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Bicester Contact Case (Part 4) - Nordics, Greys, Reptilians, Abductions, UFOs, Psychic, MIB

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 13/08/2015

Last Updated: 20/06/2017

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses

Unidentified Figure

Adam used to live in a housing estate near to Bure Park Nature Reserve, North West Bicester. On one night around August 2011 in the early hours of the morning he was walking back from a friend’s house in the early hours of the morning. It was a clear and warm night and there was nobody else around at the time.

He entered a public walkway which lies between Lucerne Avenue and Germander Way. The path is lined on either side by tall hedges. As he began to walk along it, he suddenly heard a movement in the bushes to the left of the path. Immediately he had an overwhelming fear that there was something there watching him. He couldn’t see it clearly but he could tell that it was quite large in size, tall like a human.

Aerial map showing the pathway and the position where the figure had been:

Photograph of where the incident took place:

Adam feels that when he had walked round the corner he had caught whatever it was by surprise, and it had continued moving briefly before stopping. He stared into the bushes but couldn’t see anything. Behind the bushes is the wall of a house so there is nowhere it could have escaped to. He feels quite certain that it had not been a person hiding in the bushes, as there would have been no reason for someone to be standing inside the bushes in the middle of the night on their own.

Shadow Being Visitation

In the summer of 2012 Adam went with friends down to Wiltshire for the weekend to sky watch, meditate and see if they could find any crop formations. He got back to his home in Bure Park, Bicester, around 9.30pm. After relaxing for several hours and catching up with his family he decided to go out into the back garden and meditate a while on his own. It was a very clear night with the stars fully visible.

He sat on the patio decking cross legged on a cushion and began to meditate. After only a few minutes he began to sense the presence of a being. It began with a rush of energy around him. Something told him to look over at a bush in the corner of the back garden. He opened his eyes and looked at the bush. In the shadow of the bush he could make out the silhouette of a humanoid being which appeared to be semi-translucent. It was standing still but he could easily make out the torso, arms, legs and head. It appeared to be about the same height as himself. He also sensed a connection with this being in some way, it seemed familiar to him.

The being then began to communicate with him telepathically. This communication was a mix of philosophical ideas and actual spoken words. It told him about experiences which had happened while down in Wiltshire. It informed him that they had witnessed a craft, but that this experience had been veiled from them. It conveyed to Adam that its species did not perceive good or evil, that their consciousness had transcended past this. It informed him that they were an ancient inter-dimensional species who had only recently started interacting with our planet. Thinking back to the experience, Adam cannot recollect everything that was said.

After speaking for about half an hour with this entity, Adam felt that the communication was drawing to a close. He came out of the trance-like state he was in and the being faded back into the shadows and was lost from sight. He excitedly sent a text message to David and Howard telling them about what he had just experienced. After relaxing with a cigarette and cup of tea he decided to head up to sleep.

As Adam was under a meditative state during this experience it is of course quite subjective. I asked him if he felt that the experience could have been imaginary, and brought on by the fact that he had just returned from Wiltshire and so was thinking deeply on the subject of ET contact. Adam informed me that “The mediation was merely the right facility to trigger the experience. I was in a meditative state just to get awareness; I do not believe it was the actual cause of the experience.”


On 29th January 2011 they decided they would spend the day meditating to a deep level around Adam’s house. Before they began they were sitting in the garage having a cup of tea.

All of a sudden a ten pence piece appeared to manifest itself between them in mid-air and fall to the floor! They did not actually see it physically appear but saw it drop to the floor. It had seemingly materialised about 3 feet off the ground and fallen straight downwards. As both of them were looking in roughly the right direction, they each knew that it wasn’t thrown by the other as a joke.

Upon realising what had just happened David exclaimed “What the fuck?” Adam was amazed and picked up the coin off the floor and asked “Whoa, did that just materialise?” David responded saying “Yeah...yeah it did!” They were both fascinated, as it was the first time either of them had witnessed the physical manifestation of an object. They took this as a sign that something important was going to happen with the planned meditation, so decided to begin.

Adam and David headed outside and sat in some deck chairs under the warm sun. Adam says that he must have been meditating for no more than 10 minutes when his body suddenly jolted. He opened his eyes, but instead of being back in the garden found himself in another location. He was standing on an open grass-covered field. There were no trees or bushes in sight, just grass stretching into the distance. Above him was blue sky and bright sunlight. To his right, about 4 feet away from him stood David. They were both wearing the same clothes they had on that day.

In front of them were two massive landed craft. They had a ship-like shape to them, like galleons only wider. They were a dark metallic colour all over, with no lighting visible. They were covered in lines splitting their hulls into sections. The craft were taller than they were wide. Adam estimates they were about 60 feet high by 50 feet across. Each craft had a dark arch-shaped doorway in the centre and a ramp leading down to the ground. As he watched two groups of humanoids stepped out and began to walk down the walkways. The beings on the left looked exactly like himself. The beings coming out of the other craft looked exactly like David. They were all wearing the same clothing they currently had on, like exact replicas of themselves.

Witness drawing of the two landed craft:

Four of the beings that looked like Adam approached him in a diamond formation. The one at the front spoke with him audibly rather than telepathically. Strangely his voice sounded like a mix of his own and David’s voice. He told him they were going to put him through an “initiation”. Adam agreed to this. Everything immediately seemed to go black.

