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09/04/2012 – Great Barr, Birmingham – Glowing Orbs Formation Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 22/07/2022

Note: For anonymity reasons pseudonyms have been used for one of the witnesses

In mid April 2022 I was contacted via the BUFOG website by a man named Vince. He reported that back in 2012 he and a number of friends used to regularly meet up on Monday evenings at the Golden Hind pub at the junction of Greenholm Road and Kingstanding Road in Great Barr, Birmingham. He went on to state that one evening they had a sighting of a number of unexplained orbs of light. This report covers the details of what took place.

Photograph of the Golden Hind

Sighting Details

On the evening of 9th April 2012 at approximately 7.30pm Vince met up with one of his friends, “Sandra”, at the Golden Hind. After about half an hour they headed outside the front of the pub to have a cigarette. Due to the time of year it was twilight, and the stars were just starting to appear in the sky.

Aerial map of the Golden Hind

They looked up into the sky to the South South West and noticed what appeared to be a particularly bright star at an elevation of about 45 degrees. Sandra mentioned that it could not be the North Star as it was of course at the wrong position in the sky.

Witness drawing of the orb of light on the horizon
Aerial map indicating the position of the witnesses and the sighting direction