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1988-2012 - Mostar, Bosnia - Orb Ring & Cigar UFO Sightings, Photos, Video & Ground Markings

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 10/04/2012

For reason of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses


In January 2012 BUFOG was contacted by a man named Senin (Surname provided but withheld). He wished to inform us of many UFO sightings and other unusual experiences he has had over the years. This activity seems to be on a continuous basis. Some of the incidents appear to have direct interaction elements to them, and several have photographic evidence to back them up. In recent months some of his friends have also started seeing UFOs and experiencing odd events. This report is based directly on the extensive notes Senin has sent through via a series of E-Mails.

String Of Lights Incident

Senin’s initial UFO sighting took place back in the summer of 1988 or 89 when he was around 13-14 years old. He was camping in trailers with his family and some family friends at a camping place close to Luka Dubrava camping place, on the Peljesac peninsula near to Dubronvnik in Croatia.

Photograph of Luka Dubrava bay:


It was between 10pm-midnight. The weather was clear, warm and still, and the stars were fully visible. Senin and many others at the camp site, including his parents, were out on a concrete playground. They then noticed some lights in the distance. They were around the area of two peaks about 10 km to the West. These two peaks were around 2-3 km apart. Close to one of the two peaks, a short distance above it, they saw a string of orbs of light, each one a different colour. The colours Senin remembers seeing included red, yellow and green though there could have been others. He cannot remember how many there were but he estimates between 6-10. The lights were in a straight line but did not look like they were all attached to one object, they appeared to be hooked together.

Everyone present was amazed and wondered what the lights could be. There was talk amongst the adults of aliens and experimental aircraft. The lights were moving in the direction of the other peak, traversing the gap between them. The speed of movement was quite slow and it took about half an hour for them to reach the other peak. During this time the lights did not alter in distance between each other, they all retained their position in relation to one another.

However when they finally neared the other peak they suddenly without warning shot back to the first peak extremely fast! It was now back at where it had been initially, and once again started to move towards the other peak. This pattern continued for between 3-4 hours. After a while the childen including Senin got bored of watching and used the playground instead, but continued to check back from time to time. The adults were transfixed by the lights for the duration. Each time the lights reached the other peak they near instantly flew back to the first one. There was no way to drive closer to the lights to see what they were as there were no roads out near their location, it was just hills. Senin is unsure if anyone filmed the incident, however not many would have had cameras back in 1989.

After a while Senin and his friends went to relax at an abandoned house for a while. Here it was not possible to see the lights. But later when he walked back to his family’s trailer they were still visible in the sky. He went to sleep while others continued to watch the lights, so has no idea how they vanished.

Later in the night after the lights had vanished, some locals who they were friends with went to do some night fishing. Senin knew the son of another family who they were staying with at the camp site. He was several years older than Senin so was allowed to go with them. When he returned the following morning, Senin could see that he looked pale and was shivering. This lasted the whole day. He was clearly bothered by something.

Later in the evening he finally told Senin’s and his own family what had happened. He claimed that while they were out fishing off the shore, the line of lights suddenly appeared right over their boats and began descending. As they descended they rolled up into a spiral shape. In the middle of this spiral a rotating light appeared. The lights were so strong that they could see right down to the sea bed even though they were in water 50 metres deep. Some women on the boats started screaming that the holy mother Mary had come for them and began jumping into the sea. When the lights were only 20-30 metres above them, everyone heard the noise of a jet aircraft although none were seen. At this moment the lights straightened back out into a line and then shot vertically up into the sky out of sight!

Senin still remembers the reaction from his friend’s mother. She told his friend not to talk about it to anyone as they would think he was crazy. He did mention it several more times to Senin, but did not talk about the incident often.

When he was older, Senin thought about what he had witnessed that night. He realized that if the lights were part of an object that had occupants on board, the G forces involved with performing the manoeuvres he saw them perform would have been far too strong for a human to survive, unless the object was somehow unaffected by these forces. He doubts that even a secret experimental craft would possess such abilities, and so believes that what he saw was extraterrestrial. He also feels that the jet the fishers and his friend heard was probably military and there to intercept the UFO, although it is unlikely this will ever be confirmed either way.

This is a truly fascinating sighting. If the lights had not moved in such a manner I would have perhaps suggested that they could have possibly been a stream of lit balloons launched from a celebration. Even this would have had to take into account the fact that this took place in Bosnia in the late 1980s, way before LED balloons or lanterns were available. It is very unlikely such objects are commonplace in Bosnia even today.

However the movement patterns exhibited with the sudden acceleration and extreme velocity completely blow the possibility of balloons out of the water. Neither would such manoeuvres be performed by known aircraft or even a carefully orchestrated hoax. Also the distance between the peaks was far too great for this to have been an optical illusion caused by lights on a wire being lit in sequence. The repeated pattern over several hours is very interesting indeed, for what purpose would the objects have done this?

