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27-29/12/1996 – Corralito, Venezuela – Glowing Cigar UFO Crash

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 10/11/2021

Last Updated: 19/11/2021

Devon farmer Adrian Johns initially got in touch with BUFOG on 25th September 2021 via our sightings reporting form on the website to report an incident which happened back in 1996 while he was working in Venezuela. It became apparent from the form details that Adrian had not only seemingly witnessed a UFO alongside others, he had also watched it crash land! Over numerous follow on phone calls and E-Mails the full details of this stunning incident, never before reported, came to light. This report goes over this fascinating and important case in depth.


Adrian has been a farmer for most of his working life. He currently lives in Bideford, Devon. However back in 1975 when he was 26 years old there was a farming crisis and a severe decline in revenue. At the time he rented a farm, but due to the crisis could not afford to pay the rent for it, and was unable to take a loan out either.

He came across an advert in Farmers Weekly in which Union International were offering a position for a cattle ranch assistant in Venezuela. At the time he was single so had very few ties to the UK. He decided to apply for the job. According to Adrian over 100 people applied for the position, but he was successful in securing it. And so, in September 1976, he moved across to Venezuela and began working on a ranch near to Valencia.

Adrian's Venezuela ID card

As the years went by, he worked at a number of different ranches, and gained a name for himself in the area. In 1996, the year the incident took place, he had rose to the position of Ranch Administrator, and worked at Corralito Ranch, Cojedes, North North East of El Baul. His two step-brothers Edgar and Tony also worked there.

Aerial map showing El Baul (A) and Corralio Ranch (B)
Photograph Adrian took of Corralito Ranch from the air
A herd of cattle on the ranch

Parts of the ranch were covered in thick jungle vegetation, which were home to some interesting, sometimes dangerous, wildlife. As an example here is a photograph of Adrian meeting an anaconda:

He was well known in the area, to the extent that he was even mentioned in a book called “Painting The Jungle” by famous historian and wildlife painter Jan Dungel. Here is the front cover of the book and a page which includes a passage about Adrian:

The author sent Adrian a copy of the book, even writing a personalized message for him inside the front cover:

Incident Details

It was between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day of 1996. Due to the time of year many of the employees of the ranch had gone home to see their families. Adrian, Edgar and Tony remained at the ranch, as well as a number of other cowboys.

It was around 6pm and due to the time of year the sun would soon be starting to set. Every evening Adrian would drive to the main gate of the ranch to lock it up and prevent unwanted visitors during the night. He set off from the ranch centre with Edgar, Tony and three cowboys named Bartolo, Uvenci and Pajarote in his white Ford 150 pickup truck. There was no real need for them all to come along, he just invited them along for the company.

Aerial map of Corralito Ranch centre indicating the house Adrian used to stay in

Photograph of Adrian with his pet dog at the ranch centre

It was a wonderful clear evening, very warm and dry, with no clouds in the sky. They drove along the gravel road which led past the landing strip and followed the central hills of the ranch. They reached the gate about 6.30pm. After locking it, they headed to the gate house to meet up with the guard who lived there with his family.

Aerial map showing the route between Corralito Ranch centre and the main gate

After a cup of black coffee and a chat with the guard, the men set off back to Corralito Ranch centre about 7pm. By now the light had almost gone from the sky. Adrian drove the truck, his step-brothers sat next to him, with the three cowboys on the back seat.

They reached the landing strip (which had been blocked off to prevent unauthorized landings) and continued along the road which ran alongside it. Suddenly Adrian, Edgar and Tony all spotted something in the sky at once. There ahead of them and off to their left to the East was a glowing object at very low altitude, around 50 feet off the ground. For a brief moment Adrian assumed it was the ranch owner arriving un-announced in a light aircraft, but then realised it was moving much too slowly for this to be the case, 20mph or even slower. Upon realising this he slammed the brakes of the truck on. Everyone leapt out of the truck to get a better look.

Aerial map of the airstrip showing the position Adrian stopped the truck

Adrian estimates that the UFO was about 100 feet away from their position. It appeared to be a brightly glowing cigar-shaped object. Half way along it, within the bright yellow light, he could see a round white window or porthole. He says that there may have been others hidden behind the glowing light emanating from the object. He estimates it was about 30 feet across, around the same size as a Cessna 414.

Witness drawing of the cigar UFO
Photograph of a Cessna 414 aircraft for size comparison

It was clear that from the height it was at it that it must have manoeuvred between the central hills of the ranch off to the East of their location without hitting them.

The object moved on a straight and level course heading in a South West West direction. It was completely silent despite its apparent closeness. As it glided across the road ahead of them it suddenly burst into flames. The orange flames flowed across its surface as it continued to travel on the same course and speed. There was no smoke or vapour trail.