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Bellina Contact Case - Greys, Shadow Being, Orb, Abduction, Implant

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 28/12/2011


Elouise Oliver is a repeat contactee from Ballina in New South Wales. She first got in touch with me via E-Mail requesting to join in with the online BUFOG contactee support meetings, a testament to the fact that they are global and not just for contactees living in the UK. After speaking with her about her fascinating experiences, which have occurred since her teens, she agreed to the creation of this report.

Note: Names in this report have been changed for privacy reasons.


From as early as Elouise can remember, up to about 14/15 years old, she would occasionally suffer from nosebleeds. These would tend to occur at night and she would wake up to find the pillow covered in blood. It is possible that these were just natural, however it should be noted that nosebleeds are commonly reported by contactees and are viewed by many to be a side effect of contact experiences. Could this be a sign that Elouise has always experienced contact?

The Glowing Orb

The first unusual incident which Elouise can currently remember taking place occurred on 25th March 1992 when she was 15 years old. At the time she was living in Nerang, Queensland. She shared the house with her mother, stepfather, sister and half-brother. She awoke in the middle of the night to see a glowing orb of pale blue light over by the doorway of her bedroom. She cannot remember whether the bedroom door was open or shut. The orb was floating about a foot off the floor. It did not look like a solid object; it was more like a ball of energy.

Witness drawing of the orb:

When she stared at it she suddenly felt very calm and was not frightened by its presence. It was as if the orb was emitting a sense of peace. After about a minute of staring ait it, Elouise then dropped back off to sleep.

In the morning she told her parents about it, but her step father dismissed it, saying she must have imagined it. This is unlikely, as many contactees see glowing orbs within their homes, it is a common sign that contact may be taking place.


Ever since her experience with the orb, Elouise often feels like she is being watched by something invisible. This feeling comes and go’s but remained near constant up until the age of 32. It seems to last for a variable amount of time and then go away.

When she was 32 Elouise went for a tubal ligation (sterilization by tying the fallopian tubes). Ever since then the feeling has become more intermittent but still occurs from time to time. It is unknown whether her operation was the cause of this or if this was merely coincidence.

When Elouise went to see a psychiatrist about these feelings, they informed her she put them down to paranoid delusions. However psychiatrists only look at ET contact from their own perspective. Most have not looked into ET contact in depth and do not believe that abductions are real events, so will often put them down to mundane explanations such as this. However feelings of being watched are very common in contact cases, and I feel that rather than everyone suffering from delusions this is evidence that they are being regularly monitored by the ETs.