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Bicester Contact Case (Part 3) - Nordics, Greys, Reptilians, Abductions, UFOs, Psychic, MIB

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 13/08/2015

Last Updated: 20/06/2017

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses

Flying Triangle Sighting

In 2014 David’s friend Emma began planning a book themed on ET contact. At the time she was quite sceptical towards the subject but found it fascinating. She was aware of David’s experiences so asked him if he would be in the book. He agreed and they went and visited a number of locations where Emma interviewed David on dictaphone in much the same manner that I did during my investigation.

David is a great listener, and often helps his friends through tough times. In April 2014 Emma came round at about 11pm to pick up David from his home and ask for his advice on something personal. It was a calm night but there was a cloud layer blocking out the stars and moon.

David knows of a great outdoor location called Brill Hill near the village of Brill, South East of Bicester. This has a nice view of the surroundings and is nice and peaceful, the perfect place to chat. He suggested to Emma that they drive to Brill Hill and she agreed. They set off on their 20 minute journey.

Aerial map indicating Bicester (A) and Brill (B):

About 6 minutes into the drive they were travelling along the B4011. Due to the time of night there was no other traffic on the road. They were passing through Upper Arncott and were close to Bullingdon Prison when Emma suddenly noticed something in the sky ahead of them off to the right.

She asked David “What’s that?” David immediately noticed the object too. It appeared to be equilateral triangle shape and black in colour, although this could have been due to the darkness. At each corner of the underside was a white light. In the centre of the object was a reddish-orange coloured light. The precise height and size of the object was quite hard to gauge, but it appeared to be at around 1500 feet at most, and about the size of a small aircraft.

Aerial map showing the estimated location of the sighting:

Photograph of the stretch of road where the incident took place:

David’s drawing of the UFO:

David responded to Emma’s question saying “Looks like a UFO!” Shocked by the sight of the object Emma slowed the car right down to about 30 mph but did not stop. David leaned his head out of the right side window to get a better view of it. The object was travelling at between 200-300 mph. It continued to approach and then flew directly over the car. David could see that it was blocking out the clouds so was definitely a solid object rather than just lights flying in formation. As it passed Emma asked David “Can you still see it?” David turned to her a moment and replied “Yeah”. When he looked back the object had completely vanished from sight, even though there was nowhere it could have been hidden from view. In total they had observed the UFO for about 20 seconds.

Emma continued to drive slowly for the remaining 10 miles to Brill. She was clearly shaken by what had taken place and did not really say much. However once they had arrived at their destination she started to panic more, and also wanted to talk about what they had just seen. David informed me that this sighting totally changed her attitude towards the UFO subject. He was also very impressed and told me “It was one of the most impressive craft I’ve seen, with all my friends, even when we’ve had contact. It was one of the closest of craft that have ever come to us.”

Due to the time of night and how rural the area was David is not sure whether anyone else would have seen the UFO. However he says that if someone was outside in the prison grounds at the time then they may well have spotted it.

Cosmosis & Cosmosiis

In the summer of 2014 David and Adam decided to re-form their band under the name Cosmosis. They were initially joined by Phil as their bass guitarist and another friend Paul (nicknamed "Pabz") on Cajon drum. In the spring of 2015 their friend Grant replaced Phil as the bass guitarist in the band.

Between 2014 - 2017 Cosmosis produced and recorded many tracks, and played regular gigs down in Oxfordshire. Many of their songs had deep lyrics about ETs, contact and spiritual awakening. The group members feel that the band provided them with a great way of sharing information on these deep subjects with the wider public.

Panoramic photograph of Cosmosis playing at the O2 Arena in Oxford, August 2015:

The bands first music video, “Hodrien”, is themed on ET contact and is named after myself for my work on the case. It is a fascinating mix of music and spoken word, and features a full conversation between a contactee (played by Adam) and an extra-terrestrial being. Here is the video for the track, which contains audio samples from my 2013 UFO Truth Magazine conference lecture, and footage of other well-known Ufologists:

The Facebook page for the band, on which you can find details of upcoming gigs is:

In the summer of 2014 Cosmosis announced that they were discontinuing as a band. However this was not to be the end of their story. They re-formed in the July 2017 under the name Cosmosiis, and have been performing gigs ever since. In addition to this David has continued to his solo music project.

Shadow Being Interaction

On 5th September 2014 David got in touch with me to go over an incident which had happened on the night of the 2nd. That evening David was out working on a music video. He returned home with Phil at around 11pm. Soon afterwards Phil left and David decided he would get an early night.

David often sleeps on the floor of his daughter’s bedroom. When he went upstairs he found the girl’s bedroom light was on. Both his daughters were fast asleep. He switched the light off and laid down on the floor between their beds. He tried dropping off to sleep but was not particularly tired.

The bedroom has glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling and as the light had been on these were glowing brightly. As David lay there in the dark staring up at them he suddenly heard a noise which came from the far corner of the room next to the cupboard. It sounded like something had moved. He looked over but could not see anything so lay back down.

Two minutes later there was a sudden flash of light which came from the same corner. It was almost like someone had switched a torch on and off extremely fast. At this moment he felt that something was about to kick off and his heart started beating faster. He wondered what was going to happen next.

