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Belfast Contact Case - Abduction, Visitations, UFO Videos & Sightings, Psychic, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 01/12/2021

Last Updated: 02/12/2021

Neil Atenbury first got in touch with me in early September 2021 via phone to discuss some unusual experiences he has had throughout his life, starting in childhood. These experiences cover a wide range of phenomena including sightings of UFOs (some of which he has managed to capture on video), possible abductions, encounters with ghostly apparitions, premonitions and other paranormal events.

This report contains many maps, witness drawings and analysis of the video footage, and provides a detailed overview of his experiences.

An Early Visitation?

Neil has an interesting memory from very early in his childhood. He thinks he must have been 3-4 years old at the time and sleeping in a cot. At the time he lived with his parents on Elm Road, Altrincham.

Aerial map of Elm Road

He recalls something waking him up during the night, some kind of energy in the room. He also recollects seeing two very slender stick-like figures standing in the room, visible between the bars of his cot. It was too dark to see the figures clearly, they were just silhouettes. He does not remember them interacting with him directly in any way.

Witness drawing of the thin figures standing in the bedroom

While he was very young and this could of course have merely been a dream, there is the possibility that this was an early childhood visitation by two Greys.

Around 2011 he was chatting with his father Michael while out driving and he mentioned to Neil that on a number of occasions they found that he had somehow managed to get out of his cot in the night. He would grab food products from the kitchen like flour and eggs and drop them all over the floor. In the end his father decided to put a cover over the cot at night to prevent him from getting out. It is likely that he was able to clamber out of the cot himself as opposed to this being linked to contact, but I have included it for interest.

Mother Calling

In 1977 at the age of 8 Neil and his family moved to a house on Leigh Road. It was a Victorian house with no central heating.

Aerial map of Leigh Road

One day he was downstairs. He could hear splashing coming from the bathroom and assumed his mother was taking a bath. He started to walk up the stairs. As he got near the top he heard his mother shouted out from the bathroom “Don’t come any further. You’re not to come in.”

Thinking she was in some kind of trouble Neil went and opened the bathroom door. When he did so he found out there was no-one there and there was no water in the bath! A moment later his mother walked out from one of the other rooms, and did not speak with him or act in any way surprised! He does not recall telling her about what had just happened.

This incident would be the first of a number of unusual experiences of a paranormal nature that Neil has had throughout his life. It is very common for contactees to experience paranormal activity within their vicinity.

Gentleman’s Ghost

Three years later the family moved again to Acacia Avenue. The house had a rear garden with adjoining garage.

Aerial map of Acacia Avenue

One day soon after moving in Neil found himself alone in the kitchen. It was a cloudy but dry day outside. He looked out through the kitchen window. About 20 feet away from him across at the far side of the garden he immediately noticed something strange. There was a semi-transparent figure of a man standing there. It appeared to be made up of smoke, and although colours could not really be seen, it was clear to see details. The man was wearing a suit with a waistcoat, pocket watch and top hat. He looked quite stout.

Witness drawing of the apparition

Neil could barely believe what he was looking at! He glanced away a moment and looked back, but the figure was still there. As he watched, the entity began waddling slowly across the garden until it vanished into the solid wall of the garage out of sight.

In total he had watched the figure for about 15 seconds. He recalls telling his parents about what he had seen, but cannot remember how they reacted.

Although Neil was staring at the figure through a pane of glass it seems unlikely it was just a reflection in the window due to the length of time that he observed it for, as well as the fact that it moved across the garden yet its appearance remained consistent. Also, this was not to be the only time which Neil would see such an apparition.

Dreams & Premonitions

Between the age of 17-20 Neil would experience flying dreams extremely regularly. These dreams were very vivid, to the point that he was aware he was dreaming. He found himself hovering in the air outside his house. He enjoyed them at first, but on some occasions he found it hard to wake from them, which frightened him a little. Sometimes when he woke from the dreams he found he was paralyzed for a short period of time, which again was frightening.

On several occasions Neil believes that he had premonitions of future events. As an example, on one night he saw himself at a distance riding along a road on his bike and wearing a particular set of clothes. A number of weeks later he found himself actually in that location, wearing exactly the same clothing. As he rode along he realised he had dreamed it previously. It was very different to what is known as Deja Vu.

Towards the end of him experiencing these dreams Neil started to explore more and flew right up into the clouds. However soon afterwards they ceased and have rarely happened since. As with paranormal activity, it is common for contactees to express one or more psychic abilities. Premonitions are often reported, either of specific incidents or just of random events as mentioned here.

Barn Door

In June 1987 Neil spent a month helping out on a farm owned by the parents of one of his friends, Martin. The farm was called Calvadnack Lodge and it was situated just West of Carmmenelis, Cornwall.

Aerial map of Calvadnack Lodge farm

On the farm was a barn with a chained up door. Literally on the first night he was there, everyone awoke to a loud bang sound in the middle of the night. Heading outside, Martin’s father found the doors of the barn had been blasted wide open! There was no explanation for what had occurred. There was nobody around, and no sign of any devices which might have been used to break open the doors. Nor was there anything inside the barn at the time. It was a still night so the doors could not have blown open in the wind.

A possible explanation is that someone had come to the farm in the night and broken into the barn expecting it to have contained something worth stealing. Finding the barn empty, they could then have then easily ran away and hid by the time the farmer had managed to get outside.

Silver Disc

A couple of weeks after the barn door incident, Neil had his first UFO sighting. Martin owned an air rifle at the time, and they would sometimes head to the farm fields to shoot makeshift targets.

One sunny and still day they were at the fields with the gun. They were close to some megalithic standing stones which are on an area of open ground South West of the farm buildings.

Aerial map showing Calvadnack Farm (A) and the megalithic stones (B):

Neil looked through the scope of the rifle to the North. It was now that he noticed something up in the sky. In the distance on the far side of the valley he saw what appeared to be a matt silver coloured disc-shaped object. It was hovering about 4000 feet up. Neil estimated it was about a mile away from their position and about 50 foot in diameter. It was moving on a straight and level course to the West. It seemed to be travelling about 70-100 mph.

Witness drawing of the disc

He nudged Martin pointing out the UFO and asked “Do you see that?” Martin confirmed that he did. The boys watched the object for about 15-20 seconds until it had vanished from sight into the West. Neither of the boys had a camera on them.

A couple of minutes went by then suddenly the witnesses heard the loud roar of jet engines. They watched as two fighter jets flew along the valley at the same height and direction that the UFO had been travelling in!

As it was distant, there is the possibility that the UFO had a mundane explanation, such as an inflatable of some kind. However it does seem to have been too large and moving too fast for this to have been the case, and its movement seemed very controlled.

Another possibility is that it was a normal aircraft and the wings/tail could not be seen due to how far away it was, however it certainly looked unusual to the witnesses, and if this were the case then surely the jets which were seen soon afterwards would have also appeared the same and have been reported as two other discs.

If it was a genuine sighting of a craft, then it is entirely possible that the two jets which the witnesses then saw had been sent out to intercept it. Neil is unsure of where th