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Birmingham Contact Case Report - Grey Visitation, Psychic Abilities

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 09/04/2014

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Since beginning looking into contact I have dealt with cases from all around the globe. However its great to sometimes receive details of a case which has happened more locally. This report covers the experiences of a lady from Birmingham who has had experienced an incident involving a Grey being, and possible other related experiences. She got in touch after watching one of my lectures on Youtube.

Grey Visitation

It was a night back in 2012. Emma was sleeping soundly alongside her partner. She remembers waking up with the feeling of a presence coming into the room. She found that she was unable to move, but felt fully awake. She was certain she wasn’t dreaming, and kept telling herself “You’re awake. You’re awake.” She was extremely frightened by what was taking place. She then became aware of a being alongside her bed, and turned her eyes to look at it.

Next to the bed was a slender looking figure. It was about 4-5 foot in height and had pale skin, an oversized head and large black eyes. The figure was a Grey, although at the time she did not know this as she had no interest in the UFO/contact subject. It was as if this being sensed she was frightened, as the next moment she heard a message inside her mind that told her that “everything would be ok”. When she heard this her emotions completely changed. She immediately relaxed and felt a strong sense of love which she finds hard to put into words.

After this she was conscious of being in some kind of lift descending downwards, with the being standing next to her. A moment before she had been lying down in her bed, it was like she had jumped forward in time and was now somewhere different. This was her final memory of the night. The next thing she became aware of it was morning time and her partner was waking her up. She felt extremely groggy. Her partner asked her what she had done during the night. When she asked him what he meant by this he informed her that the electrics were all on around the house. At the time she did not ask him to expand on this, but believes that he meant that the lights were all turned on. When she finally told him what she remembered he seemed quite frightened by her experience.

Although it felt strange going back to bed the following evening, Emma was able to do so because of how positive the later part of her experience had felt. A few days after the incident, Emma did a drawing of the Grey she had seen and some notes on how the experience had made her feel in her notebook:

Psychic Abilities

Emma has informed me that recently she has joined a psychic group as she feels she has been picking up on things. Her group leader apparently feels that she is developing at a quickened pace and that she has an interesting future within the field. Emma does not know if these abilities are in any way linked with her contact experience, but many contactees seem to possess one or more psychic abilities, so this would not be surprising.


Although Emmas visitation experience has some similarities with sleep paralysis, I feel the fact she saw a Grey being without having a background interest in the UFO subject is very significant. Also the way in which it calmed her down by speaking to her telepathically is something which has been reported many times before in other contact cases. Her suspected psychic abilities are another indicator that she may have experienced contact.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2014



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