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2005 to 2010 - Saint Helens - White, Metallic & Glowing UFO Videos

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Last Updated: 07/07/2010


Usually, UFOs are only witnessed once at a particular location. However, occasionally there are cases where UFOs return to the same area multiple times. A classic example of this is the infamous Rendlesham Forest incident where a craft returned to the same place three days in a row. This sort of incident provides a great opportunity to capture evidence of the UFOs presence. The key witness in these sightings is named Jason. He is 36 and lives in Saint Helens, Merseyside. He claims to have witnessed the same type of UFO up to twenty times since 2005, sometimes with other witnesses present, and he has numerous video tapes of the object to prove it! This report will look into these pieces of footage, as well as some of the other sightings where the object was seen through binoculars but not captured on camera.

The objects he keeps witnessing in the skies over where he lives appear to be white glowing or silver reflective saucer shaped craft. Jason describes them as fat discs with domes on top and at the bottom, and he believes they are about the size of a bus. With some of the later sightings Jason has felt like the objects are flashing and having some sort of interaction with him on a subconscious level. Could these really be extraterrestrial craft or is this a case of misidentification? First of all let’s take a look at some of Jason’s sightings and video segments.

Summer 2005 Sighting

Jason began spotting the UFOs in the skies over Merseyside back in 2005. In the summer time (He cannot remember the date but it was a Saturday) Jason decided he would buy some binoculars to observe the objects he was seeing more closely.

That evening when he returned home, he went out into his back yard with them to see if he could spot anything. Amazingly one of the objects came over his house! It travelled for about a quarter of a mile quite high up in the sky. It then did a right angle turn and stopped. It remained motionless in the sky for 45 minutes, before ascending upward until it was out of sight. Jason watched through the binoculars for the entire time. No-one else was present during this sighting.

August 16th 2007 Sighting

It was a bright sunny evening in the middle of August 2007 and 9.19pm. The sky was clear with very little cloud. Jason was outside when he spotted the UFO crossing the sky. He was immediately familiar with how it appeared. He grabbed his camera and attempted to take a still photograph of the object, but then realised he was in movie mode and was filming it instead. The object was heading in a south-westerly direction. It appeared to be quite high in the air, and was moving at quite a speed on a straight path.

This footage is the closest video footage Jason has managed to get of one of the UFOs so far. On the video it looks like it is glowing white, however Jason says this is because of the contrast, and there are also pink and green tinges in it.

Zoomed still of object:

August 17th 2007 Sighing

The following evening at 7.20pm, Jason was once again outside and looking around the sky to see if he could spot anything unusual. Amazingly he spotted two of the objects twisting around each other almost playfully right above his house. The movement patterns reminded him of two birds, but he is certain this is not what they were. He went inside and got his camera. When he returned there was only one of the objects still visible and he started to film it.

His wife came out too and also saw the object, though she assumed it must be a plane. Jason describes their appearance as “two blobs stuck together”. He filmed in total for about 15 minutes, during which time the object moved a short distance across the sky, and then started to ascend until it was out of sight.

Still of object:

15th September 2007 Sighting

It was about a month after the two sightings in August, and 3.35pm in the afternoon. The weather was once again very sunny. On this occasion the object was seen moving from west to east above Jason’s house. He believes it was between 10000-12000 feet high. The object was as usual completely silent. This time the object appeared to be silver in colour and reflecting light rather than glowing white, but he cannot be sure of this fact.

Still of object:

By coincidence while he was filming, the children living next door let go of a silver balloon. Jason decided to get some footage of this also to show the difference between it and the other object he was filming. When he tried focusing back on the object again he found it had vanished.

Still of balloon:

Fifteen minutes after he had lost sight of the object, a black helicopter flew across the sky where it had been seen. Jason does not know if this is related to the object in any way or not, but he managed to take some video footage of it.

Still of helicopter:

1st March 2009 Sighting

On Sunday 1st March 2009 Jason bought himself a new camera tripod. From 1.30pm he was out in the back yard of his house testing it out. His son also came outside to play. It was about 3.35pm when he looked to the west and first spotted the object. He started filming immediately.

The object was travelling slowly across the sky at a high altitude, and appeared to be wobbling from left to right. Jason’s son thought that it was spinning. A plane came from the east travelling towards the object. As it approached, Jason lost sight of it. It is possible that it had gone into a patch of cloud. Under a minute later, once the plane had passed, he then spotted the object again travelling in front of the cloud. It appeared to be very high at this point but could still be seen glinting in the sunlight. He watched it for a further 30 seconds until it was out of sight.

9th May 2009 Sighting

On Saturday 9th May Jason was at work till 5.30pm. He came home and went into the kitchen where he met his son. He jokingly said to him “They’re out there Ben” (Name changed for privacy reasons). At 5.55pm they both went out into the back yard, and when they looked up they saw a glowing white object, the same appearance as Jason’s previous sightings. They watched it for several minutes as it rose up into the sky until it was out of sight.

