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1975 - Glasgow Contact Case - Humanoid Visitation

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien Originally forwarded from Richard Hall

Release Date: 12/12/2010

Incident Details

On a night in 1975, Ricky was staying over at his girlfriend’s house in South East Glasgow. His girlfriend’s mother would not them share the same room, so he was in a twin room with her brother. It was 2.15am and they had just settled down to go to sleep.

Suddenly Ricky heard a strange whirring sound. He then felt some sort of energy force enter his body. At the same time a figure appeared in the room in front of him, strangely in black and white. He could see what looked like a human form, about 5 feet 10 inches high, which was only visible from the shoulders up. The figure was standing about 5 feet from the bed.

He also detected some strange movement above his head, which he finds hard to explain, and felt that he could hear voices muttering but could not understand what was being said. This seemed to continue for between 45-60 seconds. Ricky was elated by the experience but after this time wanted it to cease. He mentally asked for the situation to end, and it did immediately. The figure instantly disappeared, as did the strange noises.

When Ricky spoke of the incident to his girlfriend’s brother, he said that he had felt a strange vibration through his body which had woken him up.

Incident Analysis

Obviously given the above information, there are many outstanding questions regarding it. Unfortunately the witness has not got back to me so for the moment this is all the details we have on the incident. From what was described, it is clear that what took place had a strong effect on Ricky, and changed his way of thinking about the world. He certainly believed it to be a real experience, and as he has got in touch in the first place, he perhaps feels it was extraterrestrial in nature. I wouldn’t put this completely out of the question. Perhaps the whirring noise he heard was coming from a craft that was in the vicinity. Perhaps the muttering voices he heard and energy he felt enter his body was an ET being communicating directly with him.

However some of the aspects of what happened are very unusual. The being looked human, appeared to him in black and white and was only visible from the shoulders up. This may sound to some closer to a ghostly experience rather than something to do with ETs. It is true that some species of ET such as Nordics look very human-like in appearance, but contactees usually report seeing them both completely visible and in colour.

Another possibility is that the experience was brought on by hypnogogia. This usually occurs when the body is between waking and sleeping states, which would fit in with the time that Ricky said the incident took place. One of the common effects of hynagogia is paralysis. Ricky did not mention whether he was paralyzed during the experience or not. However many of the other symptoms do fit in with what Ricky described can be explained by this – these symptoms can include seeing vivid hallucinations of figures and hearing strange unidentified sounds.

Without further information it is impossible to say whether Ricky’s experience was a genuine ET visitation or not. If I hear back from him this report will be updated with any further information which comes to light

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2010



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