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Bicester Contact Case (Part 3) - Nordics, Greys, Reptilians, Abductions, UFOs, Psychic, MIB

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 13/08/2015

Last Updated: 20/06/2017

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses

Flying Triangle Sighting

In 2014 David’s friend Emma began planning a book themed on ET contact. At the time she was quite sceptical towards the subject but found it fascinating. She was aware of David’s experiences so asked him if he would be in the book. He agreed and they went and visited a number of locations where Emma interviewed David on dictaphone in much the same manner that I did during my investigation.

David is a great listener, and often helps his friends through tough times. In April 2014 Emma came round at about 11pm to pick up David from his home and ask for his advice on something personal. It was a calm night but there was a cloud layer blocking out the stars and moon.

David knows of a great outdoor location called Brill Hill near the village of Brill, South East of Bicester. This has a nice view of the surroundings and is nice and peaceful, the perfect place to chat. He suggested to Emma that they drive to Brill Hill and she agreed. They set off on their 20 minute journey.

Aerial map indicating Bicester (A) and Brill (B):

About 6 minutes into the drive they were travelling along the B4011. Due to the time of night there was no other traffic on the road. They were passing through Upper Arncott and were close to Bullingdon Prison when Emma suddenly noticed something in the sky ahead of them off to the right.

She asked David “What’s that?” David immediately noticed the object too. It appeared to be equilateral triangle shape and black in colour, although this could have been due to the darkness. At each corner of the underside was a white light. In the centre of the object was a reddish-orange coloured light. The precise height and size of the object was quite hard to gauge, but it appeared to be at around 1500 feet at most, and about the size of a small aircraft.

Aerial map showing the estimated location of the sighting:

Photograph of the stretch of road where the incident took place:

David’s drawing of the UFO:

David responded to Emma’s question saying “Looks like a UFO!” Shocked by the sight of the object Emma slowed the car right down to about 30 mph but did not stop. David leaned his head out of the right side window to get a better view of it. The object was travelling at between 200-300 mph. It continued to approach and then flew directly over the car. David could see that it was blocking out the clouds so was definitely a solid object rather than just lights flying in formation. As it passed Emma asked David “Can you still see it?” David turned to her a moment and replied “Yeah”. When he looked back the object had completely vanished from sight, even though there was nowhere it could have been hidden from view. In total they had observed the UFO for about 20 seconds.

Emma continued to drive slowly for the remaining 10 miles to Brill. She was clearly shaken by what had taken place and did not really say much. However once they had arrived at their destination she started to panic more, and also wanted to talk about what they had just seen. David informed me that this sighting totally changed her attitude towards the UFO subject. He was also very impressed and told me “It was one of the most impressive craft I’ve seen, with all my friends, even when we’ve had contact. It was one of the closest of craft that have ever come to us.”

Due to the time of night and how rural the area was David is not sure whether anyone else would have seen the UFO. However he says that if someone was outside in the prison grounds at the time then they may well have spotted it.

Cosmosis & Cosmosiis

In the summer of 2014 David and Adam decided to re-form their band under the name Cosmosis. They were initially joined by Phil as their bass guitarist and another friend Paul (nicknamed "Pabz") on Cajon drum. In the spring of 2015 their friend Grant replaced Phil as the bass guitarist in the band.

Between 2014 - 2017 Cosmosis produced and recorded many tracks, and played regular gigs down in Oxfordshire. Many of their songs had deep lyrics about ETs, contact and spiritual awakening. The group members feel that the band provided them with a great way of sharing information on these deep subjects with the wider public.

Panoramic photograph of Cosmosis playing at the O2 Arena in Oxford, August 2015:

The bands first music video, “Hodrien”, is themed on ET contact and is named after myself for my work on the case. It is a fascinating mix of music and spoken word, and features a full conversation between a contactee (played by Adam) and an extra-terrestrial being. Here is the video for the track, which contains audio samples from my 2013 UFO Truth Magazine conference lecture, and footage of other well-known Ufologists:

The Facebook page for the band, on which you can find details of upcoming gigs is:

In the summer of 2014 Cosmosis announced that they were discontinuing as a band. However this was not to be the end of their story. They re-formed in the July 2017 under the name Cosmosiis, and have been performing gigs ever since. In addition to this David has continued to his solo music project.

