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Australia Contactee Case - Greys, Reptilians, Mantids, Abductions, UFOs, Body Markings, Paranormal

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Release Date: 19/09/2009

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses and specific locations ommited


George was born in rural Australia, in 1960. He was the eldest son in a family of two parents and four children. As a child he was interested in music and sport, and was a proficient athlete. George joined the police force at the earliest opportunity and his career ended after retiring from Ill-health. He lives in rural Australia with his wife Emma.

George has had many unusual experiences and UFO sightings, the majority of which this report will cover in depth. In April 2009, he decided to go for hypnotic regression by renowned hypnotherapist Mary Rodwell to see if it would provide him with any answers. The near-complete transcript of this regression can be read towards the end of the report.

Initial Message

George’s journey began in March 1994. He was in the bathroom getting ready for work when he heard a voice in his head. He at first thought this voice was his own. The voice told him not to go to work that day.

George believes he either had insight of what was to take place, or that he was being told this message for his own protection. For personal reasons, no more information will be released regarding this incident.

Father Figure

The first obvious vision that George had took place in 1997 when he was 37 years old. Towards the end of August he started dating Sophie, a lady who had emigrated from England. On 20th September he was vacuuming his home in Bairnsdale, Victoria, when he kept seeing the image of an older gentleman in his mind. He recognised this man as Sophie’s father who had passed away two years earlier. He had never met him before but had seen a photograph of him on Sophie’s dresser. In his mind he saw her father slapping him on the back and saying “Look after her son and she’ll never let you down”. He also saw the name Eric written in big black capital letters.

George continued vacuuming but the vision was clear and persistent, and this made him feel a little uncomfortable.

Later he drove to Sophie’s house to pick her and her daughter up to take them out to the country for the weekend. As they left town and were heading across the highway, he asked her “What was your father’s name?” She replied “Roger”. George was a little perplexed by this as this wasn’t the answer he was expecting to hear. But then she continued, “Actually his real name is Eric, but nobody knows that. He was christened as Eric but all his documents and drivers licence had Roger.” George was so taken aback he almost drove off the road! He exclaimed to her, “I was just talking to him before!”

George was both stunned and confused. He asked her whether she had told him her father’s name before, to which she replied “No”. He asked her if she was certain and she said “Yes, if I did I would have told you Roger. He hated his real name and he used Roger on all of his documents. Even his driver’s licence. Everyone knows him as Roger”.

George replied “I saw him before in my mind and he kept saying ‘Look after her son and she’ll never let you down’. And he was laughing and slapping me on the back. Are you sure you haven’t told me his name?” Sophie said “It doesn’t surprise me. I feel him around me a lot of the time. I would have told you Roger or just Dad.” George was a little surprised at how un-perturbed she seemed by his revelation.

An hour later Sophie asked him what the date was. When he told her, she replied “This is my wedding anniversary. I married Gregg on the 20th September in 1984. That is what my father would have said to Gregg!”

Voices & Apparitions

On a number of occasions, George has heard disembodied voices or seen apparitions of people in his house. He is not sure whether or not these incidents are linked to his contact experiences, but it is possible that they are due to a heightened awareness that his experiences have granted him. Perhaps they are ghosts/spirits that he is now able to detect as a result, though he of course cannot say for sure.

One night in the late 1990’s while he was single, George was suddenly awoken around 4.30am by a voice in his bedroom. He heard what sounded like the voice of a young girl coming from a position level with his head on the pillow. She said “Wake up George!” At the same time he heard four knocks on the bedside bench. The voice then said “Wake up!” and again accompanied by four knocks on the bench. It was pitch black in the room and George could not see anything.

He was not frightened by the voice, and instead reacted like a concerned parent. He switched on the light and asked “Can I help you?” but there was no-one there. George felt there was a definite presence in the room and that the voice was not just a dream. As the voice had been at head-height, if it did come from someone they would have been about three feet high.

On another night in 1999, he awoke about 3-4am to the feeling that someone was in the room. George could see a tall slim man with thick chestnut-coloured hair, wearing jeans and a flannelette shirt, standing next to his bed. He could see this man even though it was apparently pitch black in the room, which is an interesting aspect of this incident. The man did not move or communicate with George. As soon as he switched on the light, the figure completely vanished.

