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Bucks County, Pennsylvania Contact Case - Nordics, Greys, Mantids, Abductions, Missing Time

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: James Brodie

Release Date: 28/04/2023

As you will know as an investigator, I am always looking for new sources of information for case studies. Recently I had reached out on social media as I had wanted to further investigate specifically Mantid contactee experiences. I had a number of people reach out to me, but Persephone stood out as someone who came across as genuine and very personable. What followed was a couple of weeks of conversation where I asked some general questions, and each time Persephone was able to give a lot of detail which really stood out from the rest. Persephone agreed to talk about her initial experiences which forms the basis of this case study.

This specific case study starts in September 1997 when Persephone was 9 years old. There are some question marks regarding the specific date but given her age at the time that is completely understandable. Persephone resides in Bucks County Pennsylvania USA. It is a mainly suburban area with large houses with wooded areas located close to the farmland. It was a child friendly area with a number of younger families located in the area so you would often hear the sound of children playing in the area. One piece of information worth mentioning is that the area is rich in the history of the civil and revolutionary war with battlegrounds within the area.

Map of Bucks County

Persephone described the area that she lived in as an outer circle connected to a main road with a cul-de-sac. Near this area there were 2 roads that had an overgrown wooded area between them. Persephone described that the wooded area had a weird vibe to it that had been remarked on by others who lived in the area, but no other description was given.

Photographs of the road Persephone used to live on:

As Persephone was at school at the time, the bus driver would typically drop her off close to her home but on this occasion the bus driver dropped her off at the entrance to her neighbourhood which she remembers thinking was unusual at the time. She remembers the sky being very blue with some cloud cover, but otherwise a warm beautiful day. This time of year, was renowned for being very warm but typically as you would approach October, the temperatures would start to drop off.

Persephone remembers as she entered the wooded area it was very still. Normally you would expect to hear the sounds of birds and local wildlife, with the sounds of families audible, but there was no sound at all. The time was around 3pm in the afternoon. She looked up at the sky and she suddenly had what she described as a very heavy feeling. She felt she was being followed by something. Persephone is who very interested in British and Irish Folklore, in her mind thought she was being chased by “the Unseelie Court”.

It was a 2 min run to her door and she began to run. Crucially not looking behind her because she felt that it if you look behind, it gives power to that which is chasing you. As she started running, she felt there was a jump in time, because suddenly from the point of running she had reached her front door. She started frantically banging the front door but there was no one answering. She continued to bang and very distressed. She said she had a sense of defeat and turned around and sat on the step. When she looked out to the wooded area, she described a red mist or glow from the trees, and she said that she heard what she described as sounds from a battlefield.

Suddenly the door opened, and it was her mum. Her mum asked where she had been as she was 45 minutes late. There were also no physical signs of distress on her face. Her mum brought her in as if nothing happened and that was the end of it.

A brief description of the family for reference. Her Mother was a devout Catholic and would often refer to it for comfort. Her father was an engineer for nuclear power plants and built them all over the world and was an of the moment type of person who would give short shrift to anything out of the ordinary. Persephone would later describe her house as active which her mum did confirm, but this is something that will be potentially picked up in later conversation.

This is where the case study would have ended if it hadn’t had been for February 2023. Persephone heard a podcast from someone who it turns out had had a similar experience and it started to trigger memories of her past experiences. She searched the MUFON therapist list which gave her a contact and for her to follow up with therapy sessions.

She was told to start writing details as and when they came to her which started the process of unlocking additional memories. She started to have regression sessions with Fiona Harris who specialises in past life and quantum regression. Part of the therapy process focuses on the inner child and making peace with it. Often in the form of a gift that you give your younger self. In this case her younger self gave her a present in the form of a blue ball floating. This was unusual and remarked as such, but this was the key to unlocking her memories, and through continued regression she has been able to give a very detailed account as to what happened in that 45 min gap. Furthermore, Persephone then told me that there was an incident prior to the time slip and so we went back to that even before revisiting the initial time gap.

In this prior event, she estimated that it was potentially a couple of days or weeks prior to the 45 min time slip. She described herself as being on swing by herself at school. She had said that at this time she was being bullied at school (due to, amongst other things, having a stigmatism in her eyes, so she was having to wear very thick corrective glasses) and so was often separate from the children, but there would always be other children and chaperones nearby.

She said in this instance she was by herself but suddenly she was aware that there were no other children or chaperones nearby. She was singing to herself and was a fan of Phantom of the Opera and as a gifted child, she had memorised and could sing most of the verses. She was singing when suddenly she became aware that there were people near her. She said she got an impression that there was something behind a nearby building where they had come from, but she couldn’t explain any more than that.