Whether the incident reported by Senin’s friend actually took place or not will never really be known. He certainly appeared to have been frightened by something. However could he have fabricated the story after the fact because of what had been seen earlier in the night? This is always going to be a possibility, though Senin thinks this is unlikely. From the initial sighting it was obvious that the objects possessed advanced flight characteristics. If they had remained in the area there is no reason why the fishing boat incident could not have taken place. Perhaps it was interested in the fishing boats or the people on board them. If what he said really did take place then this proves that the lights were under intelligent control.

It is unknown whether what was seen were a number of independent objects flying in formation and moving together, or whether it was a single object with numerous lights on it. The fact that the lights formed a spiral with a central rotating light suggests that they were part of a single snake-like object – an object which was not rigid but was capable of changing its shape when required.

The jet aircraft aspect of the second incident is intriguing. Could it have really been a jet from a nearby military facility which the armed forces had sent up to intercept the object? There are many cases over the years where military jets have been sent to either observe or even shoot down UFOs. Could this have been such an incident? The fact that the lights immediately left the area when the jet was nearing suggests this may have been the case.

An Early Sighting

Senin remembers an incident that he believes happened back around 1997. It was the middle of the daytime, and he was outside doing sit ups near his old home in Mostar. He recalls seeing a shining star-like light in the sky. It remained there stationary for between 10-15 minutes. Then without warning it suddenly vanished.

Back then he thought the object was a star and that he had just witnessed some kind of supernova. However now he realizes that this could well have been an early sighting. He has since witnessed many similar objects, as you will read about later in this report.

Translucent Donut-Shaped UFO Sightings

After the glowing light, Senin did not have any more UFO sightings until around 2006/2007. He was at his home, an apartment block in the centre of Mostar where he lives with his parents. Their apartment is on the 12th floor of the 13 floor building. On the roof is a terrace where Senin often likes to sit and relax. The terrace has a good view of the city to the South. It was the middle of a warm sunny day, so he decided to get a couple of beers and head up to the terrace.

Aerial map of Mostar:


While he was out there, he suddenly noticed an object in the distance up in the sky. It appeared to be about 300-400 metres away and at a height of about 100 metres. It was translucent white in colour. Initially it appeared to be spherical in shape but then it seemed to change to more of a donut shape. The object was moving slowly across the sky on a straight path. Initially Senin thought it must be a plastic bag being carried by the wind. However it was a very still day, and the object appeared to be moving under power rather than randomly drifting. It was moving on a straight and level course at a relatively slowly and constant speed. It also seemed to be changing its shape at regular intervals, and looked like it was pulsating as it moved.

Senin laughed with amazement because he had not seen any UFOs in so many years and now here was one in broad daylight over the city. He watched it slowly glide to the South over a couple of minutes until it went out of sight.

In early October 2011 Senin had a second sighting of a very similar, if not the same, object. It was the afternoon and he was once again on the terrace. It was a very clear day and he had a good view of the sky. He noticed numerous aero planes at varying distances. He then suddenly noticed a translucent donut-shaped object crossing the sky. Unlike the other planes, the object had no vapour trail. He turned around to pick up his drink, and when he looked back the object was nowhere to be seen. All the other aero planes were still visible as before.

While these sightings are interesting, I feel there is not enough evidence that they were of something other than a white semi-clear inflatable or bag being carried on air currents. On both occasions the object was not seen to perform any clearly intelligent manoeuvres. The regular pulsating and shape shifting that was observed with the initial sighting could easily have been the object rotating in the air as it moved giving the appearance that it was changing its physical form. It was certainly far enough away to create this illusion. Even if there was no wind where Senin was, this does not mean that there were not air currents at higher altitudes. Drifting objects do tend to get caught on these currents and move on a straight course just like what was witnessed.

Obviously something more unusual cannot be ruled out entirely, but I feel that these sightings probably have a mundane explanation.

Orb Of Light Sightings

In 2009 Senin began sitting out on the balcony of his apartment between 10-11pm. It gave him some quiet time to think about things. He started to regularly see a glowing ball of white light over the city. This appeared on a monthly basis. It sometimes simply moved on a straight course, on other occasions it would change direction. It appeared to be quite high altitude but within the atmosphere. It looked much brighter and bigger than other stars in the sky, and did not flicker at all. Senin was convinced that this was not a normal aircraft or helicopter. It did not possess any of the normal navigation lights seen such as strobes. It was also always completely silent. Due to the fact that it never flickered and sometimes changed course he was also certain that it was not a satellite.

It is unclear how many times Senin saw this white orb, and whether he still sees it today. However the fact that it appeared on a regular monthly basis does tend to suggest that it had a human-made explanation. UFOs very rarely return to the same area again and again. If they did then it would be very easy to prove their existence. Was Senin mistaken? Could the object have been nothing more than a helicopter, civilian or military, performing a regular monthly flight for whatever purpose? At a distance navigation lights on helicopters can become merged, giving the appearance of a single bright orb of white/yellow light. I have seen this myself on many occasions while out driving after dark. At this distance the noise of the helicopter rotor blades may also have not be detectable. I cannot say for certain but this seems like a likely explanation for these particular sightings.