Later the same year, George also saw what appeared to be a stout, middle aged 17th century soldier wearing a red tunic with white lace top, and holding a stick of some kind, perhaps a drumstick. George feels it was around 4am again. This apparition walked through his bedroom and kept on going straight through the wall.

Drawing of apparitions George saw in his room:

Vision of Ramana

In 1998 George decided to join a group known as the Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families group (ACOA). Members of the group knew of a nearby Reiki class. George decided he would go along with a couple of the other members. He was inquisitive about it and thought that it couldn’t hurt. In early August he was given a Reiki on a massage table at a friend’s house by his friend Marie and another group member.

While he was under the Reiki, George drifted into a semi-sleep state. In this state he found himself drifting down towards a large stone wall with land behind it. He was then standing in a large gravelled area where a bazaar was in progress. A man came into view from his left. The man was wearing a turban and a crimson speckled George. The man had golden-brown coloured skin and a moustache and beard. Even though he did not speak, George immediately felt akin to him. Another shorter man dressed in white clothing came in from George’ s right and exchanged greetings with the first man. The men appeared to know each other. They led George across to the right to the edge of the land. This lead down into water which spread out into the distance underneath a sun-filled sky. The man in white drew George’s attention across the water towards the light.

George was then told that he was one of them and that he was going to help bring all people back to God. They were very out-numbered but in the end the truth would prevail and people would turn back to faith. He was told he was young and good but also naive, and would need to learn a lot before he would be ready to assist in this endeavour.

George then found himself near a darkened entrance in the rock wall. A number of women were spinning wool near the entrance. He felt that this was pressure to commit to something, and that he should only walk into the entrance when he was ready. He said “Do I have to do this now? Commit now?” A voice replied to him “No, only when you’re ready”.

He then became aware he was lying on the table and could see a tape of letters going past his eyes right to left. He recognised some of the words but others he hadn’t seen before. One of the words he saw was Ramana. For some reason he began to speak this word out loud until he was brought back to full awareness. George felt a little embarrassed about it.

A few days later on the 9th August, George was telling his sister June about the experience. He wrote down some of the words he had seen and then felt compelled to draw. This appeared to be happening automatically, as if he was tracing out a shape that had already been defined. George is not an artist and wondered if it was him drawing or someone else. First he drew Ramana. He then filled in an object behind him which turned out to be an elephant.

George began to see a mountain in his mind and get a strong impression of where Ramana lived. He then drew a map showing coast lines, borders and the position where the man lived. Unfortunately George has since lost this map drawing.

At the time George was not familiar with the world map and didn’t recognise the area he had drawn. He had no idea whether or not Ramana actually existed. Soon afterwards he put the drawing of Ramana he had done on his lounge wall.

In April 2000 George’ s friend Valerie came to visit. When she saw the picture on the wall she asked who the man was. George had come to believe that he was a spirit guide to him in some way. She asked his name and George told her he had come to know the man as Ramana. She asked how he had found out the man’s name and George explained how it had come to him in the vision. Valerie replied “Do you realise he is a real person?” George asked “How do you mean?” She told him “Ramana Raharshi was a healer in India. He died a long time ago”. George had no idea and was quite stunned by this revelation. When they looked at the map George had drawn, they found out that this too was real and showed an area of India. The location George marked on the map, and the low mountain he had seen in the vision were both correct. Ramana lived in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, South India. He walked up the mountain named Arunachala daily. He was a Hindu spiritual teacher, and declared himself an Atriasrami – Someone completely withdrawn from the outside world and entirely dedicated to spiritual freedom. Ramana died on 14th April 1950. George feels that his vision was from the 1920’s when Ramana was still relatively healthy.

Photographs of elderly Ramana Raharshi (including mountain in background):

Modern aerial view of Tiruvannamalai and Mount Arunachala:

George was not interested in India or Indian culture, nor had he been taught it at school. There is no explanation for why he had the vision of this man, and at the time he had no idea he was even a real person. In late 2008 Valerie visited India. When she showed George her holiday photos, he saw huge rock walls which looked very similar to those he had seen in the vision.

George believes that the vision of Ramana was presented to him for a reason. Back when it took place he felt it was God’s way of letting him know there is more to life than just the five senses. He now believes it may have something to do with his contact experiences in some way. He believes that Ramana is a protector and guide of some kind, and that the man in white was a higher being representative of the light.

