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Bellina Contact Case - Greys, Shadow Being, Orb, Abduction, Implant

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 28/12/2011


Elouise Oliver is a repeat contactee from Ballina in New South Wales. She first got in touch with me via E-Mail requesting to join in with the online BUFOG contactee support meetings, a testament to the fact that they are global and not just for contactees living in the UK. After speaking with her about her fascinating experiences, which have occurred since her teens, she agreed to the creation of this report.

Note: Names in this report have been changed for privacy reasons.


From as early as Elouise can remember, up to about 14/15 years old, she would occasionally suffer from nosebleeds. These would tend to occur at night and she would wake up to find the pillow covered in blood. It is possible that these were just natural, however it should be noted that nosebleeds are commonly reported by contactees and are viewed by many to be a side effect of contact experiences. Could this be a sign that Elouise has always experienced contact?

The Glowing Orb

The first unusual incident which Elouise can currently remember taking place occurred on 25th March 1992 when she was 15 years old. At the time she was living in Nerang, Queensland. She shared the house with her mother, stepfather, sister and half-brother. She awoke in the middle of the night to see a glowing orb of pale blue light over by the doorway of her bedroom. She cannot remember whether the bedroom door was open or shut. The orb was floating about a foot off the floor. It did not look like a solid object; it was more like a ball of energy.

Witness drawing of the orb:


When she stared at it she suddenly felt very calm and was not frightened by its presence. It was as if the orb was emitting a sense of peace. After about a minute of staring ait it, Elouise then dropped back off to sleep.

In the morning she told her parents about it, but her step father dismissed it, saying she must have imagined it. This is unlikely, as many contactees see glowing orbs within their homes, it is a common sign that contact may be taking place.


Ever since her experience with the orb, Elouise often feels like she is being watched by something invisible. This feeling comes and go’s but remained near constant up until the age of 32. It seems to last for a variable amount of time and then go away.

When she was 32 Elouise went for a tubal ligation (sterilization by tying the fallopian tubes). Ever since then the feeling has become more intermittent but still occurs from time to time. It is unknown whether her operation was the cause of this or if this was merely coincidence.

When Elouise went to see a psychiatrist about these feelings, they informed her she put them down to paranoid delusions. However psychiatrists only look at ET contact from their own perspective. Most have not looked into ET contact in depth and do not believe that abductions are real events, so will often put them down to mundane explanations such as this. However feelings of being watched are very common in contact cases, and I feel that rather than everyone suffering from delusions this is evidence that they are being regularly monitored by the ETs.

Interaction Begins

In her early 20’s Elouise had moved to a house on Evangeline Crescent, Armidale, New South Wales with her partner. She began to find that she became extremely uneasy whenever she saw depictions of Greys, whether through drawings or other media. In her teens she used to love sci-fi and alien movies, so this was a definite shift due to an unknown reason. Around the same time she also became extremely frightened of the dark, especially while in her room at night. She had not been scared of the dark since age 10, and she wondered why this fear had returned so far on in her life. She linked these new feelings with her sense of being observed and came to the conclusion that she was being watched by a non-human intelligence. She was frightened of this prospect, and was too scared to tell anyone about these views.

The emergence of these feelings are a strong sign that Elouise had begun to experience direct interaction with the ETs and possibly abductions, the memories of which had then been blocked from her conscious mind. The uneasy feeling she got when she looked at artwork or media showing Greys was probably down to the fact that she recognised them and it reminded her of these experiences. This is commonly reported by contactees. Again the fear of the dark is another common sign that contact is taking place, and is more than likely due to the fact that the individual is aware that it is during the night when these contact experiences are taking place. So I feel that the conclusion Elouise reached is valid and correct.

Possible Implant

In early 2000 when Elouise was 23 years old she found a spherical shaped lump under the skin of her right thumb. It was underneath near to the knuckle, and felt solid to the touch. A couple of weeks later it was still there so she decided to go and see a doctor about it. The doctor thought that it was a calcified lump or bone chip. However he did not operate on Elouise as she was pregnant at the time and he felt it may be dangerous for her to be put under anaesthetic. He informed her that the lump was unlikely to be dangerous in any way and so they decided to leave it.

