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Bromsgrove Contact Case – Humanoids, Shadow Beings, Visitations, UFOs, Body Marking, Psychic

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 17/04/2023

Note: For reasons of anonymity, pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses

In late December 2022 I came across a post by a man named Bryn Davies on a contact-related Facebook group. I got in touch with him informing him that I’d be happy to discuss his experiences in more depth.

He responded and said that he’d be more than happy to. Over the following months we met via Facebook Messenger numerous times to go over everything. This report documents his varied experiences and includes numerous witness drawings.

Humanoid Visitation & Body Marking

To his knowledge, Bryn’s experiences began at the age of 20 in 1995. Before this point the only thing he can recall from his childhood was of being afraid of the dark and always sleeping with his light on. However many children have a fear of the dark, so there is no realistic way of linking this with anything that occurred later on.

At the time he lived with his parents and younger sister in a house on Lickey Rock, Marlbrook, Bromsgrove. The road runs along the South East of Marlbrook and on the opposite side of the road are a number of open farmer’s fields and areas of woodland which gradually slope upwards.

Aerial map of Lickey Rock indicating the house Bryn’s family used to live in

Bryn’s bedroom was at the front of the house, with a long window providing a view of the fields to the South East beyond the opposing houses.

Photograph of Lickey Rock showing the house, and opposing house

Bryn cannot remember the precise month the incident took place but believes it was either spring or summer time. He awoke one morning with a distinct vivid memory of waking up in the night. He recalled sitting up in bed and for an unknown reason pulling open his curtains. It was fully dark outside, but as it was a clear night he could see the house opposite and the fields beyond lit up in moonlight.

In the distance near the top of the hill he noticed what appeared to be a brightly glowing white light. The light slowly increased in size. As it got larger he then saw the silhouettes of two humanoid beings standing side by side. The only thing unusual about them was that their body frame was quite slender, and both their arms and legs quite long and thin. Their arms hung down by their sides, and they appeared to be standing still despite the fact that they seemed to be getting closer and closer.

Witness drawing of the silhouetted figures in the light

He did not recall them reaching the window, but had the distinct impression that they had not only done so but had then actually entered the room. When he thought back to what had taken place he also felt that there something had taken place relating to his right knee.

He first noticed that the curtains on his window were half open, despite the fact that he was certain he had closed them fully before going to sleep. When he looked down at his knee he was surprised to see a red marking just above it. It looked almost like a cut about half an inch in length. However when he touched it there was no pain or soreness, and it did not look like an indentation of a sharp object such as one of his fingernails.

Mock up of the marking added to a photograph of a male knee

Not knowing the potential significance of this marking at the time he did not take any photographs of it. However he was a little disturbed by it, especially as it seemed to relate to what he had remembered taking place during the night. He got up, had a shower and went downstairs for breakfast.

At the time his sister was away at acting school, but he told his mother about what he remembered, and showed her the marking on his knee. She did not seem particularly concerned, and just asked him if he wanted some cream to put on it. As there was no pain from it he declined this offer and then headed out to work. During the day he recalls also telling his work mate about the incident and showing him the marking.

He returned home at 6pm and while chatting about his day his mother asked how the marking was. When he checked his knee he found that it had completely vanished.

This is a fascinating incident and one which may well have been a visitation, which could have potentially led on to an abduction experience. Many contact experiences begin with the presence of a glowing white light from which beings emerge, just as is reported here.

Due to the fact that the light was getting bigger it created the impression that it was far away and was then getting closer, but this is not necessarily the case. It may instead have been getting larger because it was slowly getting more prevalent. However, if it literally got closer and closer then this implies that the beings were floating towards him surrounded in light, or potentially even travelling on or in an object of some kind that could not be seen due to the brightness.

The figures standing in the light looked quite humanoid in shape. They did not appear to have over-sized heads so are unlikely to have been Greys. However they may well have been Nordic beings. Bryn has no memory of seeing them up close so it is hard to say for sure.

While the marking on his knee did not appear to be definitely artificial, and could have occurred naturally, it is very interesting that he had a feeling it was linked to what had taken place. The only reason he checked his knee in the first place was because of this association. The marking itself was not causing any pain so if it wasn’t for this he may well have missed it entirely.

Obviously the idea that the incident could have been nothing more than an unusual dream and natural injury cannot be entirely ruled out, but there are certainly a lot of aspects which point towards possible contact. It is unknown whether Bryn was taken as part of the experience, if he was then the memories of this have been completely blocked out.

