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1988-2012 - Mostar, Bosnia - Orb Ring & Cigar UFO Sightings, Photos, Video & Ground Markings

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 10/04/2012

For reason of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses


In January 2012 BUFOG was contacted by a man named Senin (Surname provided but withheld). He wished to inform us of many UFO sightings and other unusual experiences he has had over the years. This activity seems to be on a continuous basis. Some of the incidents appear to have direct interaction elements to them, and several have photographic evidence to back them up. In recent months some of his friends have also started seeing UFOs and experiencing odd events. This report is based directly on the extensive notes Senin has sent through via a series of E-Mails.

String Of Lights Incident

Senin’s initial UFO sighting took place back in the summer of 1988 or 89 when he was around 13-14 years old. He was camping in trailers with his family and some family friends at a camping place close to Luka Dubrava camping place, on the Peljesac peninsula near to Dubronvnik in Croatia.

Photograph of Luka Dubrava bay:

It was between 10pm-midnight. The weather was clear, warm and still, and the stars were fully visible. Senin and many others at the camp site, including his parents, were out on a concrete playground. They then noticed some lights in the distance. They were around the area of two peaks about 10 km to the West. These two peaks were around 2-3 km apart. Close to one of the two peaks, a short distance above it, they saw a string of orbs of light, each one a different colour. The colours Senin remembers seeing included red, yellow and green though there could have been others. He cannot remember how many there were but he estimates between 6-10. The lights were in a straight line but did not look like they were all attached to one object, they appeared to be hooked together.

Everyone present was amazed and wondered what the lights could be. There was talk amongst the adults of aliens and experimental aircraft. The lights were moving in the direction of the other peak, traversing the gap between them. The speed of movement was quite slow and it took about half an hour for them to reach the other peak. During this time the lights did not alter in distance between each other, they all retained their position in relation to one another.

However when they finally neared the other peak they suddenly without warning shot back to the first peak extremely fast! It was now back at where it had been initially, and once again started to move towards the other peak. This pattern continued for between 3-4 hours. After a while the childen including Senin got bored of watching and used the playground instead, but continued to check back from time to time. The adults were transfixed by the lights for the duration. Each time the lights reached the other peak they near instantly flew back to the first one. There was no way to drive closer to the lights to see what they were as there were no roads out near their location, it was just hills. Senin is unsure if anyone filmed the incident, however not many would have had cameras back in 1989.

After a while Senin and his friends went to relax at an abandoned house for a while. Here it was not possible to see the lights. But later when he walked back to his family’s trailer they were still visible in the sky. He went to sleep while others continued to watch the lights, so has no idea how they vanished.

Later in the night after the lights had vanished, some locals who they were friends with went to do some night fishing. Senin knew the son of another family who they were staying with at the camp site. He was several years older than Senin so was allowed to go with them. When he returned the following morning, Senin could see that he looked pale and was shivering. This lasted the whole day. He was clearly bothered by something.

Later in the evening he finally told Senin’s and his own family what had happened. He claimed that while they were out fishing off the shore, the line of lights suddenly appeared right over their boat