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Belfast Contact Case - Abduction, Visitations, UFO Videos & Sightings, Psychic, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 01/12/2021

Last Updated: 02/12/2021

Neil Atenbury first got in touch with me in early September 2021 via phone to discuss some unusual experiences he has had throughout his life, starting in childhood. These experiences cover a wide range of phenomena including sightings of UFOs (some of which he has managed to capture on video), possible abductions, encounters with ghostly apparitions, premonitions and other paranormal events.

This report contains many maps, witness drawings and analysis of the video footage, and provides a detailed overview of his experiences.

An Early Visitation?

Neil has an interesting memory from very early in his childhood. He thinks he must have been 3-4 years old at the time and sleeping in a cot. At the time he lived with his parents on Elm Road, Altrincham.

Aerial map of Elm Road

He recalls something waking him up during the night, some kind of energy in the room. He also recollects seeing two very slender stick-like figures standing in the room, visible between the bars of his cot. It was too dark to see the figures clearly, they were just silhouettes. He does not remember them interacting with him directly in any way.

Witness drawing of the thin figures standing in the bedroom

While he was very young and this could of course have merely been a dream, there is the possibility that this was an early childhood visitation by two Greys.

Around 2011 he was chatting with his father Michael while out driving and he mentioned to Neil that on a number of occasions they found that he had somehow managed to get out of his cot in the night. He would grab food products from the kitchen like flour and eggs and drop them all over the floor. In the end his father decided to put a cover over the cot at night to prevent him from getting out. It is likely that he was able to clamber out of the cot himself as opposed to this being linked to contact, but I have included it for interest.

Mother Calling

In 1977 at the age of 8 Neil and his family moved to a house on Leigh Road. It was a Victorian house with no central heating.