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Alien Arrival: Salvation Or Destruction

Schiffer Publishing

Michael Fitzgerald

Atglen PA - Aliens are among us already and their activities have increased enormously with the arrival of the new millenium. Journey with the author as he examines human/extraterrestrial interaction from ancient times to the present. Sightings, contact and abduction cases are all considered, as well as a detailed study for the evidence of life on other planets, especially on Mars and the Moon. Become part of the search for extraterrestrial life and attempts to communicate with it. Explore the cover ups and conspiracies, doomsday scenarios, and the possibility that the increase in UFO activity represents an attempt by extraterrestrials to encourage us to change direction and work together for the salvation of our planet. there a much more sinister plan afoot? By the year 2030, we will have defiinate proof of the existence of intelligent life on other planets. Mysteries beckon.

Michael FitzGerald has five previously published books on the history of Hitler's Germany and London history. He has appeared on television and radio, given press interviews and talks. He has researched UFOs for many years.

For press details or to request a review copy please contact Andrea Thatcher at 610-593-1777 or



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