Star-Like UFOs

In the summer of 2010, Senin worked as a night security guard at a dilapidated industrial complex in the Buna area of Mostar. While on his shifts he had not much else to do other than stare up at the stars. Every few shifts he would notice star-like objects moving across the sky on a straight course, always to the North. Sometimes they would light up and shine really bright before dimming back down. What Senin has described sounds very much like satellites flaring up in the sunlight as they rotate. However he says that he is aware of what these look like and that these objects looked different.

Aerial map of Buna:


One day he decided to get a flashlight and try communicating with the objects by flashing it in sequence. This gave him something else to do so was quite fun. He began signalling to the objects by  switching the torch on and off three times then pausing for a couple of seconds. According to Senin nothing happened for a number of nights. But then he began to notice that the regularity of sightings had increased by at least 3-4 times. He felt certain that this was due to his signalling and that the objects were under intelligent control. He also mentions that he could “feel them there”, however he finds it very hard to explain exactly how.

It’s hard to know what to make of these sightings. I feel that there is a good chance that a lot of the time what Senin was observing was nothing more than satellites or space debris getting caught in the sunlight. The objects had this appearance and also moved on a straight course in the same direction. And also the regularity of the sightings would point towards a mundane explanation.

Perhaps the seemingly sudden increase in how often they were being seen was down to a change in weather conditions which mean that before they had been less visible. Or maybe it was because Senin was more alerted to their presence because he was specifically looking out for them. It’s possible that a small amount of the objects seen had an unusual explanation, but I feel that the majority of them were probably just mundane objects in orbit around the Earth.

White Light Interaction

Since December 2010 to present day, Senin has apparently experienced many sightings of star-like lights which have acted in a strange manner, either moving in unusual ways, blinking, appearing out of nowhere or disappearing without a trace. Sometimes they have appeared to actually acknowledge his presence, stopping directly overhead or reacting to his thoughts. On occasion there have also been other witnesses such as his friends and parents. Below are details of some of these incidents.

One evening after dark Senin was standing on the stairs of the building adjacent to his apartment block having a beer. There was complete cloud cover in the sky. Above the building he saw a large glowing white light which was constantly bright and completely stationary. There were no other stars visible through the cloud layer. Senin watched the light for about 10-15 minutes, after which it vanished. Sadly he did not have anything on him to photograph/video the object. However it could not have been a star which was hidden from view, as otherwise it would have been present on further nights. Senin subsequently looked for it but it was not there.

Another evening in early summer 2011 Senin went for an evening walk to relax. He was sitting alongside Neretva river near to some fishermen, in the area of Bakina Luka. It was a clear and warm evening. The sun was setting and the stars were already visible in the sky.

Photograph of Neretva River running through Mostar:


Senin looked up into the sky and noticed a familiar formation of three stars which are always visible in summer-time (he is not referring to Orion’s Belt). He looked away a short while. When he looked back again there were now four stars. He looked at these for a number of seconds, puzzled as to why there now four. When he looked away then looked back a third time there were again only three. He did not tell any of the fishermen what he had just seen as he thought they would not believe him anyway.

Witness drawings showing the three stars, and then the fourth star-like light which appeared for a short while:



On another night something very similar took place. Senin was once again sitting on the staircase. He looked up and saw a single bright star. When he looked back to the same location there were now two. Once again when he looked back there was only one again. Senin speaks of other incidents where he has seen stars switch on and off, suddenly get brighter and glide across the sky. He has noted that quite often these objects seem to appear in pairs. He says that he asks to see them and they appear.

On one night while away from his home, Senin saw three glowing orbs of light moving across the sky in a triangular formation. He was impressed enough with the sighting that he contacted his mother via his mobile phone and got her to go out onto the balcony to also see the objects. For many hours after this incident, Senin says that there were a number of international military helicopters flying over the city. It is unknown whether these were in any way related to what he had seen or not.

On 24th July 2011 Senin was sitting outside with friends. Above them in the sky appeared two very bright white lights. Everyone else present was very surprised, but Senin says that he just laughed because he knew exactly what these lights were. He had wished for them to appear, and so they did. Two days later he was once again sitting down the local park. It was evening time and the sun was just starting to set. In the patch of sky in front of him he noticed a star-like light blinking extremely brightly. It almost looked as if it was trying to transmit a code, although Senin did not write anything down.

It was a night in late September 2011. Senin and his friend Jana were out on the terrace chatting and drinking, Senin looked up into the sky and noticed a moving star-like light. It appeared to be nothing more than a satellite but then suddenly stopped moving. They continue to watch the sky for more activity. Later Jena apparently saw a group of these lights. No more details are known about this at present.

On 16th October 2011, Senin and Jena drove out to an open field near to Mostar airport to relax. They noticed a glowing white star-like object moving slowly across the sky. It passed overhead and continued heading on a straight course to the South. At first Senin thought it may be a satellite, so he spoke to them in his mind, saying “If that is you my friend just do something so that I know”. At that moment the object stopped and then began moving in the opposite direction, coming back towards their location. When it was right overhead it stopped above them and remained there. To their left they then noticed two other moving lights parallel to one another. Again they suddenly stopped moving and remained stationary in the sky. All three objects remained like this for the next 20 minutes. After this Senin and Jena decided to go and sit in the car. A moment later the objects all blinked out and were gone.

