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27-29/12/1996 – Corralito, Venezuela – Glowing Cigar UFO Crash

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 10/11/2021

Last Updated: 19/11/2021

Devon farmer Adrian Johns initially got in touch with BUFOG on 25th September 2021 via our sightings reporting form on the website to report an incident which happened back in 1996 while he was working in Venezuela. It became apparent from the form details that Adrian had not only seemingly witnessed a UFO alongside others, he had also watched it crash land! Over numerous follow on phone calls and E-Mails the full details of this stunning incident, never before reported, came to light. This report goes over this fascinating and important case in depth.


Adrian has been a farmer for most of his working life. He currently lives in Bideford, Devon. However back in 1975 when he was 26 years old there was a farming crisis and a severe decline in revenue. At the time he rented a farm, but due to the crisis could not afford to pay the rent for it, and was unable to take a loan out either.

He came across an advert in Farmers Weekly in which Union International were offering a position for a cattle ranch assistant in Venezuela. At the time he was single so had very few ties to the UK. He decided to apply for the job. According to Adrian over 100 people applied for the position, but he was successful in securing it. And so, in September 1976, he moved across to Venezuela and began working on a ranch near to Valencia.

Adrian's Venezuela ID card

As the years went by, he worked at a number of different ranches, and gained a name for himself in the area. In 1996, the year the incident took place, he had rose to the position of Ranch Administrator, and worked at Corralito Ranch, Cojedes, North North East of El Baul. His two step-brothers Edgar and Tony also worked there.

Aerial map showing El Baul (A) and Corralio Ranch (B)
Photograph Adrian took of Corralito Ranch from the air
A herd of cattle on the ranch