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Burnley Contact Case – Abduction Memories, UFO Sighting, OBEs

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 06/09/2022

In August 2022 I was contacted by a man named Jason Thornton who wanted validation on some unusual experiences which had previously taken place. I was recommended to him off another witness and researcher he had spoken with at the Awakening conference in Blackpool which he attended. We discussed his experiences over numerous video and phone calls, which has allowed me to write up this report. During the investigation I was also contacted by his ex-partner and long term friend Lisa, who provided some comments about Jason and his experiences.

Jason unfortunately suffers from both Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia, which can sometimes affect his ability to recollect things, and means he finds it too painful to do detailed drawings. However he has done some basic sketches, and I have also created mock up images based on his descriptions.

Lit Disc Sighting

For most of his life Jason has lived on Sunningdale Gardens, Burnley. In 1984 when he was 13 years old he would regularly go camping with his friend Brendan, who lived on the same road. Brendan’s house was on the top path of the road, overlooking one of the open grass-covered fields of Little Toms Farm. It was in this field that they would camp, close enough for Brendan’s father to check up on them from the upper window.

Aerial map of Sunningdale Gardens indicating Jason’s house (bottom) and Brendan’s house (top)
Modern photograph of the field where the boys used to camp

One night in mid-October they had set up a tent about 2/3 of the way across the field. It was a largely clear night, with some patches of light cloud but plenty of stars still visible. They had a bonfire lit to cook baked potatoes and toast marshmallows. It was about 3 am and they were sitting next to the fire chatting.

Aerial map indicating Brendan’s house (A) and the position where they camped (B)

Suddenly they heard a low continuous humming sound. Thinking it was an aircraft in the vicinity they looked up into the sky overhead. At this moment the sound abruptly stopped. It was now that they noticed a circular silhouetted object above them. It seemed to be about 1000 feet up, although this was quite hard to judge. They could just see the round dark shape blocking out the stars.

Mock up of the UFO as it first appeared

A moment later a number of multi-coloured lights lit up around the outer rim of the object. These lights were static and did not change in brightness. Not exactly sure of what they were looking at, Jason said to Brendan “It’s a weird time for an aircraft to be in the sky.” Brendan responded “I don’t think planes are round or have lights of those colours on them.” Agreeing with him, Jason said “Oh no they don't, it must be a UFO then!”

Mock up of the UFO with the multi-coloured lights around the rim

At this point Brendan looked away from it, clearly un-nerved by its presence. Jason continued to watch it. Several seconds later the object suddenly shot away to the South East East in the direction of the main buildings of Little Toms Farm. It moved with instant acceleration and at an extremely fast speed. Brendan asked “Is it still there?” to which Jason responded “No, it’s gone.”

Aerial map showing the flight path of the UFO
Modern photograph of the farm buildings

After the sighting Brendan was disturbed and wanted to go back home, but Jason convinced him to stay. Soon they got into their tent and settled down to sleep. In the morning, when he got home, Jason told his father about what they’d seen. His father seemed quite sceptical of what had taken place and dismissed it.

Out Of Body

In his early twenties Jason moved in as a lodger with an elderly couple who lived on Hurtley Street (now demolished). When he was 24 he had two out-of-body experiences within the space of one week. He was lying on the sofa in the living room at around 1 am watching television. He thinks that he then dropped off to sleep.

His next recollection was of floating up above the sofa about 4 feet in the air. He was looking downwards and could see himself lying there asleep. He had no idea what was going on and thought to himself “What the hell’s going on here?” His view was fixed in a downwards position. Due to the bizarreness of the situation he did not try moving at all.

For what seemed to be about 15 minutes, the experience ended and he suddenly found himself back in his body and waking up on the settee. In shock he sat up and wondered what had just happened.

Three days later exactly the same thing took place! Once again he was lying on the settee and dropped off to sleep, then found himself floating and looking down on himself. This time he tried reaching out but found that he could not move at all. Again the experience seemed to last for about 15 minutes before suddenly ending.

These incidents are classic examples of what is known as an out-of-body experience. Quite often during these it is not possible to move. I myself have had a very similar experience when I was knocked out with gas at the dentist and 14 years old.

Example drawing of an OBE

While OBE’s are not strictly linked with contact in any way, quite a number of contactees have reported having them in addition to their contact experiences, so I have decided to include them.