Ellie was asleep on her bed but suddenly began to talk in her sleep. She began by saying “Uh. Uh huh...ok...yeah.” 10 seconds later she said “Uh....what, again?” Another 10 seconds passed. “What now....uhhh ok.” At this moment she sat bolt upright in bed. As soon as she did David noticed a shadowy form of some kind in the corner of the room where the flash had occurred. It began moving across the room towards Ellie's bed. As it passed the window it blocked out the light so was clearly there in the room, but it was not fully physical as it passed right through some boxes on the floor as it went.

When it reached the edge of the bed it continued on into it and positioned itself behind Ellie. It then seemed to envelop her, almost like it was hugging her. As soon as it did Ellie said “Oh man, I hate this bit!” She and the shadowy form then remained silent and unmoving for about 2-3 minutes. After this it seemed to slowly dissipate. Once it had gone Ellie lay back down on the bed, still fully asleep. David was amazed and realised that he had just witnessed an interaction between his daughter and an entity of some kind. It appeared to have been talking to her in her mind and she was audibly speaking her responses.

In the morning David came downstairs. Ellie was there getting ready for school. He said to her “What was going on with you last night?” Ellie responded “What?” She was clearly intrigued by what David had just said. David responded saying “Oh you were saying things during the night.” He did not want to tell her about the shadowy form as he did not want to frighten her. However Ellie responded saying that she had gone to bed about 10 o’clock but every time she turned off the light she would see a black figure standing in the corner of the room! She would put the light on and the figure would vanish. She said this happened several times and in the end she had left the light on and dropped off to sleep with it on.

After realising that Ellie had seen the same thing that he had seen he responded saying “I saw that being last night when I was lying in bed.” Ellie said “He was there all night.” Ellie could not remember any interaction with it, but she knew that it was there waiting in the room when she was trying to fall asleep.

Ellie mentioned this and similar previous experiences in her recorded testimony:

“I don't think I've ever been awake for the entity, though I felt weird in the morning, waking up. I remember sometimes waking up and feeling like people are there, I'm talking to them, like I'm talking to dad, I can see them pretty much, it's like I'm in a dream but I'm awake. And dad like says "What you doing?" and it snaps me out and they're not there anymore. And then I sit up and turn the alarm clock off.

One time was when we stayed at Shaun's house, and we were sleeping in one of the bedrooms, me and Sach, and this shadow was stood in the corner, it was bending down and looking at me. And at first I was really scared, then I fell asleep, I don't know how I fell asleep.

And then when I was sleeping in the little bedroom, cause I'd been in a room with Sacha and then I come back again, and I used to wake up to this like really tall shadow used to be stood right over me. And it used to really creep me out. And it happened for a few weeks and then all of a sudden stopped. But I remember putting my lamp on and it'd go.”

Regarding the incident at Shaun’s house, David says that he was downstairs at the time and actually felt a presence enter the house. He even questioned Shaun afterwards just to make sure because he lived in quite a big house. He asked him whether he'd had any instances of ghosts or anything like that in the house and he assured him that nothing had ever happened.

Ellie also mentioned occasions where she has sensed an invisible presence in the room:

“It's usually when I'm on my own. I'd just be on my own in my bedroom and all of a sudden I feel more cold. I was in my bedroom when we'd first moved in, I was watching mum and the dog in the front garden and something spoke to me. Something said to me, it went "What?" So I turned round and I was like "Ahh didn't really hear that" and then I heard a mumbled voice like going "Hurrr". And nobody was in the house, I don't know where dad and Sacha were but I know they weren't there.”

Lights through the Trees

There are a number of fields on the Northern edge of Bicester where David and his friends like to meet up, walk and chat. Alongside these fields lies an area of woodland known as Cotmore Covert. One evening he and Adam were down at the fields and were planning to go and hang out at this wooded area.

Aerial map of Cotmore Covert showing the postion of the witnesses:

As they walked along the edge of the field towards Cotmore Covert they suddenly saw some strange moving glowing lights coming from within the trees. These lights were blue-white in colour and seemed to move through the trees quite a distance rather than being at a particular location. They felt they were close enough to hear other people, but it was completely silent. They were a little spooked as they knew there were no houses or roads out on the far side of the woods, so they decided not to go in there.

They turned round and started walking back into the adjacent field. Suddenly there were three loud thudding noises in quick succession. They were so loud that they could feel the vibrations in the ground. The first two thuds came from ahead of them in the direction of another copse of trees about 100 yards away. The third thud came from off to their left and seemed to come from one of the other surrounding fields. David does not believe that it was an echo of one of the first two sounds.

Aerial map of the copse of trees:

A moment later there was a bright sparkle of lights which exploded from inside the copse down by the ground! It was extremely bright but again there was absolutely no noise. Inside the copse is a clearing where people sometimes like to relax and even have bonfires. However David and Adam were certain that there was nobody there at the time as they would have been able to see the glow of the fire or hear people talking.

Photograph of the copse of trees from the location the witnesses were when they saw the lights:

They both felt uneasy by all this strange activity going on around them, so decided to leave the fields and head for home. They did not investigate further to find out the source of any of the lights they had seen. 

