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Barking Contact Case - Light Beings Visitation, UFO Close Encounter, Missing Time, Body Markings

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Release Date: 31/08/2010


Mark Rathend (name changed for privacy reasons) first got in touch with me via E-Mail in early May 2010 after I sent out an advert about the BUFOG Contactee Support meetings. Mark has experienced numerous events throughout his life that could well be ET related. His experiences focus around two impressive incidents – a close encounter with a UFO with which contact appears to have taken place, and a visitation by a glowing entity a number of years later. This report will cover each of his experiences in detail, and includes numerous maps and location photographs.

The Rocking Chair

Mark used to live at a house in Dagenham, Essex with his parents. There used to be a rocking chair at one side of his bedroom. For many years, this chair used to often rock of its own accord. It would do this most nights, usually after his mum had put him to bed and he was lying awake in the room. Nobody else ever saw the chair do this, it would only do it in Mark’s presence. He felt it was strange but was never really frightened by it. It continued to happen right up to when his parents decided to throw the chair away.

Obviously this may have nothing to do with ET contact. Perhaps it had a mundane explanation such as a regular draught of air. Or perhaps it was paranormal activity of a different kind. I mention it here because contactees often experience ghost like activity around their homes, often in their own proximity. So however unlikely, there is still the possibility it is related.

23rd November 1996 UFO Incident

Mark’s sighting of a UFO and possible contact took place back in 1996 when he was 23 years old. His girlfriend Sarah, who he would later marry, lived in the same town on Cornwallis Road. On 23rd November Mark had gone round to see her. At 7.30pm he decided to leave for home. Sarah asked him if he would like to call a taxi but as it was a pleasant evening he said he’d rather walk. It was a warm, clear evening, and the sun was just starting to set. At the time Mark used to live with his mother on Ivyhouse Road. The route home lead him along Parsloes Avenue, which runs along the edge of Parsloes Park. It was quiet and there were very few people about.

Aerial map showing the location of Cornwallis Road (A), Parsloes Avenue (B) and Ivyhouse Road (C):

Photograph of Parsloes Park:

As he walked along the road, he decided to cross over onto the side adjacent to the park. As he did so he noticed a strange object hovering over a small patch of trees a short distance into the park. The object was just above the trees, about 50 feet off the ground. It appeared to be cigar-shaped and was medium grey in colour. Mark estimated it to be about the same size as a double decker bus. It had a smooth shiny surface with no markings on. Along the side of the object was four rectangular windows. These windows were dark and Mark could not see anything through them. At either end of the object was a flashing red light, which were slowly strobing. These lights were not bright enough to light up the surrounding area under the object.

Aerial map of Parsloes Park showing position of where the UFO was situated:

Photograph of the patch of trees over which the UFO was hovering:

The object was hanging motionless in the air above the trees. Mark had no idea what it could be. He thought at first it was some kind of balloon, but soon realised it could not be. He was both awestruck and frightened at the same time. But he was inquisitive enough to want a closer look. He entered the park and began walking towards the patch of trees over which the object hovered. He walked for about 15 seconds and got near to the trees, but did not feel comfortable with walking right underneath where the object was as he thought it may be dangerous in some way. He also felt that it was aware of his presence.

Suddenly without warning the object took off vertically into the sky at an incredible speed and was very quickly lost from sight. Then almost immediately, Mark found himself back on Parsloes Avenue. He noticed that it had got a lot darker, and felt very unusual. He had no recollection of how he got back to the road, his last memory was of watching the object depart, and then a strange sensation of moving backward.

Mark looked back to the patch of trees, but the object had not returned. Looking around he noticed a man in the park walking his dog. He ran up to the man and asked him if he had seen the object hovering over the trees as well, but he had not. The man gave him a strange look before continuing on his way.

Mark decided to head for home. He was very confused, but knew that something strange must have taken place due to the sudden shift in lighting conditions. This was confirmed when he arrived home and he checked the time. The walk between Cornwallis Road and Ivyhouse Road used to take him about half an hour, but it was now 9 o’clock so there was about an hour he could not account for. His mother was worried and asked him why he had taken so long to come home, but Mark did not tell her about what had happened.

Later in the evening, Mark found a scar behind his left ear, which hurt when he pressed on it. He had no recollection of how he had got this marking, but had never noticed it before so assumed it must have been linked to what had occurred. He also noticed a strange indescribable taste in his mouth. He stayed up for most of the night thinking about what took place.

In the weeks following the incident, Mark had flashbacks in which he was looking down at the park from a height just above the tree-line. These flashbacks began about two days after the incident. They would occur both when he was awake, and also while he slept. They would feel more real than a normal dream, and he would wake up in the night feeling extremely anxious and frightened. The scar behind his ear hurt for a number of days before healing. The strange taste in his mouth was present for a number of weeks but finally went away. He no longer gets the flashbacks but still gets anxious at night and sleeps with the light on when he is alone.

Prior to the incident Mark had no interest in UFOs at all. But afterwards he began to look into the subject, and the more he read, the more he realised that he may have experienced ET contact. He soon decided to get in touch with the late UFO researcher Tony Dodd. A while after this he came across the ACERN website and got in touch with contact specialist Mary Rodwell, who advised him of ways of coping with the fear he was feeling regarding the incident.

Mark is sure that the object he saw was some kind of craft, and believes that it was extraterrestrial. He feels that it was too advanced, both in appearance and manoeuvring capabilities, to have been a secret military craft. He is still not aware of what took place during that missing time, and is interested in being regressed to see if