’s claims to be too farfetched, but what if they are true? If so, then this would suggest the woman that Carol saw had been cloned or grown from an embryo. I am very interested in this particular aspect of this incident. If you have seen something similar or know of any cases which mention this, please get in touch with BUFOG.

After seeing the woman in the cylinder, Carol recalled seeing a screen covered in flashing lights which apparently made no sense to her. This was something new which she had not recalled before. It is possible that this screen was showing her things that she would take in subconsciously without being aware of what they meant. Or perhaps the lights seen on this screen had no meaning to them and were just something operational.

Carol then met a number of beings, and was at last able to recall what they looked like. Prior to the regression she just remembered that they looked “beautiful”. The beings that she met are referred to as Nordics. These are one of the most widely reported species from contact experiences (One of the most famous abductions of all time, the Travis Walton case of 1975, included these beings) The Nordics are extremely human-like, with long blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Just as Carol reported, they are usually seen wearing one piece bodysuits. The fact that they look almost the same as our race is very intriguing and suggests that they are related to us in some way, or perhaps have even influenced our own evolution. Often Nordics are seen at the same time as the Grey-type beings, although Carol does not recall seeing any Greys during her experience.

Drawing done by Carol directly after her regression of the face of the initial Nordic being:


Photograph that Carol found online which reminded her of the being. She has modified to appear similar to the initial Nordic:


Carol does not remember the Nordics speaking to her, although she did discuss them giving her a drink, another part of the experience she could not remember prior to the regression. She did discuss the fact that she felt they were all nice, and she got a feeling of kindness from them, something which has been talked of before by other contactees when referring to the Nordic race. Also Carol mentioned that they made her feel “special” – this perhaps means that she herself has been enhanced in some way by this or other experiences.

She still could not recall actually leaving the craft and returning to the road. Perhaps the method this occurred by meant that she would be shut down and unable to recall the process. Or perhaps she was not on the craft; perhaps she had been taken somewhere else entirely.

It is a shame that I am unable to discuss the experience with Janet, as she may also be getting flashbacks which match what Carol remembers. However I am not surprised that she may wish to block out what took place, and am grateful that Carol is more open to discussing it.

The second event which Rob took Carol back to was visibly upsetting for her. Carol burst into tears when she recalled holding the baby. It was very emotional for everyone present, including her husband Matt who also witnessed the regression. Everything which Carol discussed she was already aware of, there were no additional details uncovered. The baby she held for a while appeared to be a hybrid, half human, half extraterrestrial. The ET traits it showed were those of the species known as the Greys. However she recognised it as her own baby.

Unfortunately even under hypnosis Carol could not remember who brought her the baby or took it back away from her. These memories appear to be buried down deeply and at this time she is not able to recall them. Maybe this will change over time. Carol’s regression allowed her to come to terms with her experience, and a lot of bottled up emotions came spilling out. I hope that going forward she is more able to accept what took place.

It seems very unlikely that such strong emotions would be brought on by nothing more than a dream. It was clear that she was experiencing and portraying very real feelings, which help confirm that this incident actually took place as she remembers. After the regression was over, Rob discussed what had taken place with Carol and ensured that she was ok.

Black UFO Sighting

On the evening Friday 25th June 2010, Carol was to have another sighting of an interesting aerial object. She was sitting out in the back garden of her house as it was very nice clear and still weather. Matt was inside watching TV. Carol was reading a book. She randomly glanced up at the sky and noticed something to her right. At first she thought it was a black coloured balloon. It was oval shaped, and was too far away to notice any markings on it. The object was completely silent. It was moving on a straight course across the sky in the direction of Goyt Valley to the North West West, at a lower altitude than planes/helicopters would usually fly at. It’s exact height was hard to judge.

Drawing of the UFO:


Photograph of sighting location, showing path of the object:


Carol banged on the window to try and get Matt to come and take a look at the object, but he did not come outside. She watched the object for a couple of minutes. As it got further away from the area it approached some trees and appeared to also be slowly descending in altitude. It was now that Carol realised that it must have been much larger than a balloon, a small object would not have been visible at that distance. She estimates it was about the size of a car. The object disappeared behind the trees and was lost from sight.

Aerial map showing the known path of the UFO:


Aerial map showing the nearby Errwood Reservoir, and the predicted path of the UFO:


Carol was sure that the object she had witnessed was something out of the ordinary. It was too large for a balloon, did not look like a hot air balloon or conventional aircraft. During the sighting she did not feel like the object was observing her or that it was there on her behalf. She was a little upset that Matt had not also seen the object.

It is certain that what Carol saw was a definate object of some kind. But the question is, what was it? It certainly sounds too big to have been a standard balloon. I also agree with Carol that it did not look like a conventional aircraft. And even at a great distance it is easy to spot a hot air balloon by its distinctive shape, I do not believe that she would have been fooled by this.

However I do wonder if it was a larger blimp or inflatable of some kind that was drifting in an air current, or even under remote control. Even if the weather conditions were still at ground level, at higher altitude it could have been breezy. The object did not display any manoeuvres that would suggest it was under intelligent control.

Considering Carol’s previous experiences, there is still the possibility that it was something much more unusual. If it was an ET craft of some kind, could it have been interested in the nearby Goyt reservoirs? UFOs have often been reported around the area of reservoirs. Some people theorise that they drain water from them for their own usage. The UFO Carol saw was moving in the direction of the reservoirs. Obviously this could be just coincidence, but is another point to take into account.


As you can see, Carol has experienced some fascinating things over the years. I certainly believe that she is a contactee, and that there are other experiences she is currently not aware of. It is interesting to wonder whether she has always been a contactee, or whether this contact began with the close encounter with the craft when she was 12. There is no clear indication that her experiences prior to this were ET-related, but this is still a possibility. Although she has no further memories of being taken aboard craft, the incident with the hybrid baby, her other UFO sightings, the body markings and the many other unusual incidents she has experienced all point towards the possibility that her contact is ongoing.

I am convinced that the experiences she has shared with me took place, and that Carol is completely trustworthy. There would be reason for her to have elaborated or made up any of these incidents, she has nothing to gain from doing so and is not trying to make any money out of what she has discussed. She is just an everyday person who has experienced incredible events. Many of these events have been witnessed by other people as well, which provides further verification that they took place.

Carol may well have further experiences, and she has agreed to stay in touch and keep me informed. If any more information becomes available it will be added to this report.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2010



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