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20/01/2014 – Church Village, Pontypridd – Glowing Boomerang UFO Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 22/05/2014

Forwarded by UFO Info

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Sighting Details

On the evening of 20th January 2014 George was out walking in a rural area close to Church Village, several miles South of Pontypridd. It was a clear but cold evening, and the sun had already set. George was walking alongside a rural area of land, with a patch of woodland about 700 m away. He suddenly noticed a glowing object rising towards the trees. At first he assumed it was a Chinese lantern, as it was glowing an orange-yellow colour. However it appeared to be moving too fast. He then saw it was a boomerang-shaped object which seemed to be completely glowing along its length, except for the end points. There were no markings visible on the object. It was hard to judge its size but it did not look small. It appeared to be completely silent, George felt that he was close enough to hear sound if it was making any.

Photograph of sighting location. The UFO was seen over the further patch of trees visible:

Witness drawing of the UFO:

The UFO continued to ascend until it was over the trees, then began flying back and forth, East to West over several hundred metres, almost like it was looking for something. Each time it turned it appeared to stop for a brief moment. George noticed two other elderly people outside their house which overlooked the area. He called them over to also take a look at the object.

After the UFO performed the same manoeuvre a few times, the object began to descend at 60 degrees and was lost from sight behind the trees. The whole sighting had lasted for between 2-3 minutes.

Close up photograph of the area where the UFO descended to:

Sighting Analysis

George has tried his best to explain what he saw as something mundane but has found that he cannot. He does not believe the object was some kind of radio controlled aircraft with lighting. It was flying too close to the trees and the area it was over was extremely overgrown. Between the path and the area of trees there is a bog which would have been very difficult to cross, and it would have taken someone a lot of effort to get over to the location after dark. A radio controlled plane would have made an audible noise but this object seemed to be completely silent.

Rather than have specific lighting, it appeared that the entire object was glowing. He was certain that the glow was coming from the object itself rather than reflection of lights on the ground, as there are no lights in the area over of woodland over which the object was situated. This would not really fit with a radio controlled model. For this same reason the object could not have been a bird. Also the shape was too rigid and did not change, and the manoeuvres it was performing were too structured and controlled.

The object could not have been an unusual-shaped Chinese lantern or other lit inflatable. While this could conceivably be launched and ascend upward into the air, it is very unlikely it would then proceed to drift back and forth at a fast speed over the same area before descending back down.

A number of days after the incident George returned to the area to get the daylight photos seen elsewhere in this report. He also spoke to the two other witnesses. They confirmed that the object had been boomerang-shaped and was glowing an orange-yellow colour. One of them also remembered seeing a blue glow coming from within the object, although George and the 3rd witness do not recall seeing this.

What was seen that night by the three witnesses remains an intriguing mystery, and one which cannot be easily explained.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2014



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