A man walked towards her, and she immediately got the impression that he was a teacher. He had what she thought were children standing behind him. However, she couldn’t focus on them as she felt that she was being compelled to focus on the man. She described him as being around 6ft 2” with blonde hair, incandescent blue eyes that were almost illuminous. He was wearing a navy or royal blue jumpsuit with no physical signs of zips or buttons; Persephone described him as if the suit was almost moulded to his body. He had gold letting near his lapel which she described as almost being like a name tag, although it appeared to be made up of geometric symbols that she couldn’t read although one looked like an upside-down triangle.

He was pale, slender and had elegant hands. Persephone couldn’t remember anything about his feet, but he wore a silver belt that she had the impression that it did ‘something’. She says she can’t remember him opening his mouth to speak but she could clearly hear his voice. Interestingly she noticed that he spoke with what we would describe as a Queens English British Accent, like that of a British news reader.

Witness drawing of the male humanoid

The being asked her what she was singing. She responded it was Phantom of the Opera and she mentioned the book was better, but she was sad she didn’t end up with Erik (the antagonist of the opera), and he said, “I sing too when I’m lonely.” He went on to say, “That strikes me as being lonely and sad, would you like me to be your friend?”. She said yes, but never felt threatened or scared. She was aware of stranger danger, but she had a feeling that she already knew him. He asked, “Do you want me to take you away from here? Didn’t you want to be an Astronaut when you were younger?” Persephone didn’t question how he knew this, but she hesitated. She responded by saying her Mum would be mad if she skipped school.

She said the whole time he was ‘talking to her’ he was leaning down on his knees so that he would have a non-threatening posture. When she said no, he said “Ok, I will come for you another day”. She can’t remember them leaving, or walking away, they literally disappeared, and she can remember something silver behind a building, a flash and then they were gone. Once it was gone; it was as if she realised something weird was going on. She suddenly wanted to be with the other kids. This whole conversation was unlocked as part of the regression session.

This account is incredibly interesting. I was impressed with the attention to detail that Persephone was able to offer, but critically she is also consistent in the account that she gives. This is the precursor to the main event which is regarding the events within the time slip. Again, this was unlocked through regression.

Persephone is in the wooded area and has begun to run home, she says suddenly she feels paralysed and that she is being taken up into the air. She described the perspective as being at the top of a rollercoaster she as you are coming over the edge looking down at the big drop. There was no feeling of inertia, or her heart was in her chest, it was just that she was up in the air and then everything went black.

When she wakes up, she says that she is a room that her child mind calls "The Mezzanine". She says she doesn’t know why she want to refer to it by that name, but it fits. She describes as if she is in a massive office building. She described the office as if you were in the lobby and you looked upwards, you would see multiple levels of office floors either side. She stated that there were at least five floors that she could see, but there may have been more. She remembers it being a huge building to her, but that may have potentially been from a child’s perspective.

Persephone described that the building was very busy, and she emphasised that everyone there had a function of some sort. It was a work that very specific that suits the situation. Everyone that was there had a purpose or specific task that they were there to do.

Witness drawing of "The Mezzanine"

The first thing she realises is that she lying completely naked on the table, it is like a doctors light which is above her head almost blinding her and she can’t really see past the light. She is aware that there are smaller grey beings, that aren’t children, and recognised, that these may have been the ‘children’ she had seen in the previous encounter. They were grey big black almond eyes, barely any nose features or mouth. She described them as almost mini medical assistances as they appeared to be performing tasks in the periphery.

Witness drawing of an alien doll she had as a child

Her body is almost completely paralysed but she moves her head slightly to look around and notices there is a man completely naked in his fourties, unconscious in a bed close to her, but she looks away out of embarrassment as you would expect a child to. She also feels very groggy, almost out of it. There are areas of the room she can’t see which are blocked off by partitions. From the side of the room which she can’t really see from the light, a creature walks up to her. Originally, she had described him as an astronaut (The classic white suited, mirror helmet NASA image of an astronaut).

For years as she had flashbacks and then later as her memories became unlocked, she still visualised him as a man in an astronaut suit. It wasn’t until she went through regression that that original image was replaced by an image of a dark coloured Mantid. She said it wasn’t quite a full Mantis in shape, but that would be the closest approximation to what she had seen. That her younger mind her protected her from an image that had been quite traumatic at the time.

Persephone described that every time she has encountered him, he has been brusk, forthright, with no external emotions visible. Always straight to the point with possibly the worst bedside manner. She said that she felt as if she was waking up and he produced a metal instrument which created a pain towards the top of her nose. Persephone would go on to say she wasn’t sure if the instrument was put physically up her nose, but rather in the vicinity of it. She would go on to say this has caused later medical complications with breathing, and that she also developed a phobia around the procedure the Egyptians used to extract the brain out of the nose before the process of mummification. All things considered that would seem to be a sensible aversion given the circumstances.