Photograph of Elouise’s hand, showing the location and size of the unidentified lump:


Could this lump have been an alien implant? It is possible that it did have a mundane explanation such as those the doctor suggested; however an experience soon afterwards would put this into question.

The Shadowy Being

A short time after visiting the doctor about the lump on her thumb, she awoke in the middle of the night. Her partner was sleeping next to her on her right. She did not check the time. She looked around the room and immediately saw a shadowy figure standing at the base of the bed. It was humanoid shaped but no features could be made out.

Witness drawing of the being:


Rather than feel frightened of this strange being, a thought immediately came to her mind “There is no need to be frightened this time, they are only curious about the baby.” Just like when she had seen the glowing orb, Elouise felt calm and within a minute dropped back off to sleep with the being still standing there in the room.

In the morning Elouise told her partner about what she had seen. She was astounded when he informed her that he had experienced a very similar visit by this being too on a previous occasion. While getting dressed Elouise noticed that the lump in her thumb had now vanished. She did not know for definite that it had been there the night before, but it still seemed like a strange coincidence.

Many contactees have reported seeing beings similar to what Elouise describes. It is possible that this is their actual form, or perhaps they are masking their true appearance to reduce the trauma of the individual. It is possible that Elouise was abducted after she fell back off to sleep. The ETs rarely perform examination procedures while outside of their craft. Then again perhaps they were able to gain information about the baby just by being in the vicinity, and only a visitation occurred. However we must take into account that the lump in Elouise’s thumb had seemingly vanished during the night. This supports the theory that the lump was an alien implant – one which was then removed aboard a craft during this experience.

The fact that Elouise’s partner also apparently experienced a visit from this being suggests that he to was a contactee. It is unknown if this contact was directly or indirectly linked to Elouise’s own experiences.

The Peeking Grey

Elouise was 32 when she began experiencing further contact. It was a night in 2007. She awoke in the early hours of the morning to use the bathroom. In her house the bedroom and bathroom are separated by the living room. She exited the bedroom and looked out across the living room. It was dark but she could still make out the furnishings quite clearly. She looked over at a three seater couch, and immediately spotted the face of a Grey staring at her. It appeared to be down on all fours behind the sofa and she could just make out its head peeking out from around the side.

The being had a mottled grey and green coloured skin and a large rounded head which tapered down to a pointed chin. It had large oval shaped eyes which were completely black. Its nose was not very pronounced and was really just two nostrils, and it had a thin slit for a mouth. No ears were visible.

Witness drawing of the Grey hiding behind the sofa:


Elouise was very shocked by the presence of the being. She screamed out loud “No! Go away!” and backed away shielding her eyes from the being. When she reached the wall she put the living room light on. When she looked around she could see that the being had gone. She checked behind the sofa but there was nothing there.

Her scream did not wake anyone else in the house up, and she decided to leave her partner asleep. She got back into bed and finally managed to fall back off to sleep. In the morning she told him about what had happened.

Grey Visitations

The incident in the living room would not be the last time she would see this being. In late 2007/early 2008 Elouise awoke during the night, seemingly for no reason. She looked around the room and over by the door saw the same Grey she had seen before standing in the doorway. She was now able to see it fully, where as before it had been mostly hidden behind the couch. It stood about 5 feet in height. Its arms and legs were thin, almost too thin to support the weight of its body and oversized head. It was staring at her with large unblinking eyes.

Witness drawing of the Grey at the doorway:


Elouise tried to scream but found that nothing came out. The being then spoke to her in her mind, commanding her to go back to sleep. At this she felt herself become drowsy and drop back off. This is quite commonly reported by contactees, the ETs seem to have a way of blacking out the individual at will. It is unknown if Elouise was abducted after she fell back off to sleep. She does not have any conscious memories of being taken.