On a later occasion when they visited Cotmore Covert they came across signs of possible witchcraft, including small wooden figures hanging from branches, piles of cones which had clearly been collected by hand and other branches leant up against trees. David and Adam wonder whether there was some kind of magical ritual going on in the woods at that time which they had witnessed from a distance.

Meeting Aboard Craft

One night David’s friend "Howard" invited him to come along to his friend Kat’s house for a social gathering. At the time David believed that he had never met Kat before. When they arrived Kat came up to them and greeted them warmly. Immediately David began to get vivid flashbacks. He realised that he had met her aboard a craft during one of his abduction experiences!

He recalled seeing her standing in a small sized room, quite dark and with long benches. She was stood up and wearing a long black T-shirt. Her legs were exposed suggesting these were her bedclothes. She was in a state of shock and was crying uncontrollably. He was standing next to her with his hand on her back. He was assuring her that the ETs were ok and that she didn’t need to panic. Despite this reassurance she continued to cry.

David felt a bit overwhelmed at this realisation. At the time it appeared that he had recognised her straight away but she had seemingly not recognised him. He kept what he knew to himself as he didn’t think it was appropriate to bring it up out of the blue.

Over the next few weeks they happened to meet on other occasions. On about the 4th time they met Kat began to speak about the abduction. She told David that she remembered meeting him aboard a craft. David simply responded by saying “I know” and smiling at her. Not much more was said about it. David believes that although they had shared this experience, Kat was not really ready to open up about it.

After this conversation they seemed to part ways. David later heard through friends that she was frightened to speak with him. Kat is no longer in touch with either David or Howard. David says that she has locked herself away from everything and does not seem to have come to terms with what is happening to her.

Further Surveillance

Earlier in this report I have gone over numerous incidents where David felt he was being watched by Military Intelligence, including one involving an unidentified van. In 2014 David noticed another van that kept parking directly opposite his house for extended periods of time. It looked like a motor home and was in good condition. It was parked there on numerous occasions, and certainly felt out of place.

David wasn’t the only one to be concerned by this vehicle. His next door neighbour Becky also noticed it. One day she came and spoke with him about it. She said that she had seen a man in overalls get out of it and walk off. She wondered if the man was living in it. They went out to take another look at the van. It was now that David noticed that the licence plate was OXF MI5. This could of course have just been a coincidence, but considering the fact that Bicester is in the district of Oxfordshire, he wondered if the van was related to Military Intelligence and that they were letting him know that he was being watched.

David got back in touch with me at the end of September 2014 to go over several unusual experiences which had taken place during the previous week down at the sports field in Caversfield where they had previously seen the glowing UFOs.

Most evenings David would take his pet dog over the field for a walk. On both the 23rd and 24th September David noticed couples who were acting very strangely. They were continuously looking over their shoulders at him, looking away when he glanced in their direction. They were also stretching far too regularly for the entire 40 minutes which he was down there. Obviously there was no way to prove that they were monitoring him in some way, so he decided not to take it on board.


On the evening of the 25th David noticed a short lady with dark hair wearing sunglasses. Again she seemed to be staring at him, and would actively look away when he looked at her. He started to pay close attention to what she was doing. As he walked around the outer fence he kept an eye on her. The lady turned around and just stood seemingly staring at nothing. She had her back to him the whole time, but there was nothing for her to be looking at as she too was close to the fence on the opposite side of the field.

David decided he would approach the lady to see how she would react. He began to walk towards her across the field. As he approached she continued to stand facing away from him. But as he got within 5 metres of her without warning she took off her sunglasses, put them in her pocket, turned and briskly walked away out of the gate to the field. She was walking so fast the sunglasses fell out of her pocket. David thought about shouting after her but he let her walk away. He picked up the sunglasses. They were like no shades he had ever seen before. They were quite wide, and on the outer inside edges was mirrored glass. He put them on and his thoughts were immediately confirmed – the sunglasses allow you to see behind you over both your shoulders, almost like vehicle wing mirrors.

It was clear that the woman had been staring at him all along, and that when she was facing away from him seemingly staring blankly at the fence she in fact could see everything going on behind her! David took some photographs of the sunglasses and sent them to me.

Within a week of the incident the sunglasses had gone. David says that he had kept them on the window ledge of the main window of his living room. He noticed one day that they were missing. Neither Janet nor his daughters had any reason to move them, but he asked them just in case.

After I had taken the details from David about this unusual experience, I of course actively searched online but could not find a match for the sunglasses anywhere. For a long while both myself and David wondered if the woman seen down the park was involved in surveillance.

However in 2017 the shades were traced back to E-Bay alongside other mirrored "spy sunglasses". This tends to suggest that the lady was not involved in officially monitoring David. However the reason why she was clearly watching him as he walked around the park remains a mystery.

Electronic Interference

David has experienced many occasions where electrical devices have seemingly been affected by his presence, sometimes with other witnesses present. This is a well-documented side effect of contact, and has been reported in many other cases I have investigated.

At the North West end of the sports field in Caversfield there is a running track. Sometimes David and his friends like to walk around it while they talk.