Glowing Cigar Sighting

In the summer of 1997, roughly 18 months after his visitation experience, Bryn was on his way to Birmingham centre to go shopping. He was driving Eastward along Old Birmingham Road, which adjoined Lickey Rock. It was a bright and sunny afternoon.

Aerial map showing the route Bryn drove from his house along Old Birmingham Road

He was close to Lickey Primary School and it was around 3.15pm so the school day had just ended. There were many cars in the vicinity picking up the children, and he was temporarily stuck in a traffic jam a short distance before the school.

Aerial map of Old Birmingham Road, indicating the location of the traffic jam

Photograph of Old Birmingham Road, with the school visible on the left

Something suddenly caught his eye off to the upper left of his vision. Looking into the sky to the North East he saw a glowing cigar-shaped object. It appeared to be at quite high altitude and was at an elevation of 40 degrees. For a moment he thought it was an aeroplane catching the sunlight, but soon realised that it could not be. Firstly the object appeared to have no wings or tail at all. And secondly, perhaps more importantly, it was moving much too quickly to be an aircraft.

The object was travelling on a straight path to the South. It seemed to be moving extremely rapidly, and only took 10 seconds to travel right across the sky. Bryn says it felt about the same speed as a jet would appear to move at while flying close to the ground, yet the object was clearly much higher up.

As it moved off to the right of his vision, it suddenly and massively increased in acceleration and shot away to the horizon in less than a second! This manoeuvre completely convinced him he had not been looking at a plane.

Witness drawing of the UFO indicating its path of movement

It did not look like anyone else had spotted the object as it had crossed the sky. There was nothing else he could do but wait until the road cleared and he was able to continue his journey into Birmingham.

Distant aircraft can sometimes appear as glowing cigar-shaped objects in bright sunlight. However the manoeuvre Bryn witnessed the object perform as it moved away from the area confirm that it was clearly something far more unusual. This movement was much too fast for the object to have been an aircraft, blimp, other inflatable or radio controlled model. The incident took place before drones were commercially available so this explanation seems improbable. Bryn also witnessed the object long enough to suggest that it was actually present in the sky and not just a light reflection in the windscreen.

What’s In a Name?

During our initial conversation Bryn informed me that he has had a number of experiences which have led him to believe that he has psychic abilities which seem to occur involuntarily from time to time. He provided a number of fascinating examples to support this claim.

Back in 2010 he was around the flat of his girlfriend (now wife) "Julie's" flat. It was 9.30pm and they were relaxing in bed chatting and watching TV. An advert about football came on which got Bryn talking about his interest in the sport. Julie then told him that he would have loved her gran as she was a big Wolves fan and he would have got on great with her.

She continued to talk about how close she had been to her while she was alive. Suddenly Bryn realised that his eyes had begun to water uncontrollably. This was not down to emotion at what Lucy was saying, he felt completely calm. He said to her “Give me your hand.” She did and he placed it on his cheek so she could feel the tears streaming down his face. Puzzled she asked him “What are you crying for?” He responded telling her “I’m not” She asked “So why are your eyes watering? Do you think my nan’s here now because we are talking about her?” Bryn merely responded “I don’t know.”

Julie put the bedside lamp on. She then leaned in close to him, looked him in the eyes and asked “If my nan’s here right now what’s her name?” Without thinking Bryn came out with a name (He can no longer remember what name it was). Shocked Lucy exclaimed “Fuck! How do you know that name?” Realising something was wrong Bryn said “Don’t tell me that’s her name!” She confirmed that indeed it was, even though she had never spoken of her gran with him before as they were still in the early stages of their relationship.

They were both amazed and frightened by what had just happened. Julie needed to go to the bathroom, and asked him to accompany her there as she did not want to walk along the landing by herself. Bryn tried to remain calm and went and put the kettle on. This was the first time he began to realise he had a sixth sense.

Several years later one of Julie’s friends Kelly was round the house. They were chatting together in the living room. Bryn had to enter the room to grab something. He had never met Kelly before this point, but when he saw her he immediately felt a psychic connection of some kind to her. He blurted out “Kelly can I ask you a question?” Almost knowing what was going to happen Julie exclaimed “Oh god!” Bryn continued “You like things to do with the paranormal don’t you?” Kelly responded saying “Yes, how do you know?” He said to her “I just know.”

