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27/02/2020 – Plymouth – White Light Sighting

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 04/03/2020

On the evening of 27th February 2020 a man named Martin got in touch with me via the BUFOG website to report that he had just seen a UFO hovering over Plymouth, probably over the harbour, and to ask if other reports had come in relating to it.

He reported seeing a very bright white glowing orb of light he believed to be over the harbour which had the same brightness as the moon. At first he thought it was moving in a figure of eight pattern, but as he looked closer he determined its movement pattern was more likely tight circles and that it was hovering or potentially rotating. He deduced that it could not be a helicopter because the light coming from it was too bright, it was silent, it was hovering above the cloud layer (helicopters tend to keep to a lower altitude) and was staying put for an extensive period of time. It could not have been a plane as these only move on a continuous flight path.

Photograph of Plymouth harbour

It is unknown how long the witness observed the light for, but he informed me that he did manage to record it on video. Unfortunately he is yet to respond to my E-mail responses so this is the only information known at present. If he sends me the video footage it will be included in this report with analysis and further details will be added as necessary.

While Martin’s logic is sound, and it is clear that he has thought hard about what he was looking at, I do not believe that a helicopter can entirely be ruled out as the explanation. Helicopters on patrol are known to sometimes hover in one place, and while they generally fly below the cloud layer on this occasion one may not have been. Also if it was quite distant then the noise of the rotor blades may not have been heard. I will need to receive further information to comment further.

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