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2014 – Earlswood Lakes – Domed Disc Photograph

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 30/06/2020

In February 2017 I was contacted by a man from Yardley Wood named Nigel who testified to two UFO-related incidents. The first was a sighting of a cylindrical-shaped UFO with glowing square lights/windows which had been seen the previous month. The second was a photograph taken at Earlswood Lakes possibly of a domed-disc shaped UFO.

I began investigating the case and received additional information regarding the cigar-shaped UFO. I also performed some analysis of the UFO photograph initially sent through. Unfortunately I was not sent the original image taken, it was embedded in the E-Mail from Nigel. In addition to this I had many questions to understand the circumstances under which the photo was taken in enough depth. Unfortunately Nigel failed to respond to any further E-Mails. As I did not have the full details of the second incident I decided to proceed with the release of a case report solely focusing on the cigar-shaped UFO sighting, which can be found here:

In June 2020 I decided it would be a good idea to see if I could get back in touch with the witness to enable me to create a report at last. Nigel responded and I was able to gain some further information regarding the incident. Unfortunately he was not able to locate the original photograph.

Sighting Details

Nigel informed me that back on a very sunny and pleasant day in 2014 he and his wife visited Earlswood Lakes in Earlswood, Birmingham. The lakes are three large man-made reservoirs. They are the popular location for a number of activities including sailing, fishing and walking.

Aerial map of Earlswood Lakes:

Aerial map of Earlswood Lakes

Photograph of Earlswood Lakes

The couple were stood at the waters edge of one of the lakes. Nigel was taking a photograph of some sailing boats. He took the photo and then checked it on the camera screen. When he did so he noticed a dark object seemingly positioned over the woodland behind the lake. He looked up but there was nothing present in the sky of any kind - no planes, no birds.

Photographic Analysis

The photograph which Nigel sent through to me on E-Mail is shown below: