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17/10/2010 - East Midlands - Pale Blue Spheres Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Report Originally forwarded by Richard Hall Author: Dave Hodrien Last Updated: 04/11/2010

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Sighting Details

Nicky lives in the East Midlands and uses a wheelchair. At 1.14pm on the afternoon of 17th October 2010 she was waiting outside her flat for her friend to collect her. She had a portable CD player and was playing some gentle music while staring up at the blue sky, thinking how peaceful it was. It was a clear and sunny day with no clouds visible.

Suddenly two large spherical-shaped objects flew into view almost overhead but a bit forward from her position. Their colour was like a paler version of the colour of the sky. On each there was a darker area on the right hand side. Nicky estimates they were about half the size of a small aircraft. They appeared to be lower in altitude than low lying clouds would usually be.

At first Nicky thought they were two planes about to collide with one another as they were flying towards each other. However they did not collide, but instead started to move back and forth near to each other, dancing around. This lasted for between 5-10 minutes. After this time they lined up one behind the other and then both flew away at an incredible velocity. They moved so fast when they went that they vanished from sight in just a brief moment.

During the experience, Nicky noted that time almost seemed to slow down, she felt very relaxed and peaceful while watching the UFOs and lost all comprehension of the passage of time. Afterwards she felt warm all over and was in shock at what she had just witnessed. When her friend turned up she told him about what she had seen, and also called her daughter to tell her about it.

Sighting Analysis

The appearance of the UFOs in this sighting sounds quite unusual. Usually spherical UFOs seen are silver in colour, yet these objects were a light blue with small darker areas. However it is possible that they in fact were silver but were highly reflective and reflecting the blue sky. Or perhaps they were even semi-translucent, so the sky could be partially seen through them.

Another possibility is that they were using advanced stealth technology to partially disguise their presence. This was suggested to me by another UFO researcher from Texas, who informed me that he has learnt from military sources that some ET craft have the ability to project an image of the sky onto the side facing the witness. But this projected image is always either slightly paler or slightly darker than the actual sky. They can even project images of clouds to blend in with the background. The US government is apparently working on this technology for military purposes.

Both the appearance of the objects and the manoeuvres they performed are very interesting. They certainly did not appear to be conventional aircraft or helicopters. They could not have been inflatable's due to the dancing patterns they performed followed by the speed at which they left the area. The objects clearly appeared to be aware of one another and under intelligent control. It was a clear day so it is unlikely that they were simply covered by a cloud. Many UFOs have been reported making similar manoeuvres to what Nicky observed all around the world, and this has all the signs of a genuine sighting. The way time seemed to slow down for Nicky is another interesting point, other witnesses have reported similar things before so this may well have been something specific which was taking place.

Unfortunately I have not been able to get in touch with Nicky after receiving her initial E-Mail, so currently have no further information on this incident. If I manage to speak with her again, I may be able to add further details about what happened.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2010

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