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Bucks County, Pennsylvania Contact Case - Nordics, Greys, Mantids, Abductions, Missing Time

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: James Brodie

Release Date: 28/04/2023

As you will know as an investigator, I am always looking for new sources of information for case studies. Recently I had reached out on social media as I had wanted to further investigate specifically Mantid contactee experiences. I had a number of people reach out to me, but Persephone stood out as someone who came across as genuine and very personable. What followed was a couple of weeks of conversation where I asked some general questions, and each time Persephone was able to give a lot of detail which really stood out from the rest. Persephone agreed to talk about her initial experiences which forms the basis of this case study.

This specific case study starts in September 1997 when Persephone was 9 years old. There are some question marks regarding the specific date but given her age at the time that is completely understandable. Persephone resides in Bucks County Pennsylvania USA. It is a mainly suburban area with large houses with wooded areas located close to the farmland. It was a child friendly area with a number of younger families located in the area so you would often hear the sound of children playing in the area. One piece of information worth mentioning is that the area is rich in the history of the civil and revolutionary war with battlegrounds within the area.

Map of Bucks County

Persephone described the area that she lived in as an outer circle connected to a main road with a cul-de-sac. Near this area there were 2 roads that had an overgrown wooded area between them. Persephone described that the wooded area had a weird vibe to it that had been remarked on by others who lived in the area, but no other description was given.

Photographs of the road Persephone used to live on:

As Persephone was at school at the time, the bus driver would typically drop her off close to her home but on this occasion the bus driver dropped her off at the entrance to her neighbourhood which she remembers thinking was unusual at the time. She remembers the sky being very blue with some cloud cover, but otherwise a warm beautiful day. This time of year, was renowned for being very warm but typically as you would approach October, the temperatures would start to drop off.

Persephone remembers as she entered the wooded area it was very still. Normally you would expect to hear the sounds of birds and local wildlife, with the sounds of families audible, but there was no sound at all. The time was around 3pm in the afternoon. She looked up at the sky and she suddenly had what she described as a very heavy feeling. She felt she was being followed by something. Persephone is who very interested in British and Irish Folklore, in her mind thought she was being chased by “the Unseelie Court”.

It was a 2 min run to her door and she began to run. Crucially not looking behind her because she felt that it if you look behind, it gives power to that which is chasing you. As she started running, she felt there was a jump in time, because suddenly from the point of running she had reached her front door. She started frantically banging the front door but there was no one answering. She continued to bang and very distressed. She said she had a sense of defeat and turned around and sat on the step. When she looked out to the wooded area, she described a red mist or glow from the trees, and she said that she heard what she described as sounds from a battlefield.

Suddenly the door opened, and it was her mum. Her mum asked where she had been as she was 45 minutes late. There were also no physical signs of distress on her face. Her mum brought her in as if nothing happened and that was the end of it.

A brief description of the family for reference. Her Mother was a devout Catholic and would often refer to it for comfort. Her father was an engineer for nuclear power plants and built them all over the world and was an of the moment type of person who would give short shrift to anything out of the ordinary. Persephone would later describe her house as active which her mum did confirm, but this is something that will be potentially picked up in later conversation.

This is where the case study would have ended if it hadn’t had been for February 2023. Persephone heard a podcast from someone who it turns out had had a similar experience and it started to trigger memories of her past experiences. She searched the MUFON therapist list which gave her a contact and for her to follow up with therapy sessions.