Aerial map showing the location of the running track:

Photograph of the running track:

As you can see from the above photo, there are a number of lamp-posts around the track which come on during the evening. On numerous occasions while walking around the track the streetlights have switched off one at a time as they have walked past before switching back on again! Both Adam and Howard have witnessed this while down the track with David. On at least a couple of times they have decided to walk round numerous times and even back track on themselves, and they continued to switch off whenever they got close to them. David said that on these occasions they were only walking at a normal speed so would not have been causing excessive vibrations. This can therefore be ruled out as a possible explanation.

David says that most times this has taken place they happened to be discussing deep spiritual concepts. He wonders if this somehow causes the electrical interference to increase in strength or even triggers it entirely.

On the evening of 28th October 2014 I contacted David to continue going over some of his earlier experiences for this report. He had decided to go for a walk around the running track on his own to ensure it was quiet for our chat. As we were talking he suddenly informed me that as he had walked past one of the lights it had switched off. About 30 yards on he then informed me that it had come back on again. Shortly after this it went off and came back on a second time.

He continued around the track. The next time he walked past the same light he informed me that exactly the same thing had just happened, it once again switched off as he walked by it! It certainly appears that his presence was causing some kind of interference with this single light. Unfortunately he has an old phone without a camera so was not able to video this happening, but I have no reason to doubt that this was taking place as he stated.

David’s daughter Ellie has also witnessed this happen on numerous occasions when she has been out with him. In her recorded testimony she mentions the following:

“I remember it started when dad was babysitting and we used to walk home, and as we walked along the lamp post we were walking past would start flickering, and as soon as we got past it and we were a few metres away it would stop. It only did it as we were coming near it.  Whenever we walk past lamp posts, they're flickering.”

There have also been many occasions where David has gone shopping and when he has approached the till to pay it has stopped working. This has also happened with computers and electronic scanners. David believes it is happening far too regularly to be just down to coincidence. It happens so often that David actively avoids using electronic devices such as computers or mobile phones, and leads a relatively tech-free life.

There have been periods of time where loads of light bulbs have blown in quick succession around the house. David has not noted any direct correlation between this and contact experiences he has had. But again it could well be related to his contact experiences.

When I initially traveled down Bicester to investigate David’s case I took along a dictaphone to record the interview. In the morning before setting off I checked it and ensured it was at top battery capacity. However after utilising it about half an hour during the investigation I noticed that it had dropped right down to just 1 bar out of 4. I have not seen it do this before or since. We actually had to stop at a local shop in order for me to pick up fresh batteries as I had not anticipated it would run out.

Reptilian Walk Ins

Over the years there have been a number of incidents where various individuals have seen David’s appearance change to that of a Reptilian. If this had only happened once or twice it could perhaps been put down to imagination or a trick of the light, but according to David it has happened at least fifteen times in the presence of many different people, not all of which have had an interest in the UFO subject. Below are details of just some of these incidents.

When David was 23 or 24 he was staying at his parents’ house in Bicester. At the time he knew a man who most knew by the nickname “Speedy”. He was apparently quite reserved, but was in a band which David was a fan of. One evening Speedy turned up at the front door of the house in quite a drunk state. He asked if he could stay a while, saying that he didn’t want to go back home in the state he was in. David agreed and took him into the kitchen to get him a drink of water. He handed him the glass and turned to walk away.

Suddenly Speedy screamed extremely loudly and launched himself at David. He smashed the glass over his head, reached for his neck and began strangling him. Fortunately David managed to fight him off and threw him into the corner of the kitchen. He stepped away from him into the living room and shouted at him to get out. But instead he got back to his feet and began to walk towards David again with a look of absolute terror on his face. He then charged at David again. David had no choice but to defend himself. Luckily because of his experience as a boxer he was able to fight him off. He then dragged him outside and called the police.

When the police turned up Speedy jumped up to his feet still clearly extremely frightened of David. He pointed right at him shouting out “Look at him! Look at him!” The police just thought he was mad and took him away in their car. David did not get in any trouble as it was clear he had acted in self-defence.

After the incident David did not try contacting Speedy to discuss what had taken place. A couple of weeks went by. Then while out in Bicester David happened to walk into a pub where Speedy and a number of his friends were. As soon as David approached them, Speedy nervously got up and walked out of the pub. David spoke to his friends asking about how Speedy had been. He was shocked by what they told him. They said that he had been warning everyone not to trust David, and that he was not who he said he was. He had told them that he was a lizard man and that he must be a demon.

Nobody could understand what was going on but it created a rift between David and the group and after a while he stopped socialising with them. A number of months later David bumped into one of Speedy’s friends, who informed him that he was so frightened that he had moved away from Bicester all together.

While one could argue that Speedy was in a drunken state of mind, or could have even have had his drink spiked, there have been many other times where everyone involved has been completely sober. Once such occasion happened around 2007-2008. David, Phil and others were out in the back garden of Ricky’s house having a cigarette. Most of his friends went back inside but he remained outside with Phil having a philosophical chat.

David suddenly felt a little strange, like the energy around him had changed in some way. At this moment Phil suddenly exclaimed “This is the most bizarre thing Dave! I’m looking at you and I can see this reptile”. David responded saying “That’s interesting, because I’m not making it happen, and I don’t feel like I’m going to bite your head off or anything”. Phil wasn’t scared by what was taking place. He said “I’m not intimidated by it, I can just see this snake”.  He described it as an “overlay”. He could still see David’s face through it, almost like a holographic image. This went on for about a minute. Then Phil said that the image was fading away, and everything went back to normal.

