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Bromsgrove Contact Case – Humanoids, Shadow Beings, Visitations, UFOs, Body Marking, Psychic

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 17/04/2023

Note: For reasons of anonymity, pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses

In late December 2022 I came across a post by a man named Bryn Davies on a contact-related Facebook group. I got in touch with him informing him that I’d be happy to discuss his experiences in more depth.

He responded and said that he’d be more than happy to. Over the following months we met via Facebook Messenger numerous times to go over everything. This report documents his varied experiences and includes numerous witness drawings.

Humanoid Visitation & Body Marking

To his knowledge, Bryn’s experiences began at the age of 20 in 1995. Before this point the only thing he can recall from his childhood was of being afraid of the dark and always sleeping with his light on. However many children have a fear of the dark, so there is no realistic way of linking this with anything that occurred later on.

At the time he lived with his parents and younger sister in a house on Lickey Rock, Marlbrook, Bromsgrove. The road runs along the South East of Marlbrook and on the opposite side of the road are a number of open farmer’s fields and areas of woodland which gradually slope upwards.

Aerial map of Lickey Rock indicating the house Bryn’s family used to live in

Bryn’s bedroom was at the front of the house, with a long window providing a view of the fields to the South East beyond the opposing houses.

Photograph of Lickey Rock showing the house, and opposing house

Bryn cannot remember the precise month the incident took place but believes it was either spring or summer time. He awoke one morning with a distinct vivid memory of waking up in the night. He recalled sitting up in bed and for an unknown reason pulling open his curtains. It was fully dark outside, but as it was a clear night he could see the house opposite and the fields beyond lit up in moonlight.

In the distance near the top of the hill he noticed what appeared to be a brightly glowing white light. The light slowly increased in size. As it got larger he then saw the silhouettes of two humanoid beings standing side by side. The only thing unusual about them was that their body frame was quite slender, and both their arms and legs quite long and thin. Their arms hung down by their sides, and they appeared to be standing still despite the fact that they seemed to be getting closer and closer.