Kelly began to talk about how she had visited a medium who had told her that she had a guardian angel who was her great grandmother watching over her. At this moment the name “Elizabeth” popped into Bryn’s mind for an unknown reason. He exclaimed “Give me a pen and paper!” Kelly handed him a pen and paper and he wrote down the name.

He then asked Kelly the name of her great grandmother. Kelly confirmed that it was indeed Elizabeth. He handed the piece of paper to her with the name on. Kelly was shocked when she read it. Both of them were quite shook up by what had taken place.

Precognitive Dreams

This was not the only time when Kelly’s great grandmother apparently made her presence known. One night in 2017 Bryn had an unusual dream. He was standing alongside Kelly on an airport runway. In front of them was a landed Boeing 737 jet. The rear door of the plane was open and had a small flight of steps leading up to it.

Example photograph of a landed Boeing 737

In the open doorway Bryn saw a short elderly lady wearing a light green coloured top. She was hunched over a bit and was beckoning to both himself and Kelly. This was all Bryn could remember. Later on as he drove to work he contacted Kelly by phone to tell her about the dream, but neither of them had a clue as to what it could mean.

Bryn keeps in touch with Kelly from time to time. In April 2019 he was chatting with her via text message when she informed him that she had trained to become a pilot. When he heard this it reminded him of the dream that he had remembered back in 2017. He reminded Kelly of it and speculated that maybe the old lady was related to her and that it had been a premonition that she would learn to fly.

Kelly first speculated that it was her gran as she loved planes. However she then explained that her gran was quite tall in height, so it sounded more like her great grandmother. Bryn sent me a screen grab of the text message conversation as evidence:

In September 2021 Bryn unfortunately contracted Covid-19 so was isolating in the house and spending extended periods of time sleeping. On the afternoon of 4th September he had another strange dream that again involved Kelly. This time he was sitting on a bus or coach which Kelly was driving. All of a sudden she lost control of the wheel and the bus began to skid left and right across the road. She was not strong enough to force the wheel and get it back under control. Quickly he leapt to his feet, ran to the front of the vehicle and also grabbed the wheel, and between them they managed to bring it to a halt without it crashing off the road.

This time when he awoke he did not get in touch with Kelly, and just put it down to a strange dream potentially caused by his ill health.

Late evening on the 4th September he received a text message off Kelly. She informed him that she had been in an accident while piloting a plane on the previous day. There was a fault with the aircraft on take-off. She had tried to keep it airborne but ran out of runway and had to make an emergency landing. The plane crashed into a hedge which swung it round causing her to heavily fall to the left smashing the side of her head and arm. Luckily it then came to a halt and there were no further injuries from the accident.

When Bryn heard the news he immediately wondered if the dream had been a premonition of this event. Although obviously not exactly the same there were certainly some aspects which seemed to fit. He briefly mentioned the dream to Kelly and she soon asked him for a more detailed overview of what he recalled.

Again Bryn provided numerous screen grabs of the text conversation he had with Kelly to back up what he informed me:

Experiencers often mention having one or more psychic abilities, it is quite commonly reported, and does seem to have a link with contact. While the two dreams Bryn has had could have just coincidentally had aspects which Kelly could relate to, the incidents in which he knew the names of individuals he had never heard about before are harder to explain.

Glowing Orbs

There have been numerous occasions where small glowing orbs of light have been seen around the home by both Bryn and Julie. He provided me with several good examples.

Bryn regularly goes camping with his friends to rural locations. On a weekend in early August 2011 he was away from the house. Julie had a friend over and they were chatting in the living room. Suddenly a golf ball sized orb of glowing white light drifted into the room from the open door which leads through to the hallway. It glided smoothly across the room in front of them.

As it was summer time it was quite warm As the orb floated past them the temperature noticeably dropped. It then floated through the open door to the conservatory and was lost from sight. Soon after it had gone the room temperature returned to normal.

When Bryn returned home Julie informed him of what had taken place. She said that her friend was particularly frightened by the incident. It was not long after his father had passed away and Bryn wondered to himself whether it was him who had come to visit.

Late one evening in the summer of 2018 Kelly had come round to visit. She and Bryn were sitting in the converted garage working on a new website. It was about 11pm. The lights were on in the room and they were sitting alongside one another in front of a television they were using a computer monitor.