A more recent example took place in February 2015. David had gone over to his friend Del’s house. It was early evening and they were sitting in the corner of the front room chatting. Mid-conversation Del suddenly gave a brief look of puzzlement. They carried on talking and didn’t say anything of it at the time. A few days later David met up with him again. Without being prompted Del said to him “I had this really weird experience the other day when I was talking with you. I was really listening to what you were saying and looking right into your eyes. And suddenly the whole picture just changed. In the blink of an eye I saw you as this snake man. And then immediately it went and you were back to normal”. At the time he did not know what to make of it which is why he had not said anything to David.

David’s eldest daughter Ellie has also witnessed his eyes change. She mentioned the following in her recorded testimony:

“I remember dad’s eyes changing colour. I don't think I remember his body physically changing, but I've seen his eyes change to reptile eyes. They're green and they're thinner than normal. His eye is round, the bits inside aren't round they're like slits.”

Incidents of this kind are commonly referred to as “walk ins”. They are quite rare, I have not come across a case where this has happened on so many different occasions before. The reason for why it happens is not really known. It could be the ETs manifesting themselves through the individual because of their direct link with them. It should be noted that David’s other experiences do not involve Reptilians, but instead involve Nordics, Greys and other humanoids.

Consciousness at Birth

After going over David’s many fascinating experiences that have occurred throughout his life, we will now return to the beginning with some very interesting details about his birth. Immediately following his birth in September 1976 he stopped breathing for two and a half minutes. The doctor’s had nearly given up on him when suddenly he sprang back to life. They were never able to establish a reason for why this had taken place.

During one of his meetings with his Nordic contacts, he was informed about what had happened at the moment of his birth. He was told that his consciousness was not human and that he was from them. They said that there was an on-going program in which they would switch consciousness with human beings at the moment of birth. This enables them to live amongst us and experience the world through human eyes.

David was informed that he was part of this program, and that the human consciousness within him was switched at birth. Even more strangely, he was informed that this consciousness came into being at a later time inside another body – the body of his sister’s eldest son Paul. David says that Paul is very close to his parents and is like “the son they never had”. On another occasion David’s parents informed him that all the way through the pregnancy they were decided that he was to be named Paul, but when he was born they instead decided to name him David. Obviously neither of these facts prove that this “consciousness switch” took place but they are interesting none the less.

Some of the things which the Nordics have informed David of have been very hard to take in. David says that he tries not to think too deeply about some aspects of what is taking place. However he is aware that nothing the beings have told him has turned out to be incorrect, and that a great deal of what they have said has turned out to be true.

Identical Markings

On the evening of Sunday 18th January 2016 I spoke with David about further activity which had been occurring over the prior fortnight. He informed me that during the night of Thursday 7th January he had a strange and vivid dream. In this dream he was standing in a corridor with a number of other people. The only individual which he recognised was a girl who was standing to his left, a friend of a friend who we shall name Lucy. Everyone appeared to be waiting for something to happen. David felt a rush of excitement as well as fear. However Lucy appeared to be extremely frightened. David held her hand to comfort her.

In the morning when he awoke he remembered the dream. David says that this was unusual in itself, as usually he does not remember his dreams. When he got out of bed he immediately noticed a marking on his right leg. On his upper right thigh was a perfect equilateral triangle of red dots. The dots were about 1 cm apart from one another. He tried touching them. They did not hurt at all and did not appear to be raised in any way.

Half an hour later his nose started to feel sore. It almost felt as though he had been punched in the nose, but there was no redness or swelling noticeable.

Later in the day David got in touch with me via text message. I asked him to get a photograph of the marking before it vanished. Unfortunately David does not own a camera or camera phone so he informed me he would get one when he went around to Adam’s house later on.

However over the next two days he was unable to get a photograph. This was not for want of trying. David informed me that he had attempted to get a photo on four different occasions. The first three times he was with Adam. Every time they would discuss getting a photo but would then seemingly forget to do so, and then David would remember later on after he had left. On the fourth occasion he asked Ellie if he could borrow her phone to get a photograph of the marking but again he forgot to do so after he had the phone. This felt very un-natural and David wonders if something was directly interfering with his attempts to photograph it. By the end of Saturday the marking was no longer visible on his thigh.

On Sunday he, Janet and Ellie were driving to Banbury for the day when he decided to tell them about what had happened. He mentioned the fact that his nose was still sore. At this Ellie informed him that her nose had also been aching since the Thursday night! David asked her if she had found any markings on herself. She said not at that time but that she had found similar markings on her in the past.

The following day Emma came round to David’s house for a chat. She informed him that recently she had been having psychic experiences more powerful than ever before. She said that she kept on hearing low voices which sounded like they were coming from somewhere near to her. She also said that her night’s sleep had been disturbed by strange and repetitive dreams. And in the morning she had found a red triangle of dots on her right forearm. David says that the marking on her arm was identical to what he had seen on his thigh – an exact triangle of red dots about 1 cm across!

