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25 & 27/03/2008 - Derby - Pink Domed Disc & Black Orb Sightings

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 27/03/2008

Please find enclosed descriptions of my two most recent experiences.

At 02.30am, on Tuesday 25th March 2008, I was standing in the rear bedroom of my sisters house in Bargate Drive, Belper, Derbyshire, when I noticed in the upper left hand of the window an object decending at a 60 degree angle from the South West heading towards a grassed area of land to the rear of Bargate Road. The object resembled a mexican sombrero hat, but was pink fleshy coloured, and had a very pronounced raised centre. I estimate it to have been around 7 feet across at its base. Its centre was raised up into a pinnacle, it glowed a strong pinky fleshy colour, and was clearly visible against the backdrop of stars. From an initial height of about 150 feet up, it descended in a slow and controlled manner at about 10 mph with its edges moving in a fluttering pattern not unlike a jelly fish swimming. It came to a rest on the ground to the left rear of the property.

It stayed motionless by a tree for a couple of minutes before moving to the right at ground level, so as to cause it to be directly behind number 5 Bargate Road, and in direct head-on line of sight. The object stayed motionless for about 10 minutes, then began to glow. As it did so it raised up a couple of feet off the ground and transformed into a white streak of light which shot skywards vertically at high speed. I was awake and aware at the time because I have previously experienced a tone in my ears similar to an electrical transformer noise. I have heard this tone several times during 2005, and on each occasion experienced a sighting of some kind.

At 11.30pm on Thursday 27th March 2008 I was in the rear upper bedroom to my sisters house, getting changed into my pyjamas for bed, when I began to experience a loud tone in my ears as above. I looked out of the window skywards and noticed to the upper right edge of the window that a small black orb or balloon like object about 10 feet across was descending from about 50 feet up towards our rear garden. It came from the East and descended slowly at about 5mph, at a 45 degree angle into the centre of the garden which is grassy and open. The object settled down. I then ran down stairs to the rear door, which is a two pane UPVC double glazed unit with full length side windows. As I approached the door I looked down and saw a small entity about 2 feet tall at the rear door looking inwards at me. It was a fleshy brown in colour, had the body of a young child in appearance, but had an enlarged head with a deeply furrowed brow similar to an elderly person or a worried person. It had two small eyes, a conventional child-like nose and ears and mouth. What struck me was the foetal like appearance of the body, with the elderly appearing features of the large head superimposed upon it. As I approached the door the entity suddenly turned away from the door, ran up the path and absorbed into the balloon orb-like object. This then raised up off the ground and lifted off vertically at about 5mph. I watched it until it was no longer visible against the starlit sky.

Best regards, John S

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2008



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