All of a sudden Bryn noticed something out of the corner of his eye to the right. There was a round orb of glowing light, seemingly about 3 inches across. It was about 4 feet off the floor and nearly still in the air, just drifting a little back and forth. He was not particularly frightened by its presence, more intrigued by it. He thought that if he turned to look directly at it, it would vanish, so he kept still.

Photograph of the converted garage indicating the position of the orb (At the time the box was not present)

A moment later Kelly noticed the orb too. She asked “Can you see that light in the corner of the room?” He merely replied “Yep.” “What do you think it is?” she asked. “I don’t know.” He replied. Kelly said “I’m getting a bit concerned.” Bryn tried to comfort her saying “Don’t worry, it’s not going to harm us.”

After about 10 seconds the orb suddenly vanished without trace. Bryn looked round to confirm that it had gone.

I asked him if the orb could potentially have been a reflection from a light entering the room via a window, or from within the room itself. Bryn informed me that the only window was in the back door on the far end of the room, and that had a blind on it which was closed at the time. He also said that the only electrical things in the room were the television and computer, and these did not have any lights on them which could have been reflecting off something and hitting the wall. He says that he will sometimes get reflections at the edge of his glasses, but Kelly saw the orb too and was not wearing glasses.

On 30th August 2021 Bryn was self-isolating and recovering from Covid-19. He awoke in the middle of the night for an unknown reason. It was extremely dark in the room as the window had blackout blinds on it, and the bedroom door was closed. Looking down the bed he was surprised to see a small orb of glowing light. It was down near the foot of the bed and was floating in the air about 4 feet above him. The light was quite bright in the middle but hazy around the edge. It was not bright enough to light up the furnishings of the room.

Initially he was confused and wondered if he was fully awake. He stared at it briefly before rubbing his eyes. When he did so the orb completely vanished and the darkness of the room returned. A little scared by what had just taken place he got out of bed and went to use the en-suite bathroom. He then returned to bed but stayed up a while on his mobile phone.

About ten minutes went by and then suddenly the orb reappeared! It was about the same height as before but this time more to the right near the lower right corner of the bed. It only remained for several seconds before once again disappearing. Even though he was on his mobile phone, he did not attempt to take a photograph of it. He was more intrigued as to its origin and meaning.

After this the orb did not re-appear and Bryn settled back down to sleep. In the morning when he awoke he contacted Kelly by text message to tell her about what had happened:

If Bryn had only seen the orb once when he initially woke up it would have been easy to dismiss this as a hypnagogic hallucination as it vanished when he fully woke up and rubbed his eyes. However an identical orb (possibly the same thing) then appeared ten minutes later and this time he was wide awake.

During the following night Bryn once again woke for an unknown reason, and saw the glowing orb. However this time it appeared directly in front of him for a brief period of time before fading away. In the morning he again informed Kelly of what happened:

Contactees often report seeing glowing orbs in their nearby vicinity, and it is entirely possible that these incidents are again contact related, although it is clear that these orbs are being seen by other family members and friends as well as just by Bryn.

Triangle of Lights

On Sunday 20th March 2022 Bryn went camping with his friends Paul, Scott and Liam. They camped at a spot they had been to numerous times before – the corner of an area of woodland at Cleeve Hill close to Cleeve Prior, Evesham. The location is situated a short distance to the West of Evesham Road and lies alongside an open crop field.

Aerial map of Cleeve Hill indicating the camping spot

It was a really pleasant night and the stars were fully visible in the sky. The men built a bonfire at the edge of the treeline and then sat around it on chairs chatting. The topic of UFOs did come up into conversation, and Bryn actually pointed at the sky and asked his friends to imagine what it would be like if a UFO suddenly appeared.

Photograph of the bonfire

At around 11pm Paul looked up through a gap in the tree branches and noticed some strange lights to the West of their location. They were at an elevation of about 70 degrees and appeared to be over near the River Avon. He exclaimed “Oh blimey look at that!” “What?” inquired Bryn. “It literally came out of nowhere – three lights moving about!”

Initially Bryn could not see the lights as the position he was in was more covered with overhanging branches. As they had been talking about UFOs Bryn said “You’re winding me up!” Scott was sitting closer to Paul. He looked up into the sky said “Oh yeah, you can see something.”