First Abduction Recollection

On an evening in mid-December 2019 Jason went to bed like normal. At some point during the night he started to have what appeared to be an extremely vivid dream. In this dream he found himself at the top end of an upholstered sofa covered in stripes of various shades of brown. He was wearing the T-shirt and underwear he had gone to sleep in, but was lying on top of a female humanoid being who was in a seated position facing him. She had white coloured hair, pale coloured skin and very blue eyes. She was wearing a pale blue coloured pinafore-like outfit which reminded him of a hospital matron. This suit happened to be the same colour as that which he decided to paint his bedroom walls with when he was 14.

Wondering what was going on he tried to look round at the room, but found that he was semi-paralyzed. He could only tilt his neck to look round to his left and right. Looking to his left he saw that the sofa was quite long and went down most of the length of the room. On it were other couples, paired up just as he was. Each couple was made up of a man, none of whom he recognised, and all of which appeared to be wearing different night clothes. Under each of them was a pale haired humanoid woman wearing the same clothing as the one under him was.

The room he was in appeared to be 16 feet square. It reminded him of his mother’s old living room. The carpeted floor had brown and beige coloured squares on it. Off to his left and behind him was a low coffee table of some kind. On the far corner of the room to his left was an open doorway. Half way along the far wall was a fireplace.

Standing in front of this fireplace was another humanoid being. This being was again female, and about 6 foot 3 inches in height. Like the beings on the sofa she had long straight white coloured hair, pale skin and extremely blue eyes and was wearing the same clothing, which went right down to her feet. She looked almost human except for her chin which was slightly more pointed than would be usual.

Drawing of a Nordic from another case which reminds Jason of the standing one he saw

She then heard the being audibly say “Over the table”. A moment later he saw that his own mother was walking across the room behind him. She stepped over the corner of the coffee table, continued walking and exited the room via the door in the corner. He assumed she must have emerged from another door but he could not see this as he was unable to turn right round.

The below sketch was done by Jason to show the layout of the room. The rectangle at the top left is the sofa. The square alongside it is the coffee table. The two dots near the bottom is the position of the standing Nordic being. The gap with dots at the lower left is the open doorway. The gap with dots at the top right is an assumed other doorway which he did not actually see. Lastly the diagonal line is the supposed path his mother took across the room:

While the entire situation with the beings under him and these other men seemed sexual in nature, there was no penetration involved. After what seemed to be about 20 minutes, he felt like he had an orgasm. After this the entire room was suddenly bathed in bright white light. When this happened the colour of the standing Nordic's outfit also changed to neon green. The colour reminded him of the colour he had painted his bedroom walls when he was 14 years old.

Jason’s next recollection was of waking up in his bed. It was morning time but he remembered what had happened extremely vividly. This shocked him, as he hardly ever remembers his dreams, even back to childhood. This fact immediately made it seem significant to him.

After getting up he contacted Lisa and informed her about what happened. She was also impressed as she was aware of the fact that he usually doesn’t recall dreams. Later in the day he contacted Nick Pope about the experience, who advised him to go to MUFON. He sent the information but never heard back from them.

To many this would probably just seem like a strange dream. However there are aspects of it which link with the contact phenomenon. While many people see the actual surroundings of the craft when they are taken, sometimes the individual will experience what is known as a screen memory. If this has taken place then they may recall either the beings or the surroundings differently. It is unknown whether this is something being done on purpose by the beings, or something which happens naturally, it may be a mix of both. Often the screen memory is something familiar to them, so I find it interesting that Jason said the room he found himself in reminded him of his mother’s old living room. This may also be the reason why she was present in the room at one point, perhaps she herself was actually a being masking its appearance.

The humanoid beings which Jason describes are what are commonly referred to as Nordics or Pleidians. This type/species is extremely human in appearance but are regularly (though not always) described as having extremely blue eyes and white/blonde coloured hair.

One of the observed agendas seemingly taking place with contact appears to be the creation of hybrid beings through the harvesting of human DNA. Sometimes abduction experiences can have sexual elements to them and it is believed by many that this is linked with this.

There are some oddities with Jason’s recollection. The room was not entirely like his mother’s living room, just reminiscent. For example his mother’s living room did not have a fireplace. And of course the sofa was much longer than the one his mother used to have as there were many other couples also on it to his left.

