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1964 to 27/12/2009 - Hall Green - Disc & Boomerang UFO Sightings

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 01/03/2019

UFO witness Barrie is 64 years old and lives in Hall Green, Birmingham. He regularly enjoys sitting out in his back garden and star gazing, and has stared up at the night sky for many hours. Over the years he has understandably seen many unidentified lights at a distance. But he has also had three highly impressive sightings of solid structured objects. The most recent of these sightings took place in the early hours of 27th December 2009. His other previous sightings took place many years ago, but Barrie still remembers them clearly. They have had a lasting effect on him, and changed his views of the universe forever.

Aerial map showing location of the three sightings:

This report will cover each of Barrie’s UFO sightings, beginning with the oldest.

1964 UFOs Sighting

Barrie’s first impressive UFO sighting took place in 1964. He was sitting in his back garden star gazing, close to the back door of his house on Brooklands Road. It was a clear and still night, and quite pleasant. He suddenly noticed in the sky to the South two objects moving in his direction. He soon saw that the objects appeared to be two silver coloured discs, which were reflecting the moonlight. They were about the height of a low flying helicopter.

He was amazed by what he was seeing, and got up from his chair. He walked down the garden, watching as the discs approached. The two objects were in close formation, and flying diagonally from one another. They were completely smooth with no visible markings on them, and were completely silent.

Drawing of UFOs on photograph of sighting location, showing path that they took:

The discs flew overhead and Barrie turned round to watch them continue their journey to the North. They were lost from sight behind the roof of his house, and banked up into the night sky out of view. Because of the way that they flew on a straight course and maintained formation throughout, Barrie was convinced that they had been under intelligent control.

1967 UFO Sighting

On a clear still evening back in 1967 Barrie was sitting in his back garden of his house sky watching. Suddenly from behind him over the roof of the house came a massive boomerang shaped object, flying at quite a low altitude, Barrie estimates about 400 feet.

The main bulk of the object was dull brown in colour. Along its underside were a number of defused white coloured evenly spaced round objects. They looked like large lenses mounted onto the base of the UFO. It almost appeared like the UFO was carrying them, they did not appear to be embedded in its surface. There were no other visible markings on the object at all, it was completely smooth. Barrie immediately assumed the object was a massive craft of some kind. It was so huge it covered most of his view of the sky as it passed silently overhead. Barrie’s garden is 30 feet across, and it was certainly larger than this.

Drawing of UFO on photograph of sighting location:

The object continued on a straight flight path to the South and Barrie watched it until it disappeared out of sight behind neighbouring housing. Due to its low altitude, Barrie felt that the object may have been crash landing, and almost expected to hear an explosion after it had gone out of sight – but this didn’t happen.

Due to the size of the UFO there may well have been other witnesses who have yet to come forward.

27th December 2009 UFO Sighting

On Boxing Day 2009, Barrie went to bed about 10pm. His wife was out visiting her brother. Barrie awoke to hear her arrive home at 12.30am. As his wife got ready for bed, he decided to go downstairs and make a cup of tea. He looked out of the kitchen window out to the back garden. It was a very clear and dry night, with very little cloud cover. He decided he would go and look at the stars for a short while from outside the back door. The sky was a dark pastel blue colour with small white clouds moving to the South East. Despite being clear, it was quite windy and cold.

At 1.47am, Barrie looked to the South down the garden. He noticed an object in the sky above and to the right of the neighbouring house. It appeared to be about the same height as the lowest clouds in the sky. As he watched, the object moved very rapidly in a curved trajectory towards him. It then came to a halt for a split second, before moving back in a curve the other way. It continued to perform these curved zigzagging manoeuvres, each time stopping for a moment between them, approaching his position. Barrie was absolutely astounded by the movement pattern of the object.

UFO route on photograph of sighting location:

As it got closer he could see it was a dull dark grey coloured disc, with a number of small semi-circular extensions equally spaced around it’s edge. It had a smooth surface but did not appear to be reflecting the moonlight. It was hard to gauge the size of the object as there was no point of reference to compare it against.

Drawing of UFO as viewed from underneath:

The disc flew overhead, and Barrie got a clear view of the shape of it from underneath. It continued zigzagging on a Northerly course until he lost sight of it over the roof of his house. Barrie says he was gobsmacked by the sighting and it was truly incredible to watch. The movements the object was making clearly appeared regular and deliberate. The sighting lasted for about 3 minutes. Barrie had a camcorder in the house, but did not want to miss anything so did not go and get it.

Photograph of house roof where witness lost sight of UFO:

After the object had disappeared from view, he woke up his wife and told her all about what he had just seen. He had another cup of tea, then went to check the sky again to see if anything else appeared. He saw nothing so soon decided to go to bed. The following night he stayed up very late watching the sky, but there was much greater cloud cover and he did not see anything.


All three of these sightings are very impressive sue to the appearance of the objects and their movement patterns. Most usual explanations can immediately be discounted. In all three cases, the objects were clearly not conventional aircraft of any kind. Due to Barrie’s experience in watching the sky, and the fact that he lives close to Birmingham International Airport, he can easily recognise aircraft and how they appear when coming in to land. He also knows how to recognise other objects seen in the night sky such as meteorites or satellites. The objects he saw in these incidents looked completely different, and were all silent, even when right overhead.

The silver disc-shaped objects flew on a level flight path right across the sky, and maintained their position from one another. This certainly suggests they were under control and not randomly drifting. Barrie’s most recent sighting was even more impressive, with highly unusual controlled movements that were against the wind direction. The purpose of these manoeuvres is unknown, but they were completely regular in timing and distance covered.

The boomerang-shaped UFO is highly unlikely to have been a model due to its massive size. There was no visible means of propulsion, and to power something so large would certainly have made quite a noise, yet it was completely silent after dark when sound can be more easily heard. The appearance of the object is a little reminiscent of the craft seen during the Phoenix Lights incident, but that craft was black and had white lights along its underside, not strange lens-like attachments. However one possibility worth considering is that these “lenses” were in fact lights which were just switched off at the time.

Both I and Barrie find it unlikely that these sightings could be of secret military craft – it is improbable that they would have flown them over a highly populated city in plain sight, and at such low altitude. There are also no military-owned bases in the local area. After assessing all the evidence, I feel there is a good chance that these sightings were of genuine extraterrestrial craft. Many UFO sightings have proved time and time again that our visitors fly wherever they choose to, and do not just stick to rural lesser-populated areas.

Barrie feels very lucky to have had these experiences. He realises that many go through their entire life without ever seeing one UFO, yet he has now had three very impressive sightings. He thinks about them often, and wonders whether he will have any more sightings in the future.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2010



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