Senin once again saw an unexplained white light in the sky on 31st March 2012. This time the light appeared to have a brown coloured trail behind it. He was sitting on the terrace around 9pm, and it was a clear and still evening. He looked to the West and noticed the object moving across the sky. It was at an angle of about 70 degrees.

Witness drawing of the white light with brown trail. The other white lights are stars:


Initially he thought it must be a comet, however it did not appear to be burning, and it did not flicker at all. Senin watched the object for about 10 seconds, after which it vanished without trace. For some reason he felt frightened by it, even though he had no reason to be.

While it is certainly possible that some of these are genuine sightings, it is also possible that some are just down to misidentification of astral objects or sight related issues.

Perhaps the sightings where stars have briefly been seen to appear and then disappear again have sometimes been down to temporary visual impairment. Sometimes after dark, bright points of light such as stars can appear to be duplicated unless you stare directly at them, and can even sometimes appear to be moving. I have actually experienced this myself, on one occasion it looked like a particular star was initially moving and then slowing down to a halt. This optical illusion persisted for about 10 seconds until I eventually realised that it was not moving at all.

Glowing star-like objects crossing the sky on a straight course, which may or may not suddenly flare up brightly, can easily be explained by satellites or space debris. Ones which have altered speed or direction could still potentially be explained as distant aircraft, LED balloons or Chinese lanterns, although it is not out of the question that they have a more unusual explanation.

Cigar UFO Sightings

Around July 2011 Senin had several sightings of either a singular or numerous different cigar-shaped UFOs.

It was a pleasant day and Senin was once again relaxing on the terrace around mid-day. There were some clouds but it was still and warm. He happened to glance up into the sky and noticed a strange looking object. It appeared to be metallic silver and shaped like a hot dog/cigar. It had no visible wings. Along the length of the object was what appeared to be darker lines, possibly windows or port holes.

The object was at quite low altitude over the city, within a few km of his location. It was moving in a Southerly direction at about the same speed that a plane would fly at. It appeared to be powered rather than merely drifting,

Senin watched the object for between 30-60 seconds. It then approached a cloud. As it entered the cloud there was no turbulence at all. The object appeared to have some kind of energy field around itself, reaching about 10 meters from its body. This seemed to completely separate it from the surrounding cloud as it passed through. It appeared to be completely silent.

Senin continued to watch for the object to emerge from the cloud but it did not reappear. He was convinced that the object was not simply an aeroplane. He spends a lot of time out on the balcony or terrace of his apartment, and is used to how planes look at all distances.

His second sighting of such an object occurred at sunset. Senin was sitting within a few hundred metres of his apartment building. The sun had just started to set, and it was still quite bright. He looked up and happened to notice the object, at an angle of about 50-60 degrees from his location. It seemed to be glowing yellowish-white, far too bright to just be caused by reflection of sunlight. Again no engine noise was heard.

It slowly turned away from him until he could see just the end of the object so it appeared as a metallic dot in the sky. Even at this angle no wings or tail were visible. Senin watched the object flying away for a couple of minutes. After this time it seemed to vanish without trace. Senin only had his mobile on him, and this does not have a good enough camera on it to film the object.

The third sighting again took place in daylight hours. Senin was standing on the staircase of the building adjacent to his, the same location where he had seen the white star-like object overhead on a previous occasion. It was late afternoon and the sun was just starting to go down.

He looked up and saw a trail of puffs of smoke/vapour. These were equally spaced out. In the sky beyond his own apartment building, Senin saw the object responsible for the trial. It appeared to be a silver cigar-shaped object. The trail behind the object did not appear like any aeroplane vapour trail he had ever seen before.

The object was moving on a straight and level course. It appeared to be no more than 500 metres in the air, and about 800 metres from his location. After watching it for about a minute, it went out of sight behind his apartment block. Senin left the staircase and walked a short distance to continue observing the object, but when he looked he saw that it had disappeared. Once again he only had his mobile phone on him not his proper camera.

The objects described in these three incidents certainly seem to be physical objects in the sky. Regarding the initial sighting. if the object really had a field of some kind around it then this puts out of the question that it was anything mundane. UFOs have often been reported to have this energy field around them, and it is widely believed that this is how they are able to fly in our atmosphere without any effects on their speed or movement. However could this energy field have been an optical illusion? Perhaps instead the object was a silver inflatable of some kind drifting in the air? If it were the later then this would cause very little disruption to the cloud, and would of course be silent as reported.

In none of the three sightings did the object seen perform any highly unusual manoeuvres. There is therefore the possibility that these objects are merely planes at a distance with the wings horizontal to Senin’s view making them very hard to see. That said, with the second sighting the object turned through 90 degrees yet still no wings were visible.

I find the third sighting to be the most likely of all to have a mundane explanation, due to the vapour trail seen. UFOs are very rarely reported to have vapour trails. A trail tends to suggest that the object was burning fuel, and therefore was probably man made. It is interesting that this vapour did not seem to be ejected continuously but in a regular pattern. Perhaps it was a remote controlled model of some kind.

