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August 1988 - Rendlesham Forest - Glowing Sphere, Orange Bar & Grey Manta UFO Sightings

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 08/05/2012


In December 1980  something astounding took place in the area of Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk. Over three consecutive nights there was repeated UFO activity witnessed by many individuals. This became known in UFO lore as the Rendlesham Forest Incident, and is widely regarded as some of the best evidence for the reality of the subject. Ever since the incident many people have come forward to claim that they too have witnessed strange phenomena in the forest, and some believe it to be an area of ongoing activity.

Towards the start of March 2012 BUFOG received details of numerous UFOs which were seen by two witnesses named David and Dave on the edge of Rendlesham Forest back in August 1988. These UFOs may or may not have been the same object. Over numerous E-Mails from David the full details of this incident came to light.

Sighting Details

David has always had a fascination with the UFO subject since an early age. In 1988 in his early twenties, he read the book Skycrash: A Cosmic Conspiracy by Brenda Butler. This inspired him to travel down to Rendlesham Forest in August 1988 with a friend to try and locate the landing site. They were able to do so. While they were there in the forest, David had the strange and unpleasant feeling of being watched. Something did not feel right. Many others have reported this sensation in the area.

As it began to get dark they decided to take their leave and head for home, quite a distance West of their current location. It was a clear night and the stars were visible above them. They got back into their van and began to drive out of the forest. They left the visitors car park, got back onto Woodbridge Road and began travelling due West towards Bromeswell.

Aerial map of Woodbridge Road and Rendlesham Forest, with the visitors car park marked:

When they were nearing the edge of the forest, David asked his friend to stop so he could get out to use the loo. While he stood near to the car, suddenly a very bright sphere of constant white light flew over his head. There was no trail behind it. It looked quite small in size, perhaps a couple of feet in diameter. It was at high altitude but he was in the atmosphere, about a mile up. It was moving on a straight course at quite a fast speed, about as fast as a jet. It was too slow to be a meteorite. David was shocked by the sudden appearance of this object and after observing it for about 20 seconds he jumped back into the van. He told his friend to continue driving home.

Photograph of the possible location where David may have sighted the orb (David cannot clarify whether or not this is accurate as he did not pay much attention at the time):

About a mile further along the road, a dimly glowing long bar of orange light suddenly appeared to the left of their vision. It appeared to be around 30 feet in length. It flew across the road in front of them at a slow