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Aberdeen Contact Case - Grey Visitations, Psychic Abilities

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 19/07/2016

Childhood Dreams

Ever since she can remember Clari has felt different to most people. She remembers that everything felt quite dream-like, and that she felt she had come from somewhere else rather than been born into a new life. She believes that she felt more sensitively towards things and looked into them on a deeper level than other children.

When she was around 5 years old she began to have a recurring nightmare about a strange being. This figure was a thin human-shaped silver coloured robot with a spherical or pyramid-shaped nose. In the dreams it would follow her around and drain the blood out of other people. She dreamt of this being roughly once a week for a period of about 2 years. The details of the dreams would change but the being would always look the same when it appeared. As it approached her the being sometimes communicated with her in a high pitched voice. On one occasion she remembers it saying “Naughty naughty!” to her, but she cannot recall what it said on other occasions.

She nicknamed this being the “Zegazord”. When it got close she would usually attempt to run away from it. Sometimes she would be so frightened she would wake up in the dark. She does not remember calling out for her parents, but certainly discussed the dreams with them and her friends numerous times.

While this could well have just been nothing more than nightmares, there is the possibility of it being linked with early contact experiences. There is a link to some of her later experiences which I will go into later in this report.

Grey Visitations

By the time Clari was 11-12 years old she and her family had moved to a house on Inchgarth Road in the suburbs of Aberdeen. Around this time she began to experience regular visitations by a number of Grey beings. Typically she would awake during the night with an intense feeling of a presence in the room. She was on a bed alongside one of the walls. Looking across the room she would see a group of at least three Greys, sometimes up to seven of them. They would usually stand in a circle, as opposed to being in a straight line.

Aerial map of Inchgarth Road:

During these experiences Clari would be unable to move. On most occasions she found herself lying on her back. She could look around but not move her body. Due to the fact that the curtain in her room did not close properly there was enough light coming in from outside to make out details. The beings were always slightly shorter than adult height, about 5 feet, and unclothed. They had pale grey coloured smooth skin and a thin skeletal frame. Their heads looked over-sized, with large black almond-shaped eyes, small nose and slit-like mouth.

When she saw the beings she was terrified but also in a trance-like state so never shouted out for her parents. When I asked her about her emotions during these experiences Clari said the following:

“Fear was the main emotion, but it wasn’t like a normal kind of fear, it was like an alien kind of fear that we cannot experience in this conscious normal waking reality.”

On a number of occasions Clari feels the beings spoke with her elepathically. She could not understand the language which was being used, but it was high pitched, similar to the voice of the Zegazord from her early dreams. After these encounters she believes she would drop back off to sleep, but cannot remember doing so.

There are a few incidents which she remembers more clearly. On one occasion the beings appeared to put a vibrational wave through her body. It felt like her organs were sinking into themselves as it passed through her. It was a strong sensation, but not a pleasurable one.

On another night, after the beings appeared near to the bed Clari began to levitate upwards off the bed. She was then moved across the room in a lying down position, and through the open bedroom door out onto the landing, which was partially lit. She is unsure if the beings accompanied her during this. As this took place there were vibrations passing through her though not as strong as the wave she had previously experienced. She was focused on these sensations more than what the beings were doing. Once she was out on the landing she blacked out and could not remember anything else.

She had experiences with these beings at least once a week for a period of up to 6 months, after which they stopped abruptly. She was of course frightened to go to bed during this time, but her parents thought she just had an active imagination so would calm her down by assuring her she was just dreaming. However Clari was convinced otherwise. These encounters were far more real and vivid than how normal dreams would feel.

Many of the aspects which Clari describes here would fit in with sleep paralysis experiences as opposed to contact. During sleep paralysis it is possible to sense a presence in the room, hear strange noises or see figures. However the beings which Clari describes here are clearly Greys, a fact she became aware of later in her life after looking into the UFO subject. There is also the occasion in which she was floated from her room to elsewhere in the house. Was she abducted on this occasion, and perhaps others, but had the experiences blanked from her mind? This is entirely a possibility and one which should not be overlooked.

Psychic Abilities

Another sign that these experiences were contact-related was the fact that around the same time of her life Clari remembers a number of incidents where she appeared to demonstrate psychic abilities. She felt at the time that these beings she was encountering were granting her these abilities, and so decided to test this theory by attempting to control random events.

On one occasion at school the teacher pulled out of a hat to determine reading order. Clari began to think about which names would be pulled out next and she found she was right again and again. This could just be put down to random chance, however this was not the only time this happened. On a different day she was playing a snakes-and-ladders-esque board game. Whenever she rolled the dice she attempted to force it to land on high numbers with her mind. She kept rolling 5s and 6s and won the game. Clari believes that this was at least partially down to what she was attempting to do at the time.

While these are certainly not conclusive examples, contactees often report possessing one or more psychic abilities, this is a very common aspect of contact and clearly related to it. Could the Greys which visited Clari indirectly caused these incidents to occur?


It certainly appears that for a period of time during her childhood Clari experienced repeated visitations by Grey beings. While she cannot recollect being taken aboard a craft during this time this does not necessarily mean that this did not occur, it could be that she currently has no recollection of it. These experiences opened her eyes to the UFO and contact subject, which she has been fascinated with ever since. I would like to thank her for coming forward with this information.

As a side note, it is interesting to see that Inchgarth Road, where these visitations occurred, lies directly alongside Inchgarth Reservoir. It is widely known that many UFO sightings have taken place near to reservoirs, and there are even cases on record where craft have been seen drawing water from them.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2016



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