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August 2009 - St Albans - White Light Sighting

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

Release Date: 25/05/2011

In some cases no actual UFO or beings are seen, but there is the indication that there might have been something out of the ordinary in the vicinity. This is how it was with this incident, which occurred in St Albans in August 2009.

Names in this report have been changed for privacy reasons.

Incident Details

Early in the hours of the morning in August 2009, Heather had just got into bed. It was 1am, and she was lying down clearing her mind and preparing to fall off to sleep. Her dog was also curled up on the bed cover. Suddenly without warning her bedroom was lit up in an extremely bright white light that appeared to be coming in from the bedroom window. At the same time she felt a feeling of static electricity in the air, and heard a low humming sound. The dog did not seem overly concerned by what was going on, but was staring towards the window.

Heather was quite frightened but also curious. She got out of bed and went to her window to try and see the source of the light. However it was too bright and she could not make anything out. It appeared to be coming from between 10-20 feet away from her. She stayed by the window for what seemed to her up to 10 minutes but in reality was probably just 3-5. Then almost instantaneously the light faded and her room returned to darkness.

After it had gone Heather stayed awake for at least half an hour thinking about what she had just seen and what could explain it. She had read about UFOs before and wondered whether this was what had caused the light.

Incident Analysis

There are several aspects to this case which are very interesting and point towards a UFO being behind the light that Heather saw. Firstly there is nothing conventional which can really explain the light. Heather was definitely awake at the time as she got out of bed and was staring at the light for a number of minutes. Her pet dog also seemed interested in it so it was not something that she was imagining or due to a medical condition. The light was extremely bright, much too bright to have been caused by a normal light source. As it suddenly came on outside her upper floor bedroom window, and she has never seen anything like it before or since, search lights or other stationary lights can be put out of the question. It must have been a moving object that arrived, remained for a number of minutes and then departed. It could not have been a helicopter because firstly she would have heard it at that close range, and even if it was bright it would still have been possible to see the rough shape of the helicopter or other lights on it.

The static electricity she felt in the air and the low humming sound she heard have both often been reported by witnesses who have been in close proximity to UFOs. These are probably both caused by the field generated around the craft which enables it to perform incredible manoeuvres and move at stunning speeds. When the light suddenly vanished, this could have been a craft leaving the area extremely fast.

So if it was a genuine ET craft, what was it doing there? Many contact cases begin with a visitation by ETs, and then the individual is usually taken aboard a craft. Perhaps they intended to abduct Heather and then did not for whatever reason. Maybe they expected her to be asleep and did not take her because she was still awake. There is of course the possibility that she was abducted, and then the full memories of this experience were blocked out. However there is no indication at present that this was the case. She did not notice any missing time, saw the light both appear and vanish, and did not feel in any way strange afterwards. Perhaps going forward Heather will decide to be hypnotically regressed to see if anything else occurred. For the moment we can just speculate.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2011

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