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August 1963 to 09/07/2012 - Smethwick - Orb, Sphere, Disc, Cigar & Flying Triangle Sightings & Photo

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 21/07/2012


Some people never get to see what they can describe as a UFO their entire life. Many others have one, maybe two, sightings of something unusual that they remember for many years. However this report covers fourteen UFO incidents that have been witnessed by Kevin and Vera Byng, and their nephew Michael. With many of these incidents other witnesses have also been present.

After their early sightings the family, especially Kevin, became interested in the UFO subject. Over the years he has looked into it in great depth, and has continued to see things he could not explain. Kevin has worked as a delivery driver for the army, the Air Corps and the RAF, and he knows exactly what normal aircraft and helicopters look like at all times of the day and night. He is certain that the things him, Vera and Michael have witnessed cannot be explained by conventional means. As you will see, a number of the objects they have witnessed appear to perform intelligent manoeuvres and move at incredible speed.

When I went to interview the family about their sightings on 13th January 2009, I found that Kevin had already logged all the incidents for his own personal interest. He had drawn many pictures and created overhead maps to keep a detailed reminder of the various unusual objects they had witnessed over the years. Many of these drawings and maps are used in this report.

In October 2009 Michael had a stunning sighting of a clearly defined disc-shaped craft. On 18th October I interviewed Michael about the incident, and took some photographs of the sighting location. This sighting was also accompanied by some highly unusual sounds, that were heard not only by Michael, but by two other people that he knows (And possibly others yet to come forward).

In early March 2010, Kevin once again contacted me with details of another sighting of a white daylight orb which possibly followed an aircraft.

Each sighting will now be looked at in detail.

August 1963 – Cleobury Mortimer - Green Fireball

During the first week of August 1963 back when Kevin was only 13 years old, the family were staying at a caravan they owned on a site to the North West of the village of Cleobury Mortimer in Shropshire. The site was built on three different levels, and the family’s caravan was on the middle of these levels. At the bottom of the site was a stream behind a fence, and beyond this a line of trees and then fields. The site was surrounded by hills, and at its west end was a road that led to the village.

Kevin cannot remember the exact date when the sighting occurred, but it was a very clear night. He woke up in the early hours of the morning to see a bright green glow behind the curtains of his bedroom in the caravan, which faced to the North. He looked outside and saw over the tree line what he could only describe as a green fireball moving from East to West. He watched it for about 5 seconds before it vanished behind one of the hills. He continued to look out of the window a while but did not see the object again.

The most interesting thing about this sighting is the colour of the object. If it was white, yellow or orange in colour it would be possible to assume that what was seen was a meteorite. However these do not usually appear bright green. Perhaps it was space debris of an unusual make up. But the object looked like it was on a relatively level path, not descending through the atmosphere. There was no sound during or after the sighting, and if something had crash landed it would surely have caused a loud explosion or been reported by the media soon afterwards. To this day, Kevin finds the sighting hard to explain, and does not know whether it was a natural phenomenon or something else entirely.

June 1964 – Warley, Birmingham - Grey Circular UFO Formation

At the time of this incident, Kevin was 14 years old, and at secondary school. He had just arrived home on Elizabeth Crescent. He had a part time job at the local butchers after school, and needed to come home to change his clothes each day before setting out again. It was 4 pm when he arrived at his house, and he walked round to the back door to let himself in.

It was a bright sunny afternoon with light cloud cover and a medium breeze. He happened to glance up into the sky. Through a break in the clouds he saw five round objects travelling in a northern direction just above the cloud layer. They were a dull silver-grey colour and were flying in a rough V formation. At first he took them to be hot air balloons. He went indoors but then realised that they couldn’t be as they were travelling in the opposite direction to the clouds. He quickly went outside again but the objects had vanished. He ran around to the front of the house but did not see them again.

Could the objects have been a small flock of birds reflecting the sunlight? This is certainly a possibility, but Kevin says that the objects looked bigger and too defined, and appeared to be round in shape. If they were not birds then they appear to have been flying in formation, so we can assume that they were intelligently controlled and not randomly drifting objects. Also the fact that they were flying against the wind means that they must have been powered. It remains an intriguing case.

September 1973 – Penhale Point - Orange Orb Photograph

Kevin joined the army back in 1970. After his training was complete, he was posted to a military port at Marchwood, opposite Southampton docks. In September 1973 he was taking part in an exercise at Penhale Point in Devon, 4-5 miles South West of Newquay.

During one of the night exercises, Kevin was driving a truck along a track that follows the cliff edge. He had been sent to collect a platoon of soldiers and return them to camp. As it was under simulated battle conditions he only had the side lights of the truck on. He had with him a small Kodak 125 “point and click” camera to get some pictures of his comrades.

It was around 2 o’clock in the morning. As he drove along the track he noticed to the west, quite a distance out over the sea, a dull orange ball of light. He stopped the truck to get out and try to photograph the object. The night was overcast and the stars could not be seen. There was a slight breeze and it was quite cool.

Because of the basic model of his camera, he didn’t expect anything to come out, but when he got the film developed he was pleased to see that he had managed to capture the object.

He could not judge how far out to sea the object was so it was hard for him to estimate its size as there was nothing to compare it too. It gave off a steady dull orange glow. It was moving in a northerly direction at about 50-60 mph. He watched the object until it disappeared beyond Ligger Point. After this he got back in the truck and continued his drive.

At the time he did not report the object to anyone as he thought that people higher in command may have thought he was a bit crazy for seeing the object. He has no idea what it was, but is certain that it wasn’t an aircraft or helicopter. Neither was it the light off a ship, it was much too high in the sky for it to have been this.

Chinese lanterns can appear as orange orbs of light in the sky, however it seems very unlikely that it was one of these. These were not readily available back in 1973. Also the object was seen quite far out to sea and appeared to be flying on a level path. It certainly sounds as if it was either a glowing airborne object of some kind, or a light attached to such an object.

Camera specs:


125 “point and click”

Late 1979 – Quinton, Birmingham - Pink Orb

Kevin got married to Vera in 1978 and moved into a bedsit on Gillott Road, Edgbaston. On an evening in the latter half of 1979 they had gone out to a cinema in the Quinton area. It was an overcast night but there was no wind. After the cinema they caught the bus home. The route followed Hagley Road and their stop was on a disused railway bridge. They got off the bus at around 10.30pm, along with another middle aged couple. To the north they saw a large glowing ball of pink light with a darker purple centre. Comparing it to the surrounding buildings, Kevin estimates that it was about 20 foot across. It was moving southward just above the trees from the direction of Birmingham centre. Both they and the other couple saw the object.

The ball of light was moving at around 40-50 mph. As they watched it suddenly turned a pale white colour, and then climbed at about 60 degrees into the sky before disappearing from sight.