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2002 - Codsall - White Orb Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 26/05/2017

Note: Witness only provided a single statement with no way of getting back in touch. This report covers what is known about the incident.

Sighting Details

At an unknown time of year in roughly 2002, the witness and his friend were on their way home around 2am by taxi from Wolverhampton to Gunstone Hall. The taxi dropped them at the bottom of Church Lane in Codsall. As they walked along the lane and came to the public footpath they noticed a very bright white light. The light was dimming and then getting brighter and moving in a very fast motion.

Aerial map of Church Lane:

They walked along the lane to continue to watch the object from next to St Nicholas church as this is the highest vantage point on the lane.

Photograph of Church Lane and St Nicholas church:

They continued to watch its erratic movements and pulsing light for a long period of time until the sun was beginning to come up. Then the object disappeared and reappeared, and then started to move at a steady speed. Two other objects came from it and then suddenly it vanished without trace.

Sighting Analysis

This is an intriguing sighting due to the length of time the object was observed for and particular aspects of what took place. The light was clearly not a star as it was clearly moving, and was not a satellite as from what the witness describes it was moving back and forth in different directions. Nor does it sound like it was a distant helicopter, as there was no sound, no other navigation lights observed and appears to have been moving too quickly for the majority of the sighting. The length of time the object was observed for puts the idea that it was a Chinese lantern or drifting lit inflatable out of the question, it would have either extinguished, or drifted away.

The light was clearly something unexplained, and something which the witness remembers to this day. There is the very real possibility that it was an advanced craft of some kind. UFOs have often been observed making fast erratic movements or pulsing in brightness.

As the witness provided no contact details we are very unlikely to ever learn anything further about what happened here, but it is great that he got in touch to report this interesting experience.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2017



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