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28/11/2017 - Stafford - White Orb Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 12/12/2017

Sighting Details

At around 9.30pm on the evening of 28th November 2017 Darren Westwood was standing outside in the back garden of his house on Turney Grove, Stafford, smoking a cigarette. It was a clear and still evening but quite cold due to the time of year.

Aerial map of Turney Grove:

For an unknown reason he suddenly had the urge to look diagonally up into the sky to the East. He saw a brightly glowing white light which he initially took for a very bright star. It was roughly the size of a pin head and had a slight shimmer around its edge. It seemed larger and brighter than other stars in the sky but thought nothing more of it.

As he was about to turn away suddenly the “star” ascended vertically a short distance then suddenly massively increased in speed and silently shot away to the North West, at a speed much greater than a plane would travel at! Within 4-5 seconds it was out of sight into the distance towards Doxey / Seighford. Darren said he has “never encountered anything of this nature before.” It was impossible to judge exactly how far away from him the object had been situated when he initially spotted it.

Aerial map showin the estimated flight path of the UFO:

After the sighting was over he re-entered the house and informed his mother of what he had just seen. He then contacted his friend on messenger about the sighting also.

Sighting Analysis

The movement observed in this incident makes it a very impressive UFO sighting. The object was clearly not a drifting LED balloon or other lit inflatable, due to the speed it suddenly moved away at. The fact it was stationary at first, and also ascended vertically before shooting away means it cannot have been a satellite, meteorite or aircraft, and it appears to have been too fast to be a helicopter. Due to the brightness of the light and the distance the object covered in the sky a radio controlled drone also seems unlikely in this instance. The object clearly seems to have been giving off a very bright glow, and appears to have been under controlled flight. It is a very interesting sighting indeed, one possibly of a distant advanced craft.

Another sighting of an orange glowing object occurred on the same night at roughly the same time over Rednal. While it appears to be unrelated, the timing similarities are worth noting. This incident is covered in a seperate case report.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2017



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