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Autumn 1993 – Cotteridge, Birmingham – Disc UFO Sighting

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 04/09/2019

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

While many sightings reported to BUFOG are distant objects which cannot clearly be made out, occasionally we receive details of incidents involving clearly structured craft. This is one such case, a stunning multiple witness sighting of a large disc-shaped UFO which occurred in late summer/early autumn of 1993. Sarah, one of the two witnesses, regularly attends our monthly meetings. During her first visit she informed me of the incident. We then spoke over the phone on numerous occasions to go over the details.

Sighting Details

Back in 1993 when she was 28 years old Sarah lived in the area of Kings Norton Green. One Friday afternoon in late summer or early autumn (Sarah cannot remember the precise date) she was looking after her 8 year old nephew Timothy. Her friend Nicky got bitten by her pet hamster on her thumb. Her thumb started to swell up and she was worried she could get tetanus from the wound, so she decided it would be wise to go and get a tetanus jab at Selly Oak Hospital (which no longer exists). Sarah decided to keep her company for the drive. She offered to drive Nicky’s car for her but Nicky said she would be fine to drive despite the injury. So they headed off around 6.30-7pm with Sarah in the passenger seat and Timothy on the back seat.

It was a very pleasant evening, still and warm, with a completely clear sky. It was still quite bright as due to the time of year the sun had only just started to set. In order to reach Selly Oak they had to travel North through Cotteridge and then Bournville. They began to drive along Pershore Road South. There were a few other vehicles on the road but it was quite clear.

They pulled up at the traffic lights at the junction with Melchetts Road. While they were waiting for the lights to change, Nicky glanced out of the window off to her right. She suddenly exclaimed “Sarah have a look at this, what’s this?” From the passenger seat Sarah could not immediately see what Nicky was referring to, and replied “What?” Nicky responded “Have a look!” Sarah bent forward in her seat to have a look at what Nicky was staring at. Off to the right on the far side of the crossroads was a Peugeot show room (It has now been replaced with a Ford show room). Above the show room, no higher than several hundred feet up, was what appeared to be a dark grey cloud. It was unusually low in the sky, and looked like it was about to start dropping rain. Sarah said “It’s a big dirty low lying cloud.” Nicky responded “No…look again! What is it?”

Aerial map of Pershore Road showing the position of the traffic lights (A) and car show room (B)

Photograph from the lights in the direction of the car show room

Once again Sarah looked up at the cloud. This time she noticed something incredible. Emerging from the side of the cloud she could see what appeared to be a large disc-shaped object. It was silvery-grey in colour but not reflective. Around the centre was a line of white glowing lights. Sarah immediately knew that this was something highly unusual and felt she was witnessing an alien craft. She could barely believe what she was looking at. She excitedly exclaimed “There’s a big fuck off UFO emerging from the cloud!”

She and Nicky continued to watch as the UFO emerged entirely from the side of the cloud. This took approximately 6 seconds. The object appeared to be about the same size as a medium-sized passenger aircraft (e.g. an Airbus 3300-200). This would make it approximately 59 metres/190 feet across. They were looking up at it at an angle of approximately 45 degrees so could see the underside of the object. As it emerged Sarah noticed a red light suddenly appear and perform a circular sweep in the middle. It only took a second to perform the motion then seemed to flash a little brighter and vanish. A moment later a blue light appeared and performed exactly the same motion.

The lights went to green and Nicky began to drive the car forward so as not to block any other traffic. Sarah did not notice any other cars stopped or pedestrians standing still, so has no idea if anyone else had noticed the UFO. Nicky drove slower than usual along the road as they were still both transfixed by the object. They soon noticed that the object appeared to be moving too, travelling roughly the same direction they were moving in and at the same speed as the car. It remained situated ahead of them and off to the right.

Witness drawing of the UFO over the car show room

They drove North through Cotteridge along Watford Road then Linden Road. As they were travelling along Linden Road they noticed that the object was moving further away from them off to the right. They were in danger of losing sight of it. They reached the crossroads with Mary Vale Road in Bournville. At this point they would have needed to have continued heading North to reach Selly Oak, but instead they decided to turn right onto Mary Vale Road to keep observing the UFO. This was now their primary concern rather than the hospital visit.

