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Berlin Contact Case - ETs in Human Form, Dimensional Shifts, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 01/12/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


The phenomenon of ET contact is both vast and complex, and can lead to many different types of experiences. While many of the aspects of contact seem to be repeated across many different cases, occasionally someone can experience something either extremely rare or even completely unique. When such experiences occur it is often people’s tendency to ignore them, or jump to conclusions and assume that the individual involved is fabricating their experiences. But just because these experiences are unusual does not mean that they haven’t taken place. Gavin has had lots of very interesting experiences over many years, many of which have also involved other witnesses. This report covers some of these incidents in detail.

Sparkling Dust

Gavin’s unusual experiences began when he was only 3 years old. He remembers numerous occasions at night where he would see something very strange in his bedroom. After reading him a bedtime story, his mum would leave the room and nearly close the door. The landing light would be left on, but there would be very little light in his room. He’d then sometimes see what appeared to be sparkling dust floating slowly around him in the air. The dust appeared in large quantities, and Gavin is sure that it was not just caused by the landing light reflecting off dust particles in the room. He was able to reach out with both hands, take handfuls and examine the sparkling dust. When he opened his hands it floated back to the particles in the circle and continued revolving around him.

For an unknown reason, Gavin felt that this was not something he should talk about with his family, so he never mentioned it to them.  These experiences continued for at least a year, possibly longer, but he cannot remember exactly when they stopped. He was not frightened by the dust; he used to find it fascinating and was happy when it appeared.

I have not yet come across any other cases where the same thing has been reported, so at present there is no further information available on what this sparkling dust could have been.

Night Fears

Soon after his experiences with the dust, Gavin began to feel frightened in his room at night. He’d feel that there was a presence there in the room with him. It is unknown whether these feelings were linked with the dust or not.

On a number of occasions he’d awake to find that he couldn’t move or shout out. He’d try to fight this and after a short while would be able to start moving again and his voice would return. On other occasions when he’d just fallen asleep, he’d be woken by a loud and intense buzzing sound, which seemed to penetrate his whole body. These experiences with the sound continued into his 30’s, but he still regularly gets the feeling of a presence in the room at night. These experiences sound like they may have been down to what is commonly termed “sleep paralysis”, although they are also known aspects of the ET contact phenomenon.

Changing Roads Dream

Another thing Gavin remembers from his childhood is that he used to have a recurring nightmare where he’d be walking home from school when suddenly the roads would change. They looked the same but the connecting roads at the junctions were different. He’d become lost and unable to find his way home, which was terrifying.

This could of course have been nothing more than a dream, but as you will see it has bizarre links with some of his later experiences which suggest otherwise.

Haunted Landing

As you have already heard, Gavin quite regularly sensed some kind of presence in his bedroom during the night. In his teenage years on a number of occasions and always in the evening while upstairs in his bedroom, he’d sense the arrival of a negative presence / entity on the landing. It was always in exactly the same place – between his bedroom and the staircase. Whether it wanted something or whether it was harmful Gavin wasn’t sure, but it un-nerved him and made him go cold, so much so that he’d have to go downstairs to his parents.

As he walked downstairs, he always gripped the banister tightly, feeling that whatever was there might push him down the stairs. He cannot explai