Then a new vision manifested itself. Adam found himself lying on a hospital bed in a small clinical room. Despite the fact there were no visible light sources or windows, Adam could see his surroundings clearly. The walls were dark grey coloured. There were no other furnishings in the room. To the left of him was a man standing by his bedside. He was holding a clipboard and appeared to be waiting for him to sign something. Adam was a little concerned by what was going to happen next, so decided to come out of the meditation by opening his eyes.

He found himself back in the garden. He could see David to the right of him in his deckchair with his eyes closed. To all intents and purposes Adam felt he was now out of meditation. Yet when he looked round to his left he was surprised to see the man still standing there next to him with the clipboard! Adam realised that there was no easy way out of this so with his heart pounding in his chest he closed his eyes once more. He immediately found himself back in the hospital bed. He thought to himself that the only way to continue past this point would be to sign the clipboard, so he decided to do so. At that moment the surroundings disappeared and he began falling downwards into darkness.

After falling for a while Adam found himself in another room with metallic walls and two large pillars. He found that he was strapped to a vertical frame-like structure of some kind and could not move. There were three Greys in the room. One of them was about the same height as him. He immediately recognised this being as “Elvis”, the Grey he had met with in numerous dreams many years previously. The other two Greys were very short in comparison, only about 3 feet high. They were unclothed and slender. Their heads were large, with over-sized black eyes, small noses and slits for mouths. They appeared to very busy, and were handing various things to one another and moving about swiftly. They did not acknowledge his presence.

The tall Grey spoke to him telepathically, saying they were going to perform an experiment on him to relinquish some of his ego, and that he would experience death as a metaphor in numerous ways. The initiation then began. It was a series of scenes in which horrifying things would happen to him. These all happened again and again in quick succession. Some involved him being physically killed by Greys holding various weapons and instruments. Others involved him being “killed” spiritually or emotionally. David had previously told him that if he was ever experiencing something bad while under a meditative state he should think of the sunlight. Adam could feel the sun on him and this comforted him while this ordeal was taking place.

Eventually it was over and Adam came back out of the meditative state. He was relieved to be back in the garden and soon found that he was physically unharmed. He also found that David was already awake and had come out of meditation a little sooner. At first Adam sat there quietly contemplating what had just happened. But after a short while he began to speak to David. He assumed that he too had gone through the same experience, or at least part of it. He asked him “Mate did you see the ships?”

David was going through his pockets at the time and as Adam asked him this he felt something there. He pulled out two small origami boats. Neither he nor Adam had any idea where these had come from. They appeared to be made out of high quality paper which was a mix of gold, yellow and pink colours. Adam exclaimed “No fucking way!” David responded saying “How did they get there?” Like the ten pence piece earlier on the origin of these origami boats was a complete mystery.

Witness drawing of one of the origami boats:

When I asked David about this odd experience he assured me that he had not make the boats previously and had no idea where they had come from. Even though he was present in Adam’s vision he had not experienced anything, for him it had been a normal meditation session. So he only found out about the craft which Adam had seen immediately before pulling the origami models out of his pocket. Both he and Adam believe that they were another sign that something very important had taken place that day.

The details of what Adam experienced sound very traumatic, but Adam says that the “initiation” procedure he was put through had many positive effects. It removed a lot of fear he had surrounding contact and exploring the more spiritual aspects of his life. As a result he began to try new meditative techniques and experience things on a deeper level.


"Howard" is a long term friend of the members of Cosmosiis. In addition to the numerous experiences he has had alongside David, Adam and others, he has also had other contact experiences going right back to a young age.

Sitting Under The Bed

Howard’s unusual experiences began when he was around 3 years old and living with his family at Langford Village estate in Bicester. He has a very specific recollection of something which does not make logical sense.

He recalls crawling under his bed and looking at the big yellow boxes full of Duplo which were stored there. However he remembers actually sitting up. This would have been a physical impossibility, as the bed was far too low for him to have been able to do this. Howard believes that this was a multi-dimensional experience of some kind.

Childhood Visitations

When Howard was young he recalls a number of occasions where he would wake up in the night and there would be someone else in the room. Usually he would find this extremely frightening and would hide under his bed covers.

He believes that his memories of these experiences are largely blocked out. He just recalls that when they took place he would be absolutely terrified, too scared to move or call out to his parents. He does not recall ever seeing an actual figure standing there.

He remembers a particular incident when he was 8-9 years old where he woke in the night to feel the presence of something in the room. He was too scared to look at it so closed his eyes. When he did he got the image of a silhouette of a tree in his mind. He heard a low frequency sound which began to fluctuate in pulsing vibrations that went through his entire body. As it did the image of the tree would change colour and his body temperature would change. He felt that he could have moved but he was too frightened at that moment. After about 30 seconds he felt the unusual energy of the situation lift and things went back to normal. He soon dropped back off to sleep.

These night time experiences took place roughly every few months right up until the age of 16. After this age he does not recall them taking place.

Glowing UFO Sighting

By the time Howard was 17 years old he was well aware of the reality of UFOs, but just wanted to see one with his own eyes. One night in the summer of 2007 he and Phil went to an outdoor party happening at a field on the outskirts of Bicester.  It happened to be the field alongside where years later David and Ricky would experience the UFO landing and line of blue-coloured beings discussed earlier in this report. At the part they met up with Adam and others.