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Australia Contactee Case - Greys, Reptilians, Mantids, Abductions, UFOs, Body Markings, Paranormal

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Release Date: 19/09/2009

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses and specific locations ommited


George was born in rural Australia, in 1960. He was the eldest son in a family of two parents and four children. As a child he was interested in music and sport, and was a proficient athlete. George joined the police force at the earliest opportunity and his career ended after retiring from Ill-health. He lives in rural Australia with his wife Emma.

George has had many unusual experiences and UFO sightings, the majority of which this report will cover in depth. In April 2009, he decided to go for hypnotic regression by renowned hypnotherapist Mary Rodwell to see if it would provide him with any answers. The near-complete transcript of this regression can be read towards the end of the report.

Initial Message

George’s journey began in March 1994. He was in the bathroom getting ready for work when he heard a voice in his head. He at first thought this voice was his own. The voice told him not to go to work that day.

George believes he either had insight of what was to take place, or that he was being told this message for his own protection. For personal reasons, no more information will be released regarding this incident.

Father Figure

The first obvious vision that George had took place in 1997 when he was 37 years old. Towards the end of August he started dating Sophie, a lady who had emigrated from England. On 20th September he was vacuuming his home in Bairnsdale, Victoria, when he kept seeing the image of an older gentleman in his mind. He recognised this man as Sophie’s father who had passed away two years earlier. He had never met him before but had seen a photograph of him on Sophie’s dresser. In his mind he saw her father slapping him on the back and saying “Look after her son and she’ll never let you down”. He also saw the name Eric written in big black capital letters.

George continued vacuuming but the vision was clear and persistent, and this made him feel a little uncomfortable.

Later he drove to Sophie’s house to pick her and her daughter up to take them out to the country for the weekend. As they left town and were heading across the highway, he asked her “What was your father’s name?” She replied “Roger”. George was a little perplexed by this as this wasn’t the answer he was expecting to hear. But then she continued, “Actually his real name is Eric, but nobody knows that. He was christened as Eric but all his documents and drivers licence had Roger.” George was so taken aback he almost drove off the road! He exclaimed to her, “I was just talking to him before!”

George was both stunned and confused. He asked her whether she had told him her father’s name before, to which she replied “No”. He asked her if she was certain and she said “Yes, if I did I would have told you Roger. He hated his real name and he used Roger on all of his documents. Even his driver’s licence. Everyone knows him as Roger”.

George replied “I saw him before in my mind and he kept saying ‘Look after her son and she’ll never let you down’. And he was laughing and slapping me on the back. Are you sure you haven’t told me his name?” Sophie said “It doesn’t surprise me. I feel him around me a lot of the time. I would have told you Roger or just Dad.” George was a little surprised at how un-perturbed she seemed by his revelation.

An hour later Sophie asked him what the date was. When he told her, she replied “This is my wedding anniversary. I married Gregg on the 20th September in 1984. That is what my father would have said to Gregg!”

Voices & Apparitions

On a number of occasions, George has heard disembodied voices or seen apparitions of people in his house. He is not sure whether or not these incidents are linked to his contact experiences, but it is possible that they are due to a heightened awareness that his experiences have granted him. Perhaps they are ghosts/spirits that he is now able to detect as a result, though he of course cannot say for sure.

One night in the late 1990’s while he was single, George was suddenly awoken around 4.30am by a voice in his bedroom. He heard what sounded like the voice of a young girl coming from a position level with his head on the pillow. She said “Wake up George!” At the same time he heard four knocks on the bedside bench. The voice then said “Wake up!” and again accompanied by four knocks on the bench. It was pitch black in the room and George could not see anything.

He was not frightened by the voice, and instead reacted like a concerned parent. He switched on the light and asked “Can I help you?” but there was no-one there. George felt there was a definite presence in the room and that the voice was not just a dream. As the voice had been at head-height, if it did come from someone they would have been about three feet high.

On another night in 1999, he awoke about 3-4am to the feeling that someone was in the room. George could see a tall slim man with thick chestnut-coloured hair, wearing jeans and a flannelette shirt, standing next to his bed. He could see this man even though it was apparently pitch black in the room, which is an interesting aspect of this incident. The man did not move or communicate with George. As soon as he switched on the light, the figure completely vanished.

Later the same year, George also saw what appeared to be a stout, middle aged 17th century soldier wearing a red tunic with white lace top, and holding a stick of some kind, perhaps a drumstick. George feels it was around 4am again. This apparition walked through his bedroom and kept on going straight through the wall.

Drawing of apparitions George saw in his room:

Vision of Ramana

In 1998 George decided to join a group known as the Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families group (ACOA). Members of the group knew of a nearby Reiki class. George decided he would go along with a couple of the other members. He was inqui