The Blue Truck

One Sunday afternoon in July 1999, George went on a trip to Picton about 16 km from his home. About 3.30pm he decided to return to Beeton. There are two return routes to Beeton, the common route is the Beeton-Picton Road, or alternatively there is the Fern Creek Road which heads further inland. George reached a location known as Echo Point and then for some reason decided to turn onto the Fern Creek Road, something he would not usually do. As he drove along he thought to himself “Why did I go this way?” He assumed he must have subconsciously wanted to visit his friend Paul who lived just off the Fern Creek Road. Further on the route he decided he didn’t want to go there so he drove on into Beeton.

As he drove along Light Street, towards the turning into Donald Street, he noticed a small blue truck facing West on the corner. Someone was in the driver’s seat but the truck was stationary. As George got closer he recognised the driver as his old friend Andy Mitchell who he had not seen in a long time. Andy had been a well respected builder in the town, and George also recognised the truck as his work vehicle with the name “A. Mitchell” on the door. He waved at him and Andy acknowledged him by lifting a finger off the wheel.

George had used to visit Andy’s nightclub regularly. One night there in 1992, Andy had confided in him that he had leukaemia, and had required bone marrow transplants numerous times to stay alive. As George drove on past he thought to himself “He looks bloody good for a bloke who should have been dead ten years ago. I’m glad I saw him”. Andy had been there for George during a bad patch of his life soon after he left the police force. He turned right and continued onward to his home.

Drawing showing the route George took and position of Andy’s van:

The following Tuesday or Wednesday, George decided to visit his friend Paul, who ran a gym in the local area. Paul was busy chatting to someone else, so while he waited, George picked up a newspaper that was lying around. At the time he had the habit of reading the paper from the back. As he got to the obituaries he saw the name Andy Mitchell. He immediately thought it must have been Andy’s father who had died. He interrupted Paul to ask him, and Paul informed him that it was Andy who had died and not his father.

George was surprised and said “Geez it can happen quick can’t it? I only saw him the other day. He looked great”. George’s assumption was that Andy had died suddenly since the weekend. Seeing Paul was in deep conversation he said goodbye and headed back home.

At the time, George would often go to the Triton Hotel about 5pm in the evening to catch up with the locals and have some drinks. As he was newly retired this was a good way to stay in touch with people. That evening as he drove into town he suddenly had the strong urge to head towards the Central Hotel instead. This felt strange but because he knew others who drank there he went along with it. As he arrived he realised his friends were there. He went to get a beer and then joined them for a chat.

About 20 minutes past, and Daryl, another old friend of his walked into the bar. Daryl was a retired sergeant but did some work at the bar as a doorman. George assumed he was there to collect a pay check. As he entered the bar, he walked right up to George, picked up a newspaper and said to him “Hey Georgie, did you see this?” He pointed at Andy’s obituary.

George replied “G’day Daz. Yeah I did. And I got a real shock, I only saw him the other day.” “When was that?” “Just the other day, I waved to him in his truck.” “When?” “It would have been within the last week. Why?” “Whereabouts?” “Up near my joint. In Donald Street.” “You couldn’t have.” “Well I did.” “It’s impossible! You must be seeing things. He was in the City Hospital for the last six weeks dying. He was in a coma for the last ten days, and died a very painful death.”

George felt awkward and confused. He was certain he had seen both Andy and his old truck. He had looked right at him. Andy had even acknowledged him. He did not want to offend Daryl by pushing the issue.

Daryl then added “Anyway you couldn’t have seen the truck because the plates are off it and it’s been sitting in my shed out at Foxwood Road for the last two years.”

In the weeks that followed, George could not get what had happened out of his head. He went to Andy’s funeral and was considering telling Andy’s wife Jenny what had happened but decided not to in the end. Many times he thought about visiting Daryl's house to take a look at the old truck just to confirm that the words on the door were “A. Mitchell” but he was too worried about what he might think of him.

George was friends with the neighbours of his friend Valerie. At Christmas time, they were out one warm evening and the neighbours came outside for a chat. They started reminiscing old times and Tim mentioned the nightclub. George then remembered that Tim had used to work on the door of the club. He informed him about Andy’s death. He also told him about how Andy had opened up to him about his ill health. Tim replied that he must have liked George because he wouldn’t waste time chatting to people he didn’t like. Tim also said that he was a very fair and good boss. It was now that George learnt that Tim had actually helped Andy with his building work as well as with the club. George decided to seize the opportunity and ask him about the truck.