Silver Sphere Photographs

One morning in mid-July 2011 Senin woke up feeling stressed after only having had a short sleep. It was a clear, warm and still morning. He decided to go outside onto the balcony of his room to relax.

Looking to the South, he noticed what appeared to be a silver metallic sphere gliding over a hill named Hum in the distance about 4-5 km away. Senin says there was something strange about the way that the object was reflecting the morning sunlight. He can’t remember exactly what as he was too excited by what he was witnessing. But he thinks that the reflective glare was on the other side to where it should have been. The object appeared to be no larger than 2 metres in diameter.

Senin grabbed his Nikon D40 camera and started taking photographs of the object. He was over-joyed to finally capture something on film. The object was moving on a straight course in an Easterly direction at a slow speed. He felt that the object had appeared on purpose to give him the chance to photograph it.

He observed the sphere for just over a minute, during which he took around 10 photographs. After this time Senin glanced down at his camera to change some settings. When he looked back up the object was nowhere to be seen.

Series of four of the photographs that Senin took, with the UFO ringed in red:





Animation showing the movement of the object across the four photographs. It is clear from this that it is slowly descending in altitude:


Zoomed photo of the UFO:


Zoomed photo with edge find:


As you can see, the object is quite distant and it is hard to get much detail, but it is clear that there is something there reflecting the sunlight, and that it travelling on a straight course. The lack of detail is almost certainly down to the quality of the camera. Senin says that to the naked eye the spherical shape of the object was far more clear. I am certain that the photos are genuine and not hoaxed in any way. Senin has gone to great pains to ensure that I know this to be the case, including asking me to check the manufacturer of his camera and informing me that he has the original memory card with the photos on as proof.

Many people have reported seeing metallic spheres, they are one of the more commonly sighted types of UFO. Often they are seen to perform incredible manoeuvres and demonstrate that they are under intelligent control. However no such manoeuvres were observed with this sighting, the object merely moved on a straight course, slowly descending at a constant speed. This means that there is the possibility that it was a silver coloured balloon drifting on an air current.

It is great that Senin managed to capture the object on film, and it is an interesting sighting, but it is too distant to say for certain what it is. It was clearly a solid object of some kind. It does not appear to be a conventional aircraft, but an inflatable cannot be ruled out as the explanation.

Black Sphere Photographs

It was the afternoon of a very hot sunny day in late September 2011. Senin was out on the balcony of his apartment enjoying the warm weather. He looked out over the city and noticed something glittering in the distance up in the sky. He started to watch it more carefully and soon realized that it was a black coloured orb gliding over the buildings. It was moving about the same speed that the silver sphere had moved at. Once again, he picked up his camera and started photographing the object.

After a short while he decided to go and get his brother so he could see it also. He ran back into the apartment and called him, before heading back out onto the balcony. Instead of taking more photos Senin was trying to get his brother to come outside as soon as possible, but he took a while as . When looking at the orb directly rather than through the camera lens it appeared brighter.

By the time his brother also emerged the orb was about 60-70 metres away, and hovering nearly stationary 20-30 metres over a nearby restaurant. Senin pointed it out to him questioning “Look for yourself – who is crazy now?” His brother could not see the object clearly due to its distance and size. He responded “Where? Where?” Senin replied “I am taking pictures of it right now, come on look a little better, just in front of us.” When he looked back he realized the object had vanished without trace.

Senin immediately went to his computer and downloaded the pictures off his camera so he could show his brother. The object had appeared on the photos but his brother was not particularly impressed by it.

Several of the photographs that Senin took, with the UFO ringed in red:




An animation created from the above photographs, which shows the movement of the object:


Zoomed photo of the UFO:


Zoomed photo with edge find:


Senin is convinced that the object was under control and not a balloon due to the completely straight path that it moved on. However drifting light weight objects such as balloons can get caught in air currents and appear to move on a completely level and fixed course.

Just as with the silver sphere sighting, there is not enough evidence at present to rule out the possibility that it was a drifting inflatable. That said, it was interesting that it suddenly vanished. According to Senin there were no nearby objects for it to be hidden behind, so where did it go? This aspect of the sighting remains a mystery, as does the identity of the object.

Flashing Orbs Sighting

The following evening after the date that Senin both sighted and photographed the black sphere, he was to have another fascinating sighting. He was sitting in front of an old building close to his home. On the opposite side of the road are some tall silos that are part of a closed pastry-making factory. It was around 7pm, there was still daylight but sun was just starting to set. It was a clear evening with not many clouds, so he had a good view of the sky.

Suddenly at an angle of about 30 degrees in the sky a brightly flashing orb of white light appeared. It was flashing on and off very fast, up to 4 times a second, but in an irregular pattern. Then a second similar object appeared to the right of it and slightly lower down, once again flashing very quickly.

Without warning the object on the left suddenly began moving diagonally down to the right extremely fast. A brief moment later the right hand object performed the opposite manoeuvre, moving down and to the left. They continued on this course until they nearly touched. Then they began swirling around each other and ascending vertically.