Bryn got up and moved to where Paul was sitting. He was then able to see what they were talking about. There were three white points of light in an equilateral triangle formation. They were remaining in the same area of sky, but were gliding back and forth a bit, maintaining their formation to one another. They certainly appeared to be attached to a single object, but it was too dark in the sky to make this out.

Mock up of the triangle of lights added to an actual photo of the location

About 10 seconds after Bryn had started watching the lights they suddenly blinked out. The stars in the sky were all still visible so it did not look like they had been hidden from view by a cloud, they were just gone. The witnesses discussed what they had just seen for a short while. Unfortunately the sighing had occurred too quickly for any of them to think about attempting to record the lights on camera. Even if they had, as they were distant and it was very dark they may not have come out very well anyway.

Soon after the incident Bryn contacted Kelly about it via text message. Here is a screenshot of this message:

This is quite an interesting sighting. Bryn informed me that sometimes gliders are towed across the sky after taking off from Wellesbourne. However these would only be launched during daylight hours. Also the lights seen did not match a normal aircraft or helicopter. You would usually expect to see other navigation lights such as red or green, or a strobing white light. An aeroplane or microlight would have moved on a straight or slowly arcing path not remained relatively stationary.

Flight Radar 24 confirms that around 11pm on the evening of 20th March 2022 there were no tracked aircraft in the vicinity:

Radar 360 confirms that the area does not lie within any airways:

It also confirms that it falls within controlled airspace:

These two facts reduce the possibility of the lights belonging to an untracked aircraft.

It is unlikely to have been a lit inflatable with multiple lights on, and if it were multiple lit inflatables like several LED balloons these would have surely drifted apart from one another rather than remained in formation?

Drones can sometimes have white lights on them, and are able to perform the short back and forth movements observed. However the configuration of lights seems unusual. A drone would usually have 4 lights in a rectangular/square shape, or would be at a distance where all the lights would bleed into a single glowing light.

If the object were a drone, then why would it suddenly vanish without trace? It is highly unlikely its owner would have suddenly switched all the lights off on it, so the witnesses would have seen it fly away from the area into the distance rather than suddenly disappear. And Bryn confirmed that the other stars remained in view, which dismisses the idea that it was hidden from sight behind a cloud that could not be seen due to the darkness.

Looking into the details of the sighting, there is the possibility that this was a Flying Triangle, one of the more commonly reported types of craft. They are often reported as having a single white light on each corner which would have created the pattern that the witnesses observed. As it was quite distant it is hard to say for certain.

Shadow Being

In April 2022 Bryn and his children went on holiday to Trecco Bay in South Wales. They stayed at Trecco Bay Holiday Park in a static caravan. During one of the nights, he awoke without apparent cause. It was fully dark and he thinks it must have been between 2-3am.

Aerial map of Trecco Bay Holiday Park
Photograph of Trecco Holiday Park

When Bryn opened his eyes he glimpsed what appeared to be a slender and tall shadowy being leaning over him. The figure had no visible features, it was just a dark mass in a roughly humanoid shape.

Mock up of the figure added to a photograph of a similar caravan bedroom

Bryn screamed out in fright at the presence of this being and kicked out at it. The figure immediately vanished. However he noted that the curtain of the room was moving even though the window was not open and the door to the room was shut.

Here are some screenshots of a text message Bryn sent to Kelly after the incident:

Like the previous orb experience, this happened while Bryn was coming round from being asleep, so once again there is a chance that it was a hypnagogic hallucination rather than an actual entity in the room. That said, many people have reported seeing these figures before while wide awake, they are commonly referred to as shadow beings. Again there is a link with contact, and I have investigated many cases where experiencers have encountered these beings in their vicinity.

Also there was the fact that the curtain was moving after the figure departed, with no obvious sources for a draught of air in the room. This could suggest that it was physically present, although obviously this aspect alone is not enough evidence to confirm that this was the case.

There is the possibility is that this being was the same or a similar type to those seen when he was 20 years old in the glowing light. I asked Bryn about what he thought about this and he said it could not be ruled out.

Alien Healing?

In the later half of 2022 Bryn began to get discomfort in his lower right jaw when biting down on food. He knew he had a filling in this location so he booked in to see his dentist. They confirmed that the filling had not fallen out but had ground down so would need to be repaired. He went in for this repair work on 8th November, and the discomfort he was feeling immediately went away.