Later in the week Lucy came round to David’s house by herself on two separate occasions. This was extremely unusual as she would usually just accompany David’s friend and sit there without saying much. But she now seemed to want to talk. They did not discuss ET contact at all, but David finds it to be too much of a coincidence that she would start turning up to chat so soon after he had experienced the strange dream which involved her.

Shadowy Figures

On Tuesday 12th January Cosmosis played a gig. The evening went really well and David was feeling extremely happy. He returned home and sat on the sofa relaxing. Eventually he decided that he should try to get some sleep. He switched the TV off and lay down on the bed in the darkness. It was about 1.30am when all of a sudden he sensed a change in the atmosphere of the house. He then began to hear objects being moved around in both the kitchen and the living room. It sounded like things being slid along shelves. The sounds made his hairs stand on end as he was still very much awake.

He then glanced over at the door to his room. At that moment he saw a shadowy form peer round the doorway. Terrified by this presence he lay extremely still and closed his eyes. He began to picture a white glowing light all around him, a technique he knew for trying to ward off evil. He opened his eyes again and could now see that the entity had now entered the room and was moving slowly around the edge of the bed. He began closing his eyes for a number of seconds before opening them. Every time the figure was still present. He tried speaking with it both telepathically and out loud asking if it wanted to speak with him, but he got no detectable response from it. Eventually he felt the atmosphere change again and when he opened his eyes the shadowy form was gone. The noises of moving objects had also ceased.

However things were not yet over. The following morning he got a text message from Howard. It said “Dave I need to come round and talk to you, I’ve had an experience, it was stronger than anything I’ve experienced before.”

Howard arrived at David’s house and began to go over what had taken place. David was astounded by what he heard. Howard said that during the night he had found it hard to drop off to sleep. He had been lying in bed around 1.30am and had looked down to the base of his bed. In the corner of the room he had seen a patch of shadow where there would usually not be. From this shadow emerged a shadowy form which approached the side of the bed and stared right at him. Dave was amazed to hear that Howard had experienced almost exactly the same thing he had experienced at around the same time of night!

Later on he spoke with Adam on the phone. Adam said that he had woken up around 1.30am for an unknown reason. Finding it hard to drop back off he decided to go down to the garden for a smoke. While out there he suddenly began to feel that there was a dark presence watching him from the base of the garden. He decided to head back inside. Seemingly Adam had also had something take place.

In the afternoon another of David’s friends, "Pete", came around to the house for a chat. They were relaxing in the living room. Pete was sitting in a chair which gave him a view through the open doorway to the adjoining kitchen. Suddenly David heard the sound of something sliding along the work surface. At the same moment Pete jumped up and ran into the kitchen. A moment later he came back through holding a golden-coloured stag head Christmas decoration. He exclaimed “Fucking hell mate, I’ve just seen this move across in front of the microwave!” It appeared that whatever David had experienced in the night was still present in the house. Although many people would put this down to poltergeist activity, David believes it is something else, although exactly what he cannot currently say.

Daugher’s FT Sighting

On the evening of Wednesday 13th January Ellie went out to a local youth centre. When she was home she excitedly informed David that she had seen a triangular UFO. She said that when she had left the centre she observed a dark triangular shaped object with a reddish-orange glowing light in the centre of the underside fly overhead. It was travelling on a straight and level course and was definitely within the atmosphere.

As it approached she managed to grab her mobile phone and take some video footage of it. Unfortunately only the light of the object is visible on the footage due to the fact it was after dark, the camera was not good quality enough to capture the edges of the object, but these were certainly visible to the naked eye.

David has informed me that he will send the footage to me soon. Once I receive it I will add it to this section with full analysis.


As you can see David has had an incredible number of experiences, many of which have been in the presence of others. It is clear that both he and his family are experiencing contact, although not everyone involved has chosen to embrace it in the same way that he has. It seems probable that David is the key individual throughout these experiences, certainly he is the only family member who they have chosen to speak with on a direct level.

David’s experiences have clearly not only involved his family but also his friends and other associates. Some of his friends have seemingly become contactees themselves through being around David. However others have had contact-related experiences since an early age, many years before knowing him.

I find the evidence for the reality of this case to be extremely compelling. It involves so many testimonies which clearly back each other up with very few discrepancies. I have spoken with David directly for many hours about his experiences. There is absolutely no question that he is talking about real incidents. It is clear that David’s experiences have changed him as a person on numerous levels, and affected many aspects of his life, again supporting their validity.

Although not required as part of my investigation, David asked some of the other witnesses to sign a written statement testifying to the validity of the details revealed.

This again serves as a reminder that this case is not simply about David, but has involved many other people too:

Investigating this case has been both fascinating and profound. It has opened my eyes to some of the deeper aspects of the contact phenomenon, and in some ways altered my views on the subject. I would like to take this opportunity to thank David, his family and friends for coming forward with this important information, the details of which would have probably remained largely in the dark. I have formed lasting friendships with David and others I have spoken with, so will very likely be kept informed of other experiences as they happen. Keep checking this report for updates.

As mentioned near the start of the report, many of David’s friends have had other experiences of their own. These will now be discussed in depth.


Adam is the guitarist and backing vocalist of Cosmosiis, and has been a close friend of his for many years. He has been present during a number of David’s experiences. However he has also had other experiences which go right back to his childhood that suggest he too is a contactee.

