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25/02/2021 - Christchurch – Flying Triangle Sighting

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Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 06/06/2024

Last Updated: 11/06/2024


In late April 2024 I was contacted by a man named Robert Peter. He had recently read one of my previous case reports covering a Flying Triangle sighting, and wanted to report that he had seen something similar back in 2021. I arranged a Facebook Messenger video call to go over what took place.


Sighting Details


Robert enjoys taking photographs of satellites crossing the night sky, so regularly enjoys star gazing from the back garden of his house near to the Meteor Shopping Centre, Christchurch.


Aerial map of Meteor Shopping Centre

At 8.22pm on 25th February 2021 he decided to head out into the garden to see if the sky was ideal for photographing. It was a really clear evening, and due to the time of year was fully dark.


Robert happened to glance eastward to his right and was astounded at what he saw. Moving towards him was an enormous triangular-shaped object. It appeared to be black in colour and about 200 feet across. The object felt very robust "like a flying building". It had four small but bright lights on it, one at each corner and one in the centre of the underside.


Witness drawing on top of location photograph showing size, shape and positions of lights

The lights were all exactly the same in brightness and an unusual green-blue colour. Robert had never seen lights of this colour before on an aerial object.


Example of the colour of the lights (provided by witness):

Immediately he believed it was an advanced craft. He thought to himself "This craft does not belong here." Attempting to explain this thought, Robert says "It was extremely weird feeling I can't explain and I still remember it. My own thought was this craft not just alien but also not from this reality."

It was really low down, only a little bit above the tall trees in his garden. As it approached he had the possibility of photographing it on his camera, but initially he stood there transfixed. He could not tell if there was any sound coming from it or not due to the presence of a nearby dual carriageway, but if so this sound would have only been low volume.


As it passed overhead it covered most of his view of the sky due to its size. He could feel the pressure in the air which he described as being similar to being underwater. He felt a low frequency vibration but could not hear any noise.


He now thought about recording the object on video, so he grabbed his smartphone from his pocket. He aimed it up at the UFO and attempted to hit record, but because he was busy looking up at it he was unable to accurately start the recording, something which angers him to this day.


At the same time he also called his partner on her smart watch. She was inside the house with their young son. However she did not want to come and see.


The object moved on a straight and level course, carrying on away from his location until it was lost from sight by the nearby housing to the West. In total he had watched it for about 13 seconds. Once it had disappeared he headed back inside and told his partner what he had just witnessed, but she did not seem to believe him so he did not bring it up with her again.

Map showing direction the UFO travelled

Robert has a motion-sensing night security camera on the back of his house which potentially captured the object passing overhead. Soon after the incident Robert thought about checking the footage of this camera to see if this was the case. However for an unknown reason he then forgot about this idea.

The footage remains in the camera for a number of months before being over-written. At numerous time in the months following the sighting Robert thought about looking at the footage, but every time he would then not get round to it and it would slip his mind.


This is something which deeply troubles him. He even wonders whether it was some kind of extended mind control which was actively preventing him from checking the footage. It was only later on that he wished he had extracted it, by which time it was of course too late.


Another after effect of the sighting appears to have been a new found interest in infra-red and ultra-violet photography, essentially photographs taken outside of the normal visible range of the light spectrum. He seems convinced that there are objects present in our skies but invisible to the naked eye, and hopes to capture these objects. But he also seems genuinely perplexed by this new found fascination. It is not a cheap hobby and he has spent large sums of money on numerous cameras, and additional gear including a selection of aperture filters.


An example of some of Robert's photographic equipment

Sighting Analysis


This seems like a genuine low altitude close encounter with what we commonly refer to as a Flying Triangle craft. Although we only have Robert’s testimony to go on he comes across as an extremely sincere witness and the way that he answered my questions leaves me in no doubt that he experienced what he said he did.


The object could not have been a normal aircraft of any kind due to a combination of its shape and lighting. Normal aircraft have white static, white strobe, red and green lights on, not turquoise. Also at the low altitude the object appeared to be the noise of jet engines would certainly have been heard above the noise of nearby traffic.


Although novelty hot air balloons can be triangular in shape, there are various reasons why it could not have been one of these flying at low altitude (perhaps just taking off/coming in to land or in trouble). After dark hot air balloons glow orange due to the burners in the central basket which keep them afloat. This orange glow would certainly have been noticed by the witness, especially at low altitude. Hot air balloons do not have extraneous lighting at their outer edges/corners. And even if some kind of lighting were specially attached it is extremely unlikely it would be turquoise in colour. Lastly, in order for hot air balloons to be flown after dark they are required to have special navigation lighting fitted. This is a strobing white light which hangs 50 feet below the central basket. This would clearly have been visible to the witness, yet was not reported.

The object was far too large to be a drone, radio controlled model or inflatable with multiple LEDs on, and was definitely a singular large object rather than four small lit objects as it blocked out the stars as its flew overhead.


I have investigated many cases of dark triangular-shaped craft before, and I feel that this could definitely have been a genuine sighting, however the colour of the lights observed on this occasion is quite unusual and not often reported.


It is a shame that even armed with two ways of photographing/videoing it Robert was unable to for one reason or another. It is unknown whether the fact that he never got round to checking the security camera footage was genuinely some kind of extended mind control or not. I have dealt with cases which seemingly have aspects of mind control in them during the incident itself, but whether this could continue for a number of months without direct knowledge of the witness involved is another matter. It is possible that it just kept naturally slipping his mind due to other distractions.


It does seem that his fascination with taking light filtered photographs has come about from the sighting, as he informed me he has never had an interest in this prior to the incident. Perhaps subconsciously he is upset that he was unable to capture footage of the Flying Triangle, and so is trying to make up for this by capturing new footage of a different craft.


If you can shed any light on this stunning sighting please get in touch.


Copyright Dave Hodrien 2024



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