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Bordersley Green Contact Case - Probe Visitations, UFO Sighting, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 27/04/2014


In March 2014 I gave a talk in Birmingham about UFOs and contact. One of the ladies named Sandra who came to see my lecture found what I had to say very interesting indeed, and could relate to certain things I covered. She decided to get in touch with me afterwards via E-Mail to inform me about what had happened to her. This report covers her various experiences in depth.

Metallic Probe

When she was young Sandra used to live with her grandparents, parents and sister on Belchers Lane in Bordersley Green, Birmingham. Numerous times in her childhood Sandra was visited during the night by a metallic oval-shaped object which hovered outside the room where she, her sister and parents slept. The first time this occurred she was either 4 or 5 years old. She thinks it was around 9 o’clock. Her and her sister had gone to bed but her parents were still up. Her sister was afraid of the dark, so used to leave the curtains open, allowing some light into the room from the nearby streetlight outside.

Aerial map of Belchers Lane:

Overhead diagram of the bedroom layout:

Sandra was lying in her bed. She does not recall whether she had dropped off and then woke up again or not. She glanced over at the bedroom window and noticed a strange object. Through the glass she could see a metallic grey coloured oval-shaped device hovering in the air. It looked no bigger than 10 inches across. It appeared to be split into two halves, the lower half was a darker shade of grey. Across the middle of the object was a central band with a row of 5-6 dark round holes. These reminded her of eyes and she felt it was watching her.

Witness drawing of the oval-shaped device:

The object was motionless in the air. Sandra was un-nerved by it but not terrified. She felt that she observed it for about 5 minutes. During this time she lay very still and quiet as she thought if she called out for her sister or parents it would hear her. She closed her eyes and waited hoping it would go away. After a short while she felt that it had gone away. She opened her eyes and sure enough it was no longer there outside the window. She kept the incident to herself and did not tell her family about it.

After the incident Sandra asked her parents to close the curtains at night, although sometimes her father would forget. One night about a year later she was again lying down in bed. She looked over at the window. Her father had forgotten to close the curtains on this occasion. Outside she once again saw the object. It was almost identical to before, but this time appeared to have a short aerial of some kind sticking out of the upper left side of it. She watched the object make a small turn to the left.

Oval-shaped device with aerial:

Sandra thought to herself “Oh no, not again!” She again felt that she had to remain very still and if she did it would not notice her. She tightly shut her eyes not daring to look at it any longer. After a while of lying there she slightly opened her eyes again and looked. The object had departed.

In the following years she thinks she saw the object on at least another couple of occasions. The last time she saw it was when she was 9-10 years old. By now she was now living in a house on Templefield Street in Small Heath. It again took place when she was lying in bed. However this time when she saw it she was less frightened and more curious of it. The object was hovering at window height just outside. It seemed to telepathically tell her to keep still. She remembers lying as still as possible but rather than being frightened she felt strangely calm about the situation. She just remembers closing her eyes and waiting. When she opened them again it was gone.

Aerial map of Templefield Street:

To her recollection she has never seen the object since this time. However she feels certain of two things. Firstly it was a real and solid, not just her imagination or a recurring dream. And secondly she is convinced that it was some kind of observational device which was watching her.

Humming Sound

Ever since her mid-20s Sandra has occasionally heard a low humming sound which seems to completely fill her surroundings. Over the years she has heard it at several different locations, so is certain that it is not down to nearby electrical equipment. She believes she has heard the noise about 10-15 times so far. The length of time it continues for varies but sometimes it has continued for over an hour. On the times she has actually remained in the location and heard the sound stop it has done so quite abruptly. When it has occurred she has tried moving to different places and even asked other family members if they can also hear it, and they have informed her that they cannot.

Due to the fact that it has occurred so often, cannot be heard by others and does not seem to be directly related to other unusual phenomena it is likely that the noises have a medical explanation rather than being related to contact.

Glowing UFO Sighting

At around 8.15pm in early August 2012 Sandra was on her way home from work on Church Road, Gorleston in Great Yarmouth. It was a warm sunny evening and still light in the sky due to the time of year. As she approached the junction with Shrublands Way she suddenly felt compelled to look up into the sky. When she did she saw a glowing white light with a short trail fly overhead and away into the distance in the direction of Crab Lane. It looked similar to a shooting star, but was odd because it was still daylight in the sky.

Witness drawing of the UFO:

The object was moving so fast that it was lost from sight within 2-3 seconds. She continued her walk home and later on informed her sons about what she had seen.


Some of Sandra’s experiences could of course have had mundane explanations. The UFO sighting that she had in 2012 could have easily been a daylight meteorite, and I believe this is most likely what it was. However the metallic “probe” sightings she had through her childhood are much harder to explain. They do not appear to have just been down to a recurring nightmare, and the fact that Sandra saw the object at numerous addresses proves that it could not have been down to an odd reflection in the window of the bedroom.

Could it have been some kind of radio controlled model? On the second occasion, Sandra did see what appeared to be an aerial of some kind sticking out of one side of the object at a diagonal angle. But if it was a model then why did Sandra see it at two different addresses in different areas of Birmingham? I find it extremely unlikely that her family were doing it on purpose as a repeated prank on her from an early age. Also surely some means of propulsion would have been visible, such as a rotor blade on the top. While the military have recently developed drones which are spherical in shape and have the rotor blades hidden within them, don’t forget that these incidents happened quite a number of years ago when Sandra was young.

The small size of the object suggests that it was indeed an observational device of some kind, perhaps similar to the silver and black spheres which are often reported by people. I feel this is enough cause to suspect that Sandra may have experienced contact, hence why this report has been placed under the Contactee Cases section of the site.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2014



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