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Alaska Contact Case - Greys, Visitation, Symbols, UFO Sightings, Ground Markings, Paranormal

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 23/08/2013

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


This report covers a number of very interesting incidents which have been experienced by Sarah, a young lady from Alaska. She got in touch with me in June 2013 to ask for my thoughts on what has happened to her over the years. Her experiences have very clear links with both contact and the paranormal. Some of them have been quite disturbing.

Childhood Visitation

Sarah’s first encounter occurred when she was 8 years old in 1993. She cannot recall what time of year it was, but remembers that she did not have school the following day so it was either on a weekend or during a holiday break. She was living at the time with her parents and older sister, who was 9 at the time.

One evening she and her parents were watching TV in the living room. Her sister was already in bed, which was slightly unusual. Sarah says she must have been tired or ill that evening and wanted to go to bed early. She was sitting on the sofa at first, but then as her sister was not present she lay down on the couch and stretched out. She was lying on her right side facing the TV and did not feel at all tired. Everything was completely normal.

All of a sudden she realised her eyes were closed and everything was extremely quiet. She was confused, and could not work out how this had happened. She could not remember dropping off to sleep. This bothered her. It felt like her memory had been erased. She knew that there was something, but could not properly recall it. She felt groggy, like she had been deeply asleep for a long time.

She tried opening her eyes and found she could not. Her eyelids felt extremely heavy. She tried and tried until she finally was able to open them. Immediately she noticed three things. The TV was switched off. Her parents were no longer present. And there were monsters standing in the room. Sarah now knows that these creatures were Greys, but at the time had no knowledge of what they look like. She just saw them as monsters. There were three or four of them. They were naked, had grey coloured skin, huge black eyes, and skinny long arms and fingers.

Overview of the living room showing the positions of the witness and the Greys:

As soon as she saw these strange beings she wanted to scream and run out of the room to her parents. But when she tried to move she found she could not. When she tried to scream no noise came out. All she could do is lie there and stare at them in horror. She was completely terrified.

After a short while she began to calm down and pay attention to what she was looking at. She could see three of them clearly, and there was some movement in her peripheral vision which suggested a fourth. They were not paying any attention to her. They appeared to be having a conversation with one another but she could not hear any words. They were turning their heads from one to the other and making slight gestures with their arms.

She told herself “It’s ok, it’s ok. They don’t know you’re here. You might as well be a part of the sofa. Just don’t move…just be quiet and they’ll go away." She thought this over and over hoping that they would not pay attention to her. She realised she was breathing hard, almost hyperventilating. At this realisation she tried to hold her breath as she was scared they would hear her breathing. She held it for as long as she could, then started breathing very slowly and as quietly as possible. She kept telling herself that they were going to go away and leave her alone.

Then the one which was standing closest, facing away from her, turned its head and looked over its left shoulder right at her! She panicked. She wanted to get away but could not move. After looking at her for several seconds he turned his head back round towards the others. She immediately imagined that it was telling the others “There’s a little g