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27/01/2019 - Hodge Hill - White Arc Of Lights Sighting & Strobing Light Video

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 19/02/2019

Sighting Details

On the evening of Sunday 27th January 2019 Rob was standing just outside the back door of his house on Rymond Road, Hodge Hill, having a cigarette. It was about 7.15pm and a cold but still evening. Due to the time of year the sun had fully set and the stars were visible in the sky between patchy cloud. Rob has a big interest in aircraft and helicopters, and lives under the flight path of Birmingham International Airport, so he is always looking up at the sky.

Aerial map of Rymond Road:

Aerial map showing Rymond Road (A) and Birmingham International Airport (B):

Out of the corner of his eye he suddenly noticed a brief flash of white lights in a curved arc off to his left to the South West. He wasn’t looking directly at that area of sky at that moment but was sure he had seen something. He thought to himself “That’s weird!” and began to stare in the direction he had noticed the lights.

Between 90-120 seconds later the lights suddenly reappeared and flashed again! This time he clearly saw them and was absolutely shocked by what he witnessed. For a brief moment he saw about 7 very bright white glowing points of light in a gradual curve formation. However this time when the lights went off they were immediately replaced by a single brighter point of light. This too went off, then began to flash intermittently. Rob was convinced that this single flashing light was directly related to the curve of lights he had seen.

Photograph of the sky with the arc of lights drawn on top: