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13/11/2013 – Harold Wood – Oblong UFO Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 12/01/2014

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Sighting Details

At around 8.15 am on the morning of 13th November 2013, Jane was travelling on the 256 bus in Haroldwood, Essex. It was a clear and dry but cold morning. It was very busy, with many other pedestrians and drivers around. The bus was full of passengers, and was on Goodshays Drive travelling South South East towards Harold Wood station. Jane was sitting on the right hand side, which gave her a view through the window to the West.

Aerial map of Goodshays Drive:

Suddenly she noticed a bright object up in the sky. It appeared to be oblong in shape, similar to a horizontally facing door, and was either brightly reflecting sunlight or glowing a brilliant white colour. No other details were visible on the object. It was hard to tell how far away it was, possibly a mile. It was at an angle of 50 degrees in the sky and seemed to be at high altitude. It appeared to be quite large in size, perhaps similar in size to a large commercial aircraft.

Photograph of the sighting location in the direction the UFO was seen:

The UFO was moving in a Southern direction. It seemed to be flying extremely fast, much faster than a plane would normally be seen to travel. Jane watched it for about 5 seconds as it moved in parallel to the bus across the sky. Then suddenly it dipped and then vanished from sight. There were no clouds in the area of the sky it had disappeared, it was just gone.

Jane was shocked by what she had just seen and looked around the bus, but nobody else appeared to have noticed it. She wondered if others in the local area had also seen it, but has not heard of anyone else speaking of it or reporting on the incident. Due to the appearance and speed of the object she was convinced that she had witnessed something out of the ordinary.

Sighting Analysis

This is a brief yet unusual sighting. It was unlikely to have been a balloon or other inflatable drifting in the sky and reflecting sunlight due to the high speed of movement observed. It was clear that the object was not a normal aircraft due to its shape, and the witness feels that it was moving too quickly for it to have been a plane. Also the object appeared to vanish in plain sight with nothing to hide it from view, which does not fit with either of these explanations. It was daylight so it is unlikely that the object was a meteorite, and it’s shape does not fit with this either.

It is possible that the UFO was actually a reflection of something briefly caught in the window rather than a physical object up in the sky. However this explanation does not really fit the scenario. It was daylight so it is unlikely anyone would have had something with a brightly glowing white rectangular light on it. Also if the light was a reflection from something electronic behind the witness then surely they would have seen this when they looked round to check if anyone else on the bus had seen the UFO?

Therefore at present the sighting remains a mystery, although the idea that it was an advanced craft of some kind cannot be ruled out.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2014



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