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Berlin Contact Case - ETs in Human Form, Dimensional Shifts, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 01/12/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


The phenomenon of ET contact is both vast and complex, and can lead to many different types of experiences. While many of the aspects of contact seem to be repeated across many different cases, occasionally someone can experience something either extremely rare or even completely unique. When such experiences occur it is often people’s tendency to ignore them, or jump to conclusions and assume that the individual involved is fabricating their experiences. But just because these experiences are unusual does not mean that they haven’t taken place. Gavin has had lots of very interesting experiences over many years, many of which have also involved other witnesses. This report covers some of these incidents in detail.

Sparkling Dust

Gavin’s unusual experiences began when he was only 3 years old. He remembers numerous occasions at night where he would see something very strange in his bedroom. After reading him a bedtime story, his mum would leave the room and nearly close the door. The landing light would be left on, but there would be very little light in his room. He’d then sometimes see what appeared to be sparkling dust floating slowly around him in the air. The dust appeared in large quantities, and Gavin is sure that it was not just caused by the landing light reflecting off dust particles in the room. He was able to reach out with both hands, take handfuls and examine the sparkling dust. When he opened his hands it floated back to the particles in the circle and continued revolving around him.

For an unknown reason, Gavin felt that this was not something he should talk about with his family, so he never mentioned it to them.  These experiences continued for at least a year, possibly longer, but he cannot remember exactly when they stopped. He was not frightened by the dust; he used to find it fascinating and was happy when it appeared.

I have not yet come across any other cases where the same thing has been reported, so at present there is no further information available on what this sparkling dust could have been.

Night Fears

Soon after his experiences with the dust, Gavin began to feel frightened in his room at night. He’d feel that there was a presence there in the room with him. It is unknown whether these feelings were linked with the dust or not.

On a number of occasions he’d awake to find that he couldn’t move or shout out. He’d try to fight this and after a short while would be able to start moving again and his voice would return. On other occasions when he’d just fallen asleep, he’d be woken by a loud and intense buzzing sound, which seemed to penetrate his whole body. These experiences with the sound continued into his 30’s, but he still regularly gets the feeling of a presence in the room at night. These experiences sound like they may have been down to what is commonly termed “sleep paralysis”, although they are also known aspects of the ET contact phenomenon.

Changing Roads Dream

Another thing Gavin remembers from his childhood is that he used to have a recurring nightmare where he’d be walking home from school when suddenly the roads would change. They looked the same but the connecting roads at the junctions were different. He’d become lost and unable to find his way home, which was terrifying.

This could of course have been nothing more than a dream, but as you will see it has bizarre links with some of his later experiences which suggest otherwise.

Haunted Landing

As you have already heard, Gavin quite regularly sensed some kind of presence in his bedroom during the night. In his teenage years on a number of occasions and always in the evening while upstairs in his bedroom, he’d sense the arrival of a negative presence / entity on the landing. It was always in exactly the same place – between his bedroom and the staircase. Whether it wanted something or whether it was harmful Gavin wasn’t sure, but it un-nerved him and made him go cold, so much so that he’d have to go downstairs to his parents.

As he walked downstairs, he always gripped the banister tightly, feeling that whatever was there might push him down the stairs. He cannot explain why he had these feelings, as he never saw anything on the landing. He never told his parents, as he thought they would not believe him.

Pressure On The Legs

In 1994 Gavin was travelling through Eastern Europe. He’d arrived in Poland in the city of Poznan, close to the German border, and checked into a hotel. During the night he was woken by something pressing down on his lower legs. He found it unusual that he’d been sleeping on his back, as normally he slept on his side or stomach. Thinking that someone had entered the room he lay still keeping his eyes closed wondering what to do. The pressure slowly moved up his legs towards his thighs. Gavin opened his eyes slightly to take a look, and saw an unusual form / entity of some kind on the bed. He shouted out “No!” The form shot up into the air and then disappeared. Gavin cannot describe exactly what it looked like – just a shape. He turned on the light and lay awake for a while.

In the morning when he awoke, Gavin saw what he describes as small, puffy white clouds floating just below the ceiling. These remained a while before fading away. Gavin feels sure he was completely awake when viewing these.