As they were approaching Bournville train station car park on their left, the UFO crossed the road ahead of them. They continued driving along the road until they were approaching the bridge that crosses over the railway. Through a gap in the trees off to the left of the road they could see the UFO hovering close to an electrical tower. It appeared to have stopped moving. They parked up at the side of the road. There were no other vehicles or pedestrians around. The witnesses sat in the car staring at the object for about ten minutes. Sarah says that a number of vehicles may have driven past them during this time but they were fully absorbed by what they were seeing, and did not care about attempting to draw anyone else’s attention to the UFO.

Aerial map of Mary Vale Road showing the location where the car was parked (A) and the location where the UFO halted

Photograph from the parking location showing the electrical tower where the UFO was situated

After about ten minutes they decided to change location to try and get a closer look at the object. It was still hovering completely still over the electrical tower. They set off in the car and drove over the bridge, then turned left along Victoria Road. At the end of this they again turned left onto Bournville Lane. This brought them back round to the railway line but this time lower down with it passing over the road.

Just before the tunnel they parked up. After the last house on the left there was a vegetation covered slope. The electrical tower was visible beyond this, and the object was hovering above it. They were now the closest they had been to the UFO since the start of the sighting. Sarah asked Nicky “Wind the windows down, let’s see if there’s any noise coming from it.” She did so but the object appeared to be completely silent. Due to the angle it was hard to see from inside the car, so Sarah got out. Nicky remained inside the car with Timothy.

Aerial map of Bournville Lane showing the parking location (A) and the location of the UFO (B)

Photograph from the parking location looking up at the electrical tower

The object continued to remain motionless in the sky. Sarah could still barely comprehend what she was observing, but there it was, plain as day. Once again she saw the red light then blue light rotate in the centre of the underside.

Witness drawing of the UFO close to the electrical tower

Sarah stared up at the UFO for about 50 seconds. She then got back into the car and began discussing it with Nicky. She began to get worried that Timothy could be in danger and that the craft may attempt to abduct him. Turning round to check on him they found him visibly shaking on the back seat. He was obviously very upset by what was taking place. Sarah and Nicky decided it would be best to move a little further away from the object. They set off again, driving under the railyway line. They then turned left along Franklin Way, which brought them back to Mary Vale Road. Once again they parked in the same location they had been before, with the UFO still visible between the trees over the tower.

Again they continued to watch it for at least ten minutes. By this time it was staring to get darker and the street lights had come on. With no signs of movement, the witnesses began to contemplate the idea of willingly ending the sighting. Sarah said “I’m getting fed up with watching it, we’d better get to the hospital.” A moment later the UFO began to rotate. It started to spin faster and faster. It then suddenly shot vertically into the sky! In a matter of seconds it became a glowing white point of light in the distance.

Witness drawing of the UFO and how it looked when it was spinning

Sarah thought this would be the end of the sighting but then to her amazement after a couple of seconds the UFO began to descend again at a slower speed, moving further away to the North East as it did. It continued to descend until it was about the same height it had been before. It appeared to be over the area of Selly Park where the River Rea flows.

Sarah and Nicky continued to watch it for a couple more minutes before deciding to head to the hospital. They turned the car around and set off West along Mary Vale Road. This was the last they saw of the object. On the way to the hospital they discussed what they had just witnessed. However neither of them mentioned it to anyone at the hospital. Sarah says that she felt nobody would have believed her and would have ridiculed her about it. They remained at the hospital for a couple of hours before heading for home.


The following morning about 10-11am Sarah had to take Timothy back to her sister Rachel’s house on The Fairway in Kings Norton. She parked outside and got out of the car. She was about to knock on the door when she heard the very loud sound of propellers overhead. Looking up she saw three very large military helicopters. She had never seen anything like them before, and discovered later on that they were Chinooks.

Photograph of a military Chinook helicopter

The helicopters were heading North East in the direction of Cotteridge and Bournville where the UFO had been situated the evening before. Once she could no longer see them she knocked on the door and entered her sister’s house.