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19/02/2023 – Newport, Shropshire – Sphere UFO Photographs

Updated: 4 days ago

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 03/05/2023

Last Updated: 03/06/2023

In early April 2023 79 year old witness Trevor got in touch with BUFOG via our website’s sighting report form to inform us about an incident which occurred on 19th February. He described both observing and photographing a spherical shaped UFO. I got in touch with him via phone to go over the experience in depth. This report covers the incident and provides a detailed analysis of the photographs which were taken.

Sighting Details

From his house on Stone Bridge in Newport, Trevor has a clear view to the South West and the range of hills known as The Wreckin can easily be seen in the distance. Trevor enjoys this view and regularly enjoys taking photographs of it.

Aerial map of Stone Bridge
Aerial map showing Stone Bridge (A) and The Wrekin (B)

At 11.20am on 19th February 2023 he was standing at the first floor back window of his house and doing precisely this. It was a cloudy day, but was quite still and dry. There was a low mist around The Wrekin which gave the impression of islands emerging from the sea.

Glancing upward he noticed that there were several holes in the cloud layer through which light was pouring. Here’s a direct statement from Trevor’s testimony regarding what happened next.

“One of the holes was becoming a sort of vortex delineated by the cloud which appeared to be moving around the hole. At this point an indistinct round mass formed within the hole and appeared to fall out of it.”

This mass looked very similar to the colour of the cloud around it, but appeared artificial and spherical in shape. Trevor estimates that the hole was roughly half way between his location and The Wrekin, which would have made it approximately 4 miles away. The sky was covered in cloud, and the usual height for low lying cloud is 6500 feet. The spherical “object” appeared to descend downwards, appearing to be independent from the cloud around it.

Aerial map showing the angle of viewing and estimated location of the sphere

It impressed Trevor enough to get him to attempt to take a photograph of it on his iPhone 6s Plus mobile phone camera. However when he checked the image he found that the sphere was almost off the top of the photo: