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Autumn 2014 – Whitwick – White Orb Sighting

Updated: Jul 12

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 18/06/2024

Las Updated: 12/07/2024


I tend to share released BUFOG case reports across many UFO related groups on Facebook for general interest. In early June 2024 I released a report covering a sighting of a Flying Triangle seen over Christchurch. In one of the groups I posted the report, I received a response comment from a lady named Emma, claiming to have seen something similar over Loughborough, which was also observed by her father and sister. I reached out to her soon afterwards to discuss this incident. After going over the details of this case, she also confirmed she and her sister had experienced a second UFO sighting a number of years later.


This report covers the details of this later sighting. A link to the case report covering the Flying Triangle sighting can be found towards the end if you are interested to have a read of this incident too.


Sighting Details


In 2014 Emma lived in Whitwick. She would regularly walk her dog around Whitwick Park, which was relatively close by.


Aerial map of Whitwick Park

Emma cannot recollect the exact month of the incident, she just remembers there were leaves on the ground so it must have been the autumn. On this particular evening her sister "Lumi" had come to visit. They decided to both take the dog for a walk along the usual route round the park.


It was roughly 8pm when they entered the Western corner of the park via Cello Close. Due to the time of year it was already fully dark. There were some clouds in the sky, but stars could also be seen through the gaps between them. There were no other pedestrians around at the time.


They began to walk North East along the upper pathway which leads around the edge of the park. The area lies on a gradual slope, and in the distance to the North East Emma could see the tops of the bank of trees which lay beyond North Street.


3D aerial map of the park indicating the witness’s route across it

She suddenly noticed a white glowing light coming from behind the trees (which were devoid of leaves). She initially assumed it was the moon and exclaimed “Ooh look, the moon is so low down!” Here sister asked “Where?” and she pointed it out to her.


They continued to walk along the path, Emma’s pet dog at their side. Then briefly looking back down the path she suddenly noticed the moon emerge from behind a cloud. She immediately realised the light they had previously seen was clearly something else and said “Hang on a minute, the moon’s there!” They both looked back to the North East in the direction of the white light, which was still present.


As they watched they realised that the white light beyond the treeline was slowly gaining altitude. Over a number of seconds it raised up until it was above the tops of the trees. It looked like a glowing ball of white light.


Suddenly without warning the object instantly accelerated and shot away to their right in a South Eastern direction! It was gone in just a brief moment and lost from sight. The speed at which it left the area was stunning, and Emma and Lumi were astounded at what they had just watched (As you can see in the below drawing Emma compares it to the "speed of light". Obviously it must have moved much slower than this to have been able to visibly witness its departure at all, this is clearly just a term of phrase).


Witness drawing of their point of view of the park with the white orb in the distance

They both asked one another “What was that?” before discussing what it could have been as they continued walking the rest of the route back to Emma’s house. Once they arrived they told Emma’s husband what had occurred, but felt that he did not really believe them.


Sister’s Testimonial Statement


I was able to speak with Lumi via Facebook Messenger during the investigation. She provided the following statement regarding what took place:


“When my sister was at Whitwick we both took dog for a walk and my sister said look it's the moon coming up from the trees. But we looked in the opposite direction and the moon was there, so the light we first saw we have no clue but was odd. The light moved fast towards Bardon Hill.”


Sighting Analysis


This is a very interesting UFO sighting, primarily due to the manoeuvres the witnesses saw the object perform. While a distant helicopter could have appeared as a white glowing light, and also performed the slow vertical ascent which was observed, it would not be able to fly away at the vast speed that the witnesses then reported seeing.

The right angle turn from its initial trajectory, combined with the instant acceleration and extremely fast speed that it left the vicinity, put most mundane explanations out of the question. It could not have been a white coloured LED balloon, other lit inflatable or radio controlled model.

Although drones had been commercially released (only for about a year), it covered too great a distance in too short a space of time for it to have been this. Also it was visible through the trees meaning it was a good distance away from their location, at the very least 300 metres, probably further. At this distance a drone would look just like a glowing point of light, like a star. Emma informed me that it looked much larger and brighter than a star, hence why she initially mistook it for the moon.


One possible mundane explanation for what was seen is that the witnesses actually saw two objects instead of one. Maybe the white glowing object which slowly ascended moved behind a cloud, and at the exact same moment there was a meteorite which they mistook for the object flying away from the area? Like a star, a meteorite just looks like a point of light, but if it was moving very fast this smaller size may not have been noticeable, they would have just seen something glowing white moving across the sky extremely fast. However improbable this theory sounds it cannot be entirely ruled out.


If it was not this then this could well have been a genuine distant sighting of a advanced craft. I have looked into many other cases where extremely similar advanced manoeuvres have been reported, some of which have also appeared as white orbs of light.


It is a shame that neither of the girls had enough time to get out their smartphones and start recording the object, but this was a very brief sighting, and they did not realise it was something out of the ordinary until it suddenly shot away.


Even so, it is still worth having this case down on record. Perhaps in due course other witnesses to it may come forward.


As I mentioned at the start of the report, Emma and Lumi have had a previous sighting of a triangular-shaped UFO, which was also witnessed by their father. Click here to go to the case report on this incident.


Copyright Dave Hodrien 2024



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