“Tim do you remember that little blue truck Andy had for years, the little Jap one?” “Oh shit yeah, I used to drive that thing every day!” “ Did you?” “Yep.” “Do you remember what was written on the door?” “Yes, it was A Mitchell” “A Mitchell or A dot Mitchell?” “Yeah it was A dot Mitchell.” “Not A and J or Andrew Mitchell?” “Nah it was just A dot Mitchell. We actually used to give him a hard time because it only had his name and not Jenny’s on it. He said if Jenny ever left him at least he’d have something to show for it. All his other work stuff had A and J Mitchell Builders on it.” “You sure the dot was there?” “Absolutely, I drove it all the time.”

Soon afterwards George visited Andy’s grave, and the photograph on the headstone was exactly the same as the person he had seen in the blue truck. He doesn’t know why or how, but he is completely convinced that on that day in July 1999 he saw a vision of Andy Mitchell and his old truck shortly before the time that he died, even though Andy spent his final weeks in a hospital bed. This and other experiences George has had suggest that he has heightened senses and can sometimes see apparitions. Whether or not this has been brought on by his contact experiences is not currently known.

UFO Sightings

Since 1990 George has had numerous impressive and varied sightings of UFOs. Some of these have appeared as glowing lights in the sky, others have had definite solid structure to them. He believes that some of the glowing UFOs may have been solid craft, where as others may have been in the form of energy. In some of the sightings, George believes that he was being shown them on purpose rather than being a random observer. In many there have been multiple witnesses, which validates them as real objects. He has also managed to take a number of interesting photographs.

Late 1998/Early 1999 Sighting

George has been fascinated by UFOs for most of his life, but has only started looking into them in detail in recent years. His first real sighting of unknown aerial phenomenon did not occur until late 1998/early 1999. It was around midnight, and a clear night with the stars visible. George was in the back yard of his house chatting with his friend Marie who was sitting in the back doorway. He was also playing ball with his dog. They were casually drinking beer at the time, but had not had a lot.

George was looking towards the house when suddenly his attention was drawn to what he first thought was an unusually bright star. It was a pure white light to the South West and high in the sky. He thought to himself “That’s not where a bright star should be”. Then suddenly the object grew to three times it’s original size. He exclaimed “Wow!” out loud.

George felt that there was some sort of intelligence to it. At this moment he received two messages in his head, “We love you”, and “Someone standing next to you may not see us”. He continued to stare at the light. After about eight seconds it started to shrink in size. As it did so a mild mist passed it, and George wondered how small it would get. Then suddenly it completely disappeared. There was no obstruction such as a cloud which could have accounted for this. This sudden disappearance impressed him. Looking back at the incident he likens it to a dimensional window that closed in front of the object. This would not be the last time that George would see something act in this manner.

After George explained to Marie what he had seen, she smiled and described it as a “mind touch”, and told George they were just letting their presence known to him. At the time he didn’t really fully believe this. Today he does.

Up until several years ago, George’ s vision was excellent. Today his vision is still very good although he now reads with glasses. So this is unlikely to have been the cause of the incident. The fact the light was stationary and then grew considerably in size, and the messages that George received suggest it wasn’t a satellite or meteorite. George believes that the object was in the atmosphere rather than in orbit.

13th April 2001 Sighting

There is a mountain north of Beeton. George has walked on this mountain many times and is especially drawn to the place. He would walk from the crossroads near the base of the mountain, up a gravel road which leads up it, to a gate at the top. He used to do this every few days. On 13th April 2001 he went there with his friend Valerie. It was 9pm and the sun had gone down, the weather was clear and the sky a magenta colour. They had reached the top of the mountain and were on their way back down the road.

They were talking about the bad things that people do to each other, and how beings from other planets would view our race. George remarked “You know Valerie, these poor bastards probably think we’re mad here. And who do we think we are? How would we feel if they said we didn’t exist?”

They continued walking. Several minutes later, George noticed a bright white light coming from above them. He turned to Valerie and saw that she was already staring up at it. He looked also and knew immediately it was them. They could see a stationary bright white light in the sky. George estimates it was about 3000 feet high. He exclaimed “Now that’s not a shooting star is it?” As they watched, the object suddenly increased in size by at least two times. It is unknown whether the object increased physically in size or if this was just caused by an increase in the light intensity. The light was like a shimmering pure white globe and there was a dark purple corona between the light and the dark.