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1988 - Scunthorpe - Light Phenomenon Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

In early April 2010 Ryan (Name changed for privacy reasons) got in touch with me via Richard Hall’s website about an unusual experience he had in Scunthorpe around 1988. Unfortunately he has not got back to me with additional information so all I have so far is the initial notes he sent through, which this report is based on.

Incident Details

Ryan claims that on the night in question he had been round his girlfriend’s house and was walking home on his own. It was about 10.30-10.45pm and was a clear night. He claims that when he looked up the sky appeared to be strange colours in a “star burst effect coming down in a conical shape”. In the centre was a perfect circle through which the clear night sky could be seen. The phenomenon covered the whole sky as far as he could see. As he looked, he could see ripples in the colours coming downward towards the centre point.

Ryan remembers thinking that he must get home and ring his friends to tell them about what was happening so that they could see it too. As he looked into the sky the gain of knowledge kept coming to his mind for some reason, as well as a particular poem that he knew of. He was awestruck and felt really peaceful.

At some point he walked under an orange street lamp. When he came out of the other side of the glow from this light, the sky looked normal again.

Ryan feels that the walk took a lot longer than it should have, although he says this could have been just because he was so enthralled with what was happening. Ryan has not stated if anyone else was around at the time and also saw the phenomenon.

Incident Analysis

If this phenomenon really was present and covering the whole sky then it surely would have been widely reported and filmed by people. Therefore it seems obvious that only Ryan could see this taking place. There is a possibility that this was brought on by a medical condition he was experiencing. I assume that he had not ingested any drugs at the time, however as he did not contact me back I have no way of verifying this.

The fact that Ryan got in touch with me suggests that he feels what happened may have been related to ET contact or some sort of extraterrestrial-related event. This is a possibility, however he did not actually hear any voices speak to him at the time nor did he see any UFOs or ET beings. I feel that it is more likely to have been something unusual occurring with his own vision at the time. The way in which the sky returned to normal as he walked under an orange street light would back up this explanation, as the glow from the light could have righted whatever was happening. Of course I cannot say that this was definitely the reason behind the phenomenon. It certainly sounds like it was a fascinating experience.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2011



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