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Bicester Contact Case (Part 2) - Nordics, Greys, Reptilians, Abductions, UFOs, Psychic, MIB

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 13/08/2015

Last Updated: 20/06/2017

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses

Back To The Fields

In the months following the landing incident David and Ricky talked about what had happened with other people, including their friend Marcus. He was so intrigued by their story that he wanted to go back with them to the location that it happened for a sky watch in the hope of seeing something else.

So one evening David and Ricky took him out to the area. They arrived about 8.30pm when the sun was still going down. David and Ricky had come to terms with what had taken place so were not frightened to return there. They found a suitable spot in the same field that I visited as part of the investigation.

By 10pm it was fully dark. It was a warm and clear evening with the stars visible in the sky. The men did not have torches with them as they wanted to get the best view of the night sky. Suddenly their attention was drawn to a glowing object in the sky to the North of them. David remembers it looking like an orange glowing disc-shaped UFO. He says it was quite sizeable, at least as big as a helicopter. Astounded they watched as it glided in from the right of their vision. It was only about 500 feet in the air and appeared to be silent. The object moved on a straight path. As it arrived at the adjacent field to them it came to an immediate abrupt halt. Everyone watched in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

The UFO hovered motionless for several seconds. Then it retracted its movement heading back the opposite way that it had arrived. Marcus moved around through some overgrowth to get a better look. They watched the object until it had gone out of sight.. Everyone was quite shocked by what had just taken place. For a moment there was absolute silence. This was broken by Marcus, who suddenly started shouting out that there was something inside his jeans. In a panicked state he pulled them down expecting to find a large spider or other animal. What he discovered was a large branch with leaves on! It had been alongside his upper thigh.

After Marcus removed the branch they sat down and discussed what they had just witnessed. Later in the night Marcus decided to take some photographs on his camera and get the others to take some with him in. Nothing else took place so they headed for home about 12.30am.

The following day Marcus excitedly contacted David. When he had checked the photographs there were orange glowing lights seen in the background behind them!

I finally got to speak with Marcus when I visited Bicester in May 2015. He confirmed that David and Ricky had mentioned to him what happened to them and that he had been responsible for initiating the sky watch. While his recollection of what happened there is similar to David’s in some regards, he does not recall seeing an orange disc-shaped object. He remembers just seeing a brilliantly glowing yellow-ish coloured light. He says it caught his attention because it looked too bright and large to be a normal aircraft. When asked about the movement of the UFO, Marcus agrees that it came in, stopped a while, and then moved away from the area. He does not believe that the branch was anything unusual, he just says that when he moved around in the overgrowth it must have accidentally slid up the inside of his leg and broken off. Marcus informed me he would send through the photographs for me to analyse, although he does suspect that the orange lights are merely reflections from the street lights on Charbridge Lane.

Below are the photographs taken on Marcus’ camera, which he sent to me soon after my visit:

The orange lights are most pronounced in the third photograph of Marcus and David, but can still be seen on the others to a lesser degree. Below is a zoomed image of some of them:

However Marcus believes that they are merely street lights from Charbridge Lane, as the photographs were taken in that direction. As they are in a line and also quite low down I too feel this is the most likely explanation for them.

Nordic Body Scan

About 4-5 months after the landing incident, David was stood in the back garden of his house and chatting with Ricky. It was about 12.30 am, and a clear and dry night. Janet and the children had already gone to bed.

Aerial map of Market End Way:

Coming from over the rooftops at the left far corner of the garden they suddenly noticed an angular silver coloured saucer-shaped UFO. It had a raised central section with a line of dark rectangular windows along it. There were no lights visible on it, it was only visible due to the reflection of street lights on its surface. It was completely silent. The whole object looked almost old fashioned in its appearance. It was about 20 feet across and no more than 50 feet in the air.

David’s drawing of the UFO over the garden:

The UFO approached them at walking pace and then came to a halt over the tree line at the base of the garden, hovering motionless in the air roughly 20 feet away from them. The presence of this object felt completely surreal to David, despite his previous experiences.

Almost immediately David then got a strong telepathic message in his mind telling him to go inside the house and sit down. He was in a state where he was on the verge of losing control. He turned to Ricky and said “Come on then, let’s go inside”. David says that he did this because he trusted the beings, but says that he doesn’t think it would make any difference if he didn’t. Ricky was in total shock and a place of open awareness, and David says that he would have done anything he was told at that time. They both stopped looking at the craft and went back into the living room, which lead directly off the garden. David closed the door behind them. He did not switch the light on so the room was quite dark. He has no idea why he did not put the light on as normally he would have.

David sat down on one of the two sofas, Ricky sat on the other. They both sat cross-legged as if they were preparing to meditate. About 10-20 seconds later three Nordic beings entered the room, actually stepping through the solid back door of the house! The first was the one that looks very similar to David. Accompanying him were two other males, probably two of the ones he had seen during the abduction, although David cannot be certain of this. The one that looked like him appeared to be co-ordinating the other two and David sensed that there was communication going on between them telepathically.

The Nordic that looked like David stood between the two sofas. One of the other males got down on one knee close to David. The other went and sat on the other sofa alongside Ricky. Ricky continued to stare straight forward. The being alongside him turned and looked intensely at him. David believes that it was controlling him in some way. A moment later David blacked out and was not aware of what happened next.

David’s drawing of himself, Ricky and the beings in the living room:

However afterwards Ricky explained what had taken place. He said that David turned and lay down on the sofa, like he was being controlled to do so by the beings. The Nordic who had been kneeling near him then began to run a device which looked like a bar covered in lights up and down under David’s body. This would of course usually have been impossible without lifting him up off the sofa, but Ricky said that this did not happen. The beings arm appeared to be going through the sofa under David and he could see different coloured lights spilling out from under him. The being would move the device to a part of David’s body, stop it over that place for a time, at which point the lights would change colour like it was responding to something in his body. It was some kind of body scan, perhaps healing him in some way.

As they did this, the being sitting next to Ricky spoke to him telepathically. He kept ascertaining that everything they were doing was ok and that he didn’t need to panic. Once the activity was complete, the being alongside David lifted him back up into a normal seated position. At this moment David came back around and became aware of what was going on. He looked across at Ricky, who was now looking at the being next to him. At this moment David saw the being wave at Ricky in an almost child-like way. After this the beings got back up to their feet and then all walked out of the room, once again stepping through the closed back door.

For about a minute David and Ricky sat in the darkened room in silence. Everything was still and quiet until Ricky exclaimed “That was fucking mad!” David was still in a state of confusion and responded saying “Yeah....what happened?” Ricky said “Mate they were doing shit on you. Don’t you remember?” David answered him saying “I don’t remember that. I remember the guys walking in.”

As David thought back, he recalled seeing the craft out in the garden, but he says it felt like remembering something that had happened ages ago in his past rather than something that had only occurred a short while before. They started to talk through the event to make it seem real to them. David felt that if they didn’t do this they would possibly forget about it. He says that his contact experiences always feel like this. He wonders if there are other experiences he has had which have been completely forgotten.

In the morning when Janet woke up David told her about what had happened during the night. She accepted it quite well as this was far from the first time that such things had taken place.

Both this experience, and the craft landing which occurred earlier in the same year, deeply affected Ricky’s perspective on reality. In a similar way to David his personality dramatically changed as he began to accept what had occurred. 

Neither of the men had a camera on them at the time, and David believes that even if they did have they were not have been in the right frame of mind to take a photograph of either the craft or the Nordic beings.

Below is Ricky's written testimony of what took place: