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Autumn 1983 to March 2020 – Hazlemere/Watford/High Wycombe – Flying Triangle, Sphere & Lights

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 08/12/2020

Last Updated: 09/12/2020

In November 2020 UFO witness Russel Newland mentioned his sightings on the UK UFO Sightings Facebook group. Intrigued by his comments, I decided to get in touch to discuss them in more depth. Russel has had three very different experiences over the years, all of which have been in the presence of other witnesses.

Autumn 1983 – Flying Triangle Sighting

Back in 1983 Russel was 22 years old. He used to spend time with his friend Matthew, who lived on Green Lane in Hazlemere. Just South of Green Road is a recreation ground with flood-lit tennis courts. Russell and Matthew would regularly walk across this as it lay between Green Road and the main town centre.

Aerial map showing Green Road (A) and the recreation ground (B)

One evening in the autumn around 8pm they were making their way across the ground heading towards the town. Due to the time of year the sun was starting to set. It was also misty and drizzly that evening, but there was some light coming from the nearby flood lights so it was bright enough to see the surroundings.

They were talking amongst themselves and about half way across the ground. Suddenly there was a loud whooshing sound similar to a fast jet of water. They both stopped walking, wondering where the sound was coming from. Looking around and over their heads they could not see anything. All of a sudden a massive black triangular shaped object flew right past them from right to left, no more than 20 feet away from their location! Russel estimates it was about 30 feet across. It was so close they could feel the rush of air currents coming from it.

The object was only a few feet off the ground and flew on a straight and level course. It was only seen for a second as it went by so fast, but both witnesses observed it. Russel says that it appeared to have depth to it and was equilateral in shape. There were no markings or lighting observed on it.

Witness drawing of the recreation ground, showing the UFO and its path of movement

Both witnesses stood there in shock and disbelief at what had just happened. They then quickly ran across the remainder of the ground to reach Amersham Road as fast as possible. That evening they ended up going to a local pub and sat there discussing what they had witnessed.

The following day Russel went to the library to see if he could find out anything particular about the recreation ground, for example something which had been built there in the past, but was not able to find anything of interest.

The shape and colour of the object seen fits in with it being a Flying Triangle, one of the more commonly reported ET craft. Due to its large size and speed of movement it is very unlikely to have been something mundane such as a kite or novelty-shaped balloon, and it was quite clearly present as it was witnessed by both of the men.

One of the fascinating aspects of this sighting is how close the UFO