While they were watching the UFO, Jason’s neighbours were outside too setting up a BBQ. Shortly after the sighting they asked Jason what he had been looking at. As he described to them what had been in the sky, the object reappeared directly over their houses at a high altitude! For the next 90 minutes they all watched the UFO. At six different times it disappeared and then reappeared at different places in the sky. Jason managed to capture some video footage of the object (I am still awaiting a working copy or direct link to this). Everyone present was convinced that the object was something unusual and not a balloon. I am awaiting further details on this sighting.

11th May 2009 Sighting

Two days later when Jason left the depot where he works, he looked up into the sky and noticed a similar object again. He checked for it when he got home but could no longer see it. Jason is now convinced that the objects are watching him in some way. I am awaiting further details on this sighting.

26th July 2009 Sighting

On this occasion, Jason managed to film 8 UFOs glowing deep orange in the sky, despite the fact it was still relatively light. There is certainly the potential that in this instance the objects are Chinese lanterns, however there are a number of points which may suggest otherwise. Firstly it was still daylight, as can be seen from the footage, and lanterns are usually lit after dark. Jason watched the objects for nearly an hour before they were lost from view, this seems a very long time, lanterns tend to burn out after 30-45 minutes. Also Jason believes the objects were too high in the sky to be lanterns, he estimates they were about the same height a passenger jet would fly at. I am awaiting further details on this sighting from the witness.

Below are a number of clips from the video footage which he shot, and which he has uploaded to Youtube.

Here are several stills taken from the footage. Note in the third picture it looks like in the top right there are two objects in very close proximity.

20th September 2009 Sighting

Due to the number of sightings he seems to be having, Jason decided it would be interesting to see if he could get one of them to appear using his thought. It was a bright Sunday afternoon and he was preparing for his daughters birthday party round his house. He stepped out into the back garden and spoke to the beings directly in his mind. He told them he believed in them and knew they were there. He asked them to bless him with a sighting as it had been a while since his last one. He chose a place in the sky he would like them to appear in. Then he suddenly felt a strange vibration throughout his body but saw nothing appear in the sky. He went inside to get a drink.

When he returned outside it was 3.50pm. He looked up and there it was! A glowing white oval shaped object similar to those he had seen numerous times before. As previously described in other sightings, the object looked like it was wobbling left and right. Jason compares it to how a spinning plate on a stick wobbles as it begins to slow down. The object was up very high in the sky, he estimates about 30-35000 feet and within a 1/3 mile of his position. Jason went to grab his camera. He couldn’t film the object straight away because he found it hard to locate due to glare from the sunlight. He watched the object for at least 7 minutes in total. After this it seemed to rise vertically into the sky until it was out of sight.

Below is a clip from the video footage which Jason has uploaded onto Youtube.

Here is a still of the object taken from the footage:

Later about Jason told the son of his cousin who was at the party about the sighting he had had earlier. The boy laughed at him, so he again asked for another sighting to take place. Shortly afterwards about 6.00pm the object reappeared in the sky over his house, and the boy was astounded! Again the object was very high up, was turning and wobbling as it did before, and rose up vertically out of sight over about 5 minutes. Jason did not film the object this time, he just stood there watching it with the boy.

3rd July 2010 Sighting

Around 3pm on the afternoon of 3rd July 2010, Jason was out in his back garden and scanning the sky in the hopes of spotting something out of the ordinary. It was a sunny day with patchy cloud, and there was a breeze in a Northerly direction. He suddenly caught sight of an object glinting in the sky. It appeared to be metallic and reflecting the sunlight,causing it to glow white. It looked to be about a quarter of a mile from his location and higher than the clouds, over 10000 feet up. At first it appeared to be roughly circular in shape, and was descending slowly. It then appeared to reverse its movement and started to gain in altitude.

Jason quickly went inside and grabbed his camera, before returning to the garden. The object was still present but was now higher than it had been when he had originally saw it. He began taking many photographs of the object, as well as video footage. As he watched, it appeared to once again descend in front of some cloud and change in shape, elongating into more of an upright cigar. It then became less distinct and was obscured behind some cloud. He had watched the object for about 3-4 minutes in total. Soon after this, Jason spotted the same or a similar object much further away to the East of his location.

Jason feels that the object was under control and not drifting, as it appeared to move independantly of the wind direction in a very controlled and unsual manner. After the sighting he told his wife about what he had seen.

Below are 5 photographs out of the many that Jason took, which illustrate what was observed:

1st photo – The object as it first appeared. It is hard to make out any distinct shape but something is clearly present in the sky:

2nd photo – The object appears as a more elongated shape, but still one individual object:

3rd photo – It can now be seen that the object appears to be made up of numerous smaller spherical/circular objects close together:

4th photo – The UFO is once again less distinct, and no longer looks like numerous objects clumped together:

5th photo – The object appears to be more distant now, and is even less distinct. After this point, Jason informed me that it became obscured behind the nearby cloud:

Below is a short video sequence of the sighting that Jason has uploaded to Youtube:

After analysing the photographs and video footage that Jason took, I believe that the UFO was actually a number of smaller objects clumped together. This is clearly visible