Shadow Being Interaction

On 5th September 2014 David got in touch with me to go over an incident which had happened on the night of the 2nd. That evening David was out working on a music video. He returned home with Phil at around 11pm. Soon afterwards Phil left and David decided he would get an early night.

David often sleeps on the floor of his daughter’s bedroom. When he went upstairs he found the girl’s bedroom light was on. Both his daughters were fast asleep. He switched the light off and laid down on the floor between their beds. He tried dropping off to sleep but was not particularly tired.

The bedroom has glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling and as the light had been on these were glowing brightly. As David lay there in the dark staring up at them he suddenly heard a noise which came from the far corner of the room next to the cupboard. It sounded like something had moved. He looked over but could not see anything so lay back down.

Two minutes later there was a sudden flash of light which came from the same corner. It was almost like someone had switched a torch on and off extremely fast. At this moment he felt that something was about to kick off and his heart started beating faster. He wondered what was going to happen next.

Ellie was asleep on her bed but suddenly began to talk in her sleep. She began by saying “Uh. Uh huh...ok...yeah.” 10 seconds later she said “Uh....what, again?” Another 10 seconds passed. “What now....uhhh ok.” At this moment she sat bolt upright in bed. As soon as she did David noticed a shadowy form of some kind in the corner of the room where the flash had occurred. It began moving across the room towards Ellie's bed. As it passed the window it blocked out the light so was clearly there in the room, but it was not fully physical as it passed right through some boxes on the floor as it went.

When it reached the edge of the bed it continued on into it and positioned itself behind Ellie. It then seemed to envelop her, almost like it was hugging her. As soon as it did Ellie said “Oh man, I hate this bit!” She and the shadowy form then remained silent and unmoving for about 2-3 minutes. After this it seemed to slowly dissipate. Once it had gone Ellie lay back down on the bed, still fully asleep. David was amazed and realised that he had just witnessed an interaction between his daughter and an entity of some kind. It appeared to have been talking to her in her mind and she was audibly speaking her responses.

In the morning David came downstairs. Ellie was there getting ready for school. He said to her “What was going on with you last night?” Ellie responded “What?” She was clearly intrigued by what David had just said. David responded saying “Oh you were saying things during the night.” He did not want to tell her about the shadowy form as he did not want to frighten her. However Ellie responded saying that she had gone to bed about 10 o’clock but every time she turned off the light she would see a black figure standing in the corner of the room! She would put the light on and the figure would vanish. She said this happened several times and in the end she had left the light on and dropped off to sleep with it on.

After realising that Ellie had seen the same thing that he had seen he responded saying “I saw that being last night when I was lying in bed.” Ellie said “He was there all night.” Ellie could not remember any interaction with it, but she knew that it was there waiting in the room when she was trying to fall asleep.

Ellie mentioned this and similar previous experiences in her recorded testimony:

“I don't think I've ever been awake for the entity, though I felt weird in the morning, waking up. I remember sometimes waking up and feeling like people are there, I'm talking to them, like I'm talking to dad, I can see them pretty much, it's like I'm in a dream but I'm awake. And dad like says "What you doing?" and it snaps me out and they're not there anymore. And then I sit up and turn the alarm clock off.

One time was when we stayed at Shaun's house, and we were sleeping in one of the bedrooms, me and Sach, and this shadow was stood in the corner, it was bending down and looking at me. And at first I was really scared, then I fell asleep, I don't know how I fell asleep.

And then when I was sleeping in the little bedroom, cause I'd been in a room with Sacha and then I come back again, and I used to wake up to this like really tall shadow used to be stood right over me. And it used to really creep me out. And it happened for a few weeks and then all of a sudden stopped. But I remember putting my lamp on and it'd go.”

Regarding the incident at Shaun’s house, David says that he was downstairs at the time and actually felt a presence enter the house. He even questioned Shaun afterwards just to make sure because he lived in quite a big house. He asked him whether he'd had any instances of ghosts or anything like that in the house and he assured him that nothing had ever happened.

Ellie also mentioned occasions where she has sensed an invisible presence in the room:

“It's usually when I'm on my own. I'd just be on my own in my bedroom and all of a sudden I feel more cold. I was in my bedroom when we'd first moved in, I was watching mum and the dog in the front garden and something spoke to me. Something said to me, it went "What?" So I turned round and I was like "Ahh didn't really hear that" and then I