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30/01/2009 - Quinton - Orange Orb Sighting (BUFOG Founder)

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 11/02/2009

Sighting Details

BUFOG’s own chairman Craig Lowe had an interesting UFO sighting while out driving in Quinton on the evening of 30th January 2009. While no physical craft shape could be seen, the movements the object performed as well as other aspects of the sighting seem to suggest it was something unusual.

It was about 8.10pm, and was a clear evening. Due to the time of year it was of course completely dark. Craig was driving along Ridge Acre Road in Quinton towards Harbourne. He reached a junction and stopped at the lights. Looking around, he noticed a bright orange light in the sky above a nearby chip shop.


It was to the South and appeared to be less than a mile from his position. Craig estimates it was between 800-1200 feet high. The light was travelling towards him at a speed of at least 300 mph. Craig then spotted an aeroplane coming from the west. It was heading towards the object but around 200 foot lower in the sky. He watched for several minutes as the plane approached the object. He had the window wound down and could hear the plane but could not hear any sound. The lights changed several times but there was no traffic behind him, so he continued to watch. As the plane got very close to the object’s position suddenly the orange light went off, but Craig could still make out a faint reddish glow from the object. It then moved up in the sky to a higher point as if to let the plane cross its flight path. Once it had past, the object moved back down again to the level of the plane and then not only increased in brightness again to how it had been before, but also appeared to actually increase in physical size. It then dramatically increased in speed to around 450 mph and flew off to the West. There were now cars behind him so he could not keep watching the object and was forced to continue his journey.

Satellite view showing the path the object took:


Sighting Diagrams

1: Object and aeroplane as they first appeared


2: Object getting brighter/closer as plane approaches


3: Object dims to a dull red colour


4: Object increases in altitude as plane flies by underneath


5: Object descends back down after plane has passed


6: Object greatly increases in brightness/size


7: Object moves off to the West



This is a fascinating sighting as what was observed does not seem to fit in with most alternative possibilities. The object could not have been an aeroplane as these do not have the capability to stop and instantly change course. It does not appear to have been a helicopter either as the object was silent. Also the lighting colours do not fit in with a conventional aircraft, and neither an aeroplane nor helicopter would be likely to change their lights in such a fashion.

If the object really did increase in physical size rather than just flared up very bright then this of course means it was something very unusual indeed. Its movement patterns alone seem to show it was under intelligent control. Therefore, although we cannot identify the object at this point, we can safely say that it was out of the ordinary.

Craig believes that other people on the ground, and also people in the plane may well have also seen the object. So far we have had no other reports come in which are related to this incident.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2009



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