Again it should be noted that some of what Gavin has described here is often reported during sleep paralysis experiences. However this does not necessarily explain what was seen, and there may well be another explanation.

The “small clouds” which Gavin reported seeing the following morning are very unusual, and do not sound like they were related to what happened during the night. Even more so because Gavin informed me that this was not the first time he had seen these, there had been other occasions in his life where he had seen similar things, always just below the ceiling. It does not sound like this was down to condensation in the room, and there is no definite explanation for what was seen. I have not heard anyone else report the same thing to me, at least so far.

Alien Dimensions

We will next look at a number of experiences Gavin has had in his adult years. These experiences have seemed to involve people who act in abnormal ways, unexplained shifts in time, and places that seem somehow strange or different. These incidents are far from typical, and it is clear that Gavin is not a contactee in the usual sense of the word. However, as you will see, there are aspects which may suggest an extra-terrestrial connection.

Man On The Street

In 1986 when Gavin was 21 years old, he left home, moved to Guildford and took a job at Next clothing store. Soon after starting work, a man began appearing outside the shop almost every day. His eyes were astute, he was possibly in his thirties and possibly homeless, and would at times watch Gavin or dance around making fun of particular passersby. Work colleagues said that the man was crazy and began speculating that his appearance was related to Gavin starting work in the shop. Gavin denied it because the man was strange, but knew his colleagues were right. He felt scared. On occasions when there were no customers and Gavin’s colleagues were in the stockroom, the man would come into the shop. “Why are you doing this job, it’s not really you,” he’d ask. Gavin began to observe the man, noticing that when he was making fun of passersby, his choice was not indiscriminate, he choose people who seemed arrogant.  As soon Gavin’s colleagues returned, the man would leave the shop.

One evening around midnight while he was on his way home from visiting a friend, Gavin saw the man on the street. The man approached him and began to speak to him. It was immediately obvious to Gavin that the man somehow knew everything which was on his mind at the time. It was like the man was reading his mind. He spoke of Gavin’s concerns for his future. Gavin was overwhelmed by what the man was saying and just stood there listening for about five minutes.

In the end he just said ok and took his leave, he did not ask the man any questions or try to establish how he knew these things about him. This was mostly due to the fact that he didn’t want to be seen speaking with this unusual man, but he was also quite frightened. The situation was really bizarre, and Gavin got the sense that this man was not a normal human being. Ever since he has wondered whether the man could have even been an ET in human form.

Missing Journey Time

In 1987 Gavin was living in London. One evening after work he went out to Tottenham to meet up with some friends who had travelled down from Hull. They’d only spent a short amount of time in the bar, when Gavin suddenly started to feel extremely tired. This was not something which would normally happen to him, and he began to wonder if someone had put something in his drink. He decided to leave his friends and head for home. As he walked along the road he began to feel frightened, but did not really know why. He reached Tottenham Hale underground station and can remember standing on the platform, seeing a train arrive (destination Brixton) but cannot remember boarding. The journey from Tottenham to Brixton is 16 stops with a change at Stockwell.

The next thing Gavin knew, a woman was gently shaking him. In a daze, he opened his eyes and saw what he thinks was Victoria Underground Station. The woman asked where he was going, to which Gavin replied, “Brixton”  Gavin realised that this was incorrect, but could not remember where he was travelling to. He informed the woman.

After this Gavin again experienced a missing period of time. The next thing he was aware of, he was waking up at Balham station. He was confused. Once again he had no memory of the journey or changing lines at Stockwell. To this day he has no idea of what had taken place. He has never experienced the same thing again.

London Underground map with Tottenham Hale (A), Stockwell (B) and Balham (C) marked:

While this is an odd experience, I feel it is unlikely to have anything to do with contact. Contactees regularly report having missing periods of time, which often later on turn out to be abduction experiences which have somehow been blocked out from their mind. However it is extremely unlikely that anything like that took place here due to the fact that Gavin was in a very public location at the time, with other people around at all stages. The extreme tiredness Gavin felt could well have been what he suspected – perhaps someone did spike his drink at the bar for an unknown reason. Or perhaps there was a medical explanation which was causing him to black out. It is certainly possible that Gavin wandered off the first train and onto one heading for Balham by himself in a dazed state of mind. There is also the possibility that the lady he remembers speaking with helped him get on the right train. We are unlikely to ever know for sure.

