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1988-2012 - Mostar, Bosnia - Orb Ring & Cigar UFO Sightings, Photos, Video & Ground Markings

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 10/04/2012

For reason of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses


In January 2012 BUFOG was contacted by a man named Senin (Surname provided but withheld). He wished to inform us of many UFO sightings and other unusual experiences he has had over the years. This activity seems to be on a continuous basis. Some of the incidents appear to have direct interaction elements to them, and several have photographic evidence to back them up. In recent months some of his friends have also started seeing UFOs and experiencing odd events. This report is based directly on the extensive notes Senin has sent through via a series of E-Mails.

String Of Lights Incident

Senin’s initial UFO sighting took place back in the summer of 1988 or 89 when he was around 13-14 years old. He was camping in trailers with his family and some family friends at a camping place close to Luka Dubrava camping place, on the Peljesac peninsula near to Dubronvnik in Croatia.

Photograph of Luka Dubrava bay:

It was between 10pm-midnight. The weather was clear, warm and still, and the stars were fully visible. Senin and many others at the camp site, including his parents, were out on a concrete playground. They then noticed some lights in the distance. They were around the area of two peaks about 10 km to the West. These two peaks were around 2-3 km apart. Close to one of the two peaks, a short distance above it, they saw a string of orbs of light, each one a different colour. The colours Senin remembers seeing included red, yellow and green though there could have been others. He cannot remember how many there were but he estimates between 6-10. The lights were in a straight line but did not look like they were all attached to one object, they appeared to be hooked together.

Everyone present was amazed and wondered what the lights could be. There was talk amongst the adults of aliens and experimental aircraft. The lights were moving in the direction of the other peak, traversing the gap between them. The speed of movement was quite slow and it took about half an hour for them to reach the other peak. During this time the lights did not alter in distance between each other, they all retained their position in relation to one another.

However when they finally neared the other peak they suddenly without warning shot back to the first peak extremely fast! It was now back at where it had been initially, and once again started to move towards the other peak. This pattern continued for between 3-4 hours. After a while the childen including Senin got bored of watching and used the playground instead, but continued to check back from time to time. The adults were transfixed by the lights for the duration. Each time the lights reached the other peak they near instantly flew back to the first one. There was no way to drive closer to the lights to see what they were as there were no roads out near their location, it was just hills. Senin is unsure if anyone filmed the incident, however not many would have had cameras back in 1989.

After a while Senin and his friends went to relax at an abandoned house for a while. Here it was not possible to see the lights. But later when he walked back to his family’s trailer they were still visible in the sky. He went to sleep while others continued to watch the lights, so has no idea how they vanished.

Later in the night after the lights had vanished, some locals who they were friends with went to do some night fishing. Senin knew the son of another family who they were staying with at the camp site. He was several years older than Senin so was allowed to go with them. When he returned the following morning, Senin could see that he looked pale and was shivering. This lasted the whole day. He was clearly bothered by something.

Later in the evening he finally told Senin’s and his own family what had happened. He claimed that while they were out fishing off the shore, the line of lights suddenly appeared right over their boats and began descending. As they descended they rolled up into a spiral shape. In the middle of this spiral a rotating light appeared. The lights were so strong that they could see right down to the sea bed even though they were in water 50 metres deep. Some women on the boats started screaming that the holy mother Mary had come for them and began jumping into the sea. When the lights were only 20-30 metres above them, everyone heard the noise of a jet aircraft although none were seen. At this moment the lights straightened back out into a line and then shot vertically up into the sky out of sight!

Senin still remembers the reaction from his friend’s mother. She told his friend not to talk about it to anyone as they would think he was crazy. He did mention it several more times to Senin, but did not talk about the incident often.

When he was older, Senin thought about what he had witnessed that night. He realized that if the lights were part of an object that had occupants on board, the G forces involved with performing the manoeuvres he saw them perform would have been far too strong for a human to survive, unless the object was somehow unaffected by these forces. He doubts that even a secret experimental craft would possess such abilities, and so believes that what he saw was extraterrestrial. He also feels that the jet the fishers and his friend heard was probably military and there to intercept the UFO, although it is unlikely this will ever be confirmed either way.