Senin jumped up, excitedly cheering and laughing. He could hear other people in the windows of the building also reacting to the objects. At this point he began recording them on his mobile phone camera.There was also a man walking his dog along the road. Senin briefly stopped looking at the objects to glance at this man. He was staring up at the sky with his mouth agape. When Senin looked back up he saw that the objects had both vanished. He sat back down and contemplated what he had just witnessed.

Below is the video footage that Senin took on his mobile phone camera. Unfortunately the quality of the camera is very poor and the objects have not really shown up. However the right hand orb can be seen moving over the top of the silo towards the end at 17 seconds in:


Senin says that the object caught on the video looked different to the naked eye. It was not dark against the sky but was flashing on and off extremely rapidly.

The man walking his dog continued along the road, but soon retraced his steps and returned. He looked pale and in shock of what he had seen. He kept glancing up into the sky, no doubt wondering if the lights were going to return. Senin was embarrassed that a few minutes before he had been shouting at the objects. He decided to get up and leave the area. He did not speak to any of the other witnesses about the sighting.

It is unfortunate that the camera did not really pick up the objects better, as the manoeuvres performed by them certainly sounded unusual, and may well have been under intelligent control. Due to the fact that the objects were initially stationary and the manner in which they were flashing, it is unlikely that they were birds caught in the sunlight.

Striped Sphere

On a very hot day in September/October 2011, Senin went to the balcony to have a bite to eat at around mid-day. He was sitting on the floor when he noticed water droplets falling on him. He looked up and could see the drops were from the air conditioner.

He then noticed a spherical object directly overhead in the sky. The object appeared to be quite small and had alternating black and red stripes. It reminded him of a flying basketball. The object was about 40-60 metres above him. It was gliding slowly across the sky to the North.

He looked up a couple of times at the object. When he looked back a third time he found that just as with some of his other sightings the object had vanished, despite the fact that it was a clear sky. In total it had been present for about 20 seconds.

Despite the fact that the object mysteriously disappeared without trace, I feel it is very likely that this sighting was probably a balloon. The unusual striped pattern on it, estimated small size and movement observed all point towards this possibility. Perhaps it had quickly descended out of sight or was caught in the sunlight in such a way that it was no longer visible.

Orange Sphere Sighting

Soon after the black and red sphere sighting, Senin had a sighting of another spherical UFO, this time orange in colour. It was mid-day and the weather was clear and sunny. Senin was in his bedroom. For an unknown reason he had a sudden feeling that he should go and look out into the sky from the balcony.

When he did so he noticed an orange sphere in the distance to the right at an angle of about 30 degrees. He smiled when he noticed the object. He watched it for a short while, then checked down at ground level to see if anyone else was watching it. When he looked back up the object had vanished.

Once again it is hard to say exactly what was seen in this sighting. Like the striped sphere seen previously, the object appeared to disappear within a very brief amount of time in a clear sky. However this is not enough to say that the object was something out of the ordinary, there are possible mundane explanations such as an orange coloured balloon. It was a still day so this could easily have remained in the same position in the sky for a short amount of time.

Three Metallic Objects

On another day in September/October 2011, Senin was sitting at a local park close to the Neretva river, about 5 minutes walk from his apartment. He sat on a bench and thought about the sightings he has had. He hoped that he would have further sightings.

Suddenly he saw three objects in the air in the direction he was facing. They appeared to be metallic orbs. They appeared to be no higher than 400 metres in the sky and around 1 km away. They were swirling and dancing around each other, and sometimes disappearing then reappearing. He watched them for a short while, after which they seemed to vanish one by one.

Senin was convinced that the objects he was looking at were not birds. However I am not so sure. In bright sunlight distant birds can sometimes appear as metallic spherical shaped objects due to the reflection of the sun off them. I have witnessed this myself on numerous occasions. The illusion can be quite convincing. If the objects were birds, then perhaps they were only noticeable when the light was catching them, which would give the impression that they were disappearing and reappearing. So while it is possible that these were far more unusual, I feel there is not enough evidence to fully rule out birds as the explanation.

Yellow Orbs

On several occasions both Senin and his friend Jana have witnessed pale yellow-white orbs which have drifted across the night sky and sometimes changed direction mid-flight without changing speed. Sometimes these objects have suddenly vanished without trace rather than flown away into the distance.

On one of these occasions Senin was sitting outside alone after dark having a drink. He looked up and saw a yellow orb of light in the sky. He was not certain what he was looking at, so tried to communicate with it using his mind. He said “If those are you my friends, just switch off the light”. At that moment the light vanished. Senin was amazed and convinced that it had responded to his thoughts.

Senin had another sighting of one of these orbs on a night in autumn 2011, however this time the orb was more of a yellow-green colour. He was once again sitting alone on the terrace of the apartments block, having a drink and thinking to himself. It was a bit of a cloudy night but other than that quite pleasant. He looked up and saw a very bright yellow-green glowing orb of light travelling very fast across the sky in the direction of his location. The object certainly appeared to be in the atmosphere and not at particularly high altitude. Senin started to signal with his hands towards the object. As it got overhead it briefly stopped above him, then continued on its way until it was lost from sight in the distance.

