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Bicester Contact Case (Part 1) - Nordics, Greys, Reptilians, Abductions, UFOs, Psychic, MIB

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 13/08/2015

Last Updated: 23/06/2020

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses

Investigation Overview

I first heard from David Hunt on 6th June 2014 via E-Mail. He had watched my UFO Truth Magazine conference on Youtube and was impressed by it enough to get in touch with me directly. He wanted to find a way to get the information of his experiences out to the public in order to support other people going through similar situations.

After briefly talking with him on the phone I soon determined that this was much too large a case to work on remotely. On the 15th June I travelled down to Oxfordshire to meet him at his home in Bicester. We had an initial chat and I briefly met his wife "Janet" and daughters Sacha and Ellie.

Soon after my arrival, David’s friend Adam showed up. We then spent the day heading out to various locations where incidents had taken place over the years. I extensively interviewed both David and Adam on these experiences, and took many photographs. In late afternoon we met up with their friend “Howard”, who has also had many contact experiences.

In the months following my visit, I spoke with David and his various friends on many occasions via phone, E-Mail and Facebook messenger, and received a recorded audio testimony from his 11 year old daughter Ellie.

David and several of his close friends have formed an acoustic rock band named Cosmosis. Their music appears to have been directly influenced by the ETs. This will be discussed later in the report.  In September 2014 they came to Birmingham UFO Group to take part in my talk on UFOs & The Music Industry. They played some live tracks and a video to their song “Hodrien”, named after myself due to my work on their case.

On 2nd May 2015 I traveled back down to Bicester to finalize details for the report and watch Cosmosis perform two gigs. I was also able to interview friends Marcus and Luke during my visit. In June 2015 I spoke alongside David at BUFOG about his experiences. I am due to speak alongside him again at UFO Truth Magazine conference in September, and at BUFOG a second time in October.

This report covers the experiences which have directly involved David and his family. Many of David’s friends have also had their own experiences while David has not been present, and some even appear to be contactees themselves. In order to keep the size of the report down these experiences have been move to a separate report, the link for which can be found at the end of this report.

David and myself during my investigation (May 2015):


The Vanishing Man

David claims that his parents Derek and Marian only began to have experiences after he had been born, he cannot recall them ever mentioning anything unusual taking place before this time. This may suggest that they only occurred as a result of his presence in their lives.

In October 1976 when David was only 1 month old, Derek and Marian owned a newsagents in Balham, central London, and lived above it. In the early hours of the morning they heard noises coming from downstairs. Obviously they assumed it was a burglar. Derek cr