Unfamiliar Surroundings

On another occasion while he lived in London, Gavin was on his way to work. He got off at Oxford Circus and began walking along Oxford Street towards Tottenham Court Road. A few minutes later he looked up and suddenly found he was in different surroundings to where he should have been. He then realised he was walking in completely the opposite direction. He thought to himself “Oh my God, how did I do this?” He turned back around and decided to cut through some side streets to get back to where he should be.

Gavin walked along thinking about what had happened. He looked ahead and suddenly realised the streets looked completely different to how they should look, even though he had walked down them many times before. He wasn’t seeing what he should be seeing. He stopped and looked back. Behind him everything looked normal how he remembered it. But ahead of him everything seemed completely different.  He thought to himself “Shit! What am I going to do?” He kept walking onwards, trying to remain calm. This lasted a while. Then suddenly there was some kind of shift and everything looked normal again as it should. He continued his journey and finally reached his workplace.

Paris Metro

In 1989 Gavin was now living in Munich, Germany. On one of his return trips to England he was in Paris and in a rush to reach the ferry from Calais. He had to get to Gare Du Nord so got onto a metro, but as he was in such a rush he did not really check whether the destination was correct. There was a man sitting to his right and Gavin decided to check with him whether the metro was headed in the right direction. As he turned and looked at the man, he suddenly got a strange feeling that the man had known for thousands of years that this moment in time would come. The man confirmed that the metro was heading to Gare Du Nord, and then began talking about star signs, and about how different cities were linked with different star signs. He also discussed other esoteric topics.

While this was going on, Gavin noticed that everyone else on the metro appeared to be staring at him like he was completely mad. At that moment he thought to himself “No-one else can see this man, only I can.” He has no idea why he felt this was the case. It was an extremely unusual situation. Similar to the man he had met while living in Gilford, Gavin felt that the man was not a normal human being, and could have been an ET or other evolved being.

Gavin feels that on these occasions, beings in human form have interacted with him on purpose in order to pass on certain information to him.

The Party

In 1997 Gavin went to visit friends in the USA. He flew to Alburquerque and was picked up by Ben and Lindsey. The following day they drove to Boulder, Colorado (a 7 hour drive), where Ben was going to be attending a breathing course. They planned to stay with Keria, a friend of Gavin’s.

By the time they arrived at Boulder it was late afternoon. After dropping off some equipment for Ben’s workshop they drove to Keira’s house to meet up with her and Lindsey. While chatting Keira mentioned that an acquaintance of hers was having a party in Golden, a small town to the South of Boulder. She said that Sandra and her partner could sometimes be a little strange but were always very interesting to chat with, and that Sandra’s husband claimed to have created a machine which could alter people’s DNA. Gavin didn’t any questions at this time, but secretly thought to himself “I wonder what sort of party this is going to be?”

After being at Keira’s house for about half an hour, something very unusual happened to Gavin and Lindsey. They felt they’d completely lost track of time, and time wasn’t passing at a normal speed. Even though they were aware of this, neither of them looked at their watches. However they did check the time shortly before they set off to drive to the party. It was around 7pm, later than they had initially planned.

Aerial map with Boulder and Golden circled:

They set off on the drive to Golden, leaving Boulder and heading out into the countryside. Gavin was in a car with Keira. Ben and Lindsey followed behind in a second car. There were no other vehicles on the road and it was dark. As they drove they noticed a low mist floating just above the road. It was only about 2 feet high, so it was possible to see over the top of it from the car window. As soon as they entered the mist Gavin felt very uncomfortable and could feel that something was not right. He wanted to tell Keira who was driving to stop the car. But he felt that she would think he was crazy so he decided to keep it to himself.

They continued to drive. Keira knew the route to the party as she had been to the house numerous times