However on 22nd December something entirely new started. He began to get pain in his jaw which seemed to be spreading down from his right ear. At first it was nothing more than a dull ache which would come and go, but as time went on it gradually increased in intensity. Due to the time of year he was not bothered to go back to his dentist about the issue. However by mid-January the pain was so intense that he was finding it hard to eat properly and it was starting to affect his sleep, even with the paracetamol that he was taking.

On the night of 15th January the pain was particularly intense and he was lying awake in bed. He thought back to a documentary he had seen relating to CE5, a method of mentally reaching out to ET beings in the hopes of establishing contact with them. He decided he would reach out and ask for help from them.

For 45 minutes he lay there asking in his mind again and again “Please come and help, I can’t stand this pain any longer.” He thinks in the end he must have dropped off to sleep.

His next recollection was of waking up at an unknown time during the night. It was extremely quiet and he still had his eyes closed. He then realised his left arm was extremely cold. Opening his eyes he found that his left arm was stretched upwards into the air, almost as if he had been holding someone by the hand. It was not paralyzed but he found it hard to move it willingly, so he grabbed it with his right arm and pulled it back down.

As he did so he heard a voice in his mind say “We’ve helped you. Remember us as Murdoch!” The voice was neutral and had no particular emotion to it. Bryn then noticed that the pain in his jaw had completely vanished! When he had eventually dropped off to sleep it had been almost intolerable, but now it had completely gone. He settled back down to sleep.

In the morning he found that the pain had not returned. He did not tell Julie about what had happened during the night as he didn’t think she’d believe him. However he was intrigued by the voice he had heard in his mind. He decided to look up “Murdoch” and “Murdock” on Google to see if there was any links with the subject of UFOs or aliens. He found a couple of sites talking about sci-fi movies and TV series which had contained beings of this name, but nothing relating to the real UFO subject.

Bryn wonders if he managed to achieve contact, and that the ETs he made contact with healed whatever was happening with his jaw. This is an intriguing prospect. I have dealt with numerous cases before where experiencers have seemingly been healed or protected from harm.

That said, there are a number of mundane possibilities worth considering. The pain was on the same part of his jaw as the previous dental work he’d had done. Perhaps it was indicative of other issues, relating to the filling performed, or even with other teeth. Maybe for a period of time it was causing pain but then after a while stopped, even with issues still present. I have experienced such a thing with toothache before. Toothache can come and go, sometimes for extended periods. I advised Bryn to get a dental appointment just to confirm that this is not the case.

Another possibility is that the issue in his jaw was healed by the placebo effect – essentially mind over matter. There have been numerous cases on record where people have seemingly healed themselves just by willing it to happen. Even though this might seem unlikely, the placebo effect is extremely powerful so cannot be entirely ruled out.

Lastly there is of course the possibility that the pain was being caused by a temporary infection, perhaps a delayed after-effect of the work he had done on his teeth. Maybe it was sheer coincidence that this happened to subside on the same night that he reached out for help. While you may find this unlikely, it would still theoretically be possible.

If one of these alternatives was responsible, there is still the matter of Bryn’s left arm and the position he found it in. But again this can be explained. While it could indeed have indicated that he may have been holding the hand of a being standing in the room, it is also known that during sleep paralysis and other related sleep disorders sometimes people can wake up to find their bodies in strange positions for unknown reasons. Maybe this is what occurred, we have no way of knowing for certain at present.


Bryn has had some varied and fascinating experiences, often backed up by other witnesses. He comes across as a very trustworthy individual, and after the numerous extended video calls we have had I have no problem in vouching for his authenticity as a witness.

While some of the incidents may have natural explanations, something which Bryn is more than happy to accept, some of his encounters are harder to explain and could well point towards contact. Many of the aspects of his experiences resonate with me and have links which relate to other cases I have investigated in the past.

Julie is unwilling to speak directly about what has taken place. On my request Bryn asked his friends for a written statement regarding the triangle of lights which he witnessed. Paul responded but his memory of the event was not very clear and therefore would not be worth including. Scott and However I hope in due course to be able to speak with Kelly about the incidents she has been directly involved in. So far she has not responded to my requests for communication, but Bryn says this is likely because she is very busy with her job, rather than the fact that she would not like to chat.

For these reasons we currently only have Bryn's testimony (and the supporting text messages) to go on, however I have no doubt that the incidents have taken place as reported. It is very likely I will keep in contact with Bryn, so this report may well be updated going forward with additional experiences.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2023



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