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Bristol Contact Case – Grey Visitation, Missing Time, White Orb, Flying Triangle, OBE

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 20/02/2022

Mike James is an elderly gentleman from Bristol. He initially got in touch with me via E-Mail in December 2021 to provide details regarding a number of varied fascinating experiences he has had throughout his life. After corresponding with him over the following weeks I was able to build up a detailed picture of what has taken place. This report covers them in depth, and features a number of drawings which were provided on request.

Imaginary Friend

Mike was born in 1950. He spent his childhood years in a house on Bridgewater Road in the outskirts of Bristol, about 500 yards from the city boundary. He lived there with his parents Reginald and Barbara, younger sister Jacqueline and younger brother Robert. The house was built on the remnants of some cottages and had one acre of land around it.

Aerial map of Bridgewater Road indicating where Mike’s house used to be:

In his early childhood, according to his mother, he had an imaginary friend named Hannah. She could only be seen by him, but he would apparently spend hours outside chatting with her. To one side of the house was a boundary wall which was the ruins of a previous cottage. His mother informed him that this is where he would go to speak with Hannah. Mike has no recollection of this at all.

It is not at all un-common for young children to have imaginary friends, and this is probably all that this was, but due to Mike’s later experiences, and the fact that some ETs are extremely humanoid in appearance, it has been included.

White Orb

On a night in either the spring or summer of 1957 Mike woke up suddenly for no apparent reason. It was still dark, and he thinks it was around 3am. He shared the room with his younger sister and brother. They remained fast asleep.

The window of his room was alongside the bed. It was about 6 foot by 8 foot in size and did not have any curtains. For an unknown reason he felt the need to stand up on his bed and look out of the window. He was almost excited to do so. It was very dark outside as there were no nearby street lights.

Over the neighbour’s outhouse about 200 feet away and at an elevation of 45 degrees was a glowing white orb of light. It was hovering completely stationary and was constantly bright, although not bright enough to light up the surroundings. Puzzled by the object he started at it for around three minutes, before settling back down to sleep. He did not wake up his sister or brother to show them.

Witness drawing of the orb

Looking back at the incident, Mike cannot be absolutely certain that the orb wasn’t a full moon. However he feels that by that age he would have recognised it as such. Also there was the strange compulsion to do what he did in the first place. If it was merely the moon why would he have felt the need to stand up on the bed?