Some of these sightings could be explained away as Chinese lanterns or yellow LED balloons. However these do not tend to suddenly change course in the manner described. It seems unlikely that a helicopter could be the explanation as other navigation lights would be visible and the sound of the rotor blades would almost certainly have been heard. It is also unlikely to be earth lights, as these do not usually appear over populated areas.

And what are we to make of the one which appeared to disappear or switch off when Senin asked it to, or the yellow-green orb which seemed to briefly stop overhead before continuing on the same path as before? Could these have been genuine UFOs under intelligent control which responded to him? Or were there other explanations? Maybe the time the yellow orb vanished was merely a coincidence. Could the object have been a lantern which had just burnt out? Or even something else which had simply gone behind a cloud which was too difficult to see in the sky after dark? Perhaps the temporary slow down of the yellow-green orb was just an optical illusion, or a lit inflatable which slowed down due to air currents in the area. As with many of Senin’s sightings there are numerous possibilities worth considering.

The Symbol

While up on the terrace one evening in late September 2011, Senin suddenly noticed something strange on one of the walls about 5-6 metres away from where he was sitting. He went to take a closer look. There was what looked like a strange shaped symbol on the wall with many circles – three in the middle and two at the right.

He looked at it for over a minute quite puzzled by it. He thought at first someone had played a practical joke on him but it didn’t look like it was drawn on the top of the wall. He went back over to the other side of the terrace to finish his beer.

After a short while he returned to take a second look at the markings. Now it appeared that the symbol had changed! There were now three circles on the right instead of two, and it looked like it had been flipped round on its side. It was bizarre. Senin was certain that there had been nobody else up there on the terrace. Barely anyone ever goes up there, and even if they had he would have certainly heard them. The following day he went back up to the terrace to take some daylight photos of the markings on the wall.

Photograph of the symbol, which appears to be permanent and is still visible today:


Overlaid diagram showing the pattern on the wall:


The symbol appears to be made up of nine circles in a roughly circular pattern. They appear to have been printed on the wall in black liquid/paint of some kind. There is a line connecting the central three circles, however this appears to have been formed from the liquid running down from the upper two of these. At the base of most of the circles is a darker area, which again would have been formed by the liquid running and congregating. All the circles are the same size, suggesting that a flat round object was dipped in liquid and then pressed against the wall numerous times to make the pattern. It’s probable that the central three in a vertical line were created first, which would account for the running liquid between them. Then it looks like the ones on the left and upper right were done, and lastly the middle and lower right ones which appear more faded.

Although Senin is adamant that the middle right circle was not there initially, it was probably just not noticed because of how faded it is. It is extremely likely that this symbol is human-made and not ET related in any way. Perhaps someone went up on the terrace and did this on the wall earlier in the day before Senin was there. It may have been done on purpose for him to find, or could have been created randomly just for fun.

White Cigar and Orbs

In the daytime on 15th January 2012 Senin went to his balcony for a breath of fresh air. He had his camera with him, and since taking the black orb back in 2011 had been hoping to capture something else.

Looking out over the city he noticed numerous white coloured UFOs in the distance, which he could make out against the darker hillside in the background. He managed to take many photographs of these objects.

A couple of the photographs taken of the UFO(s):



Animation made from some of the photographs received, showing movement of the objects:


Zoomed view of the white cigar-shaped UFO:


Zoomed view of the cigar-shaped UFO with edge find:


Zoomed views of the white orbs:



Same views of the white orbs with edge find:



Once again the appearance and distance of the objects means we cannot rule out the possibility that they are not white balloons or even birds. The objects do not really perform any impressive manoeuvres throughout the series, although they can be seen to alter their course. Perhaps they were something unusual, but it is hard to say for sure.

Possible Paranormal Activity

As well as UFO sightings, since mid-2011 Senin and even some of his friends and family have experienced many other unusual events. These incidents have ranged from objects moving or vanishing of their own accord, and electrical devices acting in an abnormal manner. Below are documented some of the odd things that have taken place.

One day Senin went to purchase something from a local shop for his mother. Before entering the shop he counted out the money in his pocket. He found that it was a little more money than his mother had given him. He was certain that he was not already carrying any on him. He went into the shop and grabbed the item. When he went to the counter to pay for it, he found that he had the exact money for the item. As nothing else had happened before, he just put this down to a mistake. However a couple of days later the same thing happened again.

Senin has a small ponytail that he ties back with a hair band. On one occasion he took this band off and placed it in his left pocket, He was absolutely certain that he did this but a couple of minutes later when he looked for it he found it was now in his right pocket. An hour later he came home and decided to go to sleep a while. He left the band in the pocket of his shorts. Later when he awoke he found that it was no longer in his pocket but elsewhere in the room where he sometimes leaves it. On another occasion he arrived home and took out the key to the terrace and some loose change from his left pocket. He put them away elsewhere in the room. Later he went to look for them and found the change but no key. He checked the left pocket of his shorts, again no key. When he checked his right pocket he found it there. Senin is absolutely adamant that these incidents took place and that he was not just mistaken.

