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Alaska Contact Case - Greys, Visitation, Symbols, UFO Sightings, Ground Markings, Paranormal

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 23/08/2013

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


This report covers a number of very interesting incidents which have been experienced by Sarah, a young lady from Alaska. She got in touch with me in June 2013 to ask for my thoughts on what has happened to her over the years. Her experiences have very clear links with both contact and the paranormal. Some of them have been quite disturbing.

Childhood Visitation

Sarah’s first encounter occurred when she was 8 years old in 1993. She cannot recall what time of year it was, but remembers that she did not have school the following day so it was either on a weekend or during a holiday break. She was living at the time with her parents and older sister, who was 9 at the time.

One evening she and her parents were watching TV in the living room. Her sister was already in bed, which was slightly unusual. Sarah says she must have been tired or ill that evening and wanted to go to bed early. She was sitting on the sofa at first, but then as her sister was not present she lay down on the couch and stretched out. She was lying on her right side facing the TV and did not feel at all tired. Everything was completely normal.

All of a sudden she realised her eyes were closed and everything was extremely quiet. She was confused, and could not work out how this had happened. She could not remember dropping off to sleep. This bothered her. It felt like her memory had been erased. She knew that there was something, but could not properly recall it. She felt groggy, like she had been deeply asleep for a long time.

She tried opening her eyes and found she could not. Her eyelids felt extremely heavy. She tried and tried until she finally was able to open them. Immediately she noticed three things. The TV was switched off. Her parents were no longer present. And there were monsters standing in the room. Sarah now knows that these creatures were Greys, but at the time had no knowledge of what they look like. She just saw them as monsters. There were three or four of them. They were naked, had grey coloured skin, huge black eyes, and skinny long arms and fingers.

Overview of the living room showing the positions of the witness and the Greys:

As soon as she saw these strange beings she wanted to scream and run out of the room to her parents. But when she tried to move she found she could not. When she tried to scream no noise came out. All she could do is lie there and stare at them in horror. She was completely terrified.

After a short while she began to calm down and pay attention to what she was looking at. She could see three of them clearly, and there was some movement in her peripheral vision which suggested a fourth. They were not paying any attention to her. They appeared to be having a conversation with one another but she could not hear any words. They were turning their heads from one to the other and making slight gestures with their arms.

She told herself “It’s ok, it’s ok. They don’t know you’re here. You might as well be a part of the sofa. Just don’t move…just be quiet and they’ll go away." She thought this over and over hoping that they would not pay attention to her. She realised she was breathing hard, almost hyperventilating. At this realisation she tried to hold her breath as she was scared they would hear her breathing. She held it for as long as she could, then started breathing very slowly and as quietly as possible. She kept telling herself that they were going to go away and leave her alone.

Then the one which was standing closest, facing away from her, turned its head and looked over its left shoulder right at her! She panicked. She wanted to get away but could not move. After looking at her for several seconds he turned his head back round towards the others. She immediately imagined that it was telling the others “There’s a little girl over there, let’s eat her!”

The Greys standing in the living room:

Close up of one of their hands:

A moment later the same being turned its head round again, just like before. It once again stared at her for a few seconds. Then it turned round completely to face her and began to walk towards her. The next thing she became aware of was the beings face staring directly at her extremely close with its huge black eyes. It stared at her for what seemed like forever. Sarah thought to herself “This is it, I’m going to die. This face is the last thing I am going to see.”

She suddenly became aware of what was happening inside her head. She could actually sense this beings thoughts. It appeared to be searching her mind for something, she was not sure what. It was looking for something with intense focus. Sarah likened this to the feeling you get when you are trying to solve a complex mathematical problem. This is what the being was doing as it stared into her eyes.

The Grey suddenly realised that she was watching what it was doing. At this she sensed a slight emotion from it. It felt like the same emotion you get when you see a baby do something cute. The “ahhhhh factor”. That’s exactly what she sensed from the being. As if it could sense that she could see what it was doing and that this was cute. Then it was gone and all she could sense was the intense focus again as it scanned her mind.

The Grey scanning the mind of the witness:

It appeared to find what it was looking for. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the tip of a long grey coloured finger. It was blurred as it was so close to her face. It moved up diagonally slowly towards the bridge of her nose and crossed in front of her left eye. She was still terrified. She wanted to look directly at the finger but was still transfixed by the black eyes of the being. The finger moved up to her forehead and touched her lightly. As soon as it did this her eyes closed and she immediately became relaxed. Sarah says this felt like the being had “interrupted her central nervous system and completely disconnected her brain from her body”. She could no longer see the being in front of her but her mind was still completely awake. Many thoughts raced through her mind. “I’m going to die. I’m never going to see my parents again. What’s going to happen now?”

Gradually her thoughts began to slow down. The sense she got was that the being was being careful not to break anything. It was controlling her, slowing down her thoughts and emotions. This continued until her thoughts were very slow and faint. They were gradually replaced with quietness and stillness. This is when she heard the voice. It sounded male and quite young, like a teenage boy. It was not threatening in any way. She heard the voice directly inside her mind rather than audibly in the room. “Everything is going to be alright. You are going to go to sleep now.”

The next part she does not fully recollect but it was something like “And when you wake up this will alllllll seem like a dream.” As the being said this she felt herself fading away and drifting off to sleep.

Suddenly she found herself in her bed upstairs. She sat up startled and terrified, her heart pounding heavily. She looked over at her older sister in her own bed. She was fast asleep, softly snoring. Sarah was so happy to see her there. She peered round the room. The monsters were gone. She was alive and everything was back to normal. She was hysterical with relief at this realization.