Possible Abduction

In 1997 when Adam was 11 years old he went for a sleepover at the house of another friend named Dave. At the time Dave lived on Tangmere Close, Glory Farm, Bicester.

Aerial map of Tangmere Close:

Dave had a bunk bed and Adam ended up sleeping on the top bunk. They dropped off to sleep at around. At about 5am Adam woke up to find the window of the room banging back and forth and the blinds flapping around violently. He is not sure whether it was the noise of this which caused him to stir. He leaned over the edge of the bunk bed and saw that Dave was also awake. They both glanced at each other, puzzled by what was taking place.

Within a number of seconds a blue-white light suddenly entered the room coming from outside of the window. Adam says this got brighter and brighter until he could see nothing else. He then fell backwards onto the bed and passed out.

The next thing he became aware of it was morning time and he was waking up. He remembered seeing the light and thought about it as he got dressed. Over breakfast his friend leaned over and said “Did you see that blue light that came into the room last night?” This brought home the reality of the experience. Adam confirmed that he had seen it but had then blacked out. Dave confirmed the same thing had happened to him. They decided to keep the experience to themselves at that time and did not tell Dave’s parents about it. However they did later share the details with some of their friends.

This experience bears all the hallmarks of an abduction. Adam says the flapping of the blind and window was quite forceful and clearly not just caused by wind, something was greatly disrupting the air in the vicinity. This and the light which followed could not have been a nearby helicopter because if so they would have heard the rotor blades.

The fact that both Adam and Dave woke up and confirmed the experience means it is very unlikely to have been a dream or a sleep paralysis incident. It was also clear that the boys could move freely as they looked at each other. It appeared that the light entering the room (or something that accompanied it) switched them both off simultaneously. This has been reported in many abduction cases.


In his early teens Adam began to have recurring dreams about a specific Grey being. This being was quite tall in height, just under six foot. It was slender and unclothed. Its skin was light grey colour. It had a head a bit larger than human, but was oval in shape rather than the more commonly reported pear-like shape. It had no visible nose and a slit for a mouth. Its eyes were large and dark navy coloured. They were highly reflective.

The being told Adam its name was Elvis. At the time he was playing a game on Nintendo 64 called Project Dark. This game featured an alien nicknamed “Elvis” which had been captured and held at the infamous Area 51 base. Adam believes that the Grey in his named itself this so he could relate it to the alien from the game and would therefore find it less frightening.

Witness drawing of “Elvis”:

In the dreams Adam would have telepathic communications with this being. He cannot really remember what they talked about, just that he had similar dreams on a number of occasions.

While these meetings felt like dreams to Adam, they could well have been genuine contact experiences. ET contact can often feel like a vivid dream due to the altered state of mind which usually accompanies such experiences.

Glowing Winged Beings

One of the most unusual incidents Adam has experienced took place at the playing field behind Bicester Community College (BCC), known as the Annex field. It was around 8pm in the evening and Adam was on his way out with two friends, Grant and Joe. They were walking along Ashby Road on their way into Bicester for some drinks. The road passes along the West side of the Annex field. Adam needed to use the loo, so decided to nip out of sight around by a block of garages.

Aerial map showing the Annex field and the location of the garages on Ashby Road:

Photograph of the entrance to the garages. In the background the fence of the Annex field can be seen:

While down there he looked out over the Annex field. He suddenly noticed two glowing orange lights in the sky over the field. They appeared to be quite high altitude, at least a couple of thousand feet up. He was viewing them at quite a steep angle, about 60-70 degrees. The lights were moving quite fast swooping and diving around one another. Not only were they changing position but they were also rapidly descending and ascending as they moved.

Witness drawing showing the glowing lights in the sky:

After several seconds the lights descended right down to about 800 feet. At this point Adam could see their form more clearly. He was amazed to see what appeared to be two glowing humanoid winged beings within the lights. They had definite form to them with arms legs and head visible as well as two huge wings which seemed to come up out of their back. However there was no detail seen within these shapes, possibly due to the altitude and the brightness of the light coming from them.

Witness drawing of one of the glowing winged beings:

Adam called over Grant and Joe and all three of them continued watching the glowing beings as they swooped in arcs around one another. Within seconds Adam got his phone out and contacted his friend Howard. The reason he did this was because Howard lives on Lucerne Avenue in Bure Park about 1 km to the North of his location, and he wanted to see if he could see them too. Howard went outside and informed him that he could not.

While continuing to observe the beings Adam backed off out of the garage area onto Ashby Road. He did this as he felt that maybe the orange glow on the beings was being caused by nearby street lighting, and he wanted to test this theory. It became apparent to him that they really were glowing brightly and were self-luminescent.

The whole incident lasted for about 5 minutes, and the majority of this Adam had Howard on the phone, even when the beings flew away into the distance out of sight. Once they were gone the witnesses briefly spoke about what they had observed before continuing their journey. They did not really talk that much about it that evening, but in the coming weeks had a number of deep discussions about the origin of these beings.