Persephone stated she started to feel a sense of panic raise through her, and she heard the Mantis voice say stay still as this is almost over. There was no discernible accent. One of the small beings reached under her ear, where this currently a mole, (which she showed me on camera) and nodded at the Mantis being who responded that they were done. She was rolled off and shuffled away by the smaller Grey beings.

She was taken to another area of the room where they had her clothes. They started to put her clothes back on, but couldn’t work out how to do her stockings, so she had to do that herself. She was scared and freaked out but at the same time she was trying to process what was happening to her. The only things they didn’t give back to her were her shoes, backpack and blazer before moving her out of “The Mezzanine”.

They took her to a long walkway where you had all the floors ascending either side, which took her into a central area which had loads of busy beings around her doing their function. She is taken up to a being who is 6 ft 2” wearing a black moulded suit which conforms to his body. He looks very important and is wearing black boots and possibly a highly collared robe of some kind. He had the appearance of someone who is incredibly important and gave her the feeling as such. He had short black hair that was cropped and wore black eyeliner which at the time to a self-proclaimed sheltered child seemed very funny.

In follow-on notes that Persephone sent me, she felt that it was the same person from the prior incident and that he had in some way chosen a form that she would find attractive as she got older. She would go on to say that that look or type, would become the go to look as she got older though it was not one, she would’ve thought of as a 9 year old raised in a conservative environment.

When she saw his face, it seemed that he was very annoyed. At the time she thought he was annoyed with her, but in hindsight she realised that the being was annoyed with the Mantis being. She went on to call the Mantid ‘The Mentor’ more as a nickname rather than anything more specific.

The being said “My name is Demitrius, come with me”. He took her by the arm and took her down the hallway. Persephone begins to freak out and wants to be taken home. Demitrius is speaking to her through his mind, and she realises she can respond in the same way which causes her to become more alarmed. He takes her into a sunken room which has 2 steps down, similar to the American style ranch houses or a sunken room. The floor is soft and padded. There is a large bay window, but it has some sort of metallic shutter which is down, so you can’t look out.

On the floor there are 5 beings that look like the other Greys, but they don’t appear to have a face with any discernible features. This really freaks Persephone out. They are sitting in a circle with one empty space. She later said she had the impression they were machines or there as assistants but not actual beings. In between them floating in the air is what Persephone describes as the metal bits of a Kinetic Sculpture.

Example photograph of a Kinetic Sculpture

If you are of a certain age, you will recognise this as a popular toy, where you pressed an object against the metal pins, and it would leave an imprint of that object. She went on to describe the object as blue when it came together and would form a sphere, but up to that point it would appear as metallic pieces floating in mid-air prior to having something imprinted onto it.

Persephone suggested that the metal didn’t want to form a sphere, but that the group of 5 were having to force it to come together as a sphere. All the five moved as one and as the object was moving around, they would all look at it. Then one of them would force it to become a sphere before moving on to the next being. In each case the being would look to their peer before passing the object, which went back into the centre retaining its original form.

Witness drawinng of the beings forming the sphere

Persephone describes herself as being upset wanting to home, but Demitrius says "Stop, pay attention", and as soon as she looked at his face, she felt those feelings of fear leave her body. So she was now focusing. She then describes it as if Demitrius downloads a set of instructions into her head. He tried to explain how the game worked but it was in a block of information that Persephone couldn’t decode. It was a series of pictures in her head whilst at the same time looking at the task was ongoing. She simply couldn’t understand and was confused. Demitrius became frustrated.

In follow-on notes, Persephone felt it was very important to add the dialogue she had forgotten during the interview but has in her notes from the regression: He said she had done it before. She said she didn’t understand. He called her Guenevere, to which she protested that wasn’t her name although interestingly she chose it as a confirmation name a few years later. He then seemed almost pleading and said “You don’t know your potential. You don’t remember who you are.”

A Grey being approximately 5 ft 5” appeared that she realised had been walking alongside them the whole time. She identified her as being female. The being reaches out to touch Demitrius’s arm and telepathically says the word “Axillia.” (Persephone has no idea what this word means or the context for it but guessed it may be a title or something). From which he steps back and sighs. Persephone felt the sense that the grey being had a matronly vibe to her and she explained how to play the game. She had a kind motherly feeling to her, and however it was that she explained it to her, she then understood what she had to do. (Persephone can’t remember any words being exchanged).

