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13/12/2007 - Belbroughton - Orange/White Lights Sighting

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Craig Lowe

Release Date: 13/12/2007

I got your contact name from this article sent on to me by my uncle in the US after I told him about a weird encounter we had last month.

We saw something over Belbroughton/Blakedown around 17.20 on Thursday 13 December - 3 large orange/white lights on what can only be described as a HUGE low flying very slow moving silent object, it could only be travelling at our speed around 40 miles an hour as we kept up with it. Also it was "tailed" by two small lights at either side of this shape which again could not be planes as they would have been so close.

We wanted to get some reference to see if it was a similar thing to the sightings in November. Have you got available footage of that UFO from end of November that I can view online? Or something you can send via email?

Regards XXXXXX

Further information

When I saw the object, or I should say the lights - it was pitch black but I got the distinct impression it was solid, and the lights stayed the same distance apart in the triangular formation. No sound was audible - I wound down the window of the car to listen and the road was quiet. I lost sight of it behind the trees on the B road from Belbroughton that goes over the back to Drayton and Bournheath.

The path I would say that it was taking when I saw it was from Harvington direction and heading over to Romsley/Frankley way in a fairly straight path. We had an impression of a huge size, just because it was so low, if it had been a plane it would hav been far too low to the ground. We regularly see the planes going too and from Birmingham and also Woverhampton airports and this was much closer to the ground. I can be exact about the time as we made a note of it, as it freaked us out a bit.

Hope that helps.

Copyright Craig Lowe 2007



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