Witness drawing of the Grey’s face:


Since then she has been visited by these beings roughly twice a year, and shows no signs of stopping. It is possible this has occurred on other occasions but she has not woken up. The beings do not always appear in the same place, sometimes she has awoken to find them alongside her bed. The experience is always the same, with the ET telling her to go back to sleep. Whenever she has woken up, she remembers seeing the being in the morning and feels frustrated and angry that it has happened again and that she seems powerless to stop it.

Photograph of Elouise’s current bedroom where she has had her most recent ET visitations:


On my suggestion Elouise is currently looking into getting a night vision camera to see if she can capture anything on film. If there are any developments on this, they will be added to this report.

Hospital Operation

In 2008 Elouise went for an operation at Armidale District Hospital to realign her eyes. When she was coming out of the general anaesthetic, she spoke to the nurses. She asked them if she was in a human hospital, and said that she didn’t like the doctors with the big eyes. This caused the nurses some concern, as they of course had no idea what she meant. After the operation was complete they informed her husband of what she had said, and he in turn informed her.

Elouise was quite drowsy at the time but does have a vague recollection of what she said. She did not see any visions of Greys or of being in a different place at the time, but just remembers being told that she was in a hospital and then being concerned by what type of hospital it was.

This incident is fascinating and could suggest that Elouise has been abducted on at least one occasion. Contactees often compare the interior of a craft to a hospital due to the fact that it usually looks very clinical and clean, often with bright lights. This can sometimes lead to a phobia of going to the hospital/doctors/dentists because it reminds them of their experiences. Elouise does not have any of these phobias, but she could well have been referring to Greys and of being in a different “hospital”.

Family Contact

It is not just Elouise who appears to be experiencing contact. Around the same time as her operation, her eldest daughter, who was 5 ½ years old at the time, started to develop nosebleeds just like Elouise had experienced when younger. She also began to tell Elouise about the “doctors” who came to visit her during the night. When Elouise asked her what these doctors looked like she could never remember. Elouise did not tell her daughter of her own experiences, as she did not want to contaminate her stories in any way. However she felt sure that her daughter was also having contact experiences and felt helpless to protect her. She told her that it was ok to have the experiences and that she should try not to be scared by them.

Since then, Elouise split up from her husband and moved to Ballina. Her elder daughter remained with her ex, though she maintains regular contact with her. In 2011, Elouise decided to tell her daughter that she had seen an alien. Her daughter then told her that she had a dream where an alien came into her house, put her father to sleep by pinching his arm, and then took her away to a school and got her to do a quiz. At first Elouise wondered whether she was making this up, but when she asked her ex about it, he informed her that she has had this same dream regularly for quite a while.

Elouise decided to ask her daughter more about the dreams. She asked her how she knows the being is an alien. Her daughter replied that she could see its craft outside her window. When she asked her about where she was taken to she said it looked like her school. There were other children there who didn’t want to participate. Elouise asked her more about the quiz itself, and was informed that it was a written test on rhyming words.

She got her daughter to draw the being who she has seen in her dreams. Below is her drawing:


In this second drawing, she has drawn the being alongside her bed, and her father lying asleep on the floor:


As you can see, the being looks feline, and other than the fact it is humanoid and standing on its hind legs it does not look like a Grey. However the Greys have the ability to mask their true appearance. This is commonly referred to as a screen memory. It is possible that they have projected this image so as to appear less frightening.

Recently Elouise found a drawing that her younger 4 year old daughter had drawn. This drawing appeared to be of a similar or the same being:


When she asked her younger daughter what she had drawn, she told her that it was someone who had come and visited her once. Could both of Elouise’s daughters be experiencing contact too? This is a possibility, though Elouise does not know whether her elder daughter spoke to her younger daughter about her recurring dream, perhaps she did and her younger daughter just copied the description.