ET Interactions

Adam and many of the other contactees mentioned in this extensive report regularly practice meditation. They all believe that through meditation they can bring about experiences on a different plane of reality - that some of the visions which have come to them while meditating are real experiences occurring on a metaphysical level. Some may argue that anything seen during this state is just down to the individual’s own imagination, however these experiences have included beings and craft as well as direct communication and so are certainly worth mentioning.

In July/August 2010 Adam and Grant went to an outdoor party being held at “the Ghost Fields” just off Gavray Drive, close to the location where David and Ricky witnessed the landed UFO and line of beings.

Aerial map of “the Ghost Fields”:

There was a bonfire and numerous people had brought along guitars and drums. After everyone had had a few drinks and the party had gone on a while everyone began to discuss more philosophical subjects. Adam, Grant and several others had separated from many of the other people at the party and were standing at the edge of an adjoining field.

The other individuals left until there was just Adam and Grant there. As it was very peaceful they decided it would be good to mediate a while. At first they were sitting down but after a while stood up. They were standing there staring at the surroundings when Adam began to feel the presence of a being. He sensed that this being was a Nordic humanoid. This feeling increased and it became obvious there were multiple beings in their vicinity. Even though they could not see them, both Adam and Grant felt that they moving in a circle around their location. Neither of them were scared by what was taking place, they were more fascinated by it.

Adam suggested that he and Grant touch hands. This is a technique used in meditation to try and heighten energy and enhance the experience. When their hands touched for a split second it felt like they had merged into a single person. This shocked both Adam and Grant and they jumped back from each other. Everything now felt extremely vibrant like their senses were on full alert. They waited a couple of minutes before deciding to return to the party around the bonfire.

When they walked back over Adam’s friend Aidan approached them to see how they were. When he looked at Adam he handed him some sunshades and said to him “Oi mate you’re going to need to put on these glasses. Your eyes have gone a bit Reptilian!” Adam was a little frightened by this statement. He had been looking into Reptilians quite a bit around that time and viewed them as a negative species. Aidan was also familiar with them so when he said this he did mean it in ET terminology rather than saying that Adam’s eyes were like that of a reptile. Adam says that the reason why Aidian did not get freaked out by this and start telling the other party goers  was because he was quite in tune with the subject, and was also emotionally strong and not easily scared.

Adam put the shades on which with the glowing firelight enhanced the definition of light and shadow quite nicely. He looked round at the other party goers. Most people were chatting away with each other in small groups. His friend Scott was sitting quite close to the fire and looking quite drunk. Another friend Jaime was stumbling around on his own looking more than a little tipsy.

When Adam looked at him he was amazed to see several short Grey beings around him! They were about 4 feet high and were unclothed. Each Grey held what appeared to be a stick of some kind, similar to a wooden stick with curves in it, but also looking strangely different. The Greys were poking Jaime with these sticks making him laugh and topple back and forth. It was as if they were toying with him. It was clear that Jaime had no idea these beings were present.

Wondering if it was just a trick of the light, Adam took off the sunglasses. When he did he could no longer see the beings he could just see Jaime stumbling around. Yet when he put them back on again there the Greys were again! They were quite clear, and Adam was sure they were real rather than just being formed from light and shadow. Adam did not hand the shades to Grant or anyone else to see if they could also see the beings as he was fascinated by them and wanted to keep watching them himself.

He may have been able to if it wasn’t for what happened next. Suddenly without warning Scott suddenly jumped up to his feet. Looking right at Adam he shouted out “ADAM, THEY’RE HERE!” He then started moving towards the fire. It was clear that he was about to throw himself into it. Luckily both Adam and about 5 others reacted quickly enough. They all ran towards him jumping on him and holding him down.

It took all six of them to hold him on the ground, it was if he was massively strong despite the fact that he was clearly extremely drunk. He began to snarl and growl at them like an animal. It was as if something had taken control of him. While holding him down Adam looked into Scott’s eyes. It was like he was no longer present. Scott looked back at him almost whatever was in him was searching through his mind to find his fears. Scott then began to grind his teeth, something Adam can barely stand. It was like the entity in Scott was aware of this and did it on purpose, perhaps in an effort to get Adam to let go. After about a minute of perseverance, Scott seemed to calm down and return to normal.

However several minutes later he tried the same thing again. Once more everyone jumped on him and held him down. This happened a couple more times until in the end someone was called to come and pick him up.  

Later on when Adam spoke with Scott about the incident, Scott informed him that he had felt like he was possessed. It was as though some dark force had entered him. He had very little recollection of being held down or of trying to jump into the fire. Some people at the party believed that Scott’s actions were just down to his mental state at the time, as he had recently come out of a relationship. However Adam believes that a Reptilian being had taken over Scott and was trying to cause him harm. He feels that the other strange incidents which took place were just building up to what happened.

Bizarre as it sounds, there appears to have been multiple different beings present that night which interacted with the party goers in various ways. As part of my investigation I did ask Adam whether anyone was taking any recreational drugs at the time which could have contributed to what took place. Adam assured me that there was only alcohol being drank, and that he and Grant had only had a couple of pints. Scott was extremely drunk at the time and was also depressed so it is possible that this caused him to break down and attempt to take his own life. However this cannot really explain how he could suddenly gain near super-human strength in such a state, or how he was somehow aware of Adam’s extreme dislike of the sound of grinding teeth.

(Continued in Part 4)

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