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24/12/2007 - Oldbury - Orange Square UFO Sightings

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Craig Lowe

Release Date: 24/12/2007

Oldbury, West Midlands Time : 7.20pm Date : 24/12/07 Witnesses 3 : Mr & Mrs X and their son Richard X Witnesses have requested their identify to be anonymous.

At 7.20pm on Monday 24th December 2007 Richard X, was sitting in the arm chair which was positioned in the bay window of his parents house, also in the room were his mother and father. Richard noticed a light in the sky in the north direction which would be in the direction over M5 junction 2 and seemed to have come from the West.

He asked his parents to come to the window to look at the light. He described the light of resembling a street light, square and with an orange colour. He said it was bright orange as if it was on fire, it had a brilliant luminosity about it. All three of them went outside to their driveway to view the object. When viewing from the window Richard said he could just see it over the houses opposite but when they went outside the three witnesses all said the same, that the object was travelling upwards at an approximately angle of 50 -60 degrees. The object was travelling upwards at quite a fast speed when it suddenly levelled out and stopped. The object then started heading eastward towards Birmingham, Richard estimated the object to be close to the Hagley Road Birmingham when it suddenly disappeared as if the lights had been switched off. All three witnesses said they have never seen anything like this before, they are accustomed to the usual lights of aircraft and helicopters but none of them fitted this object, they said others must have seen it.

I was called by the family at approximately 7.34pm that same night and asked if I could see the object from my location as I only live about half a mile away, I could not see object from my location but whilst being on the phone to Mrs X I witnessed the sound of amazement in their voices when the object disappeared. I notified Steve Poole from UFORM of the sighting and was contacted the following day by Steve informing me that he had received a report from a witness in Kingswinford who had seen an object like a ball of fire passing over him at approximately 7.15pm on that same night. The direction from which Richard said it was coming from implies these witnesses may have seen the same object.

Craig, BUFOG

Copyright Craig Lowe 2007

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