There are aspects of the elder daughter’s dreams that fit in with contact experiences. The way in which the being initially puts her father to sleep is very interesting. Often when contact occurs, other people in the local area will be temporarily shut down. This is probably done to prevent them from intervening or witnessing what is taking place. Could this be what is happening in the dream? Is the being really pinching her fathers arm or just reaching out and touching it?

If the dreams really are contact experiences, then perhaps the “school” where Elouise’s daughter is taken to is actually aboard a craft, and the ETs are once again projecting a screen memory. Numerous contactees have spoken before of finding themselves in a room aboard a craft alongside other unknown children. Usually the ETs then interact with them in some way, teaching them things or speaking to them. Could the quizzes she describes be linked with this?

As the being does not look like a recognisable ET type, and the location described is not that of a craft interior, it is hard to say for certain whether these dreams are contact experiences. Perhaps they really are nothing more than dreams. However contact often runs through multiple generations of a family blood line, so it would not be surprising if Elouise’s daughters are also having experiences.

Go Away

On 22nd September 2011 Elouise was staying at a friends house on Galloway Street, Armidale. For the purpose of this report we shall name her friend Gary. Elouise has informed him of her experiences.

Aerial map of Galloway Street:


At an unknown time during the night she awoke to find a tall Grey standing at the head of the bed on Gary's side, near the doorway to the bedroom. After seeing these beings numerous times before she was not frightened but the visitor was unwelcome. She stared at it and said in a loud sleepy voice "Go away!" This woke Gary from his sleep. He asked her what the matter was. Elouise told him there was a Grey in the doorway. He rolled over, looked towards the doorway and exclaimed "Oh". At this moment they both fell back off to sleep. This was clearly enforced by the ET, and has been reported in many other contact cases. It is unknown if anything else took place after this point.

In the morning neither Elouise or Gary had any memory of the encounter. They got up and went about their day like normal. Two days later the incident came back to Elouise. Soon afterwards she asked Gary if he remembered waking up and seeing the being but he did not.

The Swinging Light

Nearly two months to the day after her previous visitation, Elouise had another experience. It was the night of 21st November 2011. Her and her daughters were once again staying at Gary's house in Armidale. It had been a normal evening and she does not recall what time she went to bed. One of her daughters was sleeping alongside her. She remembers waking up numerous times through the night, something which is again normal for her to do.

At an unknown time she remembers opening her eyes. It felt to her like she was coming out of anaesthesia. It felt to her that she was not supposed to have woken up. She immediately saw a Grey standing over her and looking down at her. This one was different to usual and appeared to be old and wrinkled. It had large dark eyes, small nostrils and a slit for a mouth, which was closed. It was also clothed, where as most of the Greys she had seen previously appeared to be naked. The being was wearing a red robe with a tall dark coloured collar which went half way up the back of the head.

Beyond the Grey, Elouise saw a white spherical light hanging down on a cord from a grey coloured, almost metallic, ceiling. This was swinging as if it had been knocked. It was clear that she was no longer in her bedroom but had been taken elsewhere.

The vision only lasted a few seconds and the next thing she knew she was waking up in the morning. She remembered the Grey and the swinging light. It seemed to her to be the recollection of an actual event rather than just a vivid dream, although she cannot put this completely out of the question. However she does not have the tendency to dream of Greys despite her numerous experiences. It is probable that on this occasion Eloise was abducted, and also likely that more took place than she can currently remember.


It is clear that Elouise is a contactee, and has been since her teens, possibly longer. There is also a sign that her ex husband may have been involved, and that both her daughters may also be experiencing contact. Elouise seems open to the idea that this is taking place in her life, and has learnt to accept and live with what is happening. She is resigned to the fact that there is probably not much she can do to stop the experiences.

As this contact appears to be ongoing, it is likely that she will have further contact. If she stays in touch and tells me of these additional experiences, this report will be updated going forward. If she does invest in some camera equipment she may also be able to capture something at some point, which would both reaffirm the physical reality of her experiences and would also be very valuable for research purposes.

I would like to thank Elouise for coming forward with this sensitive information and sharing her experiences so that others may learn from them.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2011



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