She jumped out of bed and ran down the hall into the kitchen. There she found her parents sitting at the table. It was morning. The news was on TV same just like usual. Her father was reading a newspaper. “What’s the matter?” asked her mother. Sarah asked “Did you guys take me to bed last night?” Her mother looked confused. She said “No…you fell asleep on the sofa…and we left you there…you weren’t there when we got up this morning so we figured you went to bed on your own.”

Sarah then explained the whole story to them. She could barely contain herself as she told them about the monsters and what had taken place. Her father looked over at her and angrily exclaimed “Stop it! You just had a nightmare! Nothing happened! There are no monsters. Go bother your sister. And don’t bring it up again.”

After telling her sister what had happened, Sarah did not speak of it with her family again. However she did tell all her friends at school about it. It was only when she went to middle school that she did not mention it so often, and only told her closest friends.

For months after the encounter she was haunted by the vision of the Grey’s face staring at her. Every time she closed her eyes it would appear. She would shriek and open her eyes in shock. For a while she became scared to close her eyes for fear of seeing it. However over the years her memories of it have faded and she can only remember vague details. The colour of its skin. The large black eyes.

Sarah was roughly 12 years old when she first saw something relating to the abduction phenomenon. She watched an episode of Unsolved Mysteries which was themed around the famous Allagash abduction incident. She recalls being horrified, but did not really make the connections between her own experience and ET contact until later on.

It is clear that what Sarah experienced here was a visitation by Greys. They appear to have interacted with her directly and performed a scan of her mind for an unknown reason. It does not appear that she was abducted at the time, the interaction seemed to take place directly within the living room. There is a possibility that she was taken either before she became aware of the beings or after she blacked out, however she has no recollections of this if it did occur. Somehow she had got back up to her bedroom from the living room where her parents left her. Perhaps she sleepily walked back up there without any recollection of doing so. We are unlikely to ever know for certain.

Silver Disc Sighting

One afternoon in 1997 when Sarah was 12 years old she was travelling home from school on the bus. She was sitting on the right side of the bus listening to music. The road the bus was on went up a hill. From the top it was possible to see above the tops of the trees in the nearby area. As the bus reached the top of the hill, Sarah noticed a glint of light come through the window. She looked to see what had caused it. It was a bright sunny day with scattered cloud. She noticed an object in the sky above the trees. It appeared to be about a mile away and at very high altitude, possibly around 20000 feet. Due to the distance it was hard to accurately judge how large the object was. But she could see that it was a silver metallic domed disc shaped object, rounded on the top and flat on the base. The sun was reflecting off its surface. It was hovering completely motionless in the sky.

Sarah couldn’t move because she was so shocked. She just stared open mouthed at the UFO. A moment later the bus began to go back down the hill and the object was lost from view behind the trees. She came to her senses and twisted round in her seat, excitedly asking her friends “Oh my God did you guys see that?” Everyone just stared at her and replied "See what?"  She rolled her eyes and said "Aw never mind!", put her headphones back on and slumped back down in her seat.

It is of course possible that the object Sarah saw was some kind of silver coloured inflatable reflecting the suns rays. It did appear to be completely still in the sky, but it was a pleasant day with no wind, so it could conceivably have been drifting extremely slowly. Sarah did not observe the object for very long so this cannot be put out of the question. However there is also the possibility that it was something more unusual. It was clearly not a normal aircraft or helicopter of any kind.

Lights In The Woods

On many occasions since her teens Sarah has seen unexplained lights after dark flashing in the woods around her parents property. She would usually be sitting in the living room and notice the lights out of the window. Usually she would see a blue light blink on and off. Then after a period of time, sometimes seconds, sometimes minutes, the light would reappear. Often it would remain stationary between flashes, but sometimes would move position. On one occasion she could see it flashing and moving around and got very frightened.

She remembers mentioning the phenomenon to her mother one day. Her mother told her it was “probably the neighbours.” Sarah responded asking “Why would the neighbours be out in the middle of the woods at two o'clock in the morning on a Tuesday when its -40 outside with a blue flash light?”

Sarah has never found out the explanation for the strange blue lights, although she has never actively attempted to. She has not spoken to the neighbours to ensure that they are not responsible. Nor has she ever attempted to video the lights or approach them in the woods when they have appeared. The fact that the light moves around and does not always appear in the same location tends to suggest it is not coming from some nearby electronic equipment. If it was on a vehicle driving/parked up in the woods then surely the headlights of the vehicle would also be observed? Nor does earth lights seem a valid explanation. These are naturally occurring glowing lights sometimes observed over rural locations. However they tend to glow yellow or orange not blue, and would glow then fade rather than blink on and off.

Recurring Dreams

From her teens to her early 20’s Sarah suffered from a recurring nightmare. In this dream she would see a row of multi-coloured lights hovering outside one of the windows of the house. The window would change from dream to dream but the general theme would be the same. When she saw the lights she would hide from them and close her eyes, hoping that “they” would go away. She would usually wake up at this point extremely frightened.

She also recalls another dream which she had when she was 17. In this dream she got out of bed and went down to the living room. There she discovered dozens of short extremely pale Greys running around in all directions. She was terrified but felt like she was being controlled. She walked through the cluster of Greys and sat down on a chair amongst them, even though inside she desperately wanted to get away. At this moment she woke up.