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Autumn 2005 – Wednesbury, Birmingham – Lit Disc UFO Sighting, Missing Time

Updated: May 24

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 23/05/2023

Last Updated: 24/05/2023

In early May 2023 a lady named Laura Wakelam got in touch via Facebook Messenger to ask whether I had previously investigated cases from around Wednesbury. I asked her why she was interested and she informed me that she had experienced a UFO in the area back in 2005 when she was 15 years old. I arranged an extensive phone call with her to go over what took place.

Sighting Details

Laura thinks the incident happened around October 2005. She is unsure of the exact month, but says that it was getting dark early in the evening so she feels it happened in late autumn of that year.

Back then she used to live on Moor Street, Wednesbury with her parents and two younger brothers. She believes it took place around 7.30pm. She had gone up to her bedroom, leaving her parents and brothers downstairs, possibly searching for her mobile phone.

She had a high sleeper bed in her room which was up against the front wall of the house with the window partially blocked. However there was no desk under the bed, so if she wished she could duck down under the bed to look out of the window, which had a net curtain on it.

She noticed a white light coming from outside, so decided to crouch under the bed, lift the net curtain and take a look. It was a clear and dry night outside. Due to the time of year it was fully dark, but the road was lit by a number of street lights. She cannot recall whether she could see the stars or whether there was cloud cover. It was very quiet with no passing vehicles or pedestrians.

Witness drawing showing her staring out of the window

Just off to her left, and visible over the neighbouring house roofs she could see the silhouette of an aerial object. It appeared to look like a domed-disc shape and roughly 40 feet across. It was tipped up at an angle of about 35 degrees, with the left side higher than the right. It seemed to be positioned just to the right of one of the back gardens of the opposite houses, and at a very low altitude, perhaps only 60 feet up.

Aerial map of Moor Street indicating the initial position of the object:

Coming from the left side of the object was a thin white beam of bright light, which was shining down into the garden to its left. This beam looked thinner and more sharply defined than the beam from a helicopter’s search light. The beam was sweeping around in circles like it was looking for something. However the object itself remained un-naturally still in the air. There appeared to be no sound coming from it at all.

Witness drawing of the UFO shooting down the beam

Laura was quite frightened by the odd appearance of the object, it’s stillness in the air and the beam coming from it. She stared at it for about 2 minutes, too scared to call out for her parents or brothers to come and see. Back in 2005 she had an early camera phone, however she did not have it on her at the time or knew where it was, and she was transfixed on watching the object.

Suddenly the beam went off and the object vanished without trace. Then a few seconds later it reappeared directly over the roof of four houses along the road to the left, now in a horizontal position.