Senin is under the impression that the ETs are causing these mysterious disappearances and movement of objects. One day he decided to put this to the test. He had temporarily taken off his hair band and his trainers while he leant against a wall. In his mind he asked them to do something with the band. He checked back a couple of times and the band was still there.

A minute later he put the band back on and walked a short distance to an elevator. While using the elevator he looked at his reflection in the metal and could see that the band was not on his hair. He was certain he had put it on correctly but retraced his steps to the wall. The band had completely vanished. The following afternoon, he was about to leave the house and glanced down onto his computer desk. There alongside the monitor was the missing band.

This type of thing has also been witnessed by his close friends. Senin knows a girl named Jena who he often spends time with. Sometimes they like to go out driving to other places in the city to relax and listen to music.

On an evening in autumn 2011 they drove out to a deserted industrial zone of Mostar. They sat in the car with the doors open listening to music and drinking beer. Jana wanted a smoke and started looking for her cigarettes packet. She opened the drawer of the CD player on the dashboard but there was nothing inside it except a disc. She explained to Senin that she was certain she had left the packet there. She next turned round to the back seat and checked her purse, saying she had a second packet in there. Again she could not find any cigarettes.

Senin said she should check the CD player a second time just to make sure. When she did so she found one of the packets. She was absolutely convinced it had been empty. A moment later she screamed out loud. The second packet was on her lap in plain sight. Senin started laughing as he believed it was the ETs doing this. Jena looked shaken and said she was not feeling well. Senin explained to her that many similar incidents had been happening to him and that she did not have to be scared.

An hour later they moved the car to a different location for a change of scene. While they were there they stared up at the stars, and Jena saw a bright star-like object switch on and off twice in the sky. Again she said she did not feel well, and Senin explained how he had seen these lights on previous occasions.

Senin has experienced unusual odd activity with his computer. It has on numerous occasions switched videos he is watching automatically, and on one occasion appeared to install updates even though it wasn’t attached to the internet at the time. While these events are more than likely down to errors or complexities with his PC, they are still interesting observations and worth mentioning.

Other devices around the home and elsewhere have also acted in a strange manner. Twice in September 2011 the bulb in the hallway of the apartment exploded. On both of these occasions Senin’s grandmother was present, though it is unclear whether this was related in any way or not.

On 6th March 2012 Senin was sitting in the kitchen with his grandmother. All of a sudden there was a click noise and they realised the oven had turned on by itself. Both were puzzled as to how this could have happened. Soon after, one of Senins friend’s informed him that the air conditioner at her house had done exactly the same.

Also there is a street light near to Senins apartment which doesn’t work correctly and does not switch on after dark. On a couple of occasions when Senin has walked under this it has turned on.

What can be made of these incidents? It seems clear that at least some of them could easily have mundane explanations. Regarding the moving and disappearing objects, perhaps on some of these occasions Senin has merely been mistaken and put down the objects in places without realizing. And the strange activity of electrical devices could be nothing more than random errors or coincidences. However so many things have happened that perhaps we should consider the possibility that something more unusual is taking place.

If there are other forces at work here, it is unlikely they are directly related to the UFOs that Senin has witnessed. I find it pretty improbable that the ETs would move or hide objects – even if they had the ability to do this, for what purpose would they need to?

Many contactees have reported experiencing paranormal activity in their proximity. This activity can often include strange electrical faults and poltergeist-like events, just as Senin describes. Could this be evidence suggesting that Senin is a contactee?


As you can see Senin has had lots of different experiences, including many UFO sightings. It is clear that Senin believes that he is experiencing direct and regular interaction with ETs. However many of the sightings he has mentioned and taken photographs of could well have mundane explanations such as inflatables, distant aircraft or satellites. I feel that Senin sometimes labels his experiences as being ET related far too easily.

That said, some of the sightings he has described are very impressive and clearly seem to be of objects that have either moved in very advanced ways, or even directly acted on his thoughts. There are particular incidents which are very hard to explain in mundane terms, and some of Senin’s experiences are certainly worthy of interest.

Could Senin be a contactee? There are arguments on both side of the coin here. If some of the UFOs he has seen really have acted on his thoughts then this means there is a form of interaction going on between him and them, which is the very definition of contact. The fact that Senin has had so many different experiences, ones which have sometimes been witnessed by others as well, should not be ignored. Many people go through their whole life without ever seeing a single UFO, so this is certainly significant in itself.

Senin is also experiencing activity which may have a paranormal explanation. Many contactees report activity such as this in their proximity, so this could be further evidence that he is experiencing contact. However so far Senin has not had any experiences where he has seen an ET being, nor heard them actually communicate with him directly. Nor has he reported any missing time experiences where something may have taken place.

I have no doubt that Senin will continue to have sightings of unidentified objects in the skies over Mostar. It is likely he will manage to capture more of these mysterious objects on film. If he decides to keep in touch with BUFOG going forward perhaps in due course we may discover more about what is happening here, and what Senin plays in it all. I would like to thank him for the amount of details he has provided about his experiences and his willingness to get the information out.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2012



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