Persephone sat down in the empty space in the circle. She understood that she had to telekinetically keep the object together as a sphere but then you have to pass it on to the next person. To do that, you have to give a telepathic knock to let them know you’re handing it over and you must wait for them to fully take it so that the object doesn’t fall apart. She said that the object shattered to the floor in a thousand pieces on multiple occasions as she tried to get the hang of the exercise. Every time that would happen, the grey women would reform the object and start the exercise again. The objective was simply to form the object and hand it over with a telepathic knock and do it as fluidly as the faceless beings in the room, and finally Persephone would get the hang of it.

At one point Persephone felt a sense of pride from behind her and looked over at Demitrius and saw that he appeared to have some sort of smile on his face. Persephone felt a preadolescent attraction to Demitrius momentarily as she was receiving praise and attention. The second her heart rate changes, Demitrius’s attention snaps and focuses on her.

She goes on to explain that maybe for a moment she caught him in a vulnerable state of something she wasn’t supposed to catch. She gauges two responses. The first one is Demitrius thinking out loud that that is not his function - she said he seemed to be saying this to someone else. The second was that people - or humans - don’t look at him like that. Then suddenly that momentary emotion went blank. She felt she had done something wrong and then Demitrius responds in a low calculating voice, “Do you find me attractive?” The sphere behind her falls apart in the background as she loses control of it, feeling a little embarrassed. She responded yes, although she felt it was a weird question to ask coming from an adult. He responded by saying “Someday I will be something more to you, but for now I am just your friend”. After he said that Persephone said she had a feeling of relief.

Persephone then explains there is blank piece of memory before she describes being taken to a flight deck of sorts. It is very dark which she thought was strange as you expect it to be illuminated with instrumentation. There was a chair in front of her with long arms which she describes as being of glass or some form of crystal that came around as almost two half-moons. On the surface of the arm were some golden glyphs which she couldn’t understand. They were either embossed or floating on top of the arms. The chair itself looked like a surprisingly normal black leather chair which Persephone found amusing as she expected it to look grander. Demitrius was explaining that the second glyph on the right was the emergency stop button which you have to remember for when you are flying.

Persephone remarked that she couldn’t ever fly because of her astigmatism, which Demitrius found very amusing and was laughing out loud whilst holding onto the chair. She asked why he found that funny and he said you didn’t have to worry about your eyesight as that isn’t how you fly. He was about to explain what that meant when the door behind them opened and the Mantid appeared (The Mentor). The Mentor asked what was Demitrius doing? Demitrius responded that he was doing what he was asked to do by the Mantid and the Mentor said he was wasting time and she had been here for far too long. He walks up with a syringe which appeared to have a yellow solution in it. Persephone began to panic and Demitrius shushed her, captured her gaze with his and said, “It’ll all be right as rain, yeah?” The Mantid being shoots the syringe into her neck and she blacks out. The next thing she wakes up, running home, without any knowledge as to what has happened.

From reviewing the experience, the only thing she couldn’t explain was the battlefield noises, and one possible solution for this, is that as part of the contactee experience, she may have psychically linked to her surroundings and there may have been a time slip connecting to previous battles on the site.

After the discussion of the experience, Persephone sent me some additional thoughts. Some of those thoughts conclude that she received downloads of information that Demitrius is a teacher of thoughts, designed to teach psychic ability, but that the Mentor was his boss even though Demitrius was a more powerful being.

She also had additional thoughts about the power dynamic and that maybe the Mantid was the creator in this environment with the other beings being subservient. Persephone also went on to state that Demitrius smells of cinnamon and in later exchanges there is often a lasting smell of cinnamon after an experience.


The first thing that becomes obvious very quickly is that Persephone comes across as an intelligent and sincere individual. There was an event which triggered her to look more closely into her experiences. There are different trains of thought regarding regression as there is an argument that often false memories can be implanted or unintentionally introduced.

I looked into Fiona Harris and she is a respected individual in this field. Given her provenance within the contactee experiencer field it is highly unlikely that she would risk doing anything that put her career at risk.

Furthermore, there is a level of detail which elevates this above the standard experience. Persephone is open and consistent in recalling her experience. There is no attempt to make any form of financial gain from the experience. Having recently worked with other contactees, there are elements which have been recalled that is not out in the public domain.

There is so much going on here that I have only scratched the surface and hopefully I will be able to discuss more. I find the dynamic between the species incredibly interesting and that the Mantid may be the creator in this scenario.

I believe that Persephone has natural ability and that may have attracted the ETs to make contact to see whether that skill could be tuned.

This is very much an ongoing case, but I have been amazed at the level of detail and the plausibility that comes from the report. Given the opportunity I hope I can continue to work with Persephone.

Copyright James Brodie 2023



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