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Autumn 1984/1985 - Tidworth - Unidentified Light Sighting & Physical Effects

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 08/11/2018

For reasons of anonymity nicknames have been used

There are many cases on record where although no actual UFO was seen, the details suggest that an unusual aerial object was in the vicinity. This is one such case, which was reported to me by one of my girlfriend Tasha’s friends nick-named “Squirrel” in October 2018.

Sighting Details

The incident occurred in the mid 80s, between 1984-1985 when Squirrel was 7-8 years old. At the time her father was a corporal in the armed forces. For this reason they lived in the garrison town of Tidworth on Lahore Close. One of her father’s friends was a SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association) Sister. She lived a number of miles away from Tidworth. Squirrel cannot recall the direction or road name.

Aerial map of Lahore Close:

One autumn evening they set out to visit her house in their car. Squirrel was sat on the back seat, with her father at the wheel. It was mid to late evening. It was quite cold and there was a light drizzle in the air. They were on a road with woodland on both sides, and a shooting range off to their right. The road had a military checkpoint on it with a number of barbed wire security posts and a guard in uniform, suggesting that they were heading from civilian onto military-owned land.

Her father slowed the car to a halt and showed the guard his ID. They were waved past the checkpoint, and continued driving along the road. A short distance on they passed a flat bed truck driving in the opposite direction. A moment later everything changed. Suddenly the air began to feel really heavy and still, and everything seemed to slow right down. The car slowed to a halt. Her father told her to stay in the car. He then opened the door and stepped outside. A moment later he got back in without saying a word.

Nothing happened for several seconds. Then suddenly a bright light approached from the rear of the car. It was a pale yellow colour and appeared to flood the entire area around the vehicle. The light seemed to pass over the top of the car and then halt. Squirrel was absolutely terrified and confused about what was going on. Looking through the rear view window she could see that the truck had pulled over onto the grass. It is very likely that the driver was also aware of what was taking place.

The light remained there for a couple of minutes. There was a pressure in the air which felt like it was crushing her. Then suddenly without warning the light vanished. Immediately everything went back to normal.

Squirrel was very upset and confused about what had just taken place. She asked her father what happened and he said “It’s over, it’s done, I don’t want to talk about it.” He then continued the drive to his friend’s house. Squirrel informed me that her father rarely drank, but she remembers him drinking heavily that night.

In August 2018 she brought up the incident with him in conversation. All he said was that it was a weird night and he had never seen anything like it. He was quite hesitant to go into further detail, but Squirrel believes that he must have seen the source of the light when he got out of the car.

Sighting Analysis

While no object was seen, it is clear that there was something emitting a very bright unusual light which was in the air and which approached the car, then hovered over it for a period of time. Of course, given the fact they were on military land, it would be easy to put this down to a helicopter. However there are a number of reasons why this does not seem likely. The heavy feeling in the air and sensation that time had slowed down is something that has been reported before in numerous close encounter cases. It seems very likely that it was the presence of the object which was causing these effects, as the area went back to normal as soon as the light had vanished.

Squirrel says that if it had been a helicopter she would have certainly been able to hear the rotor blades, yet it was completely silent. Also the reaction of her father clearly points towards something more unusual. If it was not a helicopter what else could it have been? It could not have been an aircraft, as this would not have been able to hover motionless over the car. Could it have been an earth light or ball lightning? Although there was a light drizzle, the weather was not stormy, so ball lightning seems very unlikely. The light being emitted from the object seemed very bright, and it halted over the vehicle, then suddenly went off, all of which suggest it was artificial rather than natural.

Given the strange effects to the local area and the lack of sound I feel there is certainly the possibility that the source of the light was an unusual craft, perhaps of extra-terrestrial origin.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2018



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