When he heard the standing Nordic being watching over proceedings it was clearly speaking to what appeared to be his mother as she crossed the room behind him. However Nordics usually tend to talk telepathically not audibly, so why would he have heard this in the first place? Also the whole situation is bizarre - if it was a being using a screen memory, and the room was also a screen memory, then why were the Nordic beings showing their true appearance? And why would the Nordic in pale blue need to instruct this other being to step over the table? Even if there was something else in the room outside of Jason's range of vision which was blocking the path, surely this being would have been able to work this out for itself?

There is also the matter of what took place on the sofa. Jason said that he was still in his night clothes. In most cases of this type people tend to recall being unclothed and engaging in full sexual activity. It is possible that this was again a screen memory and some of the details he recalled were different to what was actually taking place. What is standard is that he felt under control in this situation and just went along with it, he did not question what he was doing or why, or try to fight against it. The other people he saw, possibly other abductees, again did not appear to be trying to fight back. There are many other encounters where this altered frame of mind has been described.

Strangely Jason also incorrectly recalled when this incident took place. In the summer of 2022 he was at Awakening conference and telling someone about the experience alongside Lisa. To his knowledge it had taken place earlier in the year, maybe around March. However Lisa corrected him, informing him it had taken place over two years before this. This deeply confused him, but when he went back and checked sent E-Mails and messages that he found this to be true.

Second Abduction Recollection

In late July 2022 Jason had a second peculiar dream which like before had elements possibly linking it with contact. This time he found himself near one corner of what looked like a school gym, somewhat similar to the one from his own secondary school. On the far wall there were a number of climbing bars.

Standing between him and these were sixty male children, standing in six rows of ten. They looked to be about 10 years old. They had very pale skin, white hair and bright blue eyes, similar to the Nordic beings he had seen in his previous dream. They were unclothed and were all facing away from him, seemingly staring towards the climbing bars.

Jason tried looking around and found that he was once again largely paralyzed. In his mind, he started to images of his ex-wife’s face. He stood there staring at the unusual rows of children before him. This seemed to go on for about 15 minutes.

He then heard a male voice come from behind him which suddenly said to him “These are your children.” Confused by this statement he replied “What are you talking about, I have four children.” The voice explained “No, these are your star hybrid children from the breeding program from the last time we took you about two and a half year ago.” In shock at this Jason exclaimed “Get away!”

The voice continued, saying “Do you want to clothe them, they might be cold.” Starting to accept a responsibility for the children because of what the voice had told him he said “Yeah go on then. Where are their clothes?” The voice replied “Over there.” Looking to the far right corner Jason saw an open doorway. Assuming that this is what the voice was referring to he tried walking towards it and found that he could, even though he could still not turn round. It was like he was being allowed to do certain things but blocked from moving freely.

He entered the doorway and found himself in a side room which reminded him of a changing room. There hung up was a row of pale blue coloured single-piece body suits.

Again Jason has drawn a quick sketch to confirm the surroundings. The many dots are the hybrid children standing in rows. The oval shape near the base is his position. The lines to the rear left of this are the position the voice seemed to be coming from. The gap at the top right is the entrance to the side room which contained the body suits:

Calling through the doorway, he called out “Come on”, trying to call over all of the children at once. However the voice then said to him “Take them ten by ten.” Jason complied with this request, and ten by ten called the children over to the side room and pulled the body suits over them before sending them back out. This of course took quite a long time, Jason thinks at least 45 minutes.

There were exactly the right amount of body suits hanging up. Once he had finished clothing the last ten children, the voice said to him "Now you've clothed them you know you've got children in the stars."

At this moment the dream ended. Once again Jason woke up and found it was morning time. Like before he was absolutely shocked at what he remembered. To him it felt like validation that the previous dream two years before had actually been what he suspected it was, an abduction. It also seemed to confirm that he really was part of the hybrid breeding program, and that they had abducted him a second time so that he could interact with the beings they had created using his DNA.

Like before, although the dream was quite bizarre, there are elements which could suggest this was a contact experience. Once again he found himself in somewhere similar to something from his past, a large room reminiscent of his secondary school gym. There is the possibility this was again a screen memory, and that Jason was actually aboard a craft.