This is a truly fascinating sighting. If the lights had not moved in such a manner I would have perhaps suggested that they could have possibly been a stream of lit balloons launched from a celebration. Even this would have had to take into account the fact that this took place in Bosnia in the late 1980s, way before LED balloons or lanterns were available. It is very unlikely such objects are commonplace in Bosnia even today.

However the movement patterns exhibited with the sudden acceleration and extreme velocity completely blow the possibility of balloons out of the water. Neither would such manoeuvres be performed by known aircraft or even a carefully orchestrated hoax. Also the distance between the peaks was far too great for this to have been an optical illusion caused by lights on a wire being lit in sequence. The repeated pattern over several hours is very interesting indeed, for what purpose would the objects have done this?

Whether the incident reported by Senin’s friend actually took place or not will never really be known. He certainly appeared to have been frightened by something. However could he have fabricated the story after the fact because of what had been seen earlier in the night? This is always going to be a possibility, though Senin thinks this is unlikely. From the initial sighting it was obvious that the objects possessed advanced flight characteristics. If they had remained in the area there is no reason why the fishing boat incident could not have taken place. Perhaps it was interested in the fishing boats or the people on board them. If what he said really did take place then this proves that the lights were under intelligent control.

It is unknown whether what was seen were a number of independent objects flying in formation and moving together, or whether it was a single object with numerous lights on it. The fact that the lights formed a spiral with a central rotating light suggests that they were part of a single snake-like object – an object which was not rigid but was capable of changing its shape when required.

The jet aircraft aspect of the second incident is intriguing. Could it have really been a jet from a nearby military facility which the armed forces had sent up to intercept the object? There are many cases over the years where military jets have been sent to either observe or even shoot down UFOs. Could this have been such an incident? The fact that the lights immediately left the area when the jet was nearing suggests this may have been the case.

An Early Sighting

Senin remembers an incident that he believes happened back around 1997. It was the middle of the daytime, and he was outside doing sit ups near his old home in Mostar. He recalls seeing a shining star-like light in the sky. It remained there stationary for between 10-15 minutes. Then without warning it suddenly vanished.

Back then he thought the object was a star and that he had just witnessed some kind of supernova. However now he realizes that this could well have been an early sighting. He has since witnessed many similar objects, as you will read about later in this report.

Translucent Donut-Shaped UFO Sightings

After the glowing light, Senin did not have any more UFO sightings until around 2006/2007. He was at his home, an apartment block in the centre of Mostar where he lives with his parents. Their apartment is on the 12th floor of the 13 floor building. On the roof is a terrace where Senin often likes to sit and relax. The terrace has a good view of the city to the South. It was the middle of a warm sunny day, so he decided to get a couple of beers and head up to the terrace.

Aerial map of Mostar:

While he was out there, he suddenly noticed an object in the distance up in the sky. It appeared to be about 300-400 metres away and at a height of about 100 metres. It was translucent white in colour. Initially it appeared to be spherical in shape but then it seemed to change to more of a donut shape. The object was moving slowly across the sky on a straight path. Initially Senin thought it must be a plastic bag being carried by the wind. However it was a very still day, and the object appeared to be moving under power rather than randomly drifting. It was moving on a straight and level course at a relatively slowly and constant speed. It also seemed to be changing its shape at regular intervals, and looked like it was pulsating as it moved.

Senin laughed with amazement because he had not seen any UFOs in so many years and now here was one in broad daylight over the city. He watched it slowly glide to the South over a couple of minutes until it went out of sight.

In early October 2011 Senin had a second sighting of a very similar, if not the same, object. It was the afternoon and he was once again on the terrace. It was a very clear day and he had a good view of the sky. He noticed numerous aero planes at varying distances. He then suddenly noticed a translucent donut-shaped object crossing the sky. Unlike the other planes, the object had no vapour trail. He turned around to pick up his drink, and when he looked back the object was nowhere to be seen. All the other aero planes were still visible as before.

