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2010 - 21/06/2011 - Bartley Green, Birmingham - Black Disc, Orange Orbs & Silver Sphere Sightings

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 11/08/2011

This report covers three UFO sightings over Bartley Green all experienced by the same witness, a lady named Sinead. She got in touch with me after coming across my contact details on the UK UFO Sightings website.

2010 - Black Disc UFO Sighting

It was a clear and sunny day back in 2010. Sinead was sitting at the bedroom window of her house in Bartley Green and having a cigarette. There is a nice view of the surrounding area from the window so she was just looking out at the clear blue sky. There were no planes or helicopters visible, just a few birds flying between the gardens.

Her cat came into the bedroom and approached her ankles. Sinead bent down and stroked her for about 5 seconds. When she looked back up she noticed there was now an object hovering in the sky. She blinked and squinted to make sure she wasn’t seeing things but the object remained visible. At first it looked like a thick black line, about four metres in length. It didn’t look like it was very far away, but the exact distance was hard to accurately judge. It was completely stationary, which made it look very un-natural.

She continued to watch the object. After about 40 seconds it began to tilt forward. At this point it became clear that it was not cigar shaped but was a flattened disc. It continued to tilt on its axis for a number of seconds then suddenly halted again. It remained in that position for about 30 seconds. Then it began to slowly move away, heading off into the distance. This continued until it was just a spec and vanished from sight.

Sinead was amazed at what she had just witnessed. She sat at the window ledge for about half an hour trying to come to terms with it. She found it very creepy, the way in which it had just suddenly appeared there and then sat there completely still and silent.

She looked around on the internet to try and find something which looked similar to what she had seen. The best match she found was in the video where the two jets chase down a UFO over the M5 motorway. This video is widely regarded to be a hoax, but the object shown in it looked the same as what she had seen.

This is an intriguing sighting. I find it very interesting that the object suddenly appeared within the space of 5 seconds. This supports the idea that it was something very unusual, as it was a clear day so surely Sinead would have seen the object move up to that position. If it had retained the appearance of a thick black line and had not tilted I would have suggested that it was a solar airship. These are long black cylindrical inflatables that lift up into the air when the air inside them heats up in the sun. It was a bright and clear day so this would be ideal weather conditions to launch one of these. However according to the witness the object was disc shaped and only appeared as a line initially when viewed directly from the side.

There is the possibility that it was some kind of inflatable or blimp which had become un-tethered. However if it was, more random drifting movements would have been expected rather than the structured manoeuvres that the object seemed to perform. As Sinead did not see the object appear out of nowhere, suddenly vanish or move at a very fast speed this cannot be put out of the question, but it seems a little unlikely.

Some of the aspects of this sighting are very interesting and suggest that the object may have been something out of the ordinary, perhaps this was a daylight sighting of a genuine disc-shaped craft.

2010 - Orange Orbs Sighting

Later in 2010 Sinead had a sighting of a number of glowing orange orbs. Once again she was at her house. It was evening time when she spotted the orbs out of the window. First of all she spotted five of them that were in a perfect pentagon shape. Each orb was glowing a fiery orange and was constantly br