In cases involving ET hybrids, the individuals involved are sometimes taken and introduced to their offspring. Often this will be while the beings are still in infancy, however at other times they will see them as older children or even adults. It is unknown why this is done but one theory is that it is to establish some kind of emotional bond between them. In many cases the hybrids seem to be a mix of human and Grey, however in this case they appeared to be half human, half Nordic, which of course would link back to what happened in his previous dream.

Like before he was semi-paralyzed and stopped from fully turning around. It was like the owner of the voice did not want him to see what it looked like, and so prevented him from seeing it. It can be assumed that the being was talking to him telepathically, as he could still hear it clearly when he was standing in the other room on the far side of the gym, at this distance it would have have been very quiet or inaudible.

Jason thinks that the reason he was shown images of his ex-wife’s face in his mind is that she was the mother of his normal children on Earth, and he was now being shown his other children.

Again there are some very strange aspects to what Jason remembered. How was he able to cross the gym and enter the side room, but was unable to turn around and see the being standing behind him? Usually someone is either paralyzed during a contact experience or able to move around freely.

Why would the being require him to clothe sixty hybrid children one at a time? While this would clearly result in direct interaction between him and each of them in turn, which is potentially why it was required, surely it would have made more sense for him to just meet and potentially speak with them? Also what was the significance of him having to dress them ten at a time? Maybe this was done to prevent them all crowding him during this process, but it is still rather odd. I have not had anyone else report being asked to dress hybrids before.

Also the information the voice disclosed to him seemed to be very specific. Usually ETs are far more cryptic with what they say to people, or don’t say anything at all to them. Jason was told precisely what these beings were, seemingly validating both experiences in a single sentence. If they were fine with him knowing exactly what had taken place why mask the surroundings with screen memories or control him using partial paralysis? These are all points which need to be taken into consideration.


Jason has had some interesting and varied experiences. There is no evidence that the UFO sighting he had at 13 years old was linked with what happened later on, but it is certainly impressive. As Jason himself observed, normal aircraft are not disc-shaped nor have multi-coloured lights which suddenly appear. And the speed at which the object shot away into the distance certainly points towards this being a genuine craft sighting and puts mundane explanations out of the question. There was no missing time with this experience or aspects which point towards him or his friend being abducted.

Obviously the experiences which have affected Jason the most are the two unusual dreams he recollected. Both of these have aspects linking them with contact, and could potentially have been abductions with screen memories partially obscuring his memories of what took place. According to Jason he very rarely remembers his dreams, so this aspect itself could point towards them being something more.

Like Jason, Lisa certainly believes that these two incidents were very significant. In her written statement to me she confirmed and supported some of the things which he mentioned.

“I was with Jason as a partner for a while, but I’ve known him about 30 years. As you know he has MS and his memory has slowly gone. I say to people he was just talking to that he'll have forgotten your name as soon as he walks away. Sometimes he'd fight in his sleep and when he woke up I'd ask ‘What were you dreaming of, because you seemed like you were beating someone up?’ He'd reply ‘I can't remember.’

But this with his contact it’s the same story he remembers, down to fine detail. We had a bit of an argument about when it took place. He said it was 6 months ago, but I told him it was nearly 2 and a half years ago. To be honest I know it word for word because he only had me who believed him, and believe me it's changed him in so many ways. Until the Awakening 2022 conference he was scared, now he seems freer if you know what I mean, and is not as scared, and seems to now understand his experience.”

However it is important to consider all possibilities. It is clear from speaking with Jason that he has looked into the subject quite a lot and has some very opinionated views on it, he is far from what would be termed a “blank slate”. The fact that he immediately contacted Nick Pope and MUFON soon after having the first dream shows that he considered it to be abduction related from the off.

There are also some truly bizarre aspects to both of the dreams, things which don’t really make much sense. Therefore there remains the possibility that these were nothing more than two vivid dreams, both of which were themed on what he had read/heard about the subject, but also mixed in other memories from his past.

The only waking experience which Jason has had was the UFO sighting back in his early teens, which may not necessarily be linked with what happened many years later. Therefore it is going to be down to your personal opinion as to whether you feel he was abducted and is part of the on-going hybrid program, or has merely had some strange dreams which have affected him in a deep way. Either way I would like to thank him for getting in touch and sharing what has occurred.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2022



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