While these sightings are interesting, I feel there is not enough evidence that they were of something other than a white semi-clear inflatable or bag being carried on air currents. On both occasions the object was not seen to perform any clearly intelligent manoeuvres. The regular pulsating and shape shifting that was observed with the initial sighting could easily have been the object rotating in the air as it moved giving the appearance that it was changing its physical form. It was certainly far enough away to create this illusion. Even if there was no wind where Senin was, this does not mean that there were not air currents at higher altitudes. Drifting objects do tend to get caught on these currents and move on a straight course just like what was witnessed.

Obviously something more unusual cannot be ruled out entirely, but I feel that these sightings probably have a mundane explanation.

Orb Of Light Sightings

In 2009 Senin began sitting out on the balcony of his apartment between 10-11pm. It gave him some quiet time to think about things. He started to regularly see a glowing ball of white light over the city. This appeared on a monthly basis. It sometimes simply moved on a straight course, on other occasions it would change direction. It appeared to be quite high altitude but within the atmosphere. It looked much brighter and bigger than other stars in the sky, and did not flicker at all. Senin was convinced that this was not a normal aircraft or helicopter. It did not possess any of the normal navigation lights seen such as strobes. It was also always completely silent. Due to the fact that it never flickered and sometimes changed course he was also certain that it was not a satellite.

It is unclear how many times Senin saw this white orb, and whether he still sees it today. However the fact that it appeared on a regular monthly basis does tend to suggest that it had a human-made explanation. UFOs very rarely return to the same area again and again. If they did then it would be very easy to prove their existence. Was Senin mistaken? Could the object have been nothing more than a helicopter, civilian or military, performing a regular monthly flight for whatever purpose? At a distance navigation lights on helicopters can become merged, giving the appearance of a single bright orb of white/yellow light. I have seen this myself on many occasions while out driving after dark. At this distance the noise of the helicopter rotor blades may also have not be detectable. I cannot say for certain but this seems like a likely explanation for these particular sightings.

Star-Like UFOs

In the summer of 2010, Senin worked as a night security guard at a dilapidated industrial complex in the Buna area of Mostar. While on his shifts he had not much else to do other than stare up at the stars. Every few shifts he would notice star-like objects moving across the sky on a straight course, always to the North. Sometimes they would light up and shine really bright before dimming back down. What Senin has described sounds very much like satellites flaring up in the sunlight as they rotate. However he says that he is aware of what these look like and that these objects looked different.

Aerial map of Buna:

One day he decided to get a flashlight and try communicating with the objects by flashing it in sequence. This gave him something else to do so was quite fun. He began signalling to the objects by  switching the torch on and off three times then pausing for a couple of seconds. According to Senin nothing happened for a number of nights. But then he began to notice that the regularity of sightings had increased by at least 3-4 times. He felt certain that this was due to his signalling and that the objects were under intelligent control. He also mentions that he could “feel them there”, however he finds it very hard to explain exactly how.

It’s hard to know what to make of these sightings. I feel that there is a good chance that a lot of the time what Senin was observing was nothing more than satellites or space debris getting caught in the sunlight. The objects had this appearance and also moved on a straight course in the same direction. And also the regularity of the sightings would point towards a mundane explanation.

Perhaps the seemingly sudden increase in how often they were being seen was down to a change in weather conditions which mean that before they had been less visible. Or maybe it was because Senin was more alerted to their presence because he was specifically looking out for them. It’s possible that a small amount of the objects seen had an unusual explanation, but I feel that the majority of them were probably just mundane objects in orbit around the Earth.

White Light Interaction

Since December 2010 to present day, Senin has apparently experienced many sightings of star-like lights which have acted in a strange manner, either moving in unusual ways, blinking, appearing out of nowhere or disappearing without a trace. Sometimes they have appeared to actually acknowledge his presence, stopping directly overhead or reacting to his thoughts. On occasion there have also been other witnesses such as his friends and parents. Below are details of some of these incidents.

One evening after dark Senin was standing on the stairs of the building adjacent to his apartment block having a beer. There was complete cloud cover in the sky. Above the build