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25/12/2007 - Oldbury - Orange Square UFO Sighting 3

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Craig Lowe

Release Date: 25/12/2007

I had been visiting a member of my family on Christmas day who lived close to Wheatley Road, Oldbury. It was approximately 8.00pm and my girlfriend and I were just leaving to visit another member of the family around the corner. When we were outside the house I glanced up towards the sky and noticed a light travelling from my right side. We were facing the Wolverhampton road so I guessed we were facing south, the light was approaching from my right which would have been west. As it passed over us I could see it was an orange light with no wings or any other object protruding from it, I first thought that’s a strange light for an aircraft as there is only one light and it did not flash, and there was no sound what so ever. It travelled towards our left side which again I estimated to be east as this is the direction of Birmingham city centre.

As the light was travelling away it seemed to be pulsing, not flashing but pulsing in and out. The object was not flying at the height of a plane but was higher than what a helicopter flies. I thought this was a little strange and my girlfriend didn’t really take any notice, we then got into our vehicle and travelled to my other relative in Marshall Road which was just round the corner. As we exited the vehicle I looked up at the same part of the sky and to my surprise this light was there again. I told my girlfriend to look and she just replied it’s probably just an aircraft and carried on into the house. I stood and watched the light again and it was travelling in exactly the same path and at a steady pace. At this point I remembered I had a digital camera in my car due to taking the usual family Christmas photos. I tried pointing the view finder towards the object but could not see anything on the LCD display and was not sure if I was even pointing in same direction as it was dark. I did not take a picture and just concentrated on observing the object, as it passed again over to my left it seemed to pulse again and kind of shrunk right down until it looked just like a dot, after a few seconds its size or luminosity increased again and it travelled off until it disappeared into the horizon.

I thought, was it a second object following the first as there was approximately 3 mins between the two sightings or was it the same object coming again. I did not see the object circle and come back on the first sighting so maybe it was two individual objects. The episode of each object took about 2.5 to 3 mins to travel from the place I noticed it to the place where I lost sight of it. I know there was a sighting in Quinton which is just down the road back in November and that person actually obtained video footage of a light which followed a few minutes later by another one. There was also a sighting on Christmas Eve; reportedly of this same light literally yards away from where I saw it in Clent Road. What ever this mysterious light is, it seems to keep coming back for some reason.